Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 56

Ravenmoor part 3 Loot

June 4714 (Continued) Week 2 (continued)

Mayor Andretti turned out to be the cult leader.
He created Leondard from unnatural ritual with his mother Iola Kriegler.
Vioric Korzha was appointed as Mayor.
Shel changed sides to us and did not sacrifice Leanna.
We currently have her parents imprisoned as she attempts to rehabilitate them – good luck to her.

>>Manor ..
one of the guest bedrooms was a note from Missing Collector ( list of cultists all dead )
4 vials of anti-toxin
2 pot neutralize poison
Dinning Room serving glasses left there ,
wand of lessor restoration 17 charges Leana
Kitchen Galt wine
Master Bedroom
large chest 800 gold old journal ( Viroic ) Linguistics ,
small leather pouch with 3 pots cure mod,
signet ring of our kingdom ,
>> Farm house.
Room collapsing floor Jewelry lots worth 1400 gp
Plant room ( alchemists Lab )
5 vials alchemist fire
2 pots of shield of faith +3
2 pots neutralize poison
1 pot cure mod
Basement lots of bodies buried and mangled one is the missing collector
Crawlspace quilt …I want to destroy
Barn more body parts all hacked up ..
gold necklace worth 200 gp
mw mace
pearl of power 1st, Leana
hand of glory
Lenard items
sickle +1 wounding
bracer ac 3, Leana
Vireck ..Items
Spear wounding +2
Ring of Protection +2, Gelan
3 pots cure light

destroyed items writings / rubbings prayers to gossamer king ( Golander ),
destroyed eggs 4 of clippoffs ( chaotic neutral outsiders ), one empty that was used in the pig
destroyed quilt that seems to be of the cultist god.

June 4714 (Continued) Week 3-4


  • Explored 1816, 1817, 1818


Kingdom Turn – Week 1

  • Plan to head to Varnhold after party vote



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