Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 12

Neth 4710

Svetlana has a child. Leanna acts as midwife along with Jhod. Oewyn and Kaidan keep Oleg busy during child birth. She has a daughter named “Sarah Leanna Leveton”. We are all named god parents of the child.

Kuthona 4710 through Calistril 4711

The party had down time activities and works on their affinities with various NPCs.

Pharast 4711 to Calistril 4712

Kabran arrives with a caravan from Restov to Oleg’s and we head down to the Stag Lords lands. (72 BP; 4 of which is reserved for the Shrine of Abadar)

We spend all of Pharast clearing the land and preparing it for a settlement.

A year of kingdom building occurs.

Pharast 4712

A normal kingdom month occurs with a dream for Kaidan at the end.

The party spends time exploring some hexes.

Hex 1518, Hex 1618, Hex 1619, Hex 1519

In Hex 1519 we find a Barrow and investigate. We run into a trap, 2 bat swarms and 6 skeletons.

Session XP

Explored 4 hexes 400 xp
2 bat swarms 1200 xp
1 trap 1200 xp
6 skeletal guardians 810 xp
founded kingdom 2400 xp
established capital 1200 xp
grew to size 5 1600 xp
1 full city block 1600 xp
raised an NPC relation to 20 1200 xp
recruited an npc for kingdom seat 600 xp
founded a second city 1200

total xp = 9800 xp. 1634 xp each



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