Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 13

Pharast (March) 4712

Further in the Barrow we encounter a tomb and a skeletal figure stands up.


  • 1 x Cairn Wight
  • 6 x Skeletal Guardians

We perform a fighting retreat from the Wight and as we leaves he gives a ‘tribal salute’ with his weapon.

Gozran 4712 (April)

During the Kingdom phase, the Forrest Hawks (Ranger x 5) – Elyian Ursage (Leader, Half Elf), Parmiss (Half Elf), Dorrin, Galadon, and Izora join the Wardens under Oewyn.

Kingdom Events

  • Oewyn had an event of a north wards traveling caravan attacked by a band of kobolds.
  • They were fleeing trolls
  • The leader of the caravan – Halfling named Davlin.
  • Rumors of the troll could potentially lead to unrest later.
  • Ava and Gilain negotiates with the Caravan leader to come back. 1 caravan a year. Will be in town for a few months.
  • Alexi has a dialogue off screen.
  • Gilain learns that a week or so had come through and were headed up the Skunk River to explore and map.
  • Gilain received a drunken report of a Swamp Witch to the west of the Tuskwater.


Hex 1516 – Wagon floundering in the river – Gnomish Explorers – 1/2 Hex Explored

  • We assist and rescue the wagon. Leanna heals them all.
  • Jubilost is the leader of the group.
  • They ran into kobolds south of here.
  • We have dinner with them and share some information. Possibly recruitable to do exploring.
  • Hex 1617 – Hut with a Witch in it – He shows us on a map
  • The further south, the more dangerous – girl in the water advised him of that a few days back.
  • Candlemere Lake – Pretty – Ruins on an island – lights at night surrounding it
  • The next day we find kobold tracks when searching. they seem to be roaming.

Hex 1515 – Medium booted footprints moving around – 1/2 Hex Explored -

  • Pond and several logging signs – 5 trees are cut down – darkwood
  • We find a group of loggers arguing and looking at the water.
  • The ‘lady of the pond’ has charmed two of the loggers to protect her.
  • Leana remembers a grove of darkwoods about 10 miles from here.
  • We try to resolve this negotiate.
  • Further west is a dryad that if we can satisfy – she’ll be able to help us replace the 5 trees.
  • Ava and Leana leave locks of hair and Leana leaves some chocolate

Travel Times (14 available)

  • Travel from 1517 to 1516 – 1 day
  • Exploration of Half of 1516 – .5 days
  • Travel to 1515 – 1 day
  • Exploration of Half of 1515 – .5 days
  • Travel to 1514 to Dryad – 1 day

The Dryad and her Satyr companion would like us to defeat an evil tree. (Willowy) – Gave us directions to the tree.

XP Awards:
Caravan Event CR 2 (600)
6 skeletal guardians 6 x CR 1/3 (135 × 6 = 810)
Saved Gnomes and wagon CR 6 (2400)
Resolved fey/lumberjack dispute with no deaths CR 5 (1600)

total xp = 5410, 902 each



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