Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 27

February 4713 (continued)

1) Troll Army
2) Candlemere
3) Lizard Folk – Destroy or Insurrection
4) Green Lizard Thing
5) Changeling Children
6) Missing Newborns
7) Shambling Mound Outstanding – Hex 1715
8) Varnhold trade route
9) Deal with Giant near Priomdahl

Building Goals:
1) Caster’s Tower (Long term) 6 BP/5 Months
2) Military Academy (Long term) 6 BP/6 Months
3) Luxory Store (Long term) 7 BP/4 Months
4) Garrison (Long term) 5 BP/6 Months

With Tyg in tow, we head back to Priomdahl. On the way back to Priomdahl, Kaiden has a dream. “on the homestead – night sky shattered – tree roots capture Kaiden and start to suffocate him…he hears whispered female voice…but can’t make out the words…”

About noon we return to Priomdahl. We return Tyg to his home

Flora tracks Kaiden down with an issue to be resolved. Early this morning, a group of townsfolk worked themselves into a tizzy and headed out to ‘take care of the fae’ – heading west. Probably to burn the Grove to the ground. We swap mounts out for fresh ones and head out after them.

Chase Montage begins

  1. Boar Crossing – Reflex, Wild Empathy, Ride
  2. Whitewashed – Perception, Survival, Geography (Kaiden – survival)
  3. River Crossing – Swim, Survival, Engineering
  4. A Giant Problem – “Can’t see, bring the lady back” *Deal with the giant later
  5. Long Shadows – Kn: Plane, Survival, Geography
  6. Grasping Straws – Nature, Strength, Escape Artist
  7. Black Flames – Reflex, Spellcraft, Ride
  8. All Choked Up – Our Shadows Attack Us
  9. Howls in the Dark – 2 Wolf Demon Things Attack Us
  10. Darkest Night – Dun dun dun…. – Kn: Plane, Survival, Geography
  11. The Meeting – Campsite with townsfolk -

Grigori is the authority that spun them up.

After aggressive discussions ensue and the villagers start to back down – “This is for the unprovoked attack on my people.”

4 skeleton – osirian armor in origin

16 x MW Scimitar
4 x +1 Chain Mail

As the fight ends, the voice says “I will consider us even”.

We take the villagers back to town over the few days. We use trevois to carry the 12 dead villagers back.

March 4713

Week 1- Kingdom Turn

  • When we complete the Alchemist Shop- an alchemist arrives -
  • New NPC: Angeline – female human – quirky or eccentric – quest source – looking for two components – She unlocks improved saw mills if she is put on retainer (1 consumption a month) – required to stay on
  • New NPC: Sir Regel from Toldor – English Big Game Hunter – mountains to the east – home to magical beasts – rocs and hipogriffs – build a fantastic stable – would need patronage (consumption)
  • Some more dwarfs show up
  • Lily returns – set up messengers willing to pass missives to people in Brevoy
  • Event: Oewyn – southern reaches of the forest have become dark, gloomy and shadowy (16xx and 17xx rows)
  • Event: Leanna investigates – Hags
  • Event: Alexi investigates – Missing Children – Total of 35 on spymaster roll
    • Small mass grave in the grave year – dozen infants
    • A lot of after hours activity in our town – people lurking in alleys well after hours – events involve one person at a time
    • Organization or cult?
    • One potential location that he can investigate this month – trailed someone to a location
  • Event: Oewyn scouts Trolls – Troll Raid – we can go deal with them now
  • Event: Gillain investigates Grigori – (rabel rouser vs fae) – thinks he found his man – traveling merchant

Troll Raid in 1618

FIX MAP: 1618 – Add to Kingdom – Fishery – Roads

TBD: Party Split

Dusk Queen – Fae

Fix my armor – +1 Chain Mail



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