Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 28

March 4713 (continued)

Week1 – Kingdom Turn

  • Party Split: 808 gp

Week 2

We raised an emergency military unit of militia (50) (Kesten) to come with us and we are also bringing the Forrest Hawks.

We head for Hex 1618 which will take us about a half day.

Dozen trolls scattered over the hex in 5 regions.

Militia (1 or 2)
Forrest Hawks

Combat Turn 1

  • Cow Pasture -
  • Farm House – Party – 3 Trolls – Secured
  • Grain Silo – Forrest Hawks – Have not cleared their sector
  • Barn -
  • Fields – Militia – More trolls, but swarmed them and won – did not become bloody

Combat Turn 2

  • Cow Pasture – Unit moved to the Fields and engaged the Militia
  • Farm House – Secured
  • Grain Silo – Forrest Hawks – No fatalities – meat grinder though -
  • Barn – Party – 4 x Trolls – 1 x LeaderTroll
  • Fields – Secured – Militia – Superior Draw – Several Troll fled away – Lost about 20 people

Leader Troll – “Thrundogg”


The troll moved in and gorging.

Information gathered from Thrundogg

  • The trolls left their territory because they were starving and looking for food.
  • Harkulka rants about us all the day – high on his list to deal with – they will not wait to winter – no longer than fall harvest
  • There are currently 4 army units. – 3 troll units (25 each) and 1 kobold units
  • If the lizard men acquisitions goes through, they will field them as a 5th unit
  • As part a supply spread out – the units are split across several regions.
  • Trolls have a slave population of lesser races – Harkulka is insistent they are not turned into a food supply unless they are dead.

After gathering information – we exile him.

We gather the dead and wounded and return to the town. (1 day total time spent)

  • Funeral held the next day – memorial services –
    Elyan reminds us of his request to found a settlement – 10 BP investment – bring up during next kingdom turn

That night we go hunting for the cabal (changeling children/dead new born). The cobbler has been dominated. We secure him and then we find a secret panel and a hatch below that. We descend down and then through a tunnel – Leanne notes there is a bloom (fae effect) on the tunnel – we traveled 200 ft and came out on a ridge outside somewhere. There is a path ahead of us that leads into a forest. Hanging from many tree branches are ‘dream catchers’. The forest is magical – the dream catchers are not.

There are alot of tracks coming and going – but seems singles passing back and forth (booted feet).

We come to a lit clearing – there is a bonfire in the middle of it. There is a hooded figure on the other.

As we enter the clearing – the hooded figure beckons and in a female and horse voice – “Come in, you were expected.” Turning to Leanne “We have been expecting you Princess and look forward to giving your kingdom as is your birthright.”

Needless to say a battle followed. From the trees six figures stepped out with ravens that grew the size of wolves. These attacked my cousin with a fierce vengeance, whoever these dark fey were they did not like their rightful ruler. The figures were some sort of spell casters, witches(?), perhaps would make sense as the illusionary projection of a hag appeared in the fire and said something inconsequential.

The fight did not go well at first. For some incomprehensible reason our witch decided to immolate herself in the fire. Fortunately (?), the enemy witch healed her burns. I was some befuddled by this I decided to assess the situation before moving to assist my cousin who was in danger of becoming crow food.

After we defeated the witches, grandma and the projected hag, stated that we were stronger than her followers whom were responsible for killing the children. I felt dissatisfied by this, however the magics the hag was using indicated immense power we were not ready to deal with. The Hag did agree to withdraw her support from the Trolls while we were at “Peace.” Ava was also given a magical gem that had the power to absorb negative energy once a week.



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