Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 29

March 4713 (continued)

Week 2
4 days into the week took place in the last session


  • Deal with growing Shadow Lands
  • Giant
  • Flying Green Lizard
  • Shamblemound

Plan –
Hunt Giant in 1517 (Capital Hex)
Trace path towards Shadow Lands that hit each of the creature

Oewyn tracks down the giant trail and we come across him along a road by some over turned wagons.

He is singing about his sorrows. When we move up and engage him in conversation “His Green Lady is missing.” “She show’s up in his dreams.” “Gone now, and can’t find her.” We describe the Old Beldame. “What? No, she’s not a hag.” “Many nights ago” (was the last he saw her). What was the Green Lady talking to him about in his dreams? “She was going to find him a mate.”

Memory jog was the Stag Lord protested “The Green Lady had promised him…” something.

Alexi attempts to send the Giant to the south west. “You know the Green Lady? Give her to me or I will take her by force?” We end up in a fight.


  • 1 x Hill Giant “Monguk”

Found some loot and a crude map.

Leanna believes it is a map of the south west. – Markings are indecipherable. Comprehend Languages could help.

Next up – travel to 1516 then 1616, 1615, and 1614 (Shadow Lands).

  • 1516 – Marsupial cat tracks – but we avoid them
  • 1515 – Boars – we avoid them
  • 1616 – During third watch that night – encounters a lizard man. He was bringing a message from “Raashok” wanting to meet with us on the lake outside the Lizardman village.

1715 – Lizardmen Island

  • Oewyn detects unease – perhaps this hex is next to be assimilated by the Shadow Lands.
  • Raashok comes that night. If he stages a coup, it will not be without bloodshed and likely will harm their ability to hunt and bring them to the point of starvation.
    • Offers
      • Food Supplies (BP investment for a specific period of time)
      • Military Aid (Party aid in the coup – aid and then leave)
    • Agreement Offered
      • Alliance and the eventual goal of joining our growing kingdom
        • Too early to talk about Alliance yet, but would be willing to take steps in that direction. Peaceful relations. Not hunt our people and give them safe passage. Would provide military support with a lizardman unit for one (1) fight.
        • Night raid coup and the chief and spirit would need to be defeated

The next time we’ll help in the coup.

The Coup

  • XX x Lizardmen
  • 2 x Blood Caimans
  • 1 x Will-o-wisp
  • 2 x Harem
  • 1 x Chief Vesket
  • 1 x Troll

We are victorious! After defeating Chief Vesket and his followers we drained his troll follower of blood and installed our lizardman friend as the new chieftain.

Though ominously Chief Vesket did state that we had doomed “us” all after Eva connected with the final blow.

Cousin congratulated the new chief and presented him with the ancestral spear, however the willowisp had escaped, without it there is no proof that it wasn’t a spirit ancestor. Still our efforts were enough to secure the lizardman’s neutrality in the upcoming war.

During the battle, the Wisp escaped and fled.

Oweyn starts looting the chief – we trade the ‘Lizardman spear’ to Raashok for Chief Veket’s gear.

Raashok will not be hailed as the leader for now until the Wisp is proved dead.

Gathered Troll Blood. Will need to bring it back within a couple of weeks (before next kingdom turn)

We depart the next day and head out to Hex 1714.

NOTE: Mark surveyed on 1715

While traveling into the Shadow Lands, Owen noticed that the vegetation seemed unusual, more fleshy? I wasn’t sure as it was too disturbing to contemplate. I was quite glad for the dim light. Owen found some dragon(?) tracks that led to a valley filled with fog. We decided to head in. The fog was quite thick and we had difficulty seeing. We tied the pommels of our horses’ saddles together to keep anyone from getting lost from the others.

The fog was faintly acidic, not enough to harm us in the short term. We continued until we reached the edge of a body of water. The horses became very restless, so Owen cast resist acid on us and waterwalk on himself to explore the water. Turns out it wasn’t water but a huge pool of acid! He noticed that there was a large body of an owlbear half melted half eaten near the edge of the acid pool.

In the distance we heard a screeching roar. In response we encircled the horses. Eva tried to antagonize the monster. In response it breathed acid on us and the horses, we were protected while the poor beasts were not. I led our mounts away while Eva and Gwain continued the taunt the dragon. Owen summoned an air elemental to clear some of the fog and revealed a large reptilian creature. It charged just after I moved up to support Eva, leaving my valiant steed to guard the horses.

After defeating the Forest Drake we tracked it back to its nest. Inside was a humanoid body with some gear that wasn’t completely destroyed.

loot gained from lair Elven Chain Shirt, MW Dark wood Longbow, Cloak of elven kind “magic” functional but looks poor.

(1714 explored, moving on to 1713)

After exploring the area and finding nothing else of significance we pushed further into the Shadow Lands, heading West. We encountered a giant talking tree who shouted “The Dusk Queen to returned!” and asked if we were here to stop her or do her favors for rewards. Owen said we were trying to stop the spread of darkness. The Treant took offense to this answer and attacked.

While fighting, the acid spitting tree told Eva “Arbiter, I was told you were not here for violence. I will let you pass while dealing with these.” Eva replied that the Treant should stand down or suffer. That she was here to discuss matters with the Dusk Queen. The thing refused and so the battle continued. Eva finally smote it with a fire spell. After it fell over in a burning heap a pair of eyes appeared in the smoke. A voice challenged us to continue invading her realm.

So much for a peaceful solution, Eva seemed fine with it though.



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