Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 4

23rd day of Gozrah

We cross the bridge to the other side of bridge to search the rest of this hex (1318). We set up a safety rope across and it takes the rest of the day to search this hex. We set Alexi’s mount Socks to guard the rest of the mounts we leave behind.

Gilrain comes across the remains of an old campsite not to far from the bridge. The site is probably about a week old. Scratching and rocks set up like a map of the area. With the landmarks shown, we are able to finish searching this hex by night fall and make it back to our campsite.

That night all three watches hear the sounds of wild pig out in the darkness.

24th day of Gozrah

We travel east to hex 1319. This are is slightly higher than the rest around it. We see a massive tree on one of the highest hilltops. Titanic Sycamore.

We will need to explore that in the morning.

During the first watch, Alexi hears a crashing noise and a yelp in the distance. He wakes Gilain up first. Leana wakes Oweyn and he hears the sounds of combat from several hills away. Oweyn is able to mark the direction towards the sounds. Everyone is woken and we head towards the site of the fighting. It takes us about 15 minutes to get there. There was a skirmish between about 10 combatants. There is a body of a kobold here. Two sides fought and prisoners were taken. Reptilian feet and booted feet (all size small).

We look for where the tracks head and they seem to go in the direction of the big hill with the tree. Parts of the kobold were carved out (sweet meats).

We head back to our camp and go back to sleep with the watches going. The rest of the night is peaceful.

25th day of Gozrah

We head for the titanic sycamore on the hill taking our mounts, but leaving our camp ground (wagons) behind.

It takes us about 2 hours to get there. It’s over 100 ft tall. We get there and picket the horses with Socks guarding them.

The base of the tree is a massive tangle of roots. Leanna and Markeesh notices a hollow in them. There is a root lined shaft that drops 10 ft down.

We decide to explore it. 40 ft then it forks. We go left. It opens up into a room and a blue creature. A fight opens up.


  • 1 x Mite (Bluebell)
  • 2 x Giant Centipedes

Leanna used a use from the healing kit to help Gilain stave off the poison.

We search the area. There is a grinder and paste here. Leanna figures this gulash of kobold and mice. This area was a nursery for Giant centipedes.

We move on to another passage and after a bit – we come to a break in the passage in to a chamber – it is full of clutter – beds – wagon wheels – 6 Mites.

During the ensuing fight some of the Mites retreat into another chamber and we fight a Mite mounted on a Giant Tick and more Mites.


  • 10 x Mite
  • 1 x Giant Tick
  • 1 x GR

Some Mites retreat from this fight into another room. They cross a chasm and get away for now.

On the table, are sticks and stones as a map. It covers more than this hex – probably another lair (maybe the Kobolds) are at. The papers have scribbles – Kaidan believes they are skirmish results.

There is an ivory statue and a sack with some coin.

While we are searching the room, Gilain comes running into the room shouting about a giant bug. Following him into the room is a Giant Whiptail Centipede.


  • 1 x Giant Whiptail Centipede

We defeat it, but are bloodied. We heal up some and then go back a room (with the detritus) and search it.

There are over 30 beddings here. We then return back to were the fork occurs and go right.

We come to a chamber with some Mite’s in it.


  • 3 x Mites

One Mite retreats to the next area. We follow and enter another combat.


  • 9 x Mites

This egg shaped cavern has tangled into the roots are kobolds. One of the bodies dangling is alive.

Leanna uses a healing hex to revive him and we have try to have a dialogue.

MekMik is his name and he speaks in common. He was on a quest to recover the ivory statue for his tribe. We give it to him.

We have cleared this facility.

It will take at least a day to get to MekMik’s tribe (a hex over). We return to the horses and then to the camp.

We travel towards hex 1419 and camp for the night just inside it. We are not disturbed during our watches.

26th day of Gozrah (Starting in Hex 1419)

The next morning we make our to the lair of the kobolds – MikMek proposes that no one likes the Shaman – would like to return the statue to the chief then have us kill the Shaman.

We approach the lair. We have Socks guard our mounts and we follow MikMek. It is an excavated tunnel with a sign with faded lettering. MikMek greets some of the kobolds and we continue inwards – avoiding pits they point out.

We pick up kobolds along the way with the group and come to a common room (30 × 25) – there is a brilliant deep purple colored kobold – the chief. MikMek presents the statue to the chief. The chief calls for silence and looks around (probably for the Shaman).

The chief takes the statue.

XP Session

  • 1 × 20 Hex Exploration (1318)
  • 18 x Mites – 380 xp
  • 1 Leader Mite – 27 xp
  • 2 x Centipedes – 80 xp
  • 1 x Giant Tick – 160 xp
  • 1 x Giant Whiptail Centipede – 160 xp



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