Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 5

26th day of Gozrah (Starting in Hex 1419) Continued

The chief takes the statue. Chief Sootscale raises the statue over his head. The kobolds murmur and cheer. He then smashes the statue on the ground and the kobolds freeze. “My curse is free. These new comers will now help us destroy the usurper.” Alexi thinks there was an edge of uncertainty in the chief’s words. In draconic, the chief says “Death to Tartuk”.

The kobolds lead us towards a new area. Gilain and Kaiden lead the way past a pool of water and into a room. Once there, they hear some spell casting and a kobold shimmers into view. Waves of fear roll over Gilain and combat ensues.

After a zesty fight where Leana and Kaidan were knocked out. As the shaman fell, he said “Finally”.

The chief moved over and beat the corpse. He says “Too all outside this room, I delivered the killing blow”. Alex says, “He was still twitching.”

The chief will honor our agreement. We will get to keep any trinkets the shaman had.

We search the body and the pile of trinkets. We find his journal written in an indecipherable language.


1 x Tartuk (Kobold Shaman) – 240 xp

We forge the start of a relationship with the Sootscale kobolds (we left the copper and silver from the mound) and presented the small cold iron sickle to the chief to seal the relationship.

We have a party and sleep the night at their camp. We set watches.

27th day of Gozrah (Starting in Hex 1419)

We level to 2 over night. It is moderate rain fall today. Leana uses some magic to read Tortuk’s journal. It gives us insight into his story. He was a reincarnated gnome with suicidal tendencies.

We leave their camp and start the search of the hex.

Another feature of the hex is a crumbled tower in a hillside. Probably build around the same time as the mine.

28th day of Gozrah (Starting in Hex 1419)

We finish searching the hex.

1st day of Desnus (Starting in Hex 1419)

We travel to Hex 1319 (Old Sycamore). It’s still raining.

2nd day of Desnus (Starting in Hex 1319)

First day of searching Hex 1319. The Mites have not re-inhabited it the Old Sycamore.
Oweyn forages for food while we search the hex.

That night during 2nd watch something is moving in the shadows and is getting ready to pounce on Kaidan when Gilain notices and attacks him.


1 x Medium size dog/cat (marsupial carnivore) Thylesine

It was malnourished and might have been more aggressive due to that.

3rd Day of Desnus (Starting in Hex 1319)

Second day of searching Hex 1319.

4th day of Desunus (Starting in Hex 1319)

Travel plans are to go back to Oleg’s via 1216, 1119, 1018 (Oleg’s). it will take 2 days.

5th day of Desnus

Travel back to Oleg’s and get there in the evening.

Updates with Oleg:

  • Alexi and Kaidan – two Swarmsuits arrived
  • 4 x Oil of Magic Weapons (Oweyn x2, Alexi, and Kaiden)
  • Leana scrolls – (Burning Hands, cure Moderate are in, but Mount is not)
  • Alexi and Kaidan – military saddles arrived
  • Alchemist Fire – 4 flasks of alchemical fire (20 gp each) (Kaidan purchases 2 of them)

The brass ring with pearl a pearl is his wedding ring with Svetlana.
For returning the ring, he will grant the party as a whole 1000 gp worth of trade goods (non-magical) this is 200 gp each.

Oleg will send off on the poster off the Kobold poster.

Oleg has heard that their have been less bandit activity and the ears were worth things.

  • 337 gold and 9 silver each for selling loot.
  • 80 gp each. 400 gp for the ears that we get.
  • 200 gp each (5 × 200 = 1000 gp) in store credit with Oleg.

Oleg Order

  • Kaidan – MW Composite Longbow (+1 Str) (500 cost) (deposits 300 gp and 200 credit from Oleg)
  • Leana – Arcane Tome (MW tool) +2 Arcana – 300 gp (Paid) (200 of that is in credit from Oleg)

6th day of Desnus (Starting Hex 1018 – Olegs)

Svetlana gives us a weeks worth of food for the party.

Traveling to Fangbury grove (Hex 1119) take one day.

That night we hear pig noises in the darkness.

7th day of Desnus (Starting Hex 1119 – Fangberry Grove )

We approach the grove. Alexi and Kaiden get in their swarm suits and lead the party as they head into the grove – cutting and hacking.

1 x Spider Swarm (CR1) 80 xp each

We clear a path to center of the grove and spend time harvesting. It takes us 1.5 hours to gather berry’s. We gather a sack for Bokken and an extra handful for the group.

This took us half a day.

We explore half the hex for the rest of the day.

Fangberry are an alchemical item – they add +1 level to the final result for potions.

8th day of Desnus (Starting Hex 1119 – Fangberry Grove)

We spent half the day searching this hex to complete it. We start our travel towards 1320.

9th day of Desnus

Travel through Hex 1219

10th day of Desnus (at Hex 1320)

We arrive after a half day of travel to Hex 1320. There is an immediate feature noticeable – a wrecked river crossing. We will spend the rest of the day exploring that. It’s 100 ft across. There is a sign – “Nettles Crossing – 5 cp – Ring bell” Rusty bell is nearby. We had hear a rumor of a haunted, wrecked bridge crossing.

Leana sweeps the area with detect magic and Kaidan rings the bell.

Some of the wreckage on the river is shifted about and a figure steps up onto the water with a ranseur and starts walking towards us across the water.

Gilain calls out to him as he approaches “Hello Nettle”. It makes eye contact with him.

Nettle says in an soggy, eery voice, “You are not my tormentor. Throw the body of the one known as the Stag Lord in my waters.” We decide to honor this request.

We look around a bit.

11th day of Desnus (at Hex 1320)

Spend this day searching the half of the hex on this side of the river.

12th day of Desnus (at Hex 1319)

Travel through Hex 1319.

13th day of Desnus (at Hex 1319)

We travel to Hex 1418.

14th day of Desnus (at Hex 1418)

We spend the day exploring half the hex. The three way split of river ways is here. The mid-point isn’t that deep – 3 ft but 200 ft wide. It will function as a ford.

We camp away from the river that night.

On second watch that night – a cascading pebbles and gravel from a nearby hillside. Gilain investigates and finds cloven tracks.

15th day of Desnus (at Hex 1418)

We search the other sides of the tri-river sides. We see lots of boar sign – small packs – 1-2 males, some females and piglets.

16th day of Desnus (at Hex 1418)

Travel to Hex 1417 and make camp. No immediate land mark in that hex.

We see a large sounder of pigs (counting 5 males in the herd and a dozen female and young).

17th day of Desnus (at Hex 1417)

We start searching the hex. We find a black hill. It’s a dead hill with nothing growing on it. Around the other side is another black hill. We go around it and there is another black hill. Hmm.

Leana notices the hills are in a clump of 8-9 hills forming a circle. We build a camp. Oweyn and Soldier stay behind there and Alexi takes Socks and we travel over one of the hills. There is a smaller hill inside the ring. It is a vibrant green. Hmm. Fae magic can involve circles and rings.

Gilain hears a crunch as he steps. He looks down and he has turned up some bones. Hmm. That is a deer. Boar bones. Bear bones. Humanoid bones. If the entire grassy area is full of bones – it is 400 ft across.

Part of the hill seems to move, something the size of a horse with many legs lunging at Kaidan. Spidery in form. Then it ducks back into the earth.


  • 1 x Giant Trap Door Spider (CR1) 80 xp each

Kaiden is weakened from poison. We open the trap door – there is a tunnel. Leana detects magic and determines their is a faint transmutation aura.

We secure a rope to Socks pommel and tied to Gilain and goes down the tunnel. It’s 25 ft down. Pile of corpses. Gilain notes some are fresher than others (humanoids). One of the bodies has a silver amulet (Stag) and a backpack. Leather armor. Short Sword. 10 gp. Note.

Medium transmutation magic on the bottom of hole.

There are green mushrooms under the next body. Hmm. Seems their is a mushroom ring at the bottom of the hole.

Alexi notices a green stripe on the trap spider’s body.

Maybe ask our friend TigTuggerTuk and Pervilash about the ring and the green stripe.

The note has a drawing on it. Perhaps a map drawing.

We continue searching half the hex. We camp for the night. We hear alot of boars and deer. Leana believes the hill is a lure of the fauna in the area.

18th day of Desnus (at Hex 1417)

We search the rest of the hex.

We camp for the night.

19th day of Desnus

Travel to Hex 1418. Find remains of a camp fire (2 days old)

20th day of Desnus

Travel to Hex 1319.

21st day of Desnus

Travel to Hex 1219 with the Dead Tree. Gilain and Kedain dig around the tree’s base. The third hole seems to be it. After 10 minutes of digging, we find a cloth wrapped bundle. Heavy leather cloak – high quality – dagger, stick, ring, book. Spell book with 5 spells (identify, mage armor, reduce person, silent image, unseen servant).

We camp.

22nd day of Desnus

Travel to 1019 (Bokken). We turn in a bottle of juice of fang berry’s.

He extends a discount offer (25% off). He will sell us potions at a cost break for the next 4 weeks.

We put an order in to pick up in 2 weeks.

  • 2 x cure light for Kaidan (paid)
  • 2 x cure light for Alexi (paid)

We write up the order post it in his hut. He tells us a story about “that day” when the weather turns when he lost his finger. “bastard cut it off of me the last time he hit my mother. Desna rest her soul. He took off to live in a hollow tree down south to avoid the guard.” He had thought about tracking him down to get revenge.

If we find a hermit guy living in a hollow tree, we can bring Bokken word.

23rd day of Desnus

We travel back to Oleg’s.

Oleg has word on the Kobold situation/reward. They rewarded us with 800 gp. 160 gp each.

Kaidan’s bow and Leana’s arcane tomb have arrived.

Session XP (620 xp total)

5 × 20 Hex Exploration (1419,1319,1119,1418,1417) = 100 xp
1 x Tartuk Fight 240 xp
1 x Marsupial carnivore (CR2) 120 xp
1 x Spider Swarm (CR1) 80 xp
1 x Giant Trap Door Spider (CR1) 80 xp each



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