Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 53

[h1] 4714 May (continued)[/h1]

[h2] Week 1 – Kingdom Week (continued)[/h2]


We pressed on into winter.


There is a frozen river before us.


  • 4 x Warg
  • 4 x Buchawn
  • 1 x Horned Female Figure -
  • 1 x Rider – ???? – Riding a Goat Mount

“The Emmissary approaches to witness the sacrifice. Hold them off”

“Raewind, kill this one. Prove yourself to me.”

“Coming father.”

We killed the Rider and knocked Raewind unconscious. Oewyscn died during this fight. Leanna tried to move Thorn into his scabbard, but it becomes a dagger and for now Leanna is the Arbiter. Inside the cave Mevenwy and Nisha find the foal “Efyllia”. They rescue her.

Jeweled Adamantine Dagger with Red Gems and a Mallet near by.

We loot the Buchawns and the Rider then load up the Oewyn and Raewynd.

We head forward we transition to Spring Dawn.


We find Cyollis and give Raewind to her.

He gives us a carved stick (magic rod) from Raewind in recompense.

We track to the portal and traverse through it with Leanna’s help.

And we are back in the Prime Material Plane.

We backtrack to recover the loot from the Buchawns then head to the Autum Grove. Since we have a new Arbiter, we wait at the border for a bit and then see Queen Syntira.

She would be willing to reincarnate him if we gathered the materials. We thank her and head back to Priomdahl with his body.

[h2] Week 2 continued[/h2]

We speak with a Cleric who uses Speak with Dead. We elect to Reincarnate Oewyn.

Nisha seeks out Oewyn’s daughter especially to let her know what happens.

Oewyn is reincarnated….as a human.

We identify the items and selll the loot.

The party split is 603 gp and 7 sp.

Second split is 571 gp and 4 sp.

[h2] Week 3/Week4 [/h3]

We go to Hex 1815 and 1814 and explore them.

[h1] 4714 June [/h1]

[h2] Week 1 – Kingdom Turn[/h2]

Claim hexes 1416 and 1415 (Tatzelford)
Rebuilt Herbalist
Continue building Caster tower
Mivon relation +1

[h3] Kingdom Events[/h3]

  • Taxes generated 4 BP less than normal; Can be investigated.
  • Underworld activities

[h3] Freebie Kingdom Research[/h3]

  • Leanna – Research a spell
  • Nisha – Tracks down the the 4 BP shortfall – It was that our taxes from Ravenmoor did not arrive.
  • Oewyn – Failed on Spirit of the Land
  • Gilain – Underworld (One of them is Donovan Stormfist (Dwarven))
  • Kaiden – Failed on Spirit of the Land



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