Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 55

June (Continued) [/h1] 2 (continued)[/h2]

Meanwhile, back in Ravenmoor, strange Dreams are had by some (Stasja). Others dream normally (Nisha and Kaiden). Others wake from dreams by being stabbed (poor Gilain).

Alexi and Leonard travel down to the dock to seek out Skinder. Along the high trail, they spots specks of light moving around in the lower town area. Alexi points the lights out to Leondard but they continue on.

Stasja wakes about now and then sees a masked person with a rope.

Gilain also sees the person who stabbed him wearing a mask.

Fighting ensues.


x Cultists[/li][/ul]

Stasja beats her cultist down and then stabilizes him and heads out to check the scream of pain. The person under the mask is the General Store owner.

Gilain’s cultists commits suicide rather than be taken. Lifting the mask, he finds the Barber.

Oewyn makes it back to town and sends Shel back to her parents house to check on them.

Alexi heads back to the heart of town and when he glances back, Leonard is no where in sight. Alexi is going to try to wake and gather the party together. He wakes Nisha and they head to get Gilain.

They gather at the place Kaiden was staying and after a brief recap – half the party head to the Mayor’s room. The rest gather gear and then will meet us there.

They find Leanna is missing – her bed is unmade and her gear was here.

The Mayor’s bedroom door is locked and he did not answer to calls. Kaiden hacks the lock out calling out “Mayor Andretti” with concern in his voice. A few minutes later they are in the room and the bed is made and the room is empty.

Kaiden quickly check Leonard’s room and then goes back to start a thorough search of the Mayor’s room.

Oewyn goes outside and starts looking for tracks that are useful. Nisha goes outside.

Oewyn uses Eagle Eye to spot some thing interesting:

[li]A Terrain is a bit off – phosphorescence glow – a specific field – it’s kinda maze like with a central area/li]

Kaiden didn’t find much in the Mayor’s room. The quilt on the bed denoted Iola herself traveling through a swamp then teaching villagers to cultivate and then offerings to a Butterfly.

We get the group together and brain storm.

Kaiden thinks the glowing field symbol might be loosely tied to an entity known as ‘Glonder’ – involved with parasites and disease. Kinda like a lesser old-one. Worshipers tend to infiltrate communities posing as that religion.

Our next stop is the glowing field. As we near the farmhouse area, some buffs are cast. The house has a wicker and gourd moth winged woman. There are faint flickering lights inside.

As we approach the front door and position ourselves, the scarecrow shifts and attacks. Seems it looked like a personification of Desna being crucified.


[li]1 x Scarecrow – Crucified Desna[/li]
[li]3 x Cultists[/li]
[li]2 x Malformed People[/li]
[li]1 x Mutant Spider[/li]

We search the house. Nisha heads into the basement area where we fight a Mutant Spider Caster thing.

After that, we heal a bit and then head out towards the field with a quick stop at the barn. On the way, we are ambushed by Stirges.


[li]5 x Stirges[/li]

The fight finished in the surprise round. We then check out the barn. Moth shrine at the back of it.

We head for the maze of corn. The sheafs of corn are covered in sheets of webbing. There shapes of things in it.

There is some light seen from the middle. We hustle towards the middle. The path we are on is wet with blood.


[li]8 x Web Dancers – Cultists[/li]
[li]1 x Leonard[/li]

During the fight, Leonard approaches through the maze and says “Wrong Choice” and his form shifts and his face opens in a large month.



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