Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 60

July 4714 (continued)

Week 3 (continued)

Day 20 is when we arrived at the encampment. (Hex 1426)

Current Trust Score: 7 of 31 (or 36+)

Key People:

  • Ushia Thunderhoof, daughter of Denide
  • Denide Thunderhoof, General of the Nomen Centaurs
  • Aecora Silverfire, War Priestess (tribal leader), Speaker for “Mother Moon” (Desna)
  • Xamantha Silverfire, Daughter of Aecora
  • Elenorik – Saddlesbags with books and parchments (Male Middle Aged Centaur)

Lose Trust

  • Committing an obvious crime in Nomen territory/doubled if very violent
  • If a Centaur dies and we are in the general area
  • If we are directly responsible for a Centaur dying


  • Gained once a week (each of us can contribute, so potentially +7 a week)

We will be performing the Kankerata Run in Hex 1325. Kankerata is the guardian of the plains.

An escort is assigned to travel with us – Denide is going – Aecora is not.

(Day 21) – Morning of our departure – Jenna Varn arrives with a Centaur. The centaur (Xamanth) talks with Denide. Makes references to “Mother” (Aecora). Prisoner doesn’t have right. Discussion…discussion. Fine…

Xamanth Silverfire (Daughter of Aecora)

Jenna relates to us that she had come here to mediate with the Centaurs. She is aware of the Varn missing. She doesn’t believe the Centaur were involved from her scouting. With the pass closed, she presented herself as a prisoner of war.

We equip Jenna with some items. (+1 Breastplate, +1 Seeking Heavy Crossbow, +2 Defending Long Sword (crest of varn))

(Day 22) We arrive in Hex 1325 where we will be performing the Kankorata Run.

Kancorata roughly translates from Sylvan as “Worldeater” (Bulette)

Hex 1325 the prairies are disrupted by sink holes and depressions. Like Mammoth sized gopher holes.

The course is a 2 mile long. We are given torches. Seems we will be going into some of the holes. Fun times. Four other Centaur’s are running the course with us.

1 Down the Hill (Acrobatics or Fort) x
2 Threading the Needle (Acrobatics or Perception) x
3 The Sinkhole (Climb or Swim) x
4 Glowing Crystal Room (Reflex or Sense Motive) x
5 Unstable Room (Handle Animal (Bats) or Reflex (Rocks)) x
6 The Lair (Stealth or Climb) x
7 The Collapsing Caverns (Fort or Perception) x
== Above Ground ==
8 Open Air (grass/bramble damage roll or Climb) x
9 Muddy Ravine (Swim or Strength) x
10 Home Stretch (Fort or Climb) x

Stasja edges out Denide to win the race. We help some Centaurs that are hurt during the race.

Hex 1325 – The Blood Furrows – Religious site – Nomen probably have a pact with Kankerata

Current Trust Score: 22 (Full Neutral)

(Day 23) Traveling back to 1426

We spend a few days with the Nomen. With our Trust Score, we find out which hexes have religious significance to the Nomen: 1126 (Tribal Burial Grounds), 1325 (Blood Furrows/Kankerata), 1525 (The Bone Yard/Pilgrimages to keep ghosts and spirits placated)

They fashion a twine amulet that when worn will help us avoid initial hostility with other tribes in the area.

NEW NPC: Elenorik – Saddlesbags with books and parchments (Male Middle Aged Centaur)

(Day 27) We teleport over two days back to Priomdahl

August 4714

Week 1 – Kingdom Turn

Kaiden turns 29 this month.


  • Mid-October is when Elyin is getting married.
  • House Surtova Wedding in December – Not invited, but we will want to send a gift – Send soon ( FOLLOW UP )
    • Forward on Varn’s gift
    • Selection of our exotics (Ice Peppers and Moon Radishes) and Flora Kegtapper Ale with recipes and story of the Ice Peppers
  • Snow continues in the mountains
  • No burning buildings this month (!!!)
  • Priomdahl – Feuding has ended between the gangs – Perm settlement increases
  • Trade Groups that comes down from the north have been carrying word of more active movements by the Tiger Nomads (North and West of Stolen Lands and Brevoy) – Aligned with Gorum
  • Mivon – Ivana Orisani – Presents herself – Declares they have an intruder problem on their embassy lands -
  • Outstanding
    • Visit with Autumn Grove
    • Buildings for Ravenmoor (and other places)
    • Sending Wedding gifts

Role Specific

  • Diplomatic Relations (Stasja) to improve with Mivon – NEXT MONTH THE TRADEROUTE IS RE-ESTABLISHED
  • Alexi investigates the Mivon Embassy Intrusion – evidence is pointing to potentially burglary – multiple rooms have disturbed contents – enough that it’s been suspicious – one of the servants had changed their schedule and they walked in and found a cloaked figure that dove out a window

PARTY SPLIT: 2266 gp

Week 2 – Downtime

  • Retraining by Alexi (Socks), Oewyn (spell), Leanna (spell),
  • Relationship – Gilain (Evangeline) and Stasja (Akiros)

Nisha, Kaiden and Oewyn visit the Autumn Grove. We teleport to the edge of the Court where the Satyr normally greets us.

Syntira is surprised to the way we arrived. The forest side has been quiet. The reason for our invitation is so we can meet the newly invested Unicorn – Palombier. The three of us can enter into a Pact.

Kaiden spends the rest of the week working on improving relations with Syntira.

At the end of the week, the rest of the party goes to the grove to get their boon pact with Palombier.

Week 3

(Day 15) Party arrives at the grove.
(Day 16) Party teleports to the Nomen Centaur herd.

(Day 17 to Day 21) Working on Trust with the Nomen Centaurs.

Current Trust Score: 26 (Liked)

  • The bow (Skybolt) would be a safe token to Skybolt

Follow Up

  • Would Jenna like us to send a unit to help any survivors – Yes
  • What their burial observances are.

Quest: We are looking to escort Elenorik at the Burial Mounds – where there are Manticores

Toby will follow up on other details we get from our new Trust Score.



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