Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 9

We arrive back at Oleg’s on Erastus 21, just afternoon.

Erastus 21

Summary Items

  • Tuskgutter – Oleg sent a message to the trapper (Vekkel) and he’ll come by tomorrow
  • Tatzlewyrm – Oleg takes the head
    • Award granted of 100 gp each

The party sells the accumulated loot and splits the money: 112 gp, 7 silver, 5 copper

Erastus 22

Kaiden, Oweyn, and Ava travel to Bokken’s to pick up the potions.

Alexi, Gilain, and Leana are at Oleg’s when Vekkel arrives to bestow the reward for killing Tuskgutter. He provide a MW Longbow and 6 +1 Animal Bane Arrows.

We start brainstorming where the Stag Lord is based out of. Based on what the Boggard and the Kobolds said, the south and east of this area. Also the rumor mill mentions an abandoned monastery on the shores of the Tuskwater lake. Perhaps he is based on that structure.

We plan to travel down to 1418, ford the river (4.5 days of travel) and then search the northern shore of the Tuskwater.

Erastus 23 to Erastus 24

We head out bright and early that morning.

We travel Hex 1119 (.5), Hex 1219 (1), Hex 1319 (1), Hex 1418 (1) River Crossing

Erastus 25 – Hex 1418

Ava notices a flicker of light off something in the water at the ford. Alexi and Ava go to investigate while we continue across.

There are boards and nails wedged against a rock. Alexi sees a body in with the boards and starts to ‘dig’ it out. (looking for valuables)


  • 3 x Undead Things (CR2) (100 each) = 300 xp each

They were waylaid and killed after torture. Less than a week ago. They were probably not from Brevoy – possibly traveling from River Kingdoms.

Kaiden digs a shallow grave for them and lays rocks over them.

Gilain thinks it was a wagon – a tinker wagon or blacksmith wagon.

This takes the rest of the half day.

Erastus 26

We travel to Hex 1518.

Camping that night, during second watch, Gilain hears faint echoes of voices – possibly chants or song that eventually fade.

Erastus 27

We start to search the Hex – we head in the general direction of the voices in the night. We notice a landmark in this hex. A clearing with a hillside with a wooden palisade at the top.

Alexi, Gillain and Leana cross the clearing with the wagon and some of the bandits start shooting at them and they start heading away towards our rendezvous point. Alexi starts shooting back.

Alexi manages to ‘tag’ one of them on the wall.

Oewyn goes back to the edge to observe. A man with ‘antlers’ is up there. After bout 30 minutes, there are 4 short horn blows (maybe to summon some patrols back). He waits 30 more minutes – no activity to follow us. Oewyn comes back and reports to the group.

We brainstorm our plan.

  • Set up a camp
  • Search for some trails and pick one
  • Set up an ambush on what we consider a likely to use one


Thanks to my, Alexi Litewska, brilliant plan our ambush went off flawlessly. The bear trap I concealed on the trail caught the first bandit and soon they were assaulted by arrows and crossbow bolts. After meeting Ava’s blade and Soldier’s jaws, the cowards fled only to be hunted down by my loyal dog.

6 CR 1/3

6 Longbows, 6 short swords, 6 leather armor, arrows, 60 GP

Afterwards we decided to assault the bandit fort at night, sneaking in as close possible by wading in the lake, the water up to our necks for concealment. We made it to the back of the fort without being discovered and noted that the ‘guards’ on the wall were fakes, helmets on sticks. However, before we could get to that wall we had to surpass a steep 60 foot incline.

Owen bravely volunteered to quietly climb up the hill to secure a rope for us to follow. He made almost to the top when he was attacked by four zombie like creatures that glided out of the earth, surrounding him. They struck him with hard blows and Owen retreated by diving off the hill and hitting the water. As he did so a Raven flew away. We were concerned the sound would cause an alarm, but the ‘guard’ that came to check reported “a bird knocked over some rocks.”


Owen when he woke up reported seeing a depression just before he jumped off. He thinks it might be an entrance to an area under the fort. We decided to try for it the next night. We snuck back using the lake and ascended the less difficult incline. Like Owen the night before we were attacked by four zombie like creatures, only this time the intrepid hunter was not alone!

We dispatched the foul things easily enough and quickly hid. Only for four more of the zombies to erupt from the ground around us! And then another four! We dispatched these as well and it seemed that no alarm was raised. Yet, Owen noticed a figure on the wall watching us silently, perhaps the same person from before? An ally?

12 CR 1/2

monsters = 5010 xp
quests = 800 xp
5810 xp = 968 each.



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