(Fey) Tiressia

Dryad of The Autumn Grove


Descriptors: Willowy, Graceful, Charming,
Likes: Nature, Music, Flattery, Gossip, Gifts(Clothes, Jewelry, Flowers), Subterfuge
Dislikes: Fires, Logging, Violence, Agression, Demands
Romancable: Yes(Casual)

Unlocks: Yes
Leader Recruitable: No
Role Affinity: Stability +2

Boon1: Knowledge Nature
Boon2: Gift Of The Dryad

Brian 17
Chad 15
Erica 17
Phil 18
Rick 19
Zack 16

Falchos: Satyr Companion


(Fey) Tiressia

Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom Rathendar