Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 60

July 4714 (continued)

Week 3 (continued)

Day 20 is when we arrived at the encampment. (Hex 1426)

Current Trust Score: 7 of 31 (or 36+)

Key People:

  • Ushia Thunderhoof, daughter of Denide
  • Denide Thunderhoof, General of the Nomen Centaurs
  • Aecora Silverfire, War Priestess (tribal leader), Speaker for “Mother Moon” (Desna)
  • Xamantha Silverfire, Daughter of Aecora
  • Elenorik – Saddlesbags with books and parchments (Male Middle Aged Centaur)

Lose Trust

  • Committing an obvious crime in Nomen territory/doubled if very violent
  • If a Centaur dies and we are in the general area
  • If we are directly responsible for a Centaur dying


  • Gained once a week (each of us can contribute, so potentially +7 a week)

We will be performing the Kankerata Run in Hex 1325. Kankerata is the guardian of the plains.

An escort is assigned to travel with us – Denide is going – Aecora is not.

(Day 21) – Morning of our departure – Jenna Varn arrives with a Centaur. The centaur (Xamanth) talks with Denide. Makes references to “Mother” (Aecora). Prisoner doesn’t have right. Discussion…discussion. Fine…

Xamanth Silverfire (Daughter of Aecora)

Jenna relates to us that she had come here to mediate with the Centaurs. She is aware of the Varn missing. She doesn’t believe the Centaur were involved from her scouting. With the pass closed, she presented herself as a prisoner of war.

We equip Jenna with some items. (+1 Breastplate, +1 Seeking Heavy Crossbow, +2 Defending Long Sword (crest of varn))

(Day 22) We arrive in Hex 1325 where we will be performing the Kankorata Run.

Kancorata roughly translates from Sylvan as “Worldeater” (Bulette)

Hex 1325 the prairies are disrupted by sink holes and depressions. Like Mammoth sized gopher holes.

The course is a 2 mile long. We are given torches. Seems we will be going into some of the holes. Fun times. Four other Centaur’s are running the course with us.

1 Down the Hill (Acrobatics or Fort) x
2 Threading the Needle (Acrobatics or Perception) x
3 The Sinkhole (Climb or Swim) x
4 Glowing Crystal Room (Reflex or Sense Motive) x
5 Unstable Room (Handle Animal (Bats) or Reflex (Rocks)) x
6 The Lair (Stealth or Climb) x
7 The Collapsing Caverns (Fort or Perception) x
== Above Ground ==
8 Open Air (grass/bramble damage roll or Climb) x
9 Muddy Ravine (Swim or Strength) x
10 Home Stretch (Fort or Climb) x

Stasja edges out Denide to win the race. We help some Centaurs that are hurt during the race.

Hex 1325 – The Blood Furrows – Religious site – Nomen probably have a pact with Kankerata

Current Trust Score: 22 (Full Neutral)

(Day 23) Traveling back to 1426

We spend a few days with the Nomen. With our Trust Score, we find out which hexes have religious significance to the Nomen: 1126 (Tribal Burial Grounds), 1325 (Blood Furrows/Kankerata), 1525 (The Bone Yard/Pilgrimages to keep ghosts and spirits placated)

They fashion a twine amulet that when worn will help us avoid initial hostility with other tribes in the area.

NEW NPC: Elenorik – Saddlesbags with books and parchments (Male Middle Aged Centaur)

(Day 27) We teleport over two days back to Priomdahl

August 4714

Week 1 – Kingdom Turn

Kaiden turns 29 this month.


  • Mid-October is when Elyin is getting married.
  • House Surtova Wedding in December – Not invited, but we will want to send a gift – Send soon ( FOLLOW UP )
    • Forward on Varn’s gift
    • Selection of our exotics (Ice Peppers and Moon Radishes) and Flora Kegtapper Ale with recipes and story of the Ice Peppers
  • Snow continues in the mountains
  • No burning buildings this month (!!!)
  • Priomdahl – Feuding has ended between the gangs – Perm settlement increases
  • Trade Groups that comes down from the north have been carrying word of more active movements by the Tiger Nomads (North and West of Stolen Lands and Brevoy) – Aligned with Gorum
  • Mivon – Ivana Orisani – Presents herself – Declares they have an intruder problem on their embassy lands -
  • Outstanding
    • Visit with Autumn Grove
    • Buildings for Ravenmoor (and other places)
    • Sending Wedding gifts

Role Specific

  • Diplomatic Relations (Stasja) to improve with Mivon – NEXT MONTH THE TRADEROUTE IS RE-ESTABLISHED
  • Alexi investigates the Mivon Embassy Intrusion – evidence is pointing to potentially burglary – multiple rooms have disturbed contents – enough that it’s been suspicious – one of the servants had changed their schedule and they walked in and found a cloaked figure that dove out a window

PARTY SPLIT: 2266 gp

Week 2 – Downtime

  • Retraining by Alexi (Socks), Oewyn (spell), Leanna (spell),
  • Relationship – Gilain (Evangeline) and Stasja (Akiros)

Nisha, Kaiden and Oewyn visit the Autumn Grove. We teleport to the edge of the Court where the Satyr normally greets us.

Syntira is surprised to the way we arrived. The forest side has been quiet. The reason for our invitation is so we can meet the newly invested Unicorn – Palombier. The three of us can enter into a Pact.

Kaiden spends the rest of the week working on improving relations with Syntira.

At the end of the week, the rest of the party goes to the grove to get their boon pact with Palombier.

Week 3

(Day 15) Party arrives at the grove.
(Day 16) Party teleports to the Nomen Centaur herd.

(Day 17 to Day 21) Working on Trust with the Nomen Centaurs.

Current Trust Score: 26 (Liked)

  • The bow (Skybolt) would be a safe token to Skybolt

Follow Up

  • Would Jenna like us to send a unit to help any survivors – Yes
  • What their burial observances are.

Quest: We are looking to escort Elenorik at the Burial Mounds – where there are Manticores

Toby will follow up on other details we get from our new Trust Score.

Session 59

July 4714 (continued)

Week 2 (continued)

Stockade (#18 – #36)

The second floor is on fire and we start to finish explore and put it out with Stasja is attacked by something.


  • 1 x Grey Slender Man – Thinmen
  • 1 x Red Cap

We put out the fire and the building is half destroyed. Afterwards, we search for useful items.

Tools Shed – Gnawed bones

Outhouses (Pair)

Storehouse – Dried fruits, grains, large number of tools – (1 BP)

Forge and Anvil -

Well in the Stockade Tower – Hidden niche just above water line – 4 potions of water breathing – stashed as part of an escape route – 20 ft above water – 20 ft below water – to tunnel – didn’t seem to be used

Bunkhouse -

Armory – 1 MW Breastplate – assorted other items – +1 Morning Star

Corner Room – Scattered Paper – Mundane correspondence between Varnhold and Restov – mentions of Centaur – Recover intact pages of a spell book -(3 spells)

Varn’s Bedroom – map that is torn to shreds – room was trashed -

  • Can piece together to get the base terrain information within two hexes of Varn – qualifies as searching those hexes.
  • List hex 1426 – last current location of the primary herd

The Boss Thinmen – Bag of Holding (IV) with the ‘treasury of Varnhold’

Commons Greenway – Well – Dead Thinman -

Tailor Shop – Was looted

Potter – Vandalized thoroughly – hidden door – cushion – Betrothal Wedding Gift of King Nolesky – Platters and Flagons

Sod House – Looted – Broken MW Hand Axe on table – being worked on – Journal in Skald language – Home of Willis Gunderson (one of Varn’s entourage) – Ulfin – the explorer – interested in cyclops information -

  • List of several skirmishers with Nomen Centaurs -
  • Last entry was about 3 weeks – mundane sweep through the Varnhold pass

Two scraps

  • 2 months ago – found bracelet by the river
  • single large rune in charcoal – translated – archaic Ulfin symbol to ward off bad luck

Weaver’s Hut – calico cat -

Grange – rat swarms – destroyed by fire wall

We camp in a magical Secure Shelter in Stockade. We level to 10.

We take a day to process the books and papers of Maestro Pendrod to help us determine whether tracking we should track the bracelet location or the Nomen Centaurs as the first avenue to pursue.

Secrets of the Reshalka Mounds by Ernst Gabenport
Iobarian Pre-History
Centaur Skyles of Central Casmira
The Untold Heritage of the Taldan Armies of Exploration

Conclusions: Pendrod that the local Centaur tribe is an offshoot of the Reshalka group. The split happened some time in the past.

Geography by Carmen (sp?) from Taldan Exploration – excerpt – “Vordakai? Perhaps a Nomen Centaur God?” Semi-mythical island seen once and never seen again. Centuries ago.

Maegar Varn was a former student Maestro Pendrod.

“and so it was high about Torres and well above the Well of Stairs, where rises from the high water and a strong isl of dire raport. Known as Vordekai’s Island to those that do live there about. Some legend of it’s name doth come down through the locals for they speak of a guardian that doth destroy all who would set foot about it’s accursed shores. They did name no fewer than a twelve count of their hero knights who had left their bones upon it’s rocky shores over the years after having tested their metal against it’s dread warden till none would any longer go there for fear of it’s hidden terrors and the name of this terror was given unto this island.”

Today is Day 16 of July. (after travel to Varn and research day spent).

1323 and 1324 have unnatural winter storms.

Travel hex order – 1324 – 1425 – 1426.

We head across 1324. A day of travel is spent. (Day 17)

Travel to 1425 (Day 18). In 1425, we will search in case the Nomen Centaur’s moved here. We come across a corpse of a creature with spines. It’s draconian.

We encounter a ‘hunting party’ of Centaurs.


  • 8 x Centaurs

The leader lost her sister to our troops. Lots of diplomatic words (she’s very hostile). We return the bow “Skybolt”.

We have earned the right to speak with the War Priestess.

Scout Group Leader’s name is Ushia Thunderhoof, daughter of Danide. Kaiden allows her to vent her grief upon him person (lance charge). Kaiden believes he can assuage her grief with repeated ventings over a course of days. “Ushia Thunderhoof, I owe you personally a debt of blood for the actions of my people.”

She points to the east and they head off.

Talking Points (Brainstorming)

  • We lent troops while to our ally while not understanding the full nature of the conflict
  • That onus is upon me and we will do what we can to make it right
  • The citizens of Varn have vanished and what caused it could be a danger to the centaurs.
  • We found fae had taken over and maybe they had been a source of increasing strife between the Varnhold people and the Centaur. We have had problems with evil fae causing strife on our side of the mountains.
  • Like to find a peaceable solution that is equally agreeable to both sides
  • Potentially an artifact of Vordekai’s has resurfaced and there are unnatural storms in the mountains where his isle is said to reside. (Are the Centaur pro or anti Vordekai?)
  • As for the Varnlings who committed atrocities, we would bring them to justice.

Current Trust Score: 5 of 31

Week 3

Day 20 is when we arrive at the encampment. Ushai has vented herself a total of 3 times upon Kaiden.

We travel for a few days to the Centaur Encampment (a tepee town). 200 centaurs in the encampment with 80 or so roaming out hunting.

The vast majority are women. There are very few males here. The males are the hunter/gatherers.

We are escorted to the War Priestess (tribal leader) and her name Aecora Silverfire.

Aecora doesn’t speak much, but nods and speaks in short phrases.

Ushia recounts to Aecora our encounter and then presents the bow we returned.

All but Oewyn enter the tent with Aecora after divesting ourselves of our weapons and binding our thumbs to our fingers (to prevent somatic casting most likely).

Trust score goes up from her receiving Skybolt.

She is the speaker for “Mother Moon” and she will listen to what we have to say.

Go over talking points with Aecora.

A female goes into the tent whom is angry. Denide Thunderhoof.

“They have returned Skybolt to her, as you well know. It at least has earned us her ear.”

Aecora’s arguments are possibly religion in ‘nature’ – perhaps Desnan in nature.

Denide eventually capitulates for us to stay for the night. If we want to stay longer, we will have to pass the test.

(Denide is the general).

“It is within your right as the general.”

Aecora will explain the rules of the Kankerata Run to us and Denide heads out.

Session 58

July 4714 (continued)

Week 2 (continued)

We see Varnhold off in the distance. We realize that something is amiss. We see not activity. No plume of smoke. Nothing moving. Eerily, spookly silent.

We approach along the main road. Most of the structures are made of field stone to 3 ft then wooden structure above that. Unglazed windows. Roofs are shingled. At the far side of town, we see the wooden structure of the Fort of Varnhold on top of the hill.

We hear the creaking of shudders swaying in the wind. There are animal (birds and small animals) in the area.

Cottage (#1)

Poorly and recently built with a muddy paddock outside. Horrendous smell of decay. Possibly a Hogskeeper. No signs of magic and we approach the front door. The room looks ransacked, but really, the person that owns the just lives slovenly.

There is the sound of pigs out back. Oewyn notices that Thorn twinges. There are boars in the paddock and one huge boar. Seems to have a green stripe on it’s back.


  • 1 x Large Boar with green stripe

We then examine the dead pigs to determine how long they have been dead (they are rotting). They died of starvation. Possible 2.5 – 3 weeks back.

Small Cottage (#2)

Unoccupied dwelling for two people. Layer of dust on things. Casual disarray. Table is set with plates.

Tannery (#3)

Acrid stench of a tannery. Light coating of dust on stuff. Outback is three horse hides stretched out for tanning. Centaur hides. We cut then down, roll them up and put them selves.

Small Cottage (#2)

5 People

Small Cottage (#2)

2 People

Brewery (#4) – Sign of a barrel and smiling dwarf

Barrels (x3) are stamped with Varnhold brand of alchohol (Cheerful Delver Stout) – earthy, dark beer. Two story structure.

Ford (#5)


  • 1 x Large Shelled Creature – bipedal – crab like creature (Chuul) – Intelligent

Pit Trap (#6)

Oewyn, Valkyrie and Gilain trigger a pit trap in the middle of the road after the ford. They avoid it. It’s relatively recent.

From here, we can spot a Greensward area (small part in the between roads).

Greensward Park (#7)

Unoccupied pillory and a well.

Blacksmith and Livery (#8)

Fenced yard. Half dozen horse carcuses.


  • 4 x A Murder of Crows

Inside are supplies to remake things. Abandoned, but not ransacked.

From here, across the team, we spot what is likely a church of Erastil. We head there to see if they might have supplies to help cure the blindness of Gilain and Leanna.

Church of Erastil (#13)

Church building and parsonage next to it and a graveyard.

It looks ransacked. The pews are pushed around. The altar is not desecrated. We search the area thoroughly and find a hidden drawer in the altar. It is locked. Alexi unlocks it.

Bundle of paper. Scrolls.

Parsonage (#13)

Sparse furniture. We spend time searching the parsonage. Not ransacked, but empty.

Graveyard (#13)

26 grave markers.
Most recent is dated several weeks back (4 weeks back). Andritia the Potter

Inn (#12) – “The Water Horse”

There are scratches in the door that spell: “Nomen”

We thoroughly search the Inn. In the common room, there is a person standing, facing a corner table. The back of his head is shattered and gore is dripping down the back of his back. His arms are very long and slender. There is a amber nimbus around him.

Leanna detects that the figure is under some sort of magical effect. The injury appears fresh, but gore appears old.

Nisha identifies that the figure is under a Sepia Sigil Snake spell. Based on their frames, Leanna thinks they can get through tiny spots and possibly burrow.

The book he’s holding is Secrets of the Reshalka Mounds by Ernst Gabenport. He pull the book from his hands.

Reshalka is the name of the Centaur population of Iobara.

Iobara is also where the Cyclops Empire came from.

The tables has papers on it and Alexi doesn’t believe they are trapped.

Four books:
Secrets of the Reshalka Mounds by Ernst Gabenport
Iobarian Pre-History
Centaur Skyles of Central Casmira
The Untold Heritage of the Taldan Armies of Exploration

Book marks in the books have Maester Penrod’s name and Kitherodian Academy (it’s a sprawling academy in the capital of Taldor)

Paper piles is ethnography. Charcoal sketches of some type of gem bracelet with peculiar markings.

At the bottom of the stack is a letter.

Letter: From Maegar Varn to Maestro Penderod. Dated 2 months ago.

Describes the discovery of Willis Gunderson of jade bracelet on banks of a river of local providence and asks his presence for further study of it.

We check out the rest of the common room. Places are set and their is rotten food on the plates.

Upstairs, 5 of the 6 rooms are empty. One was occupied…like Maester Ervil Penderod. Further library of small reference works. There is a Viola stashed under his bed. Embossed with a master craftsmen’s personal seal. Probably several thousand gold worth.

We head for the fort now and stop in the Gemcutter.

Gemcutter (#16)

Sturdy window and walls, but the door and windows are battered in.

It is demolished on the inside. Not a single table, counter, shelf that is larger than 8 inches. Even the floors.

We continue up to the fort.

Stockade (#18 – #36)

Triangular fortification. Watch platforms. Thin column of smoke. There are helmets barely visible over the stockade walls. The walls are 15 ft tall.

The blockhouse structure is a 3 story structure. 2 floors and a tower top.

The helmets don’t have anyone in them. Propped up on sticks. There are animal sounds inside the walls.

Leanna flies up a bit to see what’s inside. There are wolves inside and a cow on a spit over the fire. Nisha casts fly and invisibility on Alexi so he can do an aerial scout. There are large wolves inside.

1 Fenced in area. Some bones inside.

2 Smith building. Forge is not lit

3 Store house

4 – Tower – bar being dropped into place on door.
Top of the tower has a burning brazier. The flag staff is broken and flags laying on the ground. Flag of Brevoy and Varn. Dirty. Trap Door.

As Alexi starts to tie the rope, to the palisade, a large wolf approaches.


  • 5 x Dire Wolves
  • 1 x Grey Slender Man

We break through the door on the tower in the first hall, there are arrow slits that we notice after the ambush shots.


  • 2 x Grey Slender Men
  • 1 x Boss Grey Slender Man
  • 3 x Red Cap
Session 57

July 4714 (continued)

Week 2

We are dispatching our Archery Unit to go to the Watchtower (Hex 1321). We will be going ahead and to the Varnhold Pass and then to Varnhold proper.

(2.5 days later) We arrive at the Watchtower and inform them a unit is on it’s way.

We note that their are dark clouds hanging over the mountains. It’s been there about a week.

Some of the party pick up some improvised cold weather gear (other’s have some in magical storage).

There is a Watchtower in the Varnhold Pass, but it will take us more than a half day to get there.

We press forward into the pass. About 2 hours of travel, there are flurries. Oewyn does not believe the storm will abate in the next 24 hours.

On second watch, the winds pick up and snow fall picks up. For a moment, it sounds like the howls of the wind sounded like a creature and not natural wind.

Oewyna and Gilain check on the mounts and look around. Don’t find anything.

On third watch, Oewyn picks up the weird howling of the winds again. The horses spook and Oewyn goes out to check things out. He spots a depression on the snow. Seems to be a shallow footprint. Like some type of natural snow shoe. He checks on the roof and doesn’t find anything.

Due to the snow, it takes us longer to get to the Varnhold Pass Watchtower.

As sun starts to set, we spot the Watchtower. It is on the side of one of the mountain side with a switch back path (wide enough for a wagon) up to it. No smoke indicating life though.

We start making our way up the switch back. Socks stumbles on a drift and it’s the remains of the a crate. We search around a bit and find indication it’s from the Littlefoot caravan. We take 10 minutes and search the other drifts – find 2 more smashed crates and remains of 2 wagons. We find some shreaded cloth. We make our way up the switch back.

We get to the tower base and there is one entrance. The door handle is destroyed. We wrench open the sliding door with some effort.

Inside is barn like (stalls) and like a charnel house. We investigate.

Each of the interior doors have been brute force opened.

In the stalls, they find bits of bric-brak (harnesses, etc) and some claw marks.

First Floor
The tower proper, first floor had smashed furniture. There are enclosed stairs going up inside the tower.

2nd Floor – there is smashed furniture and smears of dark red. window to outdoors opens
room 1 – armory supply
room 2- supply room

3rd Floor – Smashed furniture. Window that is open.
room 1 – barracks room – smashed furniture – 2 windows open
room 2 – barracks room – smashed furniture

4th Floor –
room 1 – door shattered – officer’s quarters – Mixed in are pieces of paper –
room 2 – shrine to Gorum (god of battle)

5th Floor – beacon floor
Hatch to this floor is open
Nisha believes the watch fire was lit and burned itself out.

Places where combat took place – there are V smears of gore on the wall.

We clean up the stalls and bring the horses inside.

We then search the floors more thoroughly.

Officers quarters – Torn in sheaves from a book – pages from a diary/journal – start off with ordinary watch reports – about 10 days ago: there is an entry about unseasonable severe weather – 8 days ago: David got spooked on watch last night; saw something staring at him in the storm; didn’t find anything; going to double watches to ease stress – 5 days ago: howls continue; have enforced lock down; inventoried food supply; hopefully we can outlast it – 3 days ago: morale is at a break point in here; I’m going to venture to the room and light the fire (last entry found).

We bed down for the night with our normal watches.

On first watch, they hear a chilling howl outside heard over the storm.

A second howl is heard coming down the stairs.


  • 6 x Howlers

After they are dead, their mouths revert to not shark like teeth. Stasja stones shapes the stairs closed between the first floor and second floor. We remove the corpses from the first floor and loot the leader (had a Talisman of Warrior’s Courage) on it. We then go back on watches.

The next day we search the caravan area at the bottom of the switchbacks. It takes a few hours and we don’t find much there. We then continue onwards towards Varnhold.

We camp again and spend the next day traveling. We make it down out of the pass and leave the snow behind.

We see Varnhold off in the distance. We realize that something is amiss. We see not activity. No plume of smoke. Nothing moving. Eerily, spookly silent.

Session 56
Ravenmoor part 3 Loot

June 4714 (Continued) Week 2 (continued)

Mayor Andretti turned out to be the cult leader.
He created Leondard from unnatural ritual with his mother Iola Kriegler.
Vioric Korzha was appointed as Mayor.
Shel changed sides to us and did not sacrifice Leanna.
We currently have her parents imprisoned as she attempts to rehabilitate them – good luck to her.

>>Manor ..
one of the guest bedrooms was a note from Missing Collector ( list of cultists all dead )
4 vials of anti-toxin
2 pot neutralize poison
Dinning Room serving glasses left there ,
wand of lessor restoration 17 charges Leana
Kitchen Galt wine
Master Bedroom
large chest 800 gold old journal ( Viroic ) Linguistics ,
small leather pouch with 3 pots cure mod,
signet ring of our kingdom ,
>> Farm house.
Room collapsing floor Jewelry lots worth 1400 gp
Plant room ( alchemists Lab )
5 vials alchemist fire
2 pots of shield of faith +3
2 pots neutralize poison
1 pot cure mod
Basement lots of bodies buried and mangled one is the missing collector
Crawlspace quilt …I want to destroy
Barn more body parts all hacked up ..
gold necklace worth 200 gp
mw mace
pearl of power 1st, Leana
hand of glory
Lenard items
sickle +1 wounding
bracer ac 3, Leana
Vireck ..Items
Spear wounding +2
Ring of Protection +2, Gelan
3 pots cure light

destroyed items writings / rubbings prayers to gossamer king ( Golander ),
destroyed eggs 4 of clippoffs ( chaotic neutral outsiders ), one empty that was used in the pig
destroyed quilt that seems to be of the cultist god.

June 4714 (Continued) Week 3-4


  • Explored 1816, 1817, 1818


Kingdom Turn – Week 1

  • Plan to head to Varnhold after party vote
Session 55
June (Continued) [/h1] 2 (continued)[/h2]

Meanwhile, back in Ravenmoor, strange Dreams are had by some (Stasja). Others dream normally (Nisha and Kaiden). Others wake from dreams by being stabbed (poor Gilain).

Alexi and Leonard travel down to the dock to seek out Skinder. Along the high trail, they spots specks of light moving around in the lower town area. Alexi points the lights out to Leondard but they continue on.

Stasja wakes about now and then sees a masked person with a rope.

Gilain also sees the person who stabbed him wearing a mask.

Fighting ensues.


x Cultists[/li][/ul]

Stasja beats her cultist down and then stabilizes him and heads out to check the scream of pain. The person under the mask is the General Store owner.

Gilain’s cultists commits suicide rather than be taken. Lifting the mask, he finds the Barber.

Oewyn makes it back to town and sends Shel back to her parents house to check on them.

Alexi heads back to the heart of town and when he glances back, Leonard is no where in sight. Alexi is going to try to wake and gather the party together. He wakes Nisha and they head to get Gilain.

They gather at the place Kaiden was staying and after a brief recap – half the party head to the Mayor’s room. The rest gather gear and then will meet us there.

They find Leanna is missing – her bed is unmade and her gear was here.

The Mayor’s bedroom door is locked and he did not answer to calls. Kaiden hacks the lock out calling out “Mayor Andretti” with concern in his voice. A few minutes later they are in the room and the bed is made and the room is empty.

Kaiden quickly check Leonard’s room and then goes back to start a thorough search of the Mayor’s room.

Oewyn goes outside and starts looking for tracks that are useful. Nisha goes outside.

Oewyn uses Eagle Eye to spot some thing interesting:

[li]A Terrain is a bit off – phosphorescence glow – a specific field – it’s kinda maze like with a central area/li]

Kaiden didn’t find much in the Mayor’s room. The quilt on the bed denoted Iola herself traveling through a swamp then teaching villagers to cultivate and then offerings to a Butterfly.

We get the group together and brain storm.

Kaiden thinks the glowing field symbol might be loosely tied to an entity known as ‘Glonder’ – involved with parasites and disease. Kinda like a lesser old-one. Worshipers tend to infiltrate communities posing as that religion.

Our next stop is the glowing field. As we near the farmhouse area, some buffs are cast. The house has a wicker and gourd moth winged woman. There are faint flickering lights inside.

As we approach the front door and position ourselves, the scarecrow shifts and attacks. Seems it looked like a personification of Desna being crucified.


[li]1 x Scarecrow – Crucified Desna[/li]
[li]3 x Cultists[/li]
[li]2 x Malformed People[/li]
[li]1 x Mutant Spider[/li]

We search the house. Nisha heads into the basement area where we fight a Mutant Spider Caster thing.

After that, we heal a bit and then head out towards the field with a quick stop at the barn. On the way, we are ambushed by Stirges.


[li]5 x Stirges[/li]

The fight finished in the surprise round. We then check out the barn. Moth shrine at the back of it.

We head for the maze of corn. The sheafs of corn are covered in sheets of webbing. There shapes of things in it.

There is some light seen from the middle. We hustle towards the middle. The path we are on is wet with blood.


[li]8 x Web Dancers – Cultists[/li]
[li]1 x Leonard[/li]

During the fight, Leonard approaches through the maze and says “Wrong Choice” and his form shifts and his face opens in a large month.

Session 54
June (Continued) [/h1]

Evangeline would like harvested parts from hybrid magical animals.


Nisha talks with Leanna about going to visit Ravenmoor since there taxes are missing and the investigator she sent there has not returned. He might not be the most reliable person, but he should have returned. Elias Kyle is the missing collector .

Before we go though, Alexi and Gilain we put Donovan Stormfist, one of the leaders of the underworld factions up on charges and we were going to hang him. The morning he was going to be hung, he was found stabbed dead in his cell.

We approach the Shrine and have ‘Speak with Dead’.

would someone kill you before you were executed? – Answer: I don’t know[/li] he receiving cash from infusions from outside the kingdom? – Answer: No[/li] would his bandit group use as a rally point be? Answer: <location>[/li]


His body is carried through town and buried in the graveyard.

We charter a large fishing ship to take us all to Ravenmoor. It takes a few days to arrive.

of Interest[/h3]

[li]Andreti Kriegler – Town Mayor[/li]
[li]Skinder – Crooked backed man – gruff personality – 60’s[/li]
[li]Ornigaard – boy and his pet Stirge “Applesauce”[/li]
[li]Vioric Korzha – Onrigaard’s father[/li]

It’s about 11am when we arrive. The stone pier is still ruined, but it does have some wooden crude dock. There is a ferry skiff there and a ferry house.

We meet old man Skinder at the dock. He tries to shoo us off as Traders, but we explain who were are. He points us to tallest building is the mayors house. He becomes upset when seeing Oksana. We talk about it a bit and then Kaiden asks Stasja if it’s okay for Oksana to guard the boat.

Have you seen Elias Kyle? Showed up about a week back. Doesn’t know where he went.

Did he leave? Points to a skull on the shack. Maybe the water wolf got him? Unusual sized skull on the ferry shack wall.
The wolf in the water will prey on anything that goes into it. It’s been seen eating the guts of children.

How long has it been going on? They were aware of it shortly after they arrived.

We make our way towards the Mayor’s house. Crossing a grassy field, Alexi hears a little boy calling to Applesauce, here boy and the grass moving near the party.

[ul][li]Applesauce – domesticated stirge?[/li]

The boy asks if we are hear for the Festival. It’s a Desna’s festival. His name is Ornigaard. Huzsa. He leads us to his dad.

How did he get such an unusual pet? He’s not unusual. He raised him.

His house is a small simple dwelling. The father comes out. Build of someone that farmed all his life.

Vioric Korzha is his name. Chides Ornigaard then sends him inside. The founders festival is tonight. Bonfire.

Asking him about Elias Kyle – stayed the night and left the next day about a week ago. Had the taxes before he left. Kaiden senses he may know a bit more. There was a little rumor going around that maybe he was planning to head south.

What about the unusual pet? If they are raised right, they are nice.

He offers to escort us over to the Mayor. Two story manor house on a hill overlooking the town.

The town center is less than a dozen buildings. Have a trading post, but no inn. The manor is the largest building in town.

There is a burly man working near the town center. Handy man that works the area. He moves into the path and addresses Vioric Korzha about us. His name is Leonard and is the brother of Andretti.

He welcomes us and we go in. His table seats six. He gets us refreshments. He takes better care of himself.

Kaiden offers his condolences on the loss of his mother Iola. Then we talk about the taxes. They sent the taxes in several weeks back and then collected again what they could to send in when Elias Kyle showed up with the proper documents.

Though the investigation is important, can we hold off until after the Festival tonight. We could take the opportunity to get to the know the villagers tonight and there will be activities.

He would like to register a complaint against Elias Kyle. When he arrived, he alienated the villagers, ordered them around. He was here for a day and a half.

Nisha and Kaiden say that behaviour was unacceptable. Nisha makes assurances that the next collector will be respectful.

Andretti is looking for us to provide rooms at his manor and around the town.

As it’s a festival, we all won’t be wearing armor. We will wait up here and he’ll send a runner up when it’s time for the Festival.

Oewyn investigates the area around the manor for signs of fresh tilled earth (graves). He finds a marked grave “Amanda” – wife.
We occupy ourselves for a bit until the Desnan Festival begins. (around 3pm)




[li]Dreamer’s Leap – Jump a bonfire[/li]
[li]Falling Stars – Box with Starknives – Founder Iola carried them – set up ranges[/li]
[li]Raven Fights – 8 ravens – put bets on them to win – Clawfoot (Kaiden/Winner), Foolscap, Grizzle, Snap Haunce, Greedy Guts, Soot, Vinegar Tom, Worm Wart[/li]
[li]Three Legged Race – Oewyn and Alexi win (Kaiden and Andreti come in second with a photo finish)[/li]
[li]Greased Pig – Nisha, Oewyn and Kaiden participate[/li]

As the Pig is grappled by Kaiden, the pig goes limp and stops breathing. Something bursts forth from it.

[ul][li]1 x Pig Plant Monster[/li][/ul]

We destroy it, but in the process one of the wounds inflicted on Oewyn had a plant spore spawn in it and encase him. He tears our the plant spore. Mayor Andretti directs people to get rid of the pig corpse and for someone else to bring another pig.

They crowd had disgust, but weren’t surprised. Seems this happens from time to time.

Markeesh things it’s a planar phenomena. An infection, a seed. Leanna examines the body. They try burning it and then after a half hour through it into the lake.

We then get the festivities going again. We sit with the mayors group. They have some exotic foods.

Some of us try all the dishes, some of us do not. Alexi realizes some of the leaves mixed in the salad are Flay Leaf – a hallucinogenic narcotic. He inquires about the Flay Leaf – it encourages visions (for the Dreaming Lady – Desna). Stasja knows it is a common use for Desna worshipers.

After the last dish made it’s first circuit and people are settling in to eating and having conversation. The Mayor stands up and calls for attention to several new arrivals. A few families are escorting three young girls in white and with elaborate braids. The young girls circulate amongst the groups. It’s a local custom – the three girls are candidates to be the Queen of the Founders Feast.

It’s based on how well they doing in recounting some stories from history.

The girl singled out is named Shel as the Queen. (17 ish in age). Has wonderlust and a bit of other lust in her heart. Alexi directs her attentions to Oewyn.

At the end of the Festival, they break down the festival very quickly.

The Dream Tender’s particular active (Desna title). Villager’s will burn a Flay Leaf fetish to enhance dreams.

[li]Shel will bypass that and go for a walk with Oewyn and Valkyrie.[/li]
[li]Kaiden will be staying with Vioric Korsch.[/li]
[li]Nisha is with one of the families from the three legged race.[/li]
[li]Gilain is with the Barber’s family.[/li]
[li]Stasja is with the general store’s body.[/li]
[li]Alexi, Leanna and Oewyn will be staying with the Mayor.[/li]

After lights out, Alexi goes out to case the Mayor’s house for anything of interest.

Painting – Voice from behind him – Leonard – Alexi was straightening it out. Alexi then has a conversation with Leonard. After the discussion, he goes with Leonard to talk with the Ferryman Skinder, but leaves a secret message on Leanna’s door (Ferry).

Oewyn goes for a walk with Shel down to the beach landing. It takes 2 hours to get there. At the bottom, of the path down to the beach, he is ambushed by some people wielding sickles. After defeating them, he takes their masks off. None of them are distinctive, but are dressed like villagers. Do you recognize them? Davis – works at the Mill. Recognizes the others too. He takes one of the masks. Asks her if she knows what is going on. She notes that there are people that work in the shadows in night. Not sure why.

Each one has 2 vials. (8 vials)

Oeywn plans to head back to town and not comment on the fight to the villagers and see who comments on missing people.

Session 53

[h1] 4714 May (continued)[/h1]

[h2] Week 1 – Kingdom Week (continued)[/h2]


We pressed on into winter.


There is a frozen river before us.


  • 4 x Warg
  • 4 x Buchawn
  • 1 x Horned Female Figure -
  • 1 x Rider – ???? – Riding a Goat Mount

“The Emmissary approaches to witness the sacrifice. Hold them off”

“Raewind, kill this one. Prove yourself to me.”

“Coming father.”

We killed the Rider and knocked Raewind unconscious. Oewyscn died during this fight. Leanna tried to move Thorn into his scabbard, but it becomes a dagger and for now Leanna is the Arbiter. Inside the cave Mevenwy and Nisha find the foal “Efyllia”. They rescue her.

Jeweled Adamantine Dagger with Red Gems and a Mallet near by.

We loot the Buchawns and the Rider then load up the Oewyn and Raewynd.

We head forward we transition to Spring Dawn.


We find Cyollis and give Raewind to her.

He gives us a carved stick (magic rod) from Raewind in recompense.

We track to the portal and traverse through it with Leanna’s help.

And we are back in the Prime Material Plane.

We backtrack to recover the loot from the Buchawns then head to the Autum Grove. Since we have a new Arbiter, we wait at the border for a bit and then see Queen Syntira.

She would be willing to reincarnate him if we gathered the materials. We thank her and head back to Priomdahl with his body.

[h2] Week 2 continued[/h2]

We speak with a Cleric who uses Speak with Dead. We elect to Reincarnate Oewyn.

Nisha seeks out Oewyn’s daughter especially to let her know what happens.

Oewyn is reincarnated….as a human.

We identify the items and selll the loot.

The party split is 603 gp and 7 sp.

Second split is 571 gp and 4 sp.

[h2] Week 3/Week4 [/h3]

We go to Hex 1815 and 1814 and explore them.

[h1] 4714 June [/h1]

[h2] Week 1 – Kingdom Turn[/h2]

Claim hexes 1416 and 1415 (Tatzelford)
Rebuilt Herbalist
Continue building Caster tower
Mivon relation +1

[h3] Kingdom Events[/h3]

  • Taxes generated 4 BP less than normal; Can be investigated.
  • Underworld activities

[h3] Freebie Kingdom Research[/h3]

  • Leanna – Research a spell
  • Nisha – Tracks down the the 4 BP shortfall – It was that our taxes from Ravenmoor did not arrive.
  • Oewyn – Failed on Spirit of the Land
  • Gilain – Underworld (One of them is Donovan Stormfist (Dwarven))
  • Kaiden – Failed on Spirit of the Land
Session 52

[h1] 4714 May (continued)[/h1]

[h2] Week 1 – Kingdom Week (continued)[/h2]

We take about a minute to catch our breath and then we are off.

  • Rules
  • Some obstacles are group obstacles – one person passes results in all passing it
  • Each turn takes a minute
  • Each action other than working on it results in -1 to a check. You can still do a check up to -5.
  • Leanna can fly past most obstacles but only to catch up to someone. Fly check.
  • 1 Full round actions is considered 2 standard (-2 to check)


  • Finding the trail – (Perception or Survival) – group – succeeded
  • Underbrush and thick brambles (CMB or Escape Artist) – succeeded
  • Boggy Stream – (Swim or Acrobatics) – succeeded
  • Entangling Foliage – (Reflex or Strength Checks) – succeeded
  • Dense Brambles ahead (Surival or KN: Nature) – group – succeeded
  • Combat – 2 Wargs and 1 Bachans and Korred (Small Disheveled Woman (stunted and very hair)) versus Stasja and Oksana
  • Rugged Dell – (Climb or Con check) -
  • No Obstacle Woods -
  • Combat – 2 Warg and 2 Bachans

The sun is setting we enter the last area. There are a pair of twisted oak trees. Starlight field between them – like a portal. A planar gate.


  • 1 x Satyr Creature

She cast Confusion on the group and then turned invisible and entered the portal.

As the fight ended, the portal closed.

Markeesh is able to figure out some things. It will duplicate plain shift when active. It plane shifts to the First World – not sure which realm. It would typically be activated by some sort of talisman (or force it with UMD). It can also be bypassed by magic – plant or wood magic (entangle, etc). They portal can be opened under moon light.

The First World is fluid (think of realms as floating islands). A realm is powered by an individual.

After some effort, Leanna (with Stasja’s help) is able to activate the portal. Seems it only stayed open for a few seconds and Leanna had to try again to get the rest of us through.

On the other side of the portal, Oewyn enters a similar clearing, but instead of oak trees making the arch, there are two stone menhirs. It is dawn here.

with Cyollis (Faun)[/h3]

As Oewyn, starts to get ready to start tracking he hears pan flute (greeting tune). He enters into a musical dialogue with the pan flute player. Asking after a unicorn foal.

Kaiden asks Mevenwy what her child’s name is. She replies “Efyllia”

After a bit of time, a faun comes out of the woods. His name is “Cyollis”.

We enter into a performance describing why we are here. He has an additional request of the group – someone he knows has fallen under they sway of the Huntsmaster. He would like her returned to him alive.

Cyollis lets us know the realm is known as “Realm of the Seasons”. There are 4 areas in this realm. You can consciously shift yourself from one area to another while focusing on the area while traveling. It is harder to go against time.

  • Spring Dawn
  • Summer Noon
  • Autumn Dusk
  • Winter Midnight

The Hunt was heading for Summer.

If we are following a trail and it dead ends, then we should try to get to the next season.

This Wild Hunt that we are pursuing’s leader name is Harakund. He is a Partitioner. He is cruel and violent. Most of his kind don’t care for Harakund. He’s doing it to gain the favor of the Queen.

The Children are on our side. The Parent isn’t. It seems however that of recent times, the Queen’s interest has increased in us. He’s not sure what has caused this recent change.

He’s heard rumors that the Queen has been harvesting strange things from the land of mortals. They collects innocuous things.

Broken statues, pieces of ruined buildings, saplings from sacred groves, items of great craftsmanship, and unicorn horns. Could be binding items – tying her lands tighter to the mortal lands.

Oweyn begins to the track the hunt. As the path leaves the fruit grove, it vanishes. After about an hour, the trail vanishes and we have to push into Summer.

The groups makes it into summer and fields of giant flowers.


  • 1 x Flying Fae Bear

We talk him and convince him we mean no harm. He also grants us a small boon (3 x fae nectar).

Another half hour on the trail and it ends and we seek out Autumn.

The terrain is full of barbed briars and prickly under brush and the trail is lost to normal view. Those of us with with the dust of pursuit can continue to track. There are heavy areas and light areas.


  • 4 x Large Twig Jacks

Follow up with looting the wargs and buchans

Session 51

4714 March (continued)

Week 3/Week 4 (continued)

We finish collecting the loot and prepare to talk to the captured Druid (Bull guy). We discuss things we want to convey and then have Stasja heal him and talk to him.

While initially unfriendly, Stasja is fairly persuasive in discussion. He does not come around to our side of things. There is some merit in the views we shared. He is willing to agree to bring them up and discuss them with his circle. Advocate the view.

We heal him up and release him. He leaves.

Nisha and Kaiden sift through the wax tablet and almanacs.

Symbols on the banner can be correlated with the wax tablet. The ritual was tied to moon phases.

The principles could be applied back in the capital. But why would we want to turn our people into Beastmen?

We camp out and start heading back.

We return by the of week 4 of 4714 March

4714 April

Week 1

NOTE: Those with Rings of Sustenance can retrain during the Kingdom Turn Week
Before the Kingdom Turn – we have a few things to cover:

  • Speak with Ivana Orisana about Mivon and events around the 4 men
    • Why was lethal force used at first? It was a mistake. NOTE: Try to use non-lethal damage
    • She’ll provide a Dueling Primer 101
  • Nisha talks with Caleb Northwood about getting an Elven Magic Instructor
  • Speak with Dahlia about Mikhail Petrovich (purported of the Circle) and the Green Faith – their goals, their method
    • Doesn’t remember him being as aggressive in his outlook
    • The way the Order was, would not have used these methodologies. They seem to have been radicalized.
    • Glad we let the last one go.
  • Speak with Dahlia about installing the keystone
    • We have the keystone installed
  • To research the Prosperity, Travel, Strengthening needs a Library
  • Kaiden sends a letter to Jenna Varn
  • Introduce Stasja to the council
  • Kingdom Turn
  • Holding off moves to next month while we move Alexi to Loyalty
    • Stasja to Grand Diplomat
    • Annalise to assistant Grand Diplomat
    • Dahlia to High Priest
    • Jhod to Assistant High Priest
  • Tried to claim Ravenmoor – The mayor said no. He was unaware of this arrangement. Asked our people to leave. New research topic.
  • Espionage of Public Info on Mivon
  • Kingdom Events
    • Day 7 of Kingdom turn- Kabran does not show up – Unrest increases by 2
      • Gilain assigned to investigate
    • Mivon trade route suspended pending review and resolution.
    • Violence and Vandalism breaks out -Continuous Event
      • House Destroyed and Shop Damaged
    • Banditry Breaks Out
      • 3 BP – Continuous Event
    • Feud – two rival workcrews
    • Loy has a notice of his recall – in light of recents in Brevoy, he has been recalled. He wishes to pass on that Elusandre Morningstar
  • Kingdom Investigations
    • Oewyn investigates Banditry
      • Internally generated bandits – impulsive, greedy, not a lot of forethought, opportunistic and random – Thorn is quiet on his investigation.
    • Leanna and Alexi investigates Assassination
      • Find a bottle of open wine that was poisoned (Leng’s Tears) with a paralytic – he was dismembered alive – empty healing potions
      • Smaller hits – less precise and more wild
      • Motive – despite “anger” of method, the process seems very planned and methodical
      • One glass by the bottle of wine – markings of who sold it – can be traced to who sold it – Storm Crow
      • Kabran was seeing the wife of Namdrim
    • Gilain and Kaiden is on Violence and Vandalism
      • Less than upstanding members of our community – underworld activity – Have to hammer at it or Alexi can make them an offer they cannot refuse
    • Annalise/Stasja is researching Ravenmoor diplomacy
      • Letters via messengers – biggest info is that (Mayor Andretti Krigler) – His grandmother passwed away before winter (Iola). Her Desninites came to Candlemere and settled. If there was any agreement, he was not made aware of it and Iola’s passing was sudden. Would like to maintain their secular disposition and are inclusive. They are neutral to friendly and a future roll might reveal a path forward. The village is simple.

Week 2 through Week 4

  • Kaiden – Jenna Varn +2 Rep, Jhod x 2 +4 Rep
  • Gilain and Alexi investigate

Return letter from Jenna Varn

  • Her father was very pleased with our army unit assistance over the winter
  • Centaurs seem to be probing the edges of the barony

Nisha now has Pervilash as a companion.

4714 May

Week 1 – Kingdom Week

Target for next month
Acquire Hex 1716 – Ravenmoor if possible
Acquire Hex 1319


Fix Shop/W
Build House/W

Added Ravenmoor – Self Contained till end of next winter

Kingdom Events

  • Banditry
  • Vandalism and Violence
  • Underworld Feud – Gilain setting up a sting
  • Hunting Horn – Dead Unicorn Found by Oewyn – Body mutilated – Horn missing – no other footprints.
    • Note from Syntira – Arbiter, A group of hunters now stalks to the forest. This Hunt will pose a threat to your domain as well as ours. I ask that you travel to the grove post haste and meet Mevenwy
    • Has bite mark wound and a piercing wound and it’s horn was chiseled off

Week 2

We are going to head to the Autumn Grove (1514) asap. 2.5 days to get there. We use a wagon and bring the covered body of the unicorn.

We are guided to Syntira who is seated upon her thrown. His name was Baeyolen (unicorn).

She has asked us here as an intermediary to the others (unicorns).

The mother Mevenwy is here.

We hear faint crashing sounds in the underbrush to the north west.
We have a few rounds to prepare for whatever is on it’s way. Bursting into the clearing is a Unicorn foaming at the mouth…several arrows in it’s flanks. Baying of wolves in the distance.


  • 6 x Wargs and Bukkans Wolf Riders – small humanoid with swarthy skin – aggresive fey – but not as vicious as some others
  • 2 x Fae Wolves – Night Black Wolf with eery green eyes

Mevenwy says, “Where is she?” to her mate. The Hunt came across us. A satyr in the party cast a spell that kept them from teleporting away. They took his daughter across their goat mount. He fled back back to here.

Mevenwy is looking to go back right now.

Syntira throws a pouch to Oewyn. It’s Pursuit Dust. 3 uses – each use lasts 5 hours when rubbed into eyes.


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