Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 13

Pharast (March) 4712

Further in the Barrow we encounter a tomb and a skeletal figure stands up.


  • 1 x Cairn Wight
  • 6 x Skeletal Guardians

We perform a fighting retreat from the Wight and as we leaves he gives a ‘tribal salute’ with his weapon.

Gozran 4712 (April)

During the Kingdom phase, the Forrest Hawks (Ranger x 5) – Elyian Ursage (Leader, Half Elf), Parmiss (Half Elf), Dorrin, Galadon, and Izora join the Wardens under Oewyn.

Kingdom Events

  • Oewyn had an event of a north wards traveling caravan attacked by a band of kobolds.
  • They were fleeing trolls
  • The leader of the caravan – Halfling named Davlin.
  • Rumors of the troll could potentially lead to unrest later.
  • Ava and Gilain negotiates with the Caravan leader to come back. 1 caravan a year. Will be in town for a few months.
  • Alexi has a dialogue off screen.
  • Gilain learns that a week or so had come through and were headed up the Skunk River to explore and map.
  • Gilain received a drunken report of a Swamp Witch to the west of the Tuskwater.


Hex 1516 – Wagon floundering in the river – Gnomish Explorers – 1/2 Hex Explored

  • We assist and rescue the wagon. Leanna heals them all.
  • Jubilost is the leader of the group.
  • They ran into kobolds south of here.
  • We have dinner with them and share some information. Possibly recruitable to do exploring.
  • Hex 1617 – Hut with a Witch in it – He shows us on a map
  • The further south, the more dangerous – girl in the water advised him of that a few days back.
  • Candlemere Lake – Pretty – Ruins on an island – lights at night surrounding it
  • The next day we find kobold tracks when searching. they seem to be roaming.

Hex 1515 – Medium booted footprints moving around – 1/2 Hex Explored -

  • Pond and several logging signs – 5 trees are cut down – darkwood
  • We find a group of loggers arguing and looking at the water.
  • The ‘lady of the pond’ has charmed two of the loggers to protect her.
  • Leana remembers a grove of darkwoods about 10 miles from here.
  • We try to resolve this negotiate.
  • Further west is a dryad that if we can satisfy – she’ll be able to help us replace the 5 trees.
  • Ava and Leana leave locks of hair and Leana leaves some chocolate

Travel Times (14 available)

  • Travel from 1517 to 1516 – 1 day
  • Exploration of Half of 1516 – .5 days
  • Travel to 1515 – 1 day
  • Exploration of Half of 1515 – .5 days
  • Travel to 1514 to Dryad – 1 day

The Dryad and her Satyr companion would like us to defeat an evil tree. (Willowy) – Gave us directions to the tree.

XP Awards:
Caravan Event CR 2 (600)
6 skeletal guardians 6 x CR 1/3 (135 × 6 = 810)
Saved Gnomes and wagon CR 6 (2400)
Resolved fey/lumberjack dispute with no deaths CR 5 (1600)

total xp = 5410, 902 each

Session 12

Neth 4710

Svetlana has a child. Leanna acts as midwife along with Jhod. Oewyn and Kaidan keep Oleg busy during child birth. She has a daughter named “Sarah Leanna Leveton”. We are all named god parents of the child.

Kuthona 4710 through Calistril 4711

The party had down time activities and works on their affinities with various NPCs.

Pharast 4711 to Calistril 4712

Kabran arrives with a caravan from Restov to Oleg’s and we head down to the Stag Lords lands. (72 BP; 4 of which is reserved for the Shrine of Abadar)

We spend all of Pharast clearing the land and preparing it for a settlement.

A year of kingdom building occurs.

Pharast 4712

A normal kingdom month occurs with a dream for Kaidan at the end.

The party spends time exploring some hexes.

Hex 1518, Hex 1618, Hex 1619, Hex 1519

In Hex 1519 we find a Barrow and investigate. We run into a trap, 2 bat swarms and 6 skeletons.

Session XP

Explored 4 hexes 400 xp
2 bat swarms 1200 xp
1 trap 1200 xp
6 skeletal guardians 810 xp
founded kingdom 2400 xp
established capital 1200 xp
grew to size 5 1600 xp
1 full city block 1600 xp
raised an NPC relation to 20 1200 xp
recruited an npc for kingdom seat 600 xp
founded a second city 1200

total xp = 9800 xp. 1634 xp each

Session 11

Erastus 28 4710

Early, early morning of Erastus 28.

We perform a quick search of Devon and Stag Lord for potions. Devon has none and the Stag Lord has two. We aren’t able to identify them.

Oweyn and Ava will watch over Auchs and the tied up, unconscious Sneed (whom we recovered and tied up).

The rest of us proceed down into the ground after Akiros points the way.

A moldy room full of stolen loot with three arch ways leading away.

Down below, we find a ravening druid of some sort in wolverine form.

On the plaster down below is some graffiti.

We then secure and loot the facility.

We destroyed leather mask and several dozen fetishes.

We go back and get our horses and wagon and return.

We sleep for 8 hours and about noon we attempt to break our curse. It doesn’t work here. We think it’s because it isn’t the river.

We dig and bury the bodies. Say a short service.

We sort the loot and audit it and put it on the wagons and horses.

Arodus 1 through Arodus 5

Travel to Hex 1320 – Nettle’s Crossing

Over the course of that week, Kaidan shares some stories about Alexi from their youth with Ava and the group.

Arodus 6

With a little ceremony, we throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river. After a few moments, the undead rises and addresses us and then departs. We are free of his curse. Then some water diverts and washes upon the shore. After the wave passes, there is a ranseur stuck into the ground.

We recover the ranseur.

Arodus 7

Explore the rest of hex 1320.

Arodus 8 to Arodus 15

Travel to Hex 1216 – Temple of the Elk Lord to talk with Jhod, the Erastil Cleric. Kaiden and Ava convince Jhod to take Auchs in for now.

Arodus 16 to Arodus 20

Travel back to Oleg’s outpost.

Casten Garus is very happy to see Sneed being returned. He then has him strung up.

As a reward, he’ll arrange to have 4 master work weapons sent down. (Currently: 2 x Daggers, Light Crossbow, Greatsword)

Arodus 21

Kedain is one year older. We liquidate some of our stock with Oleg to travel lighter and then head to Restov.

Arodus 21 to Arodus 26

Travel to Restov. We show up at the mayor’s place to inform him we have fulfilled our charter. We meet with an assistant and convey our evidence. They will need to send someone down to the Stag Lord’s fort to verify before we’ll get our reward.

We spend the evening selling.

Arodus 27

We spend a day of downtime shopping. We each get a chance to buy one item.

PARTY SPLIT: 1908 gold 2 silver

Arodus 28 to Rova 8 (4.5 + 4.5)

Travel from Restov back to Stag Lord’s fortress with Edian Trosky, the messenger.

The messenger Edian investigates and agrees the bandits are dealt with.

Rova 9 to Rova 17

On the way through Oleg’s, Alexi get’s his 4 masterwork weapons.

Travel back to Restov. The mayor’s assistant extends an invitation to a ceremony for tomorrow. Some of us go and buy some appropriate clothing.

Rova 18, 4710 – Day of the Ceremony

This is in the same structure that the original ceremony was at.

We recognize a number of the participants from the original ceremony.

We note the presence of Varn’s group and Drelov’s group. Also, all the people that gave us our ‘side quests’.

Josef Solamis addresses us. Three groups are in attendance. The fourth group they were not able to get in time for this ceremony. Some of us get the impression that there was something he did not say.

Of those here, all the charter’s have been met with some degree of success and so the venture is over.

He will start with Drelov’s party. They mapped successfully, but they were unable to fully resolve the swamp land trade issue.

Varn’s group explored their region and pushed back some of the centaur territory. The centaur’s had been raiding into Brevoy. (The raids had been usually after some conflict from Brevoy – young Brevoy proving their manhood by raiding the centaurs.)

Our group explored our region as well tracking and exceeding what we were called to do to deal with the source of the brigands.

An aide presents to Varn, Drelov, and Kaiden and gives us each a small coffer. (It’s 5000 gp).

PARTY SPLIT: 833 gold and 34 silver

The party then get’s fully under way within mingling.

Kaiden – Josef shows up. Pleased with how we handled things. They are looking to take this further. Looking to establish a colony in the region. Based on our groups success, he would like me to lead the effort. They will give us some resources and some settlers that would like a new start. Come spring, some supplies and settler’s would be sent down. We could take the winter to review the lands and decide on where we would settle. I should check with my companions to see who is interested. Academy Graduate – an architect for planning and development.

Gilain – Has a discussion. +4 BP in the spring and additional manpower to make one extra building during first month.

Alexi – Has a discussion. +3 BP in the spring

Leana – Has a discussion. Resources will be sent down in spring. +5 BP in the spring

Oewyn – Has a discussion. +2 BP in the spring and 4 BP for constructing a shrine to Abadar. Needs to be built in first year.

Kaiden approaches his cousin and then the rest of the party about the opportunity to found the colony under Kaiden’s leadership. They all appear interested. He would like them to act as the core of a council.

Kaiden has a discussion with Quiznost Hufflegem. +4 BP in the spring

About a half hour later, Josef meets with Kaiden. What would autonomy would we have? They are not actively supervising us. It is for Brevoy’s benefit (not Restov). The other groups have been made similar offers for their regions.

Kaiden will be knighted and made a Baronet.

The three leaders are presented to the party. Phase 2 of the plan. The three of us will be knighted.

Official endowment will be after today (the knighthoods).

During the party, Ava approaches the other two groups about forming trade with. (Drelov – 20 Diplomacy; Varn – 5 Diplomacy) Drelov not interested right now. Varn expresses interest.

The fourth group has been been out of communication for about a month.

We plan to research the fix to lay the zombies to rest at the Stag Lord’s Keep. (Leana commisioned it and it is learned in one day.)


1 x Hex Exploration (100 xp)
quests completed.
2 x CR1 400xp = 800
6 x CR2 600xp = 3600
naked basement man CR 4 1200xp
Erica resolves master/student issue. CR1 400xp

6100xp total, 1016 xp each.

Session 10

Erastus 27 (continued)

We have just finished defeating the zombies. We take a few quick moments to heal and proceed to the indentation. We’ll need to dig it out. We send Oewyn and Soldier back to the wagon to get a pick and shovel. It will take them about 50 minutes. We huddle up quietly at the base of the wall.

Oewyn makes it back safely and Gilain and Ava start digging. It takes about 3 minutes of sweaty work. They hit something hard. After some scrapping, there is a stone trap door. Possibly was a bolt hole.

We try to lever it up. At first, the stone gearing shrieks loudly, then Alexi steps in and helps.

We climb down 10 ft down and go through a tunnel for 30 feet then there is a passage up with hand holds. We attach a rope to a lever on the stone trap door. We all pull and eventually get the trap door open. Gilain climbs up and steps into a room. He sees someone who says, “You should tread carefully from this point forward.”

His name is Akiros. The group falls into negotiation with him. When he sees Kaiden’s holy symbol, his demeanor worsens “Erastilites!” Alexi tries to sway him to our side. He succeeds in getting him to stand aside and do nothing for 100gp. We’ll renegotiate after we take the keep. Kaiden keeps quiet to avoid antagonizing Akiros. He does think Akiros has a Taldan accent.

During the negotiations he reveals Falgrim Snead (the Varisian) is in the second watch tower.

Alexi moves up the stairs stealthily and tries to get a stealthy attack off. Combat ensues.


  • Bandits x 7 CR 1/3
  • Girly Man – Devon x 1 CR 2
  • Shambling Man – Auchs1 CR 2
  • The Stag Lord x 1 CR 6
  • Owl Bear – Beaky x 1 CR 4
  • Recruited Akiros x1 CR 3

Total XP 6545, 1091 each.
During the initial stages of the combat, Akiros offers to join us for a full share. Kaidan accepts.

During the fight, we accept the surrender of Shambling Man. After a zesty fight, we defeat the Stag Lord.

Not Finalised Quest Options.

  • Sneed is taken alive, can be returned to Oleg’s
  • Stag Lord is dead, body can be returned to Davik Nettles
Session 9

We arrive back at Oleg’s on Erastus 21, just afternoon.

Erastus 21

Summary Items

  • Tuskgutter – Oleg sent a message to the trapper (Vekkel) and he’ll come by tomorrow
  • Tatzlewyrm – Oleg takes the head
    • Award granted of 100 gp each

The party sells the accumulated loot and splits the money: 112 gp, 7 silver, 5 copper

Erastus 22

Kaiden, Oweyn, and Ava travel to Bokken’s to pick up the potions.

Alexi, Gilain, and Leana are at Oleg’s when Vekkel arrives to bestow the reward for killing Tuskgutter. He provide a MW Longbow and 6 +1 Animal Bane Arrows.

We start brainstorming where the Stag Lord is based out of. Based on what the Boggard and the Kobolds said, the south and east of this area. Also the rumor mill mentions an abandoned monastery on the shores of the Tuskwater lake. Perhaps he is based on that structure.

We plan to travel down to 1418, ford the river (4.5 days of travel) and then search the northern shore of the Tuskwater.

Erastus 23 to Erastus 24

We head out bright and early that morning.

We travel Hex 1119 (.5), Hex 1219 (1), Hex 1319 (1), Hex 1418 (1) River Crossing

Erastus 25 – Hex 1418

Ava notices a flicker of light off something in the water at the ford. Alexi and Ava go to investigate while we continue across.

There are boards and nails wedged against a rock. Alexi sees a body in with the boards and starts to ‘dig’ it out. (looking for valuables)


  • 3 x Undead Things (CR2) (100 each) = 300 xp each

They were waylaid and killed after torture. Less than a week ago. They were probably not from Brevoy – possibly traveling from River Kingdoms.

Kaiden digs a shallow grave for them and lays rocks over them.

Gilain thinks it was a wagon – a tinker wagon or blacksmith wagon.

This takes the rest of the half day.

Erastus 26

We travel to Hex 1518.

Camping that night, during second watch, Gilain hears faint echoes of voices – possibly chants or song that eventually fade.

Erastus 27

We start to search the Hex – we head in the general direction of the voices in the night. We notice a landmark in this hex. A clearing with a hillside with a wooden palisade at the top.

Alexi, Gillain and Leana cross the clearing with the wagon and some of the bandits start shooting at them and they start heading away towards our rendezvous point. Alexi starts shooting back.

Alexi manages to ‘tag’ one of them on the wall.

Oewyn goes back to the edge to observe. A man with ‘antlers’ is up there. After bout 30 minutes, there are 4 short horn blows (maybe to summon some patrols back). He waits 30 more minutes – no activity to follow us. Oewyn comes back and reports to the group.

We brainstorm our plan.

  • Set up a camp
  • Search for some trails and pick one
  • Set up an ambush on what we consider a likely to use one


Thanks to my, Alexi Litewska, brilliant plan our ambush went off flawlessly. The bear trap I concealed on the trail caught the first bandit and soon they were assaulted by arrows and crossbow bolts. After meeting Ava’s blade and Soldier’s jaws, the cowards fled only to be hunted down by my loyal dog.

6 CR 1/3

6 Longbows, 6 short swords, 6 leather armor, arrows, 60 GP

Afterwards we decided to assault the bandit fort at night, sneaking in as close possible by wading in the lake, the water up to our necks for concealment. We made it to the back of the fort without being discovered and noted that the ‘guards’ on the wall were fakes, helmets on sticks. However, before we could get to that wall we had to surpass a steep 60 foot incline.

Owen bravely volunteered to quietly climb up the hill to secure a rope for us to follow. He made almost to the top when he was attacked by four zombie like creatures that glided out of the earth, surrounding him. They struck him with hard blows and Owen retreated by diving off the hill and hitting the water. As he did so a Raven flew away. We were concerned the sound would cause an alarm, but the ‘guard’ that came to check reported “a bird knocked over some rocks.”


Owen when he woke up reported seeing a depression just before he jumped off. He thinks it might be an entrance to an area under the fort. We decided to try for it the next night. We snuck back using the lake and ascended the less difficult incline. Like Owen the night before we were attacked by four zombie like creatures, only this time the intrepid hunter was not alone!

We dispatched the foul things easily enough and quickly hid. Only for four more of the zombies to erupt from the ground around us! And then another four! We dispatched these as well and it seemed that no alarm was raised. Yet, Owen noticed a figure on the wall watching us silently, perhaps the same person from before? An ally?

12 CR 1/2

monsters = 5010 xp
quests = 800 xp
5810 xp = 968 each.

Session 8

Ruling my Fairy Tale Kingdom 1/16/2016 (Session Eight)

Sarenith 28 continued.
After the fight with the worms, we searched the rest of the area and rested. The night passed uneventfully. Oewin believes that the pair of worms were the apex predators in the area, thus the lack of other dangerous animals.

The morning was chilly, there was frost of the leaves. We decided to travel to an adjacent area to the west (hex 1516?). Oewin believes we will have snow tomorrow, even though it’s in the middle of the summer. More Fey magick at work it seems. Nothing happened along the way. We arrived in the new area and pitched camp, with extra firewood for the fire.

Snow arrived in the early morning making the ground soggy. Not enough to impair our travel but certainly making our company We began exploring. As we did so, our intrepid huntsman Oewin noticed the wildlife signs dwindling and then eventually grow silent.


Other than that nothing happened while we explored until we pitched camp. Snow continued to fall and the forest animals and insects continued to be absent or quiet. The next day while continuing the exploration we started to hear bird sounds again. Perhaps there is an area of unnatural silence, but caused by what? The snow was making the ground worse, more boggy, slowing our travel, but still traversable.

We came upon a clearing which was a deeper bog, six to twelve inches, which stank with foul water. Yet another fetid scent to add to my memories of this place. There was a noticeable mound about a 100 feet away. After some discussion, for some reason Oewin wanted to shoot it, we approached the mound, myself and Ava were mounted. About halfway, Leana sensed magic ahead, a lingering aura of a past spell or effect.

Nothing else happened until we reached the mound of snow. Gilain brushed off the snow and revealed the body of what at first appeared to be a horse, but after Gilain examined the body, determined to be a unicorn with its horn shorn off. Oewin circled around but did not find any tracks.

After some more discussion, we pulled out the unicorn body and stacked rocks over it to make a cairn. We continued onward and encountered another quiet area. From looking at a map we determined that there was a ring of quiet surrounded the bog where the dead unicorn lay. We decided to make camp outside of the eerie silence.

During my watch while watching the snowfall, I was amazed by its subtle beauty. It was as if the snow were tears and forest was crying in mourning of a death of a dear friend. The next day we traveled North to a new area (hex1414?). Oewin’s horse, in the lead, stepped on a patch of mushrooms which caused both Oewin and his mount to be engulfed by a cloud of spores. He was sick for a short time but suffered no other ill effects.

We avoided the rest of the mushrooms and continued on. We moved out of the snowy area and then found the body of a bear. It appeared that a hunter had partly dressed it but didn’t finish. No tracks were found. After using magic to make the meat fresh, we salvaged several days of meat from the body and moved on, pitching camp.

On Oewin’s watch he heard a loud croak, like a huge frog. He was cautious but did not raise the alarm yet when a frog like humanoid armed with a spear appeared out of the woods. Unfortunately neither shared the same language and Oewin’s warning alarmed the frogman and hostilities started. There was at least four of them, some attacked us, while others cut the horse lines. They also let loose frightening croaks.

A fierce fight followed but we were victorious, killing 3 of the frogmen and driving off the survivor. Ava and myself gathered up the horses and then returned to camp to rest. In the morning we felt stronger for our experience, Soldier actually seemed bigger. His barding certainly didn’t fit anymore.

We started to explore the area. We encountered a swarm of hornets, who flew around us but didn’t attack. Strangely they follow us for about four hours. After that, we entered a terrain that was filled with rabbit holes, which can be dangerous if stepped in. There were wolf howls that night hunting for food. A stag jumped into the camp, was scared by Ava’s shouting at it, bounced into the fire, flinging flaming logs, almost burning down the tent. Liana deflected it with her hair and the wolves did not attack, chasing the stag. Other than that, nothing occurred.

Continuing to explore the area the next morning and found a shrine with a fifthteen tall statue of Erastil. There was evidence of a burned down structure behind the statue and judging from the wood growth happened over a hundred years ago. We cleaned off the statue and made an offering of food to it. Because there was an aura around it that warded off hostile animals we deemed it a safe place to camp. After we cleaned the statue something happened, we were granted a boon, giving extra sharpness (keen) to our weapons for a week.

The night was peaceful.

The next morning we headed East towards the river (1413?). That day was uneventful as was the following night. The next day we began exploring around the aptly named Skunk River, which in this area was mire. We spotted a small ruin out in the middle of this morass. We found a camp spot for the horses and waded our way out to the site. When we approached we heard a familiar Crroooaaakkk. A frogman appeared on top of the structure. I also spotted something prowling around the bottom of the ruins.

The frogman, known as a Bogger, called for a truce.
We started a discussion with it, but the language barrier was difficult to bypass having no magic. The prowling thing was a “slurk” whom Owien fed to befriend it. Strangely, later we discovered that cousin spoke Bogger! He came with us for our next visit and spoke with the frog man in a disturbing display of croaks and ribbits. We found out his name was Garuum a refuge from his tribe. He was exiled after challenging the chief after being intoxicated after eating dragonfly innards. He avoided public execution by smashing his hand to slip out of the manacles.

We asked for and got a few mushrooms to examine. They were deemed edible but foul tasting.

After some negotiation we agreed to build a wooden palisade around his “kingdom” in exhanged for gold and gems. We spent spent six days doing this backbreaking, stinking, sweating work in a swamp. I am thrilled. Oh and because we weren’t pursuing our geas, we were plagued by nightmares. Yayyyy.

We were paid 210 GP and 50, 90, 25 gp gems.

After saying goodbye to Fort Boggard we continued on. Garumm informed us that the bandits came from the East. We followed the river upstream to the next area (1314?) with no encounters and the night was free from interference. We continued to follow the river to find the source of the Skunk River, a hot spring, explaining the rotten egg smell.

Before Ava and I could take much needed bath together we were attacked by giant frogs. We dispatched them and finally got our bath. We explored the next area to the West (1315?), back in the plains, which had nothing interesting.

We returned to Oleg’s to plan our next expedition.

monsters 4000 xp
explore 2000 xp
events 3000 xp
9000 xp = 1500 each.

Session 7

Sarenith 9 continued – Hex 1216

We had found the abandoned temple of Erastil and fought the bear. He was a cursed person. His body reverted to a man then aged and crumbled to dust.

There is a pool of water with algae here, it became crystal clear. The background noise levels improved. It got warmer. The water pool had healing properties. 50 ft long, 20 ft wide, 3 ft deep.

We went up the stairs to enter the cave. It’s a natural like cavern. Their is a simple, but well made altar with some bones on it. We find a broken silver holy symbol. Kaidan picks up the symbol to take with him.

We remove the bones.

In another alcove, their is that was the bears ‘nest’. We think this shrine is over 100 years old.

We search the other alcoves. Gilain believes the priest was Taldin. Taldor’s last colonization was 300+ years ago.

North half a mile, Oewyn and Kaidan find an easier to ascend slope to the top of the large earth mound. They climb up and take a look around to determine what we can see.

When they return down to the group, Kaidan buries the bear’s bones inside the menhir in the south east corner.

We camp as we did not sleep the previous night. We spend the rest of the day light hours foraging.

We then make the camp again until morning.

Sarenith 10 – Start searching Hex 1216

Sarenith 11 – Complete searching Hex 1216

Sarenith 12 – Travel to 1117

On the way, 2 boars come out of the brush. Kaidan calls a halt and the two boars rush Kaidan.

  • Combat
    • 2 x Boars (CR2) – 120 × 2 = 240 xp

We gut the boars and dress them out.

We camp for the night.

Sarenith 13 – Start searching Hex 1117

The next morning, we see a pony sized rabbit get startled by the barking of the dog and run away.

We find the river. No ford.

We camp. During first watch, Pervilash shows up guzzling Oweyn’s liquor. This is his home hex. In conversation, he shares what we would find on the other side. We take turns taking notes over the course of the night.

Sarenith 14 – Travel to Hex 1217 to Ford

Bandit camp has not been re-inhabited.

Camping – first watch hears wolf hours that grow in number then taper off.

Sarenith 15 – Travel to Hex 1118

Camping – normal night sounds.

Sarenith 16.5 – Travel to Hex 1018 – Olegs

Aeva Wyn introduces herself. Elusandrae Morningstar had mentioned our group. After some dialogue, we agree for her to join us. (Probationaly)

We seek out Jhod Kavken (Cleric of Erastil) at Oleg’s. We share our tale and give him the holy symbol. He would like us to escort him there.

We show the handaxe that had Breeg’s name and relay our “story”.

We do a party split and it is 120 gold and 8 silver.

Sarenith 17 – Travel to Bokken and back to Oleg’s – Hex 1019

Kaidan and Alexi pick up their potions and Kaidan puts in an order in for 4 more cure lights (at 37.5 gp)

Bokken Order

  • Kaidan – 4 x Cure Light Potions – Paid in Advance

Sarenith 18.1 – Travel to Hex 1017 and part of 1018

Camping out, we hear wolf sign, but not attacked. This is where the bear traps where.

Sarenith 18 – Travel to Hex 1016 – Forest

Sarenith 19 – Travel to Hex 1116 – Forest

We arrive in the hex we want to finish searching. Pervilash and Tig stop by for a visit as we head into this square.

Sarenith 20 – Complete second day of searching Hex 1116.

Find a tree that his it’s bark shredded from 9ft up to the ground. Bears are known to do this, but several of the marks are not from claws. Leana believes they are beak like – perhaps an Owlbear??

Sarenith 21 – Travel to Hex 1216 – Temple of the Elk

Jhod Kavken is happy to arrive here with us. The air is still warm here. We proceed with Jhod to enter Temple.

Upon entering, their is a strange feeling of entering a waking dream. The entire party comes to a halt and stares off into space except for Aeva. Aeva wakes Alexi with force.

In the dream – we are individually standing in the cave. The cave is lit. There are shelves and cots. I take a moment to adjust my robe and scarves and religious garments. I beckon to the bear to come forwards. It comes up and gets on the alter of stone. I look around and take a moment to make my hand stop shaking. Then start an invocation – the people in my care are falling to the forces arrayed against them. Nothing happens. Of course, why would something happen this time. I take my dagger and approach the bear. In a single gesture, I cut the bears throat saying – if you won’t help us, I offer this to anyone that would help. A burning sensation at my chest – the holy symbol is burning. I take it off and throw it to the ground. The lights begin to dim and the blood of the bear flows. My body starts to change and I’m becoming a bear. I wake from the dream.

Those of us that shared the dream, had the same dream.

Leana thinks that the Taldin colonization failed due to conflict. They were literally driven out.

Jhod believes Erastil wanted him to know he is not a lost cause. He has made mistakes. Before things happened, he was part of the church of Erastil in Galt (to the south). He did his best to assist villagers as was his teaching. Things went south when a villager was killed. It wasn’t part of the normal uprising/revolutions that Galt is used to. It was a murder. He took part in the investigation. There was a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th murder. They had a prime suspect. The conclusions pointed them to believe he was a werewolf. He and the towns people captured the individual and put him to death. The next day, a hunter killed an intelligent wolf. Later they found the suspect was a spy for a local bandit group. There was an investigation by the church. The fact that it was a bandit, saved him from excommunication. He accepted exile. During his exile, in Brevoy, he had the dream of this place. He will take time and meditate her.

He gives us a Scroll of Cure Moderate (CL4).

Sarenith 22 – Travel to Hex 1317

During the travel, one of the tree branches reached out and grabbed Kaiden and he get’s tangled up badly. It takes him a minute to untangle himself.

We continue our travel and search for a camp site. We find sod and thatch that is fallen in. We search the area. Oewyn find the hut was fully destroyed – but finds a nearby stream of fresh water.

We don’t hear wolves, but do hear boar sounds throughout the night.

During third watch, Oewyn and Soldier hear something breaking through the underbrush. A large hulking shape loops into the edges of the camp site.


  • 1 x Owl Bear (CR3) – 134 each

As it crashes down and goes still, a thing – shambling mound moves in and latches on to the corpse of the owl bear.

  • 1 x shambling mound

It consumes the owl bear..and then shambles off.

Some of us go back to sleep for the most part.

Sarenith 23 – Search Hex 1317 – 1st day

Lots of boars in the area. They are ‘calmer’.

One oddity, some of the topiary in this area has been sculpted in animal shapes – things we have seen so far in the forest.

We camp. We see a blue goat with a rhino horn during first watch.

Sarenith 24 – Search Hex 1317 – 2nd day

Oewyn finds a huge briar/bramble patch. Path tramples into – 100 ft in – massive topped tree. There is a big hollow under trunk. We unmount and cautiously move in.

We start to examine the den, when we hear the skittishness of the horses and realize a giant boar is at the bramble entrance. A fight ensues.

We defeat it. It was scary. Green stripe on it. Skinning the hide.

We go on to search the rest of the hex.

We camp for the night.

Sarenith 24 – Travel to Hex 1416

About half way through the day, the boar are less noticeable.

We camp for the night. During first watch, light snow watch and temperature drops.

After the first watch, 4 hours – there is 3 inches of snow.

Sarenith 25 – Search Hex 1416 (1st day)

In the distance, we hear a yowl. After a bit, we hear it over and over. Leana determines the direction it is in and we head in it’s direction. We spot tracks and follow them and spot a hole in the snow. Oewyn and Kaidan approach and the ground gives way. Oewyn falls in.


  • 3 x Thylacine (CR2) x 100 = 300 xp

We continue searching the hex.

We find a lean to and the remains of a bones. We find a broken short bow and a dagger. We gather his bones and bury him.

We camp. During the second watch, the temperature starts warming and in the morning their is mud.

Sarenith 26 – Search Hex 1416 (2nd day)

During our search, we hear some yowls.

Sarenith 27 – Travel to Hex 1415

We encounter a swinging log trap that we spotted it before it got us. We safely triggered it.


  • 1 x Swinging Log CR1 = 67 XP

We continue traveling and then camp for the night.

During 1st watch, Leana is on a circuit, she tripped on a groove that she was sure wasn’t there before. It remind Leana of a snake track. In the search, one of the bags has been opened.

2nd watch – Gilain spots a rut behind the tent. We check and don’t find any other sign.

3rd watch – Nothing of note.

The next morning, as we break camp, we find some sign on the other side of camp.

Sarenith 28 – Search Hex 1415 (1st day)

We find a ford towards the end of the day. Beaver dam. Their is a pungent scent of sulfur in the air.

One of the rivers in the area is called the Skunk river – it is fed by hot springs – which add the scent.

We notice debris and there is also some legs peaking out of a body.

We send the part of the party across to the dam. As Leana checks for magic, she detects some further out – from the body. Some debris shifts and combat starts. Leana determines it is a Tatzlwyrm.


  • 2 x Tatzlwyrm (CR4) 100 × 2 +30 bonus = 230

We heal up. We secure the two heads.

The body is a skeleton – scale mail and finely crafted long sword.

Oewyn and Kedain make their way out there and assist in the search. There is a rotten bag that he carefully takes out. Several items of worthwhile. In a sealed bone scroll tube, is a parchment that looks like a partial map.

Using the map, we get the general path this deceased person traveled – he went west from Oleg’s then down into the forest. It will help us to map the hexes along the river.

Session XP

  • Quest XP – Jhod Khavod – 100 xp/ 6 = 17 xp
  • 2 x Boars – 120 × 2 = 240 xp
  • 1 x Owl Bear (CR3) – 134 each
  • Tuskgutter – (CR4) – 200 each
  • 3 x Thylacine (CR2) x 100 = 300 xp
  • 1 x Swinging Log – Trap CR1 = 67 XP
  • 2 x Tatzlwyrm (CR4) 100 × 2 +30 bonus = 230
  • Hex Exploration – 1216, 1117 | 1317,1416 – 2 × 20 xp + 2 × 17 xp = 74 xp
Session 6

placeholder for now

quest completions. 5 × 20 xp
non hostile resolution with sootscale leader 160 xp
ant swarm 120 xp
bear traps 3 × 20 xp
wolverines 2 × 120 xp
incredibly angry bear 160 xp
hexes fully explored 5 × 20 xp

Desnus 24 travel into plains hex 1017

Desnus 25 search hex.

find ant swarm carrying visible body parts (hand, and foot) alexi uses swarm suit and disperses swarm. recovers hand with silver ring (10 gold) backtrack ant trail. find dead trapper. discover split hoof prints at location.

Desnus 26 travel into forest hex 1016

Desnus 27 search part of hex.

Leana walks into bear trap, horse almost killed but saved. continue to search hex, brian almost walks into bear trap bit is stopped by sudden appearance of pervilash with warning. trapper has been setting them all through this region. time estimate was weeks ago. without checking on traps for such a long period, was deduced he wasn’t after meat or furs by doing so. Trap locations were also not only along animal trails, but also places where hunters would hide. decision was made to try to find and clear them all out for general safety.

Desnus 28 search of hex continued.

trying to extrapolate a pattern from teh found traps to help in finding others delayed completion

Sarenith 1 completed hex search

successfully discovered all the traps(or the vast majority)

Sarenith 1.5 travel into plains hex 1015

something flew over the campsite that night, but those on watch did not get a good look. part of a dead goat was found outside camp in morning

Sarenith 1.5 – 2.5 search hex

something flew over camp during night again without a clear look. another dead goat partial carcass found come morning

sarenith 3 travel into plains hex 1014

repeat of the night encounter and morning discovery

Sarenith 4 search hex

discovered abandoned cairn in blackberry bush bramble. dug it up. found magic ring(swimming) ID’d as part of a Set repeat of previous night encounter.

Sarenith 4.5 travel into plains hex 1115

see pack of 7 wolves chasing deer across plains. let nature take it’s course.

sarenith 5 search hex

had last dead goat morning discovery. believe those 3 hexes are claimed as ‘territory’ by whatever it was

sarenith 6 travel into forest hex 1116

swarm of fireflies sweeps into camp that night, covers Oweyn and Soldier head to toe. seems to be attempting to lead him out of camp. he did not go. dispersed at morning.

Sarenith 7 start search hex

Strong wind out of nowhere blows through party. tree knocked over by the force blocks trail then wind dissipates quickly again. use horses to drag tree out of way, discover pair on unhappy wolverines by the tree. wild empathy fails. during battle they eat Oweyn and Alexi’s faces.

Sarenith 8 continue search hex

discovered log dead fall with dead man beneath it. examination shows legs crushed and died of starvation. masterwork axe in tree nearby had ‘Breeg’ scratched into the handle. tentative ID as the missing trapper from rumors. Investigating site discovered the rope holding the dead fall had been cut through.

Session 5

26th day of Gozrah (Starting in Hex 1419) Continued

The chief takes the statue. Chief Sootscale raises the statue over his head. The kobolds murmur and cheer. He then smashes the statue on the ground and the kobolds freeze. “My curse is free. These new comers will now help us destroy the usurper.” Alexi thinks there was an edge of uncertainty in the chief’s words. In draconic, the chief says “Death to Tartuk”.

The kobolds lead us towards a new area. Gilain and Kaiden lead the way past a pool of water and into a room. Once there, they hear some spell casting and a kobold shimmers into view. Waves of fear roll over Gilain and combat ensues.

After a zesty fight where Leana and Kaidan were knocked out. As the shaman fell, he said “Finally”.

The chief moved over and beat the corpse. He says “Too all outside this room, I delivered the killing blow”. Alex says, “He was still twitching.”

The chief will honor our agreement. We will get to keep any trinkets the shaman had.

We search the body and the pile of trinkets. We find his journal written in an indecipherable language.


1 x Tartuk (Kobold Shaman) – 240 xp

We forge the start of a relationship with the Sootscale kobolds (we left the copper and silver from the mound) and presented the small cold iron sickle to the chief to seal the relationship.

We have a party and sleep the night at their camp. We set watches.

27th day of Gozrah (Starting in Hex 1419)

We level to 2 over night. It is moderate rain fall today. Leana uses some magic to read Tortuk’s journal. It gives us insight into his story. He was a reincarnated gnome with suicidal tendencies.

We leave their camp and start the search of the hex.

Another feature of the hex is a crumbled tower in a hillside. Probably build around the same time as the mine.

28th day of Gozrah (Starting in Hex 1419)

We finish searching the hex.

1st day of Desnus (Starting in Hex 1419)

We travel to Hex 1319 (Old Sycamore). It’s still raining.

2nd day of Desnus (Starting in Hex 1319)

First day of searching Hex 1319. The Mites have not re-inhabited it the Old Sycamore.
Oweyn forages for food while we search the hex.

That night during 2nd watch something is moving in the shadows and is getting ready to pounce on Kaidan when Gilain notices and attacks him.


1 x Medium size dog/cat (marsupial carnivore) Thylesine

It was malnourished and might have been more aggressive due to that.

3rd Day of Desnus (Starting in Hex 1319)

Second day of searching Hex 1319.

4th day of Desunus (Starting in Hex 1319)

Travel plans are to go back to Oleg’s via 1216, 1119, 1018 (Oleg’s). it will take 2 days.

5th day of Desnus

Travel back to Oleg’s and get there in the evening.

Updates with Oleg:

  • Alexi and Kaidan – two Swarmsuits arrived
  • 4 x Oil of Magic Weapons (Oweyn x2, Alexi, and Kaiden)
  • Leana scrolls – (Burning Hands, cure Moderate are in, but Mount is not)
  • Alexi and Kaidan – military saddles arrived
  • Alchemist Fire – 4 flasks of alchemical fire (20 gp each) (Kaidan purchases 2 of them)

The brass ring with pearl a pearl is his wedding ring with Svetlana.
For returning the ring, he will grant the party as a whole 1000 gp worth of trade goods (non-magical) this is 200 gp each.

Oleg will send off on the poster off the Kobold poster.

Oleg has heard that their have been less bandit activity and the ears were worth things.

  • 337 gold and 9 silver each for selling loot.
  • 80 gp each. 400 gp for the ears that we get.
  • 200 gp each (5 × 200 = 1000 gp) in store credit with Oleg.

Oleg Order

  • Kaidan – MW Composite Longbow (+1 Str) (500 cost) (deposits 300 gp and 200 credit from Oleg)
  • Leana – Arcane Tome (MW tool) +2 Arcana – 300 gp (Paid) (200 of that is in credit from Oleg)

6th day of Desnus (Starting Hex 1018 – Olegs)

Svetlana gives us a weeks worth of food for the party.

Traveling to Fangbury grove (Hex 1119) take one day.

That night we hear pig noises in the darkness.

7th day of Desnus (Starting Hex 1119 – Fangberry Grove )

We approach the grove. Alexi and Kaiden get in their swarm suits and lead the party as they head into the grove – cutting and hacking.

1 x Spider Swarm (CR1) 80 xp each

We clear a path to center of the grove and spend time harvesting. It takes us 1.5 hours to gather berry’s. We gather a sack for Bokken and an extra handful for the group.

This took us half a day.

We explore half the hex for the rest of the day.

Fangberry are an alchemical item – they add +1 level to the final result for potions.

8th day of Desnus (Starting Hex 1119 – Fangberry Grove)

We spent half the day searching this hex to complete it. We start our travel towards 1320.

9th day of Desnus

Travel through Hex 1219

10th day of Desnus (at Hex 1320)

We arrive after a half day of travel to Hex 1320. There is an immediate feature noticeable – a wrecked river crossing. We will spend the rest of the day exploring that. It’s 100 ft across. There is a sign – “Nettles Crossing – 5 cp – Ring bell” Rusty bell is nearby. We had hear a rumor of a haunted, wrecked bridge crossing.

Leana sweeps the area with detect magic and Kaidan rings the bell.

Some of the wreckage on the river is shifted about and a figure steps up onto the water with a ranseur and starts walking towards us across the water.

Gilain calls out to him as he approaches “Hello Nettle”. It makes eye contact with him.

Nettle says in an soggy, eery voice, “You are not my tormentor. Throw the body of the one known as the Stag Lord in my waters.” We decide to honor this request.

We look around a bit.

11th day of Desnus (at Hex 1320)

Spend this day searching the half of the hex on this side of the river.

12th day of Desnus (at Hex 1319)

Travel through Hex 1319.

13th day of Desnus (at Hex 1319)

We travel to Hex 1418.

14th day of Desnus (at Hex 1418)

We spend the day exploring half the hex. The three way split of river ways is here. The mid-point isn’t that deep – 3 ft but 200 ft wide. It will function as a ford.

We camp away from the river that night.

On second watch that night – a cascading pebbles and gravel from a nearby hillside. Gilain investigates and finds cloven tracks.

15th day of Desnus (at Hex 1418)

We search the other sides of the tri-river sides. We see lots of boar sign – small packs – 1-2 males, some females and piglets.

16th day of Desnus (at Hex 1418)

Travel to Hex 1417 and make camp. No immediate land mark in that hex.

We see a large sounder of pigs (counting 5 males in the herd and a dozen female and young).

17th day of Desnus (at Hex 1417)

We start searching the hex. We find a black hill. It’s a dead hill with nothing growing on it. Around the other side is another black hill. We go around it and there is another black hill. Hmm.

Leana notices the hills are in a clump of 8-9 hills forming a circle. We build a camp. Oweyn and Soldier stay behind there and Alexi takes Socks and we travel over one of the hills. There is a smaller hill inside the ring. It is a vibrant green. Hmm. Fae magic can involve circles and rings.

Gilain hears a crunch as he steps. He looks down and he has turned up some bones. Hmm. That is a deer. Boar bones. Bear bones. Humanoid bones. If the entire grassy area is full of bones – it is 400 ft across.

Part of the hill seems to move, something the size of a horse with many legs lunging at Kaidan. Spidery in form. Then it ducks back into the earth.


  • 1 x Giant Trap Door Spider (CR1) 80 xp each

Kaiden is weakened from poison. We open the trap door – there is a tunnel. Leana detects magic and determines their is a faint transmutation aura.

We secure a rope to Socks pommel and tied to Gilain and goes down the tunnel. It’s 25 ft down. Pile of corpses. Gilain notes some are fresher than others (humanoids). One of the bodies has a silver amulet (Stag) and a backpack. Leather armor. Short Sword. 10 gp. Note.

Medium transmutation magic on the bottom of hole.

There are green mushrooms under the next body. Hmm. Seems their is a mushroom ring at the bottom of the hole.

Alexi notices a green stripe on the trap spider’s body.

Maybe ask our friend TigTuggerTuk and Pervilash about the ring and the green stripe.

The note has a drawing on it. Perhaps a map drawing.

We continue searching half the hex. We camp for the night. We hear alot of boars and deer. Leana believes the hill is a lure of the fauna in the area.

18th day of Desnus (at Hex 1417)

We search the rest of the hex.

We camp for the night.

19th day of Desnus

Travel to Hex 1418. Find remains of a camp fire (2 days old)

20th day of Desnus

Travel to Hex 1319.

21st day of Desnus

Travel to Hex 1219 with the Dead Tree. Gilain and Kedain dig around the tree’s base. The third hole seems to be it. After 10 minutes of digging, we find a cloth wrapped bundle. Heavy leather cloak – high quality – dagger, stick, ring, book. Spell book with 5 spells (identify, mage armor, reduce person, silent image, unseen servant).

We camp.

22nd day of Desnus

Travel to 1019 (Bokken). We turn in a bottle of juice of fang berry’s.

He extends a discount offer (25% off). He will sell us potions at a cost break for the next 4 weeks.

We put an order in to pick up in 2 weeks.

  • 2 x cure light for Kaidan (paid)
  • 2 x cure light for Alexi (paid)

We write up the order post it in his hut. He tells us a story about “that day” when the weather turns when he lost his finger. “bastard cut it off of me the last time he hit my mother. Desna rest her soul. He took off to live in a hollow tree down south to avoid the guard.” He had thought about tracking him down to get revenge.

If we find a hermit guy living in a hollow tree, we can bring Bokken word.

23rd day of Desnus

We travel back to Oleg’s.

Oleg has word on the Kobold situation/reward. They rewarded us with 800 gp. 160 gp each.

Kaidan’s bow and Leana’s arcane tomb have arrived.

Session XP (620 xp total)

5 × 20 Hex Exploration (1419,1319,1119,1418,1417) = 100 xp
1 x Tartuk Fight 240 xp
1 x Marsupial carnivore (CR2) 120 xp
1 x Spider Swarm (CR1) 80 xp
1 x Giant Trap Door Spider (CR1) 80 xp each

Session 4

23rd day of Gozrah

We cross the bridge to the other side of bridge to search the rest of this hex (1318). We set up a safety rope across and it takes the rest of the day to search this hex. We set Alexi’s mount Socks to guard the rest of the mounts we leave behind.

Gilrain comes across the remains of an old campsite not to far from the bridge. The site is probably about a week old. Scratching and rocks set up like a map of the area. With the landmarks shown, we are able to finish searching this hex by night fall and make it back to our campsite.

That night all three watches hear the sounds of wild pig out in the darkness.

24th day of Gozrah

We travel east to hex 1319. This are is slightly higher than the rest around it. We see a massive tree on one of the highest hilltops. Titanic Sycamore.

We will need to explore that in the morning.

During the first watch, Alexi hears a crashing noise and a yelp in the distance. He wakes Gilain up first. Leana wakes Oweyn and he hears the sounds of combat from several hills away. Oweyn is able to mark the direction towards the sounds. Everyone is woken and we head towards the site of the fighting. It takes us about 15 minutes to get there. There was a skirmish between about 10 combatants. There is a body of a kobold here. Two sides fought and prisoners were taken. Reptilian feet and booted feet (all size small).

We look for where the tracks head and they seem to go in the direction of the big hill with the tree. Parts of the kobold were carved out (sweet meats).

We head back to our camp and go back to sleep with the watches going. The rest of the night is peaceful.

25th day of Gozrah

We head for the titanic sycamore on the hill taking our mounts, but leaving our camp ground (wagons) behind.

It takes us about 2 hours to get there. It’s over 100 ft tall. We get there and picket the horses with Socks guarding them.

The base of the tree is a massive tangle of roots. Leanna and Markeesh notices a hollow in them. There is a root lined shaft that drops 10 ft down.

We decide to explore it. 40 ft then it forks. We go left. It opens up into a room and a blue creature. A fight opens up.


  • 1 x Mite (Bluebell)
  • 2 x Giant Centipedes

Leanna used a use from the healing kit to help Gilain stave off the poison.

We search the area. There is a grinder and paste here. Leanna figures this gulash of kobold and mice. This area was a nursery for Giant centipedes.

We move on to another passage and after a bit – we come to a break in the passage in to a chamber – it is full of clutter – beds – wagon wheels – 6 Mites.

During the ensuing fight some of the Mites retreat into another chamber and we fight a Mite mounted on a Giant Tick and more Mites.


  • 10 x Mite
  • 1 x Giant Tick
  • 1 x GR

Some Mites retreat from this fight into another room. They cross a chasm and get away for now.

On the table, are sticks and stones as a map. It covers more than this hex – probably another lair (maybe the Kobolds) are at. The papers have scribbles – Kaidan believes they are skirmish results.

There is an ivory statue and a sack with some coin.

While we are searching the room, Gilain comes running into the room shouting about a giant bug. Following him into the room is a Giant Whiptail Centipede.


  • 1 x Giant Whiptail Centipede

We defeat it, but are bloodied. We heal up some and then go back a room (with the detritus) and search it.

There are over 30 beddings here. We then return back to were the fork occurs and go right.

We come to a chamber with some Mite’s in it.


  • 3 x Mites

One Mite retreats to the next area. We follow and enter another combat.


  • 9 x Mites

This egg shaped cavern has tangled into the roots are kobolds. One of the bodies dangling is alive.

Leanna uses a healing hex to revive him and we have try to have a dialogue.

MekMik is his name and he speaks in common. He was on a quest to recover the ivory statue for his tribe. We give it to him.

We have cleared this facility.

It will take at least a day to get to MekMik’s tribe (a hex over). We return to the horses and then to the camp.

We travel towards hex 1419 and camp for the night just inside it. We are not disturbed during our watches.

26th day of Gozrah (Starting in Hex 1419)

The next morning we make our to the lair of the kobolds – MikMek proposes that no one likes the Shaman – would like to return the statue to the chief then have us kill the Shaman.

We approach the lair. We have Socks guard our mounts and we follow MikMek. It is an excavated tunnel with a sign with faded lettering. MikMek greets some of the kobolds and we continue inwards – avoiding pits they point out.

We pick up kobolds along the way with the group and come to a common room (30 × 25) – there is a brilliant deep purple colored kobold – the chief. MikMek presents the statue to the chief. The chief calls for silence and looks around (probably for the Shaman).

The chief takes the statue.

XP Session

  • 1 × 20 Hex Exploration (1318)
  • 18 x Mites – 380 xp
  • 1 Leader Mite – 27 xp
  • 2 x Centipedes – 80 xp
  • 1 x Giant Tick – 160 xp
  • 1 x Giant Whiptail Centipede – 160 xp

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