Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 20

September 4712 (Continued)

As the fight comes to completion, there is a commotion among the town guard.

A large sized Owl burst out from beyond the guard and lands near us and changes into a human woman in traveling guard. She is wet. She has a faint tint of green. She asks “Is he dead?” Her name is Dahlia of the Green Faith. The Green Faith is a non-deity religion – worship nature in general.

It seems that since Alexi was bit, he needs to take precautions for lycanthropy.

Dahlia asks if we recently came into contact with a carved stone. Like our obelisk.

Gear consists of:

  • Broken Hide Armor
  • Magical Potion – remove fear
  • +1 Great Axe
  • 4 Javelins
  • 11 gp

Pay Receipt – He was part of the work group that relocated the stone

Dahlia says the obelisk is not unlocked by magic, but ritual.

The next day Kaiden visits the family of the shepherd that died and Flora for the waitress.

The party then spends one week of downtime activity.

At the end of the week, Dahlia asks Ava to bring Kaidan to a meeting. Her investigation she believes she can disperse the energies into Flora or Fauna (we choose Flora).

October 4712

Kingdom turn spent.

We are heading back to the barrow (1519). It will take two days.

During the first night of travel, during watch 1, something happens. Alexi notices the colors become odd. He notices a cloaked stranger in the group and is hunched over. “It’s a fate worse than death if we fail against the undead menace in the barrow.” He was known as Wren Lakejumper. After a dialogue, he fades away and the colors return to normal. Was he some sort of Fae from the other side? Hmm. We don’t know.

Oewyn’s dog Valkyrie has a ivy collar with faint magic on it. Seems to be a living collar. It won’t last more than a month.

The next day, we mem our spells for the barrow as we plan to enter into it tonight.

After we defeat him, we re-inter him in the cairn. Eva claimed the sword, which fed on her blood to restore itself and change into an Adori long sword with Fae Bane enchantment. On the way out we encountered a cloaked figure similar to Ren. This was not Ren though. He told Eva “Congratulations on your success and burden. We will meet again…Arbiter.”

After stopping by Olagville on our way to our next destination, we went to the Dryads. Along the way we ran into snow area, but strangely our campsite bloomed as if it were spring. We ran into the Satyr, who greeted us with his weapon out. Strangely, he adressed us as if he were recivieving a diplomatic party. Perhaps the sword? He asked if we were here for Peace or for Punishment (???). Eva answered “Peace” and he allowed us to enter. He told Eva that the sword is called “Thorn” but could not say much more on the subject because it wasn’t something his Lady controlled. He did say that Eva was now in the service of one of the “Eldest”.

In exchange for a future favor, we were told the following. By bringing the blade back into the world Eva has been made Arbitier. She has the authority over the Fey, to judge them if they overstepped their bounds, by diplomacy or force. There is a fey neighbour to the South is on par to the Lady, the ruins are located in this territory.

The next day we arrived at the ruined Tower. We entered and went up the stairs. The trap had not been reset. We got to the top and arrived in a room that was filled with greenery and a floor covered in loam. There were large windows that were not shown on the outside. There was an elven woman there, alabaster skin, golden hair, emerald eyes. While she seemed pleased to see Alexi, she became unfriendly when she saw Eva. The woman began to swish and sway, dancing alluringly, captivating most of us. She then told Eva that her burden belonged back underground and cast entangle. And thus the battle began.

She used suggestion magic, grew claws and teeth to feed on the dwarf, who raged. We managed to trap her on the stairs and eventually killed the vampiric elf. When she died, she cursed Eva declaring, “Your arrogance turn your strength into a weakness.”

Session 19

Lacratta Cave Loot:

Blue Dragon Hide Breastplate and Heavy Shield
Feather Token Tree
Ivory Comb 50 GP
98 GP

After returning back to our fair city, we went our separate ways to pursue our various individual goals. Gilain spent his time in the tavern owned by Flora Kegtapper. Oewyn patrolled with Elyin and the Foresthawks. Leana visited the fey Nixie Melianse.

There was a stirring of unrest as commoners were upset some local trappers were found dead by the Foresthawks (failed roll 2 Unrest ,8 consumption, 21 BP to spend, claimed 2 hexes 1017 and 1119 and built farms in both for 6 BP, built 2 more granaries in Ologdal and Capital and a house in Ologdal. Recruitment was changed to normal. We failed the income roll, the Mivan trade caravan made it so we gained 1 BP).

The mangled bodies (1419, 1618) were not eaten nor was loot taken. Mysterious.

Another bar fight occurred with Akiros and a female dwarf who apparently lasted an impressively long time.

After dealing with personal matters we traveled to Restov to receive our well deserved accolades. Besides the Lord Mayor and his adjutant, there was a Consular from the Capital named Victor Surtova. He was there to insure that we were aware that it was the Kingdom of Brevoy, not the city of Restov, who was awarding the Barony.

In Restov there was a tension in the city. There were rumors that the Reagent (who was the head of House Surtova) was pushing towards becoming the actual royal ruler of the Kingdom.

When we returned we found there was a murder. Two days previous, livestock were slaughtered, that morning a local maid named Saki was killed and half eaten, last night a shepherd and a half dozen sheep were slain and half eaten. We suspect a werewolf. The last two nights were a full moon. Jhod seemed reluctant to believe this.

After procuring some silver weaponry, we went to the first site where the livestock were killed. There were no tracks to be found. The farmer heard wolf howls.

We went to the body of the maid and found a wolf print. We followed them until they disappeared and we found a bare human footprint. We followed these tracks back to town till they disappeared.

We split up then. One group staying in town to gather information, the other going to the site of the last killing. The group that went to the site found more wolf prints but nothing else. In town, we found out there was a local who recently returned to town who had been coming and going to town disheveled. He is staying at the Gilded Tankard (where the maid worked). We decided to investigate but not confront the man, so as to not cause a mob.

The dwarf and Akinos went inside and eventually got up into the man’s room. There they found a dismembered ear with an earing. This was identified to be Saki’s. It appeared he cleared out, but we got a description of the man. We instructed the town guard to look out for them and to give an alert if they spot him (they have whistles).

We split and scoured the town. Oewyn and Lod found the suspect first. The blew the whistle and Oewyn tried to reason with the man who was quite drunk. He managed to delay things long enough for help to arrive just as the man started to transform. A vicious fight followed, during which Solider died, and the werewolf himself grew large and glowed silver. When he fell he remained large and silver furred. Don’t werewolves become human again.

At the periphery of the fight there was a commotion among the town guard. Someone else had arrived.

Experience 3600 / 600 each.

Session 18

Erastus (July) 4712 (continued)

  • When we return, we sell loot – PARTY SHARE is 776 gp 8 silver 5 copper
  • Alexi suffers from Filth Fever
  • Luckily, just outside town we run into Iola the wandering priestess of Desna.

Arodus (August) 4712

  • Kingdom Turn (1 week)
    • Loy recommends building a Noble Villa to live in for greeting visitors
  • Events: Relocate the Menhir to Priomdahl
  • Events: Leanna is thanked by a member of the populace and given an alchemist item: Hounds Blood
  • Events: Of note, this month 3 people died from duels.
  • Events: Now that Bokken’s hex is in our kingdom – we can dispatch NPC or Rangers to go pick up potions.
  • Event: Following the night of the new moon, the residents of Hex 1618 claim they saw a large (barn sized – huge or gargantuan) shape fly over that area. They think it was a dragon. Kaidan attempts to minimize the rumor. With a ruler roll, Kaidan makes some small speech and calms the populace. (He kept unrest from growing)
  • Event: Mivon supplies made it through this month. They are working on building a noble villa.

Exploration (1 week)

  • we dispatch some npc’s to get our potions from Bokken, should have them in a week.
  • Travel to Hex 1718 (1.5 days)
    • While traveling through 1618 – the people share all of their problems. The further south we get, the more reports we get of night time harassment – things going missing – things broken or destroyed. One thinks that kobolds are behind his problem.
  • Explore Hex 1718 (1 day)
    • Evening of the .5 day of the explore – Alexi thinks that we are being trailed by more than one thing. We try to find a good defensive camp site. We spot a spire or tower towards night fall. It is a ruined watch tower – made of stone – 2 stories. It is collapsed on one side. Maybe a watch tower of some type. Alexi, Kaidan, Gillain do a quick explore of the tower to make sure nothing is nesting there.
    • Rubble covers a hole in the floor and there is a rotten smell. Walls are soot stained.
    • On the second floor, Alexi find a tarnished/blacked badge – Taldorian in nature (from south of the river kingdoms). Scattering of bones and rusted armor. Parts of 5 different skeletons.
    • Oewyn hears about half a dozen things moving in the darkness. We move the horses into the tower and prepare.


  • 9 x Kobolds (CR)
  • We kill 5 and capture 1 and 3 run away from the side of the tower the three of us were defending (Alexi, Kaiden, and Gilain).
  • We question the captured kobold and then let him go. Bounty on non-Blood maw tribe. His chief is south and west across the river and is allied with Hargulka (troll leader).
  • Gilain looks down the hole see what’s down there. Dessicated arms sticking up from the rubble. He has a brief confrontation with 2 zombies.


  • 2 x Zombies (CR)
  • During the search of the rest of the hex, we find scattered ruins of a village. Looks like there was alot of fire damage.
  • Travel to Hex 1719 (1 Day) – During travel, Oewyn spots 4 mounted (man sized) riders on a ridge that note us and then ride off.
  • We camp for the night.
  • Explore Hex 1719 (1 Day) – during the day – we come across a craggy, broken ravine. We spot the carcass of a dead horse – half eaten – has reins tied to a low tree branch. Alexi hears a cry in a language he can’t understand.
  • Alexi, Gilain and Kaiden head into the ravine. As we move in, we hear the cries and is plaintative and weak. We come upon a split in the side of the fissure that goes into a tunnel (triangular). We find a stitched hide shoulder bag. After Gilain and Kaiden entered the tunnel a rock side blocks the tunnel separating them. They investigate further in and find a corpse and then are attacked.

Lion with the head of a badger and legs of a goat. Size of a horse. One attacks Alexi and Socks out in the ravine too


  • 2 x Leucrotta (CR5)

As the one facing Alexi gets ready to flee, 4 arrows hit from 4 mounted riders above to kill it.

The 4 strangers have foreign features. Feathers and bear skins.

Tentatively ID’d as members of the Ughar Clans, an Insular people that live to the Southeast of the kingdom.

Potions from Bokken
Cat’s Grace (4th level) – 300 gp
Delay Poison (4th level) – 300 gp
3 x Comprehend Language – 150 gp
3 x Protection from Evil – 150 gp

XP = 4500 total, 750 xp each.

Session 17

Erastus (July) 4712 (continued)

  • 1 Week Downtime (NPC Faction Building)
  • 2 Weeks Downtime (14 days)
    • Travel to Hex 1514 – 3 Days
      • Day 1- During Hex 1516 Watch 3 – half inch of snow fall accumulated. It melts quickly in the early morning of travel. The bloomed trees are not affected.
      • Day 2- During Hex 1515 camp – it snows again.
      • Day 3 – Travel to the Autumn Grove – We encounter Falchios on the way to the grove.
        • We share news of the trolls and Hargulka.
        • Party with Satyr and them
    • Day 4 – Recovery from Party
      • There are ruins (non-fae) – Hex 1614
      • Unaffiliated Fae – do not bend their knee to Tiressia’s Lady – (No name given) – The Dancing Lady – Last one Falchios has seen – Tioralen (thin elf with bark like skin, sharp teeth and poisonous claws) (Tone from Tiressia indicates she will not share any details on the Dancing Lady for now)
    • Day 5 – Explored Hex 1514
    • Day 6 – Travel to Hex 1615
      • During watch 3 – Soldier growls – Oewyn finds tracks of large paw prints (solitary) – large canine (horse sized) – in the morning – tracks indicate it circled us 3 times – it’s wolvine.
    • Day 7 – Search Hex 1615
    • Day 8 – Travel to 1614 – Forrest is quieter but not dead silent – it gets dark earlier than normal
      • Camping that night – during first watch – Leanna has a private talk with a raven – Alexi sees the raven fly of.
      • No snow and it’s warmer. Leanna warns bad stuff could be in this hex and we should be prepared to retreat.
    • Day 9 – Start exploring Hex 1614 – ruined keep found

Found a Circular Ruined Keep – 4 towers -1 is crumbled – covered in moss

  • Porculis Trap (CR)
  • Investigates South East Tower
    • Humanoid Scalps
  • Investigate South West Tower – Collapsed (20 ft)
    • Ruined and rubble filled
  • Investigate North West Tower – Humanoid Skulls


  • Plant Grabby Monster – Assassin Vine (CR)
  • Man Sized Figure (CR)
  • Quickling (CR)
  • Continue Investigating North West Tower – Humanoid Skulls
    • The wood carvings are elven in nature.
    • Most in tack tower so far. 75% of roof is there.
    • Chest in this tower – we us a crowbar to open it
  • We decide to camp for the night in the Quickling’s tower (South East Tower). It gets very very dark.
  • Investigating the North East Tower
    • 100’s of Red Eyes Star Back
    • 2 x Tiny Plague Rat Swarms (CR)
  • Investigating the Central Tower – 70 ft tall – ivory stone – completed roof
    • Cloud Trap (CR)
    • Ava and Leanna were comatose and insane. We evac’ed out back to town and got back on Day 13.5 of 14.

August Kingdom Turn Thoughts

  • Claim one of the plane hex and add a farm to it
  • Build a Library or Barracks
  • September Month – Limit Building to get a ‘buffer’

XP : 2000 each.

Session 16

Desnus 4712 (May) (continued)

  • Selling loot – Party Split 304 gp and 3 sp

Sarenith 4712 (June)

  • Kingdom Round Occurs (Week 1)
    • Event – Oewyn – Marshall – Runner from the Forrest Hawks – Hex 1118 – Incident at a farm – people collapsing – Magical sleep – Elyin Ursage – Mile wide area affected now – Oewyn investigates – magic mushroom (neon green)
    • Event – Constructing farm in Hex 1318 – Large Obelisk is unearthed covered in runes and is very old – Menhir – Can count as half the cost of the cost of sacred grove (will cost 1 BP to move it)
    • Event – Altercation – Kobold and a Guard get into an misunderstanding – Gilain summoned – Kobold has note – Boss, you come to caves – important – now.
    • Event – Local midwife wants to thank Leanna – give her a potion of cure light
  • To Hex 1419 – 1.5 Days to visit Kobolds (Reminder – MicMac was the kobold we rescued)
    • As we get to the common room, there is a large, armored scaly humanoid, a two headed humanoid (troll types), and a large female.
      • Chief Sootscale
      • Hargulka – Troll Leader
      • Two headed troll
      • Large Hag
    • We enter into an agreement to make part of the town available to the kobolds. The chief will be an assistant Marshall for Oweyn. We’ll make a house for them in town next month.
    • we can divert BP for him to recruit other Kobolds.

Downtime (21 Days available)

  • 4 Days to resolve Kobold Situation
  • 3 Days to Bokken – He’s appreciative
    • Reward – Ready next month
      • Cat’s Grace (4th level) – 300 gp
      • Delay Poison (4th level) – 300 gp
      • 3 x Comprehend Language – 150 gp
      • 3 x Protection from Evil – 150 gp
  • 3 Days back to the Capital
  • 1.5 Days to Hex 1717
  • 1 Day to explore Hex 1717 – Fight with Plant Monster – We recover 13 Rattlecap Mushrooms


  • 1 x Plant Monster
  • Ava recovers specimens from the Plant Monster
  • Camping that night, during watch 3 – Oewyn sees a large shape break the surface of the Tuskwater and then submerge.
  • .5 + .5 Day – Travel to 1716
  • Camping that night, Leanna will mem 2 x Water Walks
  • .5 Day (14 Days) – Travel to Witches Hut
    • We share some news and give her 13 Rattlecap
    • Reward: 1300 gp
    • Oewyn asks about the neon green mushroom (sleep)
    • In the morning, the Old Beldame says that she did some consultations last night – what Oewyn encountered is called a ‘Bloom’. It is something when the first world forces itself to be coterminus with the prime material plane. It was a weak version. The weakest ones mimic powers/effects associated with the fae. Bloom’s have anchoring points that can be destroyed. Anchors are distinct from the surrounding area. The last Bloom event she has information about was over 1000 year ago.
  • 1 Day travel back to the Capitol (6 Day)
  • Player Downtime (6 Days)

Erastus (July) 4712

  • Kingdom Round Occurs (Week 1)
    • Events
      • Kestin is asking for 1 BP for drilling/training the militia
      • Cultural Clash over Kobolds – Quelled with a good roll
      • Leana gets a gift for her good words – 1 Air Crystals
      • Traveling Desna Priestess – Iola Kregler – Middle aged – Has mid-level spell casting
      • Splinter Aldori Kingdom Personage from the South of the Trolls – Evana Orisana – Muvon – built manor
        • Accusation that we were the forefront of invasion from Brevoy. We averted that with diplomatic.
        • They are interested in a trade route. -
        • That they can build a structure

Xp: 1667 Each

Session 15

Desnus 4712 (May) (continued)

Two Weeks of Exploration

  • Travel to Hex 1618 – .5 day
  • Search Hex 1618 – .5 day – That night we encountered Crackjaw (giant turtle) and defeated him (detailed in Session 14)
  • Travel back to 1517 (Capital) – .5 days
  • Back in the Capitol, the fisherman Arvin seeks us out – he gives us a ring from the stomach of a pike
  • Spend the rest of the day in town (.5 days)
  • Local couple – the Tannerson’s track down Oewyn – their son has gone (Tig – about 10) – lost near the river to the west – gone missing to the west.
  • The next morning we head across the bridge of the Skunk River and start searching for the boy using tracking. Oewyn finds a simple sewn doll of a bear. Based on the direction we found the doll, we believe the child was traveling south.
  • We spend a day traveling south (1 day) – we find some bits of clothing torn on some thorns. This takes us into Hex 1617.
  • We make camp that night. during third watch – there is a deep moan that carries over the night air. It echoes for about 8 to 10 seconds. Oewyn thinks it does not sound like a natural creature. Sounds like towards the coast.
  • The next day, Oewyn and Kaiden find foot prints – normal sized human an child sized. Not moving fast. About 24 hours old. We continue heading where we think we need to go.
  • We come to a marsh and make our way into it. In the middle of the marsh, there is a hillock. 80 ft wide. At the top is a waist high fence, then bog grass and then a house. The fence itself has a bunch of fetishes. There is a crow cawing from the top of the hut. There is a scarecrow propped up – possibly a garden in there. Oewayn went catatonic and when Alexi started to swing behind the scarecrow – hostilities ensued.
  • We then knock on the door and then Ava opens the door. Simple one room house. Bubbling cauldron. Reed pile. There is a child – sleeping/unconcious in the reed pile.
  • Those that don’t denigrate her call her the Old Beldame.
  • The cost to fix the construct is 8k.
  • While we wait for the child to wake (2 hours), some of us try to clean up the mess in the garden.
  • The child wakes up. He does recognizes Kaiden and Gilain and that mollifies the Old Beladme. It’s late afternoon and we head out with the promise of payment.
  • It takes us (1 day) to travel back to the capital and return Tig to the Tannerson.
  • A total of 5 days of 14 has gone by.
  • Travel from the Capitol to Hex 1617 (1 day) – We get there in the evening. We bring the Old Beldame our restitution (8k). We do get a rep bump. She let’s us camp (not in the garden) within the walls. Leanna asks about the un-natural cold in the forest. This region has particularly thin walls (between the planes) and this was one of the residents of the first world crossed over from. Their influence has always been strong her. The forest itself is alive. The more time you spend in it, the more it changes you.
  • She needs us to harvest some plants – possibly kill some things. Some mushroom – black rattlecaps. She uses them to brew teas. There is a location to the south of the Tuskwater. There are likely mobile plant things. (Hex 1717)

Hex 1617 Exploration

  • (1 day) We search Hex 1617 – We find boars.
  • Camping that night – during second watch – a half dozen birds agitate and fly through the camp.
  • (1 day) We travel to Hex 1616 and then camp.
  • Camping that night, there are no encounters.

Hex 1616 Exploration

  • (1 day) Begin hex exploration of 1616. While searching the hex, Oewyn comes across a skeleton – human. The bones looked gnawed. We do a quick buddy – spiral search. Oewyn (and buddy) find another skeleton – chewed. Kaiden and Leanna also find a similar skeleton. We continue to find more skeletons. They seem to be in an ‘arc’. We head towards where we would find the center of the arc.
    *Another hour or two, we find ourselves at a huge oak tree and under the canopy is a ‘clearing’. This tree looks to be naturally hollow at the bottom. Most of us dismount and we search for tracks. Oweyn find booted, medium sized footprints and animal tracks (medium sized cats).
  • We start about 50 ft from the tree. As Oweyn approaches, a shape moves out from the hollow in the tree (cat) and we hear a growl. Oweyn attempts wild empathy. A loud voice calls out, “What the hell you guys trying do to my cat?” Gilain tries to make nice.
  • He share news of a Lizard Tribe to the south and a grouchy Witch woman to the East. Fae to the north.
  • We agree to camp here. He contributes some jerky to the stew. Oewyn convinces him that his graciously allowing us to camp here is enough.
  • We camp overnight with watches. During 2nd watch, something happens. Out of the darkness, the cat attacks Ava.


  • 1 x Hermit
  • 1 x Cat
    4 hexes explored
    bokken quest completed

Total xp award was 134 xp shy of making level 5. DM in his wondrous generosity awarded etra to make threshold. Ding level 5 for the party. Enjoy.

Session 14

Gozran 4712 (April) (Continued)


Hex 1615 – Evil Tree

  • The satyr – Falchos will lead us to the area of the evil tree.
  • Falchos plays his pipes all night and we feel fairly refreshed over night.
  • 1 x Scythe Tree (CR6)
  • We defeat the Scythe tree after a vigorous fight. We then search the root ball for anything of worth. – 3 pieces of amber and scattering of coin – folded bundle of magical cloth

Hex 1514 – Dryad

  • We return and get credit for completing her quest. Her name is Tiressia. She gives us 5 Feather Tokens (Tree) from her grove. She also grants us some other items – wand, scroll and 2 potions.

Hex 1415 – Ford

  • Blue Goat Fae greets Oweyn during his watch

Hex 1515 – Lady of the Pool

  • We return to the Pond and use the five Feather Tokens (Tree) to replace the trees. We share names – Melianse.
  • We spend the evening. (Half day)

Travel Times (14 available)

  • Travel from 1517 to 1516 – 1 day
  • Exploration of Half of 1516 – .5 days
  • Travel to 1515 – 1 day
  • Exploration of Half of 1515 – .5 days
  • Travel to 1415 – 1 day
  • Travel to 1514 to Dryad – 1 day
  • Travel to 1615 to Tree – 1 day
  • Searching for Tree – .5 day
  • Travel to 1514 to Dryad – 1 day
  • Travel to 1415 to Ford – 1 day
  • Travel to 1515 to Pond – 1 day
  • Spending the evening camping at Melianse Pond – .5 day
  • Travel to 1516 – 1 day
  • Travel to 1517 – 1 day

Upon returning, we sell loot and split. Party split is 262.82

Desnus 4712 (May)

  • Kingdom Phase
    • We make saves on Negative Levels
  • Kingdom Events
    • Oewyn – Fishery Hex being attacked by Giant Turtle (Possibly Hex 1618)
    • Ava and Kaidan – Battered, weary travelers. Traveler from Varnhold (to the east) – Looking to see about establishing trade route. Brought gift as well – stock from his vinyards. Varn’s Vinyards. 12 bottles. We’ll want to prepare a gift to send to Varn at some point. Target 1320 as a connector for trade to Varnhold. – Vincent Dutrait
    • Alexi – Missive from Yuri Maximov
    • Gilain – There was a large brawl – caused damage. 30 people involved. Kesten (General) was knocked out. Source of much of the unconscious – traveling mercenary – Akiros. Fines. Each to train the militia for a week. Show who each other is better. Gilain and Akiros to have a fight at the end of the week.
    • Outbreak of anti-fae muttering (+1 unrest).
    • Gilain is called 2 days laters to a body. He died due to the magic item we sold. We pay 5 BP in restitution.
    • Kesten and Akiros have the militia showdown during the week. Akiros wins.
    • Gilain and Akiros have their brawl at the end of the week. Kaiden detects evil within the crowd and finds a few people that stand out. He notes them and asks Alexi to investigate them.

Downtime (1 week of individual downtime, 2 weeks of hunting turtle/exploration)

  • Travel to Hex 1618 – .5 day
  • Search Hex 1618 – .5 day
    • Melianse splashing in water and comes over to us and gives us intel
    • Bigger than a horse. Shallow cove with rocks.
    • We try to find a land route to the cove. We don’t succeed finding a path through the nettles, we go down to the beach and make a camp.


  • 1 x Giant Turtle (Crackjaw)

Melinaise helps us recover arrows and also she recovers a magic gem from the cove.


  • Each player come up with your coat of arms idea for the Kingdom and possibly your own area of responsibility

XP Awards:
Scythe Tree 2400
Crackjaw 1600
3 Quests Completed 1600×3
Dryad quest
Nixie quest
Citizens quest
2 Kingdom Event awards 2x 600
Cursed Death

Total xp = 10,000 Share = 1666 each.

Session 13

Pharast (March) 4712

Further in the Barrow we encounter a tomb and a skeletal figure stands up.


  • 1 x Cairn Wight
  • 6 x Skeletal Guardians

We perform a fighting retreat from the Wight and as we leaves he gives a ‘tribal salute’ with his weapon.

Gozran 4712 (April)

During the Kingdom phase, the Forrest Hawks (Ranger x 5) – Elyian Ursage (Leader, Half Elf), Parmiss (Half Elf), Dorrin, Galadon, and Izora join the Wardens under Oewyn.

Kingdom Events

  • Oewyn had an event of a north wards traveling caravan attacked by a band of kobolds.
  • They were fleeing trolls
  • The leader of the caravan – Halfling named Davlin.
  • Rumors of the troll could potentially lead to unrest later.
  • Ava and Gilain negotiates with the Caravan leader to come back. 1 caravan a year. Will be in town for a few months.
  • Alexi has a dialogue off screen.
  • Gilain learns that a week or so had come through and were headed up the Skunk River to explore and map.
  • Gilain received a drunken report of a Swamp Witch to the west of the Tuskwater.


Hex 1516 – Wagon floundering in the river – Gnomish Explorers – 1/2 Hex Explored

  • We assist and rescue the wagon. Leanna heals them all.
  • Jubilost is the leader of the group.
  • They ran into kobolds south of here.
  • We have dinner with them and share some information. Possibly recruitable to do exploring.
  • Hex 1617 – Hut with a Witch in it – He shows us on a map
  • The further south, the more dangerous – girl in the water advised him of that a few days back.
  • Candlemere Lake – Pretty – Ruins on an island – lights at night surrounding it
  • The next day we find kobold tracks when searching. they seem to be roaming.

Hex 1515 – Medium booted footprints moving around – 1/2 Hex Explored -

  • Pond and several logging signs – 5 trees are cut down – darkwood
  • We find a group of loggers arguing and looking at the water.
  • The ‘lady of the pond’ has charmed two of the loggers to protect her.
  • Leana remembers a grove of darkwoods about 10 miles from here.
  • We try to resolve this negotiate.
  • Further west is a dryad that if we can satisfy – she’ll be able to help us replace the 5 trees.
  • Ava and Leana leave locks of hair and Leana leaves some chocolate

Travel Times (14 available)

  • Travel from 1517 to 1516 – 1 day
  • Exploration of Half of 1516 – .5 days
  • Travel to 1515 – 1 day
  • Exploration of Half of 1515 – .5 days
  • Travel to 1514 to Dryad – 1 day

The Dryad and her Satyr companion would like us to defeat an evil tree. (Willowy) – Gave us directions to the tree.

XP Awards:
Caravan Event CR 2 (600)
6 skeletal guardians 6 x CR 1/3 (135 × 6 = 810)
Saved Gnomes and wagon CR 6 (2400)
Resolved fey/lumberjack dispute with no deaths CR 5 (1600)

total xp = 5410, 902 each

Session 12

Neth 4710

Svetlana has a child. Leanna acts as midwife along with Jhod. Oewyn and Kaidan keep Oleg busy during child birth. She has a daughter named “Sarah Leanna Leveton”. We are all named god parents of the child.

Kuthona 4710 through Calistril 4711

The party had down time activities and works on their affinities with various NPCs.

Pharast 4711 to Calistril 4712

Kabran arrives with a caravan from Restov to Oleg’s and we head down to the Stag Lords lands. (72 BP; 4 of which is reserved for the Shrine of Abadar)

We spend all of Pharast clearing the land and preparing it for a settlement.

A year of kingdom building occurs.

Pharast 4712

A normal kingdom month occurs with a dream for Kaidan at the end.

The party spends time exploring some hexes.

Hex 1518, Hex 1618, Hex 1619, Hex 1519

In Hex 1519 we find a Barrow and investigate. We run into a trap, 2 bat swarms and 6 skeletons.

Session XP

Explored 4 hexes 400 xp
2 bat swarms 1200 xp
1 trap 1200 xp
6 skeletal guardians 810 xp
founded kingdom 2400 xp
established capital 1200 xp
grew to size 5 1600 xp
1 full city block 1600 xp
raised an NPC relation to 20 1200 xp
recruited an npc for kingdom seat 600 xp
founded a second city 1200

total xp = 9800 xp. 1634 xp each

Session 11

Erastus 28 4710

Early, early morning of Erastus 28.

We perform a quick search of Devon and Stag Lord for potions. Devon has none and the Stag Lord has two. We aren’t able to identify them.

Oweyn and Ava will watch over Auchs and the tied up, unconscious Sneed (whom we recovered and tied up).

The rest of us proceed down into the ground after Akiros points the way.

A moldy room full of stolen loot with three arch ways leading away.

Down below, we find a ravening druid of some sort in wolverine form.

On the plaster down below is some graffiti.

We then secure and loot the facility.

We destroyed leather mask and several dozen fetishes.

We go back and get our horses and wagon and return.

We sleep for 8 hours and about noon we attempt to break our curse. It doesn’t work here. We think it’s because it isn’t the river.

We dig and bury the bodies. Say a short service.

We sort the loot and audit it and put it on the wagons and horses.

Arodus 1 through Arodus 5

Travel to Hex 1320 – Nettle’s Crossing

Over the course of that week, Kaidan shares some stories about Alexi from their youth with Ava and the group.

Arodus 6

With a little ceremony, we throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river. After a few moments, the undead rises and addresses us and then departs. We are free of his curse. Then some water diverts and washes upon the shore. After the wave passes, there is a ranseur stuck into the ground.

We recover the ranseur.

Arodus 7

Explore the rest of hex 1320.

Arodus 8 to Arodus 15

Travel to Hex 1216 – Temple of the Elk Lord to talk with Jhod, the Erastil Cleric. Kaiden and Ava convince Jhod to take Auchs in for now.

Arodus 16 to Arodus 20

Travel back to Oleg’s outpost.

Casten Garus is very happy to see Sneed being returned. He then has him strung up.

As a reward, he’ll arrange to have 4 master work weapons sent down. (Currently: 2 x Daggers, Light Crossbow, Greatsword)

Arodus 21

Kedain is one year older. We liquidate some of our stock with Oleg to travel lighter and then head to Restov.

Arodus 21 to Arodus 26

Travel to Restov. We show up at the mayor’s place to inform him we have fulfilled our charter. We meet with an assistant and convey our evidence. They will need to send someone down to the Stag Lord’s fort to verify before we’ll get our reward.

We spend the evening selling.

Arodus 27

We spend a day of downtime shopping. We each get a chance to buy one item.

PARTY SPLIT: 1908 gold 2 silver

Arodus 28 to Rova 8 (4.5 + 4.5)

Travel from Restov back to Stag Lord’s fortress with Edian Trosky, the messenger.

The messenger Edian investigates and agrees the bandits are dealt with.

Rova 9 to Rova 17

On the way through Oleg’s, Alexi get’s his 4 masterwork weapons.

Travel back to Restov. The mayor’s assistant extends an invitation to a ceremony for tomorrow. Some of us go and buy some appropriate clothing.

Rova 18, 4710 – Day of the Ceremony

This is in the same structure that the original ceremony was at.

We recognize a number of the participants from the original ceremony.

We note the presence of Varn’s group and Drelov’s group. Also, all the people that gave us our ‘side quests’.

Josef Solamis addresses us. Three groups are in attendance. The fourth group they were not able to get in time for this ceremony. Some of us get the impression that there was something he did not say.

Of those here, all the charter’s have been met with some degree of success and so the venture is over.

He will start with Drelov’s party. They mapped successfully, but they were unable to fully resolve the swamp land trade issue.

Varn’s group explored their region and pushed back some of the centaur territory. The centaur’s had been raiding into Brevoy. (The raids had been usually after some conflict from Brevoy – young Brevoy proving their manhood by raiding the centaurs.)

Our group explored our region as well tracking and exceeding what we were called to do to deal with the source of the brigands.

An aide presents to Varn, Drelov, and Kaiden and gives us each a small coffer. (It’s 5000 gp).

PARTY SPLIT: 833 gold and 34 silver

The party then get’s fully under way within mingling.

Kaiden – Josef shows up. Pleased with how we handled things. They are looking to take this further. Looking to establish a colony in the region. Based on our groups success, he would like me to lead the effort. They will give us some resources and some settlers that would like a new start. Come spring, some supplies and settler’s would be sent down. We could take the winter to review the lands and decide on where we would settle. I should check with my companions to see who is interested. Academy Graduate – an architect for planning and development.

Gilain – Has a discussion. +4 BP in the spring and additional manpower to make one extra building during first month.

Alexi – Has a discussion. +3 BP in the spring

Leana – Has a discussion. Resources will be sent down in spring. +5 BP in the spring

Oewyn – Has a discussion. +2 BP in the spring and 4 BP for constructing a shrine to Abadar. Needs to be built in first year.

Kaiden approaches his cousin and then the rest of the party about the opportunity to found the colony under Kaiden’s leadership. They all appear interested. He would like them to act as the core of a council.

Kaiden has a discussion with Quiznost Hufflegem. +4 BP in the spring

About a half hour later, Josef meets with Kaiden. What would autonomy would we have? They are not actively supervising us. It is for Brevoy’s benefit (not Restov). The other groups have been made similar offers for their regions.

Kaiden will be knighted and made a Baronet.

The three leaders are presented to the party. Phase 2 of the plan. The three of us will be knighted.

Official endowment will be after today (the knighthoods).

During the party, Ava approaches the other two groups about forming trade with. (Drelov – 20 Diplomacy; Varn – 5 Diplomacy) Drelov not interested right now. Varn expresses interest.

The fourth group has been been out of communication for about a month.

We plan to research the fix to lay the zombies to rest at the Stag Lord’s Keep. (Leana commisioned it and it is learned in one day.)


1 x Hex Exploration (100 xp)
quests completed.
2 x CR1 400xp = 800
6 x CR2 600xp = 3600
naked basement man CR 4 1200xp
Erica resolves master/student issue. CR1 400xp

6100xp total, 1016 xp each.


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