Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 3

9th day of Gozran continued

  • Kaiden arranges with Oleg to send off a bottle of Briartongue back to Quiznost Hufflegem
  • Kaiden, Alexi, Oweyn dig up the bandits bodies and recover the ears and rebury them.
  • Kaiden arranges to send the ears back to turn them in.

10th day of Gozran

Cool, but clear weather. Traveling south and east to the next hex. It’s a moor hex.
It takes us a half day to get there and start searching. We explore half the hex.

We find an old metal Kite Shield. Alexi and Kaiden look over the shield and it appears the to have a Taldoran Coat of Arms – the family no longer exists.

We camp for the night and nothing happens on watch.

11th day of Gozran

We start to explore the other half of this hex. A couple hours in, we find some signs of habitation. A small wooden cottage with a working chimney. Drying racks.

We hail the house. His name is Bokken. He’s an alchemist. He sells to Oleg. He currently has in stock:

  • 2 x Cure Light
  • 2 x Endure Elements
  • 1 x Cure Moderate

He can take requests and can do anything on Adept list up to level 2.

We offer to help him restock and he would like Fang Berry’s. In the next hex south. There may be some spiders – the best berry’s are in the middle.

Some of us notice, he is missing a pinky on his right hand.

We spend an hour with him and travel to the next hex.

We spot some birds circling (Oweyn thinks they are raven or crows) and we go to investigate. There is an unlit funeral pyre with a body on it. The body’s clothing has more of a tribal feel of them.

There are track remnants from one individual that constructed it. The body died from a skull fracture – blunt. Male – adult. We light the pyre.

We journey on until night fall and set up camp..there is the Fang Berry briar patch.

We use our normal watch order.

Clear weather – but the wind picks up. The night is relatively quiet.

12th day of Gozran

There is a long thin valley that winds between the hills – packed with thorns. We can see spider webs dusted over it as well. We break a path towards the center of the patch.

Oweyn, Soldier, Leana, Kaiden notice the spiders just before they swarm.


  • 1 x Spider Swarm

We retreat and decide to come back here another time. We spend the rest of the day mapping hex and re-use our camp site.

13th day of Gozran

Half a day to travel there and half a day to explore half the hex. Oweyn and Kaiden notice fresh wolf tracks (within the past day or two) – no more than 3.

Set up camp. We find a terrain oddity as we search for a campsite – in a copse of trees – tarp stretched between three.

During watch 1, wolves howl in the distance.
During watch 2, there wolves howl closer – Kaiden realizes they are very close and nudges Alexi awake.


  • 3 x Wolves

We kill two wolves and the last runs off.

Oweyn notices something odd about the wolves – they have fur discoloration – green stripes on each wolf.

Kaiden skins the wolves to take skins and will use the meat for a stew the next day.

We go back to sleep with watches.

14th day of Gozran

We spend half the day completing the search on the hex.

A stone pyre with a burned skeleton – very old.

The rest of the day we travel into the Hills to the south west (in the Kamelands).

On the way, we notice a jagged boulder that seems unusually jagged. We find a thin gravel covering over a recessed hold – 6 days of rations.

We search for a campsite. There are echoes of thunder from far off and the wind has not fallen off. We shift to another camp based on the possible rainfall we’ll get. Rain falls that night and most of the next day.

During Watch 1 – nothing happens.
All watches pass uneventfully.

15th day of Gozran

It takes a full day to search half this kind of hex.

Leana spots a cairn from a distance – it’s more like a cylinder as we get closer – was a well. It’s collapsed. There are remains of a cabin made from stacked flat rocks. Been here for years. We search the remains and don’t find anything else.

We camp here. That night, Kaiden has a dream – at a farmstead with people he doesn’t know – his kids are destroying stuff – so he’s chasing them around – thunder sound – but the married couple there reacts with alarm and run inside – then a cluster of horseman came around and were bearing down on his children – then he wakes up.

16th day of Gozran

We search the rest of this hex (#1219). We are winding our way through a valley when a low tremor shakes the region. Clatter of rocks. Some of us avoid it, some don’t. We spend an hour recovering.

17th day of Gozran

We travel back to Oleg’s. That evening we get back. Jhod appraises us and asks after the bear and temple. No sign yet.

Kaidan and Alexi’s gear have arrived. Oweyn mends the shield and Alexi will hold onto it.

We ask about any hides with green stripes – Oleg does see them every so often – not sure what it means if anything.

We give Oleg the pelts.

Oleg Orders

Alexi and Kaidan put in orders for two Swarmsuits (both marked the gold off).
Oleg orders 4 x Oil of Magic Weapons (Oweyn x2, Alexi, and Kaiden). (marked off the gold)
Oleg is looking to order three scrolls for Leana.
Oweyn sells his mount and paraphernalia to Oleg.
Alexi and Kaidan orders a military saddles (marked off the gold)

We buy two of his flasks of alchemist fire and request he put in an order to have more on hand.

Svetlana has a new rumor to share – a jittery fellow – got food supplies – thinks he might have been an ex-bandit due to his jitteriness – the stag’s head amulets – he mentioned the bandits being more organized with a leader – The Stag Lord – dressed in animal bones.

18th day of Gozrah

Travel across the planes to the Kamelands (Hex 1218).

As we search for a campsite, we find a dead tree with wind chimes that hang from each branch – about 100. Gilain believes they are local tribal in nature. A weather prayer.

We camp there. During watch 2, there is a sudden and brief drizzle.

19th day of Gozrah

We search half the hex (1218). Gilain spots some tracks – possibly reptilian – kobolds maybe? – tracings – not followable.

We camp for the night at the wind chimes.

Partly cloudy – no to light precipitation.

During third watch – Oweyn and Soldier notice the horses stir and wake up. Bandits are trying to steal our horses.


  • 3 X Bandits – Horse thieves

One of them surrenders and the others were killed. We take their equipment.

Alexi questions the prisoner. Remnants from Kressle’s bandit group. He’s never met the Stag Lord, but Kressel had traveled to meet him somewhere in the south. They were gone for a week or more. A few days before we ransacked the camp, they had their supplies raided by mites. Small sized, fae type. similar to goblins – not fire oriented – mostly head – nocturnal. Vulnerability to cold iron. Prestidigitation at will.

We collect 3 more sets of bandit ears.

We set up the large tent.

20th day of Gozrah

We finish searching this hex (1218). At the bottom of the crag is a 5 ft crack that leads to a cave. Oweyn noticed some traces of a hooved pig tracks. The cave descends at a steep incline. Comes into a 30 ft chamber. This could be a natural gold seam.

We camp for the night.

21st day of Gozrah

Oweyn predicts high winds today.

We travel to hex 1318 south west of where we were and look for a place to camp. We find a natural greenery – strawberry patch.

We camp for the night. During third watch, Oweyn hears some animal noises – nothing out of the ordinary. His whiskey is gone the next morning.

22nd day of Gozrah

We search half this hex. The sides of the river have thick brambles and is 60 ft wide.

There is a bridge in this hex. Rickety bridge over a narrow gorge.

We camp for the night.

We’ll handle watch during the next sessions.

Session XP

  • 5 × 20 Hex Exploration (1019, 1119, 1120, 1218, 1219)
  • 240 xp – Wolves
  • 81 xp – Bandit Fight
Session 2

2nd day of Gozran

The next morning, when the group is breaking camp, at some point in the night, a skunk had climbed into Gilain’s backpack for shelter. He get’s sprayed.

Oewyn and Kaiden calm the horses before they bolt from being agitated by the smell.

Dorrin – captured bandit

The bandit camp is by the river. More of a gather spot, not really a fortification. Two tree platforms as sentry posts.

It takes about half the travel day to get to the hex where we believe the bandit camp to be. Oewyn scouts 60 ft ahead with Soldier.

Currently spotted – 1 in a platform – 2 in the camp – one man sharpening an axe and a woman.

Dorrin says the other platform is on the other side of the river.

We come up with a plan to attack the camp and we enact it.


  • 3 x Bandit
  • 1 x Kressel

We defeat them and then recover our mounts. Two of the horses are missing (Dorrin’s and Kaidan’s).

When we loot Kressel, in her possessions is a silver stag head amulet. She survives the fight, but is unconscious.

Oewyn goes on overwatch while we loot the camp. There are perhaps 8 or so more bandits out foraging.

We heal Kressel up to question her. She in unresponsive and then Kaidan beheads her.

We recover 4 set’s of bandit’s ears.

We load the loot up and move to another location to unload it and set a base camp to search from. We make a base camp.

That night, during second watch – at midnight – they hear a wood pecker, then another further away, then a third. To Gilain, it keeps the same pace – after about a dozen of them, they stop, and then the forest sounds quiet down. We wake the others and nothing happens. They go back to sleep and the watches finish out completely without further incident.

3rd day of Gozran

The next morning, Kaidan’s bow is unstrung and hanging from a branch near to the camp. Hmm. Something is playing tricks on us. We load up the pack animals instead of leaving it and plan to take 2 days to search the hex.

We search half the hex.

The Thorn River is 60 ft across – 30 ft deep.

That night – we find a great camp site.

The bandit camp counts as a ford to the next hex.

4th day of Gozran

We search the rest of the hex.

That night at camp, Oewyn hears wolf howls on his watch. They howls are getting closer, but nothing comes of it. When we are breaking camp, we find tracks circling the camp several time. Oewyn would guess there are a dozen in the pack.

5th day of Gozran

Travel back to the campsite with the cairn as a base camp, but we are still taking stuff with us.

We camp.

6th day of Gozran

Nothing disturbs us on watch. Come morning, Alexi has an unpleasant morning. He wakes to a bucket of earth worms dumping on him. Hmm. Mischievous fae. Non-hostile, tricky fae, can be be placated with gifts/bribes. Examples – shiny jewelry, liquor, sugary foods, magical liquids. Alternately, cold iron.

We search half the hex. We find an odd local plant. A single one. Moon Radish. Possibly a larger patch nearby. Tasting it, it has a medium heat. Could be used in food preparation.

The underbrush is disturbed more than normal in this area – animal tracks – more lizard tracks (perhaps Tatzel Worms or Kobolds)

We find a campsite and get ready for night watches. We leave one of the bottles of liquor out for the fae as an offering.

During the first watch, a swarm of rabbits rushes through the camp and out the other side. In 20 seconds, they are gone and so is the bottle.

On second watch, Kaidan hears the bushes rustle – a herd of young dear gallop through the camp – like 50.

On third watch, nothing happens.

7th day of Gozran

We search the rest of the hex. We find a moon radish patch – half an acre. It looks natural – there are animal tracks – we find more of the reptilian tracks – in the middle of the patch, are three huge baskets.

Oewyn calls out “Anyone there” and 4 small reptilian critters come out.

Leana calls out to them in Draconic and they responded in Draconic “Go away” – then hucked a stone (via sling) at Leana. Combat ensues.


  • 4 x Kobolds

We load the baskets and the loot from the Kobolds.

We then search for the tracks lead off to the east.

We continue exploring this hex. We find an oddity. Stone foundation and a dining room tables, 3 chairs, cups and saucers.

We find another camping spot. Gilain, Leana, Alexi and Kaidan leave out a cup of liquor each for the fae.

During second watch, (Kaidan made his successful diplomacy role) something bounces off Gilain’s head again and again. Berries and nut husks.

Third watch, the dropping continues on Gilain while he tries to sleep. He wakes and get’s a full bottle and leaves it out. Oewyn eventually sees the bottle slide away.

8th day of Gozran

In the morning, a reptilian small figure with pixie wings comes into sight and addresses the group “A bit of an over reaction”.

  • Perlivash – Faery Dragon -
  • Tyg-Titter-Tut – Hybrid humanoid – insect – Grig – Grass hopper centaur

They are happy we dealt with the mean bigguns (the bandits).

Kaidan asked about the bandit Dorrin who stole his horse. Headed east at a break neck speed.

Oewyn asks about any other bigguns giving them problems. Some of the party spot Tig give Perlivash a subtle look. “Nope.”

Alex asks about the Tatzel Worms – “seeing is believing”

We open relations with them. Seek to be good neighbors. If we come back, if we share some drink and he’ll guide us to points of interests and some the hazards.

Hmm. Turns out the wolves track around our camp – wasn’t them.

Gnomes, Elves, Druids don’t last long here – they get too uncomfortable here and leave.

Leana asks about a Raven with Three Eyes – they don’t know anything about that.

We start making our way back to Olag’s Trading Post hex. Once we get to the edge of the forest, the fae leave us.

We head to Olag’s. As we arrive that evening, there are guards on the walls. No distinctive livery.

(NOTE: Remember to ask the fae about the wedding ring)

Of note, the temperature is about 10 degrees warmer here than in the woods.

We meet with Oleg and Svetlana.

Svetlana let’s us know another affect Moon Radishes it is a preservative.

We leave 2 baskets of moon radishes with Svetlana.

They have 4 guards here now. The leader is named Kesten Garesh. Alexi remembers his name from a scandal – he’s a member of House Garesh – he’s been cut off – an affair with a low born woman – Tania – weaver. Last heard, he had traveled south to Restov.

Oewyn goes through the ‘loot’ to see if Oleg wants to buy any.

Olag gives us a small bag of coins (50 gp) and 3 potions. ( 2 cure light and 1 shield of faith +2)

After selling, the party split is 192 gp, 3 silver, 6 copper. We trade the bow for another 300 gp split to 60 each.

Kaidan orders a Chain Shirt for delivery within about a week. (marked off 100 gp)
Alex orders parade armor barding for his mount (Brevoy: House Satova)

Kaidan gifts 20 gold to Oleg (after offering to Svetlana who politely refused) go help get them on their feet.

Kesten Garesh pulls Alexi aside. He’s looking for a Varisian Bandit name Falgrum Snead. He ran with Kesten’s group for a bit – robbed them and bolted. Preferred alive – but willing to take his head. Could be worth a couple favors back from the smiths back “home”. Get us some better weaponry. (4 x MW weapons if alive, 2 MW if dead)

Kaiden arranged for Oleg to send the other basket of Moon Radishes to Quiznost Hufflegem with a missive detailing the qualities we have found out so far.

  • Rumours that Oleg has gathered
    • Two of the other locals had been chatting about bandits – mentioning silver stag amulets – perhaps they below to a debased cult dedicated to a hideous animal demon.
    • One of the local trappers, Breeg Orlavanch, while he wasn’t a hard scheduled stop over – he’s missed two windows of his normal cycle. He had been going to the forest for his trapping. He might have given up trapping and joined the bandits.
    • To the SE of the Shrike River, there used to be a bridge crossing – ruined by bandits – it’s haunted by the bridge keeper.

9th day of Gozran

We search Oleg’s hex. Takes one day – planes Hex. There is a traveler at Oleg’s when we return.

Middle Aged man named Jhod Kavken. He approaches our group. He’s a hunting cleric of Erastil. In general, he will base himself in the area. He’ll be willing to help us out.

While we are traveling around, he is interested in one or more long lost temples of Erastil in the area. If we find one guarded by any angry bear, he would be very interested. (Hmm. Oewyn finds that to be an unusually specific request, perhaps I should ask about that later).

Session XP – 501 xp

  • 60 – 20 × 3 hexes explored
  • 80 – kobolds
  • 200 – faeries
  • 161 – Bandit Camp
Session 1

Restov Expedition

  • The party met for the first time yesterday.
  • The party was assigned to be together as one of four groups yesterday and spent the rest of the day getting ready for the gala the next day

Gala – Josef Solamanis

  • small gathering – 300 some odd
  • Introduction of the four groups
  • Political speeches – 2 hours
  • Mingling

Four Group

  • First Group
    • Iori Sulamis – Grandson of ..
    • Handpicked retainers
  • Second Group
    • Hannis Drelov and fiance
    • Relative of the fiance – Wizard
  • Third Group
    • Megar Varn – third son noble
    • Burly Viking
    • Priestly
    • His daughter
  • Group 4
    • Kaidan (and the party)

We have been assigned on of four areas.

  • Quell the banditry
  • Map the area

Letter of Mark provided for Greenbelt. It’s spring and we need to be done by winter (about 6 months).


  • Oewyn Fletcher – Encounter with young lady clothed in gold – hits on her – Analise Turnkey – Abadarian – conversation is outdoors oriented – sadly comes to the realization that she is more interested in recruiting him for a bonus task – willing to front him some additional support – and depending on what is returned – more on completion. The Church of Abadar is interested in trade and would like a copy of the maps sent to the church when completed. Pleasant small talk for an hour then moves on to another group. Her support will arrive in the morning.
  • Leana Mistborn – Trying to avoid conversation – starts chasing familiar – someone picks Markeesh up – Alusandre Morningstar – middle aged man with a sword. He is a retired member of one of the sword schools. He is a Magus. He is interested in magical sites, practitioners, places of power. He would be a sponsor.
  • Kaiden Blackwolf – colorful little fellow – Gnome Quiznos Hufflegem – as a merchant he is interested things that would be regional specialties – exotic goods. He would be a sponsor as well and provide some bonus support in the morning.
  • Alexi Litewska – has an encounter with a Retavani Noleska – by chance have you served in one of the orders up north? – Bonus job – pursuing hobby – fan of history – the records in the region / non survive – collector of relics – if Alexi finds things, then Retavani will buy them.
  • Gilain Ironforge – encounter with a thug who leads him to a boss – Kabrain Redeye – a bit of a merchant – (big orc) – missing a nose – replaced with gold plate – he’s looking out to find out what we find – resources – precious metals – natural resources. He’ll give Gilain the help he needs. More practical with his assistance. We’ll be better equiped by him.

Around midnight, enough people have drifted that the gala comes to an end.


  • Finish preperations to depart
  • Support received
    • Abadar – lacquered box with gold cloth band – six vials – 3 are antitoxin – 2 are blessed water – 1 cure light wounds
    • Magus – scroll tube – diagnose disease, remove sickness, identify
    • Gnome – Sack of Food – 6-7 bags of rations – 20 days for 5 people -
    • Historian – 4 man tent – 3 sunrods – 1 flask of achelmist fire
    • Orc Thug – 1 wagon – 2 mules – 2 riding horses

We organize our stuff and head out about the same time as Varn’s group.

The weather is clear but chilly.

Day 1 – One day later – we arrive at the border city – Nivikita’s Crossing. Varn’s group peels off over the river to their area.

Day 2 – Fort Serenko – anti-banditry

Day 3 -

Day 4 -

Day 5 – Into the Stolen Lands – we arrive at Olig’s trading post -

NOTE: Exploring a hex – is tied to group speed – assuming 30 ft speed – 1 to 3 days – planes, forest, mountains, desert -

  • Three types of sites
    • Landmark – large structure or feature – automatically discovered
    • Standard Sites – methodical search will find them
    • Hidden Sites – requires special skills to find it

Watches and Travel Order

Olig’s Trading Post

  • Repurposed border fort
  • 10 ft palisade and 4 watch towers
  • Residents
    • Svetlana – Pregnant – recently finished a hearty stew and has fresh bread
    • Olig – taciturn and gruff -

5 silver a bed – 4 beds
2 silver per animal – 5 totals

Over dinner Kaidan inquires about any bandit issues. “Didn’t you get our missives?” Olig storms off. She goes to check on him and then comes back.

About 3 months ago, they were confronted by bandits who threatened to burn down the outpost. They had to turn over all their goods. They threatened other things. They have shown up every month. They tend to arrive within an hour of sunrise. (possibly within a days travel). The first time the showed up – about a dozen. Two of note – a woman with 2 axes and a cloaked man with a bow. She had a dark sense of humor and did most of the talking. The woman almost cut off Olig’s hand in a bit of cruel playfulness. Took Svetlana’s wedding ring. The second visit was the hooded guy with the bow and with a half dozen then four on the third trip

We are setting an ambush for them tomorrow morning.

1st day of Gozran

Combat (April 1st)

  • 1 x Bow Man
  • 4 x Brigands

Following the fight, Leana Mistborn heals Oewyn Fletcher and Kaiden Blackwolf. We capture one to interrogate.

The plan is that if he is fully cooperative then we’ll let him go after we deal with the bandits as a branded bandit. He has agreed to give us intel and lead us to the bandit camp.

  • The camp is near the Thorn river (2 hexes away).
  • There may be other camps affiliated, but he isn’t sure.
  • The number at the camp fluxes – about a dozen left
  • Happs – Bow Wielder – their small group leader -
  • Cressel – the girl in charged

Olig and Svetlana are pleased with what we’ve done and we can stay here for free and free food as long as their supplies hold up.

We bury the bandits bodies a quarter mile from the trading post.

Olig let’s us know there are individuals (mostly trappers) in the area. He provides us some information on some outstanding bounties.

  • Wanted for Bandits – money for each pair of ears – the Swordlords of Restov
  • Wanted for Kobolds in the SE Hills – from Restov – Killed or Peace treaty
  • Local hunter has been trying to acquire one of the regional – monstrous boar – Tusk Gutter – hunters have agreed to chip in – Vakeel will also chip in a further bonus

Tatzel Worms – dragonkin – medium sized – long and snake like – considered rare – no wings and two forelimbs – no breath weapons – Olig would like a head

Svetlana mentions a section of forest SE’ish that grows moon radishes. There are beasts that have moved in and she can’t harvest them anymore.

Olig says aside from local trappers, Vakeel (bounty on Tusk Gutter) and a mad hermit off to the east.

It’s about noon now.

The plan is to go to the hex with the bandits and deal with them – then to search that hex and move back one hex and search that…unless we are weighted down.

We cross the plains/grasslands at a good pace. We reach the edge of the forest before the sun sets and make a bit of inroads into the forest. The area is older and thicker and darker.

We find an old campsite to use for the night. While we are setting up the camp, Soldier finds a cairn.

On Leanna’s watch, Alexi drifts off for a moment and Leanna wakes him. Alexi believes Leanna may be a bit jumpy.

The second and third watch pass without incident.

Session XP – 121

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