Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 70

October 4714

Week 3

Day 16 – After Elyin’s Wedding – Tracking the Tatzekill and the bee swarms – and now Dryad’s being attacked and killed

We head into the night to the south to find the Dryad’s sisters and save them if we can.

Green Mist
20 ft normal vision
40 ft partial concealment
Over 40 ft is full concealment


  • 5 x GG Sprigan Cousin

We rescue a dryad and unicorn. There are 4 other trees that are chopped down and burned. One has the heart wood rough carved into a shape.

The Unicorn – will move out to spread the warning about these Spriggans.

The Dryad – here name is Feara.

The other Dryad tells us that Queen Roswin has a scorched earth policy towards the Narlmarches.

Where is the Druid Devarre? In the hills to the west, there are some black rocks. Perfectly round hill. Fae Mound protected by powerful glamour. Only if Devarre wants it to be seen. Dryad Feara has a way to pass it. “Mirrage Arcana”.

She makes a flower bloom on a branch, plucks it and and gives it to us. It acts like a dust item. Loosely like Dust of Appearance.

6-7 hour hike from here.

There had been 20 of the the Spriggans.

We finish camping for the night and to about noon to get fully rested.

She will guard our sleep and we can camp here.

We’ll want to talk with the druid about a crossing to the Fell Night Realm.

Day 16

We are traveling along and it’s about 3-4pm.

We come across something. Large footsteps are hear ahead. “More Visitors to the Forest.” Slurred.

“Thorn and Shadow.” “They found a way out.”

We converse with him.

We are working with Dryad.

Druid Devarre communes with nature.

How do we seal the Fainguard back up to bottle up the Fell Night?
If the stones are broken, we’ll need to consult with someone about restoring the stones.

Druid Devarre

Of more immediate nature, we should deal with the source of the fog. He knows were it comes from – the center, the origin.

The fog originates beyond the Druid’s place – up the river. Dead Man’s Drop – the source of the fog

His flashbacks were about the war. The eight trying trying to become the one. No saving Roswin, the epitome of a bad seed.

We head for the druid next. We head to the river and follow along towards the Druid’s location We take about 2 hours.

We approach the mound and Oweyn shakes the bloom pollen on the base of the hill. A trail to the top appears. At the top, there are three massive monoliths.

Behind us and to the side is some type of cabin and garden.

We approach the door. No answer when knocking or to our hails. The door is barred and the windows are shuttered.

Oewyn circles to the right and find a pine bough covered pit (10 × 10). He spots an animal carcass – canine at the bottom. He checks it out and and it wasn’t killed by weapon wounds. It appears that it was malnourished when it died.

Gilain climbs up on the roof and using some shrinking magic, he climbs down the chimney.

Inside, there is a man sitting at the table. Somewhere between old and venerable.

What are we doing here?

He goes to a chest and summons 3 shambling mounds and a fight breaks out.


  • 1 x Druid Devarre/Willow-Wisp Thing “Gossameer”

After defeating the Wisp (“gossameer”) we are able to restore Devarre to consciousness and using Restoration magic, his wisdom is restored.

We heal up and help him put his cottage aright.

Oewyn restores his animal companion to life.

He goes up the hill to do some divination’s and returns in a half hour.

  • Fell Night Realm – Fusion of 3 separate realities – First World (Fey)/Golarion/Shadow Plane → it’s own unique abomination
    • Long before his time – beings of power took steps against this – cut it free excising a tumor
    • The three monoliths (on faery mound hill) are atuned to one of the three realms – they are the anchor points which have it pushed out – on their own, cannot be damaged by sword or stone, but all things have weaknesses – Queen Roswin is likely trying to destroy them
  • Fainguard – It has been breached. It interferes with creatures from the Fell Night Realm
  • Location of source of Fog – Dead Man’s Drop – he displays the terrain with magic – multi-level drop water fall system – one side is steep, but gradual enough – several stones that were dropped into the upper pool

(He used to be a member of the Order, but left long ago)

Session 69

October 4714

Week 3

Day 15 – Elyin’s Wedding – Tatzleford

Oewyn has a house here. It will be an outdoor wedding. The town is decked out in finery.

Jenna is coming with Kaiden.
Lilly is coming with Alexi.
Fiona is coming with Oewyn.
Akiros is coming with Leanna.

The brides is Kayla. Several of us are bringing gifts.

Several areas:

1) Lover’s Bridge – Crosses over Still Water Creek
Oewyn and Fiona – Catching fish with the kids here
Gilain helps with fishing

2) Feast Pavilion – BBQ being cooked just out back of it
Reva Spinwald – Honey Mead Recipe

3) Benches and Gazebo – Elyin and Kayla are greeting attendees

4) Dance Area – Clump of Oak Trees with Musicians – Colored lanterns and streamers hanging from the trees
Lilly and Alexi & Jenna and Kaiden
The organizer of this area – we think is a local of Tatzleford – Parmis – a bit frazzled

5) Festival Game – Horseshoe pit – Half-Orc (Muscular and tall) – Wearing Face Paint (War Paint)

6) Shaded Stone Structure – Carved doors with Satyr’s chasing nymphs – Chapel of Shelyne (Music, Love, Beauty) – Wedding gifts are being stored there

7) Rose Garden Maze -

We drop the gifts off at the chapel and then greet Elyin and Kayla.

Other familiar faces:

  • Jubilost and exploring
  • Forrest Hawks
  • Jhod

Box Social at the Feast Pavilion – 7 brides maids -

Later, Jubilost had a heated conversation with Tenzakil (Bleaching gnome that lost bid on one of the brides maids) in gnomish and Tenzakil left the wedding event area.

Viviana Abercroft is the priestess of Shaylen performing the ritual.

Wedding ceremony

Something disturbs the ceremony
Background hum that cuts off.


  • 2 x Bee Swarms!


  • 7 x Greyish-Green (Spriggan Cousin) (Stepped out of trees)

“Fools! You will rue the day! … When Queen Roswin arrives, all will perish. Tetzakil will have his revenge.”

From the direction of town, there is an unnatural fog coming from Taztleford and then creeps into the grove.

We head to Oewyn’s home to make sure Fiona (his ward), is okay.

We examine Tetzakil’s house and don’t find anything of interest – other than some badly written poetry.

The fog is magical. Evocation tints. Possible Bloom. Relatively large scale. Could affect entire hex in a relatively quick time frame. We’ll need to defeat Queen Rhoswen.

The Apiary outside town is empty of bees. We head back to town proper.

They cultivate fields off flowers in the area (hex).

Bloom effects can change the terrain in the affected regions and may need to be re-explored.

Jhod knows of a druid living in the area.

His name is Devarre. He lives to the west. The oddity is, the locals act like he has lived here for decades…even through we didn’t encounter him when we swept through the area a few years back. He could be of the order Dahlia follows.

Jhod and Stasja gather some information from the town. Devarre is middle aged. Abrupt and quiet. Cranki-ish. Not outright hostile. More neutralish.

It’s mid-afternoon.

We will explore to the west. We do not find him in the first 4 hours of leaving Tatzelford.

We set up camp for the night.

On first watch that night.
A naked woman falls out of a tree into Alexi’s lap.
She’s sobbing and crying, “Please, you must help us. They came from the mists. They are killing my sisters.”

Her name? Breena
Where are they? – Grove is south of here. Follow gully.
Describe the beings attacking – Shadows in the darkness. Spriggans half plant. Fell night realm.
They are burning the trees.
How many sisters? 4 older sisters with names

After answering our questions, she cries out and pitches forward. Did her tree die? Once their tree dies, the dryad dies immediately.

Session 68

September 4714 (continued)

Week 2 – Week 4 (continued)

Day 28 (continued)

Beyond the secret door is burbling fountain with sulfuric smells. There is a massive figure made of liquid.


  • 1 x Liquid Elemental

After defeating the elemental, we quickly heal some and then we try top open the double doors by the pool of water.

We open the doors beyond to reveal a larger room with another pool of water with kneeling forms around it.

An shrine with freshly severed heads.

There is an area at the end of the room with a throne with a cyclops sitting up on it.

It seems we have finally come face to face with Vordakai. He makes an offer to Nisha to be his apprentice. Nisha responds, “Too bad this isn’t a wishing well, then I’d wish you were banished.”


  • 1 x Vordakai

After a panicked, zesty fight, we “beat” Vordekai, he says he’ll be back. His body disintegrates leaving behind a ruby gem like object – Occulus of Abaddon.

Up a set of stairs is a room full of soul jars.

One of the rooms is octagonal composed of multiple slabs of opaque crystal of an inverted eye looking inwards. 20 ft diameter circle build in the floor. Conjuration and Divination.

We take a rest.

October 4714

Week 1

Day 1

We then make a way out using 2 walls of stones as bridges over the tar pit room (Hell Room) and shape stone at the water trapped room to make an opening in one of the doors.

We check out the Arcane Locked door on our way out. Stasja is able to dispel it and Alexi was able to pick the lock. Room has a Bas Relief of Eye. Strong magic aura (7-9th level range)

We make our way out of the complex and across the river.

We return to the herd and restore Ushia and Xamanthe to them.

They gift us Skybolt to be able to meet with Spirit of the Land.

We broker a cease fire between the herd and Varn. We release the soul jars and 43 people of Varn are restored.

Maestro Ervil Pendrot is one of those restored. He can broker the sail of the stone tablets with knowledge and the ancient coins. Perhaps we’ll also later broken the stone tablets with spells (once Nisha and/or Leanna learns them).

Jenna will guide her people back to Varn. She would like us to return after our Kingdom turn.

At the end of the day, we teleport back and rest. We will work to restore Gilain from being a statue and to fix Leanna and Alexi’s curses.

We level to 11th level

Day 2

We work to break the curses on Alexi, Gilain and Leanna. Leanna is able to break the curses and restore them.

Kingdom Turn

Day 3 through Day 10


  • Oewyn tries to keep Banditry
  • Namdrin wins over Ivana (killed in a duel) (Ivana had been worked up by Tessa – Namdrin’s ex-fiance who was seeing Kebran)
  • Kobolds have been appearing in several basements then retreating down their tunnels. Jhod/Gilain/Kaiden
  • Treasurer – Several of the merchants are having higher turnover – possible goods smuggling
  • Stasja and Kaiden visit Mivon embassy to see if a Raise Dead would be appropriate.

Day 10 through Day 14

We visit Varn.

“700 indians” – “one chief” Jenna thinks Varn will not survive much longer. Looking to be annexed by us to survive.

Maestro Ervil Pendrot has sent off a priority message about the tablets and coins. He’ll also reach out on some spells that Nisha is interested in.

Jenna, Kaiden, and Nisha port to Restov to report in on the results of what happened in Varn and to pursue the Annexation.

Kaiden and Jenna go to meet with the Restov mayor.

  • Nomen Centaurs issues resolved.
  • Failing of Varn Hold and Vordakai

Iosephus says that Sartova has been bringing pressure to bare.

End of two weeks, we finish with Talon Quake and return to Taztzlford in time to get ready for the wedding for Elyin

Splits from this session:

  • 4957.1 from money split
  • 1428.6 from 2 weeks of selling stuff
  • 4000 gp for each party member.

Hexes 1123, 1223, 1224, 1322, 1323, 1324, 1423, 1424 are the 8 hexes VH has.

1123 had road/bridge and destroyed farm.
1224 has road/bridge and a farm
1322 has road and a destroyed watchtower
1323 has road/bridge and farm
1324 has farm
anything else in hexes has to be be built from scratch.

Note: We need to focus on some loyalty buildings to catch it up with Stability.

Suggestions: Dance Hall** in each city, Temple in each City, Castle, Bardic College, Mint, University

Session 67

September 4714 (continued)

Week 2 – Week 4 (continued)

Day 28 (continued)

We defeated the daemon and we had determined Xamanthe was alive but paralyzed by something reducing her vital signs.

We think she may be cursed. We evaluate our resources – Freedom of Movement may do it. Stasja has the spell, but Kaiden has a Ring that may work better as a loaner.

We use the ring as we are not sure how we’ll be getting out of here. After putting the ring on her, she starts breathing normally and she conveys some information.

Cyclops in a robe
Immune to cold/electricity
paralyzing touch
fear aura
resistant to positive energy
spell casting

We heal up and gear Xamanthe as best we can.

We search for secret doors where the guardian demon was and find something.

We head back and to the double doors and manhandle them open. The chamber beyond is rough hewn. It goes into some crude stairs. They ascend 30 ft and dead end at a stone wall. This was a construction in progress and wasn’t completed. We check the top for a secret door and there isn’t one.

We then head back through the ‘smoke’ and we don’t take damage. (Yeah!)

Then go to the other double doors (the only ones we haven’t been through). Again, they need to be man handled open. It reveals a twisting passage and then some stairs down. We proceed cautiously.

We enter into a large room and up near the ceiling are two soul eaters.


  • 2 x Soul Eater

It’s a burial chamber of some sort. There are two doors leaving the room. We open the door to the south. It’s an unworked tunnel that turns east. We examine the door to the east and it opens on a worked passage that comes around to a small room.

This small room has lime plaster fresco and a door on the western wall. One eyed humanoids (similar to depictions to pottery). They would be of interest of historian.

We’l come back later to take detailed notes.

Through the western door is a bit larger room with a statue of a hand over it’s single eye and a bench.

Leanna detects magic within the room. There is an aura (abjuration) on the wall, just behind the statue.

The bench is waist-high with implements on it is a funerary slab.

We find a keyhole where the magic aura is and it seems very well locked. Nisha isn’t able to dispel the magic and Alexi can’t unlock it.

We then head for the rough passage.

We find a large room full of sulfuric tar with water running into it. Bridge posts are on the landing we come out on and across the way. While trying to see what was on the other side using flight and something in the stalactites above attacks him.


  • 1 x Villager Dread Zombie Caster

We tried to recover the body, but the fire damage. We use 3 spider climb potions to have the 2 x centaurs and the tiger so we can get past this hellish tar pit.

What follows is a long set of stairs up and up and up.

We come to two doors and check out the door on the left. There is a long room here filled with filth. There is a fresh corpse. Ulfen in descent. 1-2 weeks old. That might be Willas Gunderson. He was the one that found the bracelet. He was also the one researching cyclops stuff.

A ghostly form rises up and attacks us.


  • 1 x Willas Gunderson Ghost (?)

The hall loops around with alcoves and eventually dead ends.

Back and through the other door enter a large ‘banquet’ hall. At each chair, is a body of a human that died in agony.


  • 4 x Cyclops Things

20 ft ceilings

Searching the feast hall. Bodies of the people of Varn:

Maegar Varn – Jenna’s Father
Caspar Morga – Erastil Priest of Varn

The people were ritually fed upon.
Ritual was performed on them as part of the brain excavation
At the very least, their souls were consumed as part of it.
It can be taught to a person that is not a magic user.

We will show the people of Varn respect and honor by returning the bodies when we can.

We climb the stairs intent on ending this evil threat. The room above was a viewing gallery.

While Oewyn and Gilain are manhandling the door, the rest of us look around the area and Stasja finds a secret door.

We will see what is beyond the secret door…hmm…seems like there will be a fight.

Follow Up

  • Plastered fresco room – take detailed notes
Session 66

September 4714 (continued)

Week 2 – Week 4 (continued)

Day 28 (continued)

We make our way into the complex. We come to a room that branches 3 ways (including the way we came into it) into apparent alcoves.


  • 2 x Dread Zombie Cyclops

Hmm. No apparent doors. We search the biers in each alcove and search for secret doors. We find a secret door in one of the alcoves and proceed through it. There was dust on the secret door.

Beyond is a chamber with a large pool of water over half of it. Natural cavern that has been been expanded.

Thorn is twitching violently. Oewyn moves forward. An undead ‘Nessie’ rises from the water with a stone rider (fey of some sort).

“You came far to slay me Arbiter”


  • 1 x undead nessie
  • 1 x stone rider (fey) – Blood Young Queen – Lantana

“This buys you time, if you don’t kill him, I’ll be back.”

Alexi and Gilain are under a Curse of Stone. We search the water and recover the armor “Bloodrose” off of Lantana and a Ring of Freedom of Movement and a Figurine of Wondrous Power.

There is also an underwater tunnel leading out one side (300 ft out to the lake) and a set of stairs under the water leading into another tunnel. 20 ft of stairs – 60 ft of tunnel – 20 ft of stairs.

Alexi, Oewyn, Gilain and Kaiden swim ahead through the worked tunnel to form a beachhead on the far side.

The water passage surfaces in a room. There is a metric ton of pottery. Painted in black and whites and lotus flowers, one eyed creatures, etc. Nothing apparently hostile in the room. Gilain swims back and gets the rest of the group.

We do a cursory examination of the pottery. If we spent time recovering the pottery, we could get a window into ancient times and that society.

Kaiden stuns himself when he does a general detect evil. Nisha determines that area is Desecrated.

At the bottom of another set of short stairs are a big set of double doors. We assist Leanna and are able to open the doors.

A hall extends before us with two statues in flanking alcoves and the room continues. A room with about 16 statues in them.

On the far side of the room, Oewyn searches and finds a secret door. Gilain opens the secret door with a strength check.

When the door opens, two portculis’s drop and the room begins to fill with water.


  • 2 x Dread Zombie Cyclops
  • 1 x Giant Eel

After sealing the ceiling and defeating the monsters, we try to raise the portcullis. We hold it up and the party moves past and then we let it crash behind us.

We climb up several sets of stairs for hundreds of feet of corridors. The stairs and corridors end at a set of double doors. There is a big room beyond them. A set of double doors in the wall across from where we enter. An alcove is to our left. To our right are another set of double doors and paved in patterned tiles and dual shrines within of a shrouded figure on a boat. Two pillars with leering fiends.

The shrouded figure is ‘Charon’ the horseman of death.

One shrine has an unlit oil lamp.

The dual shrines are each a single large piece of quartz. Each has an unlit oil lamp and a shallow drinking cup. They have a dark residue in them. Probably less than a week old.

Nisha says she knows how to open the door and performs a ritual involving lighting the oil lamps and filling the cups with her blood and drinking it. The doors between the dual shrines open. Kaiden detects a hint of evil around Nisha as she completes the ritual.

Beyond those doors is a room. As we enter into this next room, the good aligned are afflicted by the smoke with cold and wisdom damage.

Leanna casts communal resist energy (20 min on Ushia and Jenna and 10 min on most of the rest of the party (not including Oewyn, Valkyrie, and Gilain).

It is rough hewn as if it was never finished. Bronze double doors.

The room further along the corridor is of unworked stone, but with two mortared pillars. Then in a puff of horribly foul smelling vapor, a creature appears.

In Oewyn’s heads, he hears “In whose name, do you dare intrude upon the inner sanctum of the Horseman of Death?” Oewyn responds “Vordekai”

Many of the other party members respond the same.

In a room just beyond is an apparently dead Xamanthe.

Kaiden says, “I am here in the name of Erastil.”


  • “Bob” (Lobster daemon thing?)


  • Doors across from the ones we entered from.
Session 65

September 4714 (continued)

Week 2 – Week 4 (continued)

Day 25

We harvested the Magical Beast parts for Evangeline (1/2 the day) and headed back to the Herd (1/2 day).

When we got back to the Herd and learned that Xamanthe (daughter of Silverfire) and Ushia (daughter of Denide) and Jenna have disappeared. Maybe they headed for the Valley of the Dead.

Aecora shares where the Valley of the Dead is. We realize the mountain skyline has changed. The Ghost Stone was likely obscuring the location.

Day 26

Head to the Valley of the Dead. It will take us about a day to get there.

Day 27

Six miles wide entrance to the Valley. Decorated by posts with skulls every 50-60 feet (all six miles) – beasts and humanoid skulls. No centaur bones that we see.

Oewyn is checking for Centaur tracks. Even with the snow fall, Oewyn spots 3 sets of hoof tracks – 2 unshod and 1 shod.

We follow the sign for as long as we can.

About a mile in, we come across stone stelles – thousands of them. Several of them have had snow dusted off of them. The ones that were dusted off have symbols on them. Ancient Cyclopian. Names are chisselled into them. Grave markers?

We cautiously make our way through them, continuing the sign/tracks left by the three we are following.

It takes us 2-3 hours crossing the grave yard in the valley. The tracks seem to track to the west. We had been heading south. As we get towards the end of the valley on the west side.

There is a 15 foot stair steps carved into the cliff side. The snow is churned up. Something tries to ambush us.


  • 1 x Dread Zombie Cyclops

Around the curve of the stairs is the corpse of a horse. Oewyn takes point and heads up. There are two sets of unshod hoof prints – one might be deeper than the other (carrying Jenna).

The ascent is 300 ft up over 8 miles. The passage is a bit slick.

We move into a new hex (1724).

At the end of the stairway, it is not at the top of the mountain. It ends at another valley. There is a roar of water and no animal sounds. A waterfall into black frothing pool of water.

There is a stone pillar at the edge of the cliff. There is an island in the middle of the pool. There are bits of smoke rising from various points of the island. There is a Rhino horned giant wondering the island. At the top of the waterfall, we spot a camp fire (Maybe Jenna and the Centaurs).

We start to make our way across the mile distance to the shoreline, and the Giant thing spots us and disappears.

We dismount and get into defensive positions.


  • 1 x Rhino Undead Giant

After a zesty fight, we slew the giant and had to chop it up at the joints before it would stop moving.

We then headed north to the water fall to see if we could find a way up to the camp fire. It’s getting late and the sun is starting to set.

When we get near the base, they call down to us. It’s Ushia and Jenna took refuge up there.

There is a very steep switch back that we make our way up.

“Xamanthe was felled by the big creature and taken. Brought inside the spire.” They had wanted to do some advanced recon.

The two daughter centaur’s had decided to make this foray and Jenna decided to join them to help them.

We make the tactical decision to rest up and enter the spire tomorrow. Xamanthe has been inside for over a day.

We make camp. That night, on first watch something happens.

Light snow storm. Alexi is attacked.


  • 3 x Soul Eater (over 3 watches)

Day 28

We rest into the day and start out late afternoon down to the spire. The smoke wisps above the spire appear to be coming up from natural vents from within the spire.

We leave our non-companion mounts to wander the valley.

While using the Folding Boat to travel to the island. While under way, two Wyverns fly in to attack us.


  • 2 x Wyvern Ghouls

We then continue crossing the water to the beach. At the base of the spire, there is a cave entrance. Some foliage clings about the entrance. It is dark inside.

Nisha casts darkvision on those that need it for one hour and someone got two (Stasja).

We start into the cave entrance. There is a worked tunnel. Ceilings are 10 ft at the sides and arch up to 15 ft. There are several alcoves cut into the each side. The tunnel looks recent. No dust. No cracks. The walls, ceilings and floors have faint traces of preservation magic.

Ancient amphora broken and spilled after the second arch. The second arch also has runes on it.

Oewyn makes his way forward searching for traps.

Leanna believes the runes are an alarm or notification spells. Nisha believes they have been expended…either from Oewyn’s passage or earlier.

Around the corner is with what had been a sealed passage way…broken outwards towards us.

We examine amphora as we passing. We find cyclopian coinage and a jade bracelet…actually probably sized as a Ring for a Cyclops.

Session 64

September 4714 (continued)

Week 2 – Week 4 (continued)

End of Day 21

Day 22

The plan is 1) to go to Varn to see how things are going and see if there have been any recent Fey sightings and then 2) go back to the Centaur main herd.

It will take us over half the traveling day to move out of the hex. The Varn hex is much more active people wise. Outlying farmers have moved closer to keep in touch. It’s ‘sad’.

Kesten and the Archery unit have been helping out.

They are using the palasade as a base of operations. The repair of the castle is more than they can take right now.

Alexi has Dex drain. We’ll need to address it.

Nisha ports back to Priomdahl and picks up some diamond dust (that we have Leanna carry), some cold iron daggers for Alexi and a scroll of Communal Mount for Leanna.

End of Day 22

Day 23

Alexi is healed by Leanna of the Dex drain and Leanna learns the Communal mount spell.

We spend the day traveling back to the herd.

We get more positive greetings from the Centaur’s than before. One approaches and lets us know that Aecora wants to meet with us. We got to meet her. As normal, we leave our weapons outside.

We update her on our findings of the Fey Queen facility. The undead dismembered bodies of the people of Varn. The blood monsters.

Reminder: Skybolt – we know which hex he is in and where to find him in that hex (top of Talon Peak) – we could get there, but it would be a nightmare. If we were holding the bow (Skybolt) would be a safe token for a meet and greet.

The Nomen Centaur had been tasked for as long as they can remember to guard against a slumbering evil. When the human’s poured into the area, they Centaur’s lost a lot of their fighting males and they became a matriarchy. This fighting took place over decades and as a result of the fighting, a lot of the Nomen history was lost.

There are some members that have tried to recover some of their lost knowledge. Elenorik is one of them. Silverhair has shared with Aecora that there is an relic of the older Centaur heritage in Hex 1624. “The Ghost Stone” (translated to common). It was set into place to (she thinks, but is unsure) be the key or assist with the imprisonment of the slumbering evil. Aecora only became aware of it a week ago. Yesterday, Silverhair had shown up and asked us to be dispatched there (hex 1624) to assist her again if were were willing.

We agree and will head out there in the morning.

Kaiden provides a report to Jenna on how the efforts in Varn. Jenna says that there has been friction between the General and Aecora and the General’s daughter. Kaiden also relays the sad news about the bodies found. We would be able to recover them at first opportunity of the storm breaks.

End of Day 23

Day 24

We travel towards 1624 and as we enter Hex 1624 from 1524 light snow begins. Oewyn works to guide us to the location.

Towards the end of the day, we find what we think is the “Ghost Stone”. Grey stone monolith with smooth sides. 15 ft high, coming to a point at the end of small valley. There are a series of small bonfires lit in a circle around it. They are in the cardinal points and a centaur – Silverhair.

There is a strange, flickering haze around the obelisk.

We greet the honored elder. She believes the obelisk has been subverted by Vordekai and she seeks to turn it off. She expects something to try to stop her ritual. There may be a response by Vordekai or an unrelated creature may try to intervene. She needs to be protected while she performs the ritual. The ritual will start at sunset and conclude just after midnight.

We spend some time trampling down the snow to reduce it’s movement effects.

We prepare and buff ourselves with long term buffs.

Silverhair begins the ritual with the aid of a crystal. During the ritual, the area feels ‘iritating’ and ‘grating’. Grants dazzled condition on everything. (-1 penalty on attacks, skills, concentration)

About 1.5 hours in, we have our first encounter.

Three loud roars and we move to be ready. Flapping of wings.

Protecting Silverhair – Encounter 1

  • 1 x Chymera (Serpent is typically not venemous; reptile is typically draconic – white headed)
  • 1 x Chymera variant

Reminder: We’ll take samples from them for Evangeline (Chymeric Question)

2 more hours elapse

Protecting Silverhair – Encounter 2

  • 1 x Remorazz
  • 1 x Winter Worm

Valkyrie dies heroically and when the fight ended, Oewyn was able to resurect her and we heal up.

Another hour or so passes and we are nearing midnight.

A column of light emits from the obelisk. The light in the area dims and the sky light becomes red lit. The moon becomes like

A familiar deep voice booms across the land in Cyclops, “I see you.”

Protecting Silverhair – Encounter 3

  • 4 x Ghastly Purple Worms (Large sized)

The ritual comes to an end and the beam of light from the obelisk becomes a beam to the moon and the eye goes out.

Silverhair says, “Not only is a line of defense been removed, but the path to him should now be open.”

“Aecora can give us directions to the valley of the dead now.” She grants us a reward.

Summons a chest with the following items and granted us the following:

  • Leather Cap
  • Light Vambraces
  • Finely Made Boots
  • Shield
  • Constructed focus for Secret Chest spell

“When we feel we have free time, meet me at my home. My home can be found at the lake that shares my name.” Her body grows in size, silver dragonic scales and butterfly wings.

Leanna summons a Secure Shelter. We will identify the items.

In the morning, we will get the parts from the Magical Beasts.

Session 63

September 4714 (continued)

Week 2 – Week 4 (continued)

Day 21

In the morning, Nisha ports back to Priomdahl and picks up some cold weather gear for our mounts and ports back.

Kaiden informs Aecora Silverfire of where we will be heading to deal with a potential Fey threat.

We’ll travel to the foothills. It takes us about a half a day to get there and we then head into the foot hills.

Trailblazing into Hex 1424
Hour 1

Hour 2
Oewyn finds a site. He trips over a frozen corpse sticking out of a drift. It’s a man in night clothes. We find a handful of others (half dozen) scattered in the area. Maybe people from from Varnhold. They have some wounds on them – punctures and tears. They may have been pushed over the ridge above us.

We search around for way up and eventually find a switch back trail and we start up it. It’s slippery. A few of us fall and then make our way up.

Oewyn finds a fissure near the top emitting steam. (25 ft wide).

As we gather at the top, two shaggy large figure burst from the snow by the fissure and attack.


  • 2 x Large Shaggy – Bears? But Wierd (Blood Monster)

When these weird dire bears dies, they became bear/humanoid shaped blood monsters and then exploded when this form died.

We tied up the horses together and to a piton in the wall. Socks will stay here to guard them.

We venture further in.

There is witch light here – it provides dim light throughout the area. We come to a larger cavern after about 100-200 feet with a stream along one wall that becomes lake like.

Some of the party believes once we started seeing the witch lights, we had transitioned to another realm.

There are ripples in the water and then a colossal crocodile.


  • 1 x Colossal Crock (Blood monster)

As we were healing up a bit after killing the Colossal Croc, a figure comes around a corner. Handsome fellow with goat like horns and has a scepter. He’s in fine silk robes.


  • 1 x Goat Man

Finely crafted scepter. We take a few minutes to discuss and then we dispatch him. We then head down the tunnel he came from.

Gilain notices the walls here have sign of scraping, chips (damage). There might have been battles fought in this passage way.

It branches into a 4 way intersection. Forward, back, and to the right the ceilings stay 20 ft tall. To the left, it drops down to 10 ft in height. Oewyn notices that something was dragged to the right. We check out the right hand path and it ends in a sink hole. Nisha can see to the bottom and there are bodies there. (WE WILL NEED TO RETURN)

We then try the right hand tunnel at the intersection. It leads to a large chamber that is 100 ft across. Tiered in multiple levels (4 tiers). There is a network of tunnels that filter out from those tiers. Leanna posits that maybe they are living quarters.

We pass through the first tier. The caves are living quarters. We find bedding (straw) and some furniture. They are not ransacked, just abandoned. A few seem rummaged or things taken in a hurry. No dust on the furniture. A couple hundred could have lived here.

We return to the intersection and then continue forward. We come to an area that is fortified. There is shaped stone in a defensive shape.

Beyond that is an audience chamber and there is no one here. We find secret doors – 1 leading to a private bedroom and the other leading to a treasury. The treasury was stripped of anything not coin.

The queens room has some very nice furniture and we take 2 tapestries and a rug.

We then go to check out the sink hole. Leanna just a flying scout mission.

The rough estimate is 80 human bodies. The bodies have been dismembered. Clothing scraps are mostly small clothes.

Inside one of the heads, Leanna sees black onyx stuffed in some mouths. They were probably turned into undead. They were probably dismembered to destroy them as undead. On all of them, there is a rune cut into each one. Leanna doesn’t recognize it, but writes it down for the rest of us to look at.

There are no other exits. The bottom is a bubbling mud pool.

Leanna returns above and tells us what she found.

Kaiden says a short prayer to Erastil for their souls. Gaiden believes the rune is something for a ritualized sacrifice.

The other river path dead ends eventually. We return to the first chamber and get our mounts and camp for the night in a secure shelter.

End of Day 21

Session 62

September 4714 (continued)

Week 2 – Week 3 (continued)

Day 18

Silverhair starts the ritual about midnight. It takes about a minute and 6 seconds for the ritual to have effect.

Colossal Serpentine form coalescences. In it’s arriving moment, it is shouting a word in Draconic. “Ilthuliak” – a name.


  • 1 x Linnorm Spirit

We are able to defeat it’s non corporeal form. Silverhair continues the ritual. Seems to be a binding ritual. There is a shimmer when she finishes casting it and for a moment Silverhair has butterfly wings.

Silverhair is pleased with the result and offers us a reward. Kaiden stands forward as the spokesman of the group.

She summons a chest. “Pick 2”

Flame Emroidered Robes – (Blazing Robes) Chose this
Amulet – Amulet of Might Fists (Flaming Burst) Chose this
Shield with Lion Moteef

“Do you know anything you can convey about Vordekai?” “We should speak with Kankorata. They have a long history.”

She shares information about a cavern complex with Fey that we could find in Hex 1424. They have been more active of late.

We camp for the night.

Day 19

We return to the main herd. We gain a trust increase for our actions. Elonorik and some other centaurs will accompany us to do the ritual to meet with Kankerata. Jenna will be able to accompany us.

Day 20

Leave early to visit Kankerata. As we enter the Hex, the centaur’s use the ritual. We get to where we did the run and descend into the sink hole.

Kaiden addresses Kankerata.

  • We allied ourselves with Talonquake and Pallombier
  • Silverhair sent us to him for his wisdom and knowledge of Vordekai
  • At that name, Kankerta rants and gnashes his teeth for several minutes.

We seek to find and defeat it.

“When you wake, you will see. When you wake again, we will speak.”

The ground shook and then the roof collapsed. When we wake, we are in the cave, the world is washed in grey. The animal companions are not with us.

The stelle and the party members are in normal color. No sign of Kankerata.

We stand and head back the way we came. We hear off in the distance a faint roaring sound.

When we get to the sink hole back to the surface, we hear a large number of people in a crowd. We send Oewyn and Alexi to scout ahead.

They see a massive army encampment. They are cyclops. Legionaire in quality of troops.

Areas of investigation:

  • Tents and Pavilions – Ogres, Centaurs, Trolls, Humans are slaves. The ones working the hardest are dead.

No less than 2000 cyclops gathered there. Loud shouting and Alexi and Oewyn goes to investigate. They spot Kankerata in gold chains.

There is a raised platform with arcane paraphernalia. On the platform, is a robed cyclops with a glowing red eye.

The cyclops on Vordekais’ right in like an apprentice, on his right is an armored cyclops.

In front of the armored cyclops is a smaller humanoid (Mawangi or Syrian, maybe) figure with a blob of color.

Vordekai casts some spell and Kankerata is swallowed by the ground.

The Cyclops then fall out to have some sort of feast. Alexi and Oewyn return to regroup.

Based on the description, Nisha thinks the spell was the 9th level spell Imprisonment.

Seems the primary figure was an Archmage.

We determine that we aren’t interacting…except for maybe the colored blob person.

The party heads to find the leaders tents while Leanna breaks off to go find the spot where Kankerata was imprisoned.

The robed figures are being interacted with on a ‘religious’ level. The symbols aren’t ones we recognize.

We find what we consider to be the command tents.

The tent that the robed cyclops entered, we investigate. There are banners – skulls and blood symbology. Small, personal, portable altar. The cyclops is saying prayers and chants. Check to see if they are any written documents laid out. Kaiden sees what they are say. “Demands a ritual ready signed by Vordekai.” “Tally of live slaves to dead (1 to 5 ratio)”

General’s tent is empty. Checking for documents. There is a map. Loosely correllates with the Dunsward. East of the Torres.

There are several locations in the mountains listed as goals. One of them would be in the hex the fey are in. Another hex is the one that Skybolt is in.

Central tent – on the way we hear a deep voice echo over the crowd in Cyclops “I don’t know who you, but you are fool to come sniffing at my heels”. A wind blows and initiative.


  • 2 x Soul Eaters

We then head out and while we are moving through the encampment we are attacked by another Soul Eater. Leanna rejoins us.


  • 1 x Soul Eater

We spot the Arch Mage Cyclops ahead and take a side streets to avoid it.

We run into the cyclops general perhaps a polymorphed human. The cyclops form was washed out and the human form inside was color. He runs past us saying, “You should go.”

“I believe they are moving to hide the furrows”.

We make it to the sinkhole entrance. At the tunnel entrance, in the sink hole, there is a soul eater.


  • 3 x soul eater

We make a fighting withdrawal into the tunnel of the sink hole.

Alexi enters the room with the stelle and spots Vordekai.

Vordekae says “Fools. I see all, this eyes sees all.” and casts Meteor Swarm on the room and it collapses.

We awaken and dig ourselves out of rubble…in the present. Centaurs and Jenna help to dig us out.

Kankerata is lounging to one side. He does not know who set him free. It was many years. At that time, Cyclops were no longer in the region. Skybolt told Kankerata that Vordekai was locked away.

Since we are willing to throw ourselves at Vordekai, he will pact with us. He has a pact with the centaurs that predates ours.

Skybolt, Aecora, Silverhair are likely to know where Vordekai was locked away.

He relates some information about the Cyclopian Empire

The Cyclops worshiped the Four Harbingers – Daemons.
They were acting at the same time as a Young Queens.

The Cyclops General/Man knew Leanna’s mother and addressed Leanna as Princess.

Piecing some things together. Vordekai may have been involved with the pacting between the Plague Queen and the Daemon Harbinger.

Skybolt is likely also feeling Vordekai’s stir-ing and the storms are likely Skybolt’s attempt to shut Vordekai down. If Vorkekai was in the Dunsward, Kankerata would likely know from his ties to the land.

We return to the main herd that night. We relate what we saw in the ‘vision’ with Elenorik and Jenna.

We will see an audience with Aecora and she’ll see us in the morning.

During second watch, Leanna has an encounter in the sleeping hut and Alexi over hears it. Leanna is awoken by a maternal whisper coaxing her awake.

You have been a busy child, daughter. While you were traipsing around, one of your aunts has stirred in the area. It would be best, if she went over there and stopped her before it went any further.

The plan is for us to travel to Hex 1424 and investigate the Fey presence in the caverns. Likely another queen is there based on Sorcha’s words to Leanna.

Session 61

August 4714 (continued)

Week 3 (continued)

Day 21

We are escorting Elenorik at the Burial Mounds – where there are Manticores. It takes us about the day (12 hours).

Centaur’s also traveling with Elenorik.

Leaders and generals have larger mounts. Family’s are buried near each other.

We camp on the edge until morning. During first watch, we are attacked.


  • 5 x Manticores
  • 1 x Dragon Type (other Roar)

The next morning Nisha and Oewyn harvest from the 3 Manticores.

We clear the corpses from the burial mounds at Elenorik’s request.

Day 22 to Day 25 – We spend helping Elenorik in his mission. Search and repairs.

During that time, Nisha teleports back and provides Evangeline with the samples from the Manticores.

We find the nesting area and while we put things back to right.

Repairable MW gear that the sale price is 3650 gp.

NOTE: In Kankerata’s lair there was a Stele.

Elenorik dressed down Samanth over to one side about not following his tactical advise.

Elenorik is overall pleased with us. He shares the ritual needed to meet with Kankerata.

When we return, we get a trust increase. The outriders have seen some people milling around in the area.

The primary Centaur herd has visits from other important tribal members (Wise Woman – Silverhair). She travels around. Treat her with deference.

Current Trust Score: 27 (Liked)

On Day 26 we teleport back to the Kingdom for the kingdom.

September 4714

Week 1 – Kingdom Turn

Grand Diplomacy – With House Sartova – Successful – should increase from 10

Established new trade route from Ravenmoor to Norgyth. Mithral available next month!

Reason we did not do the Mivon one was we want to make sure the attack on the Mivon embassy is dealt with.

A member of the Nobility of Surtova arrives and we put him up in the Inn. Need a Noble Villa.

Dispatched the Archery unit to Varnhold to help the populace.

Surtova Wedding Research

  • Name of bridge and groom
  • Location
  • Invitation only event

Week 2 – Week 3

Day 8 and 9 to teleport back to the Centaur
Day 10 to Day 16 – working to build trust with Centaurs

Current Trust Score: 27 → XX (Liked)

Kaiden told Aecora about the unit dispatched on a peaceful mission to aid Varn Hold.

While we are there, there is an argument in the Speaker’s between Denide and Aecora about a raid on Varn Hold.

Aecora is happy with our actions to date. She offers a mission if we wish to accept it.

One of the actual Centaurs can be found at the Boneyard.

Jenna has gained permission to travel with us.

Samantha wanted to accompany us, but was vetoed by Aecora. No centaurs are traveling with us.

Day 17 we head out. It takes us a few hours to get to the Boneyard (Hex 1525) (from herd at 1426)

We are pretty sure we go to the right area when we find a huge skeleton (size is large colossal). There are herds of mastodons in the region.

There is a single female centaur near the head of the skeleton. Silverhair. She is looking to conduct a ritual. She is trying to capture a spirit within the crystal.

We take a day to prepare (change up spells) and midnight the next day, we are ready.

What, if any buffs for Jenna?


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