Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 51

4714 March (continued)

Week 3/Week 4 (continued)

We finish collecting the loot and prepare to talk to the captured Druid (Bull guy). We discuss things we want to convey and then have Stasja heal him and talk to him.

While initially unfriendly, Stasja is fairly persuasive in discussion. He does not come around to our side of things. There is some merit in the views we shared. He is willing to agree to bring them up and discuss them with his circle. Advocate the view.

We heal him up and release him. He leaves.

Nisha and Kaiden sift through the wax tablet and almanacs.

Symbols on the banner can be correlated with the wax tablet. The ritual was tied to moon phases.

The principles could be applied back in the capital. But why would we want to turn our people into Beastmen?

We camp out and start heading back.

We return by the of week 4 of 4714 March

4714 April

Week 1

NOTE: Those with Rings of Sustenance can retrain during the Kingdom Turn Week
Before the Kingdom Turn – we have a few things to cover:

  • Speak with Ivana Orisana about Mivon and events around the 4 men
    • Why was lethal force used at first? It was a mistake. NOTE: Try to use non-lethal damage
    • She’ll provide a Dueling Primer 101
  • Nisha talks with Caleb Northwood about getting an Elven Magic Instructor
  • Speak with Dahlia about Mikhail Petrovich (purported of the Circle) and the Green Faith – their goals, their method
    • Doesn’t remember him being as aggressive in his outlook
    • The way the Order was, would not have used these methodologies. They seem to have been radicalized.
    • Glad we let the last one go.
  • Speak with Dahlia about installing the keystone
    • We have the keystone installed
  • To research the Prosperity, Travel, Strengthening needs a Library
  • Kaiden sends a letter to Jenna Varn
  • Introduce Stasja to the council
  • Kingdom Turn
  • Holding off moves to next month while we move Alexi to Loyalty
    • Stasja to Grand Diplomat
    • Annalise to assistant Grand Diplomat
    • Dahlia to High Priest
    • Jhod to Assistant High Priest
  • Tried to claim Ravenmoor – The mayor said no. He was unaware of this arrangement. Asked our people to leave. New research topic.
  • Espionage of Public Info on Mivon
  • Kingdom Events
    • Day 7 of Kingdom turn- Kabran does not show up – Unrest increases by 2
      • Gilain assigned to investigate
    • Mivon trade route suspended pending review and resolution.
    • Violence and Vandalism breaks out -Continuous Event
      • House Destroyed and Shop Damaged
    • Banditry Breaks Out
      • 3 BP – Continuous Event
    • Feud – two rival workcrews
    • Loy has a notice of his recall – in light of recents in Brevoy, he has been recalled. He wishes to pass on that Elusandre Morningstar
  • Kingdom Investigations
    • Oewyn investigates Banditry
      • Internally generated bandits – impulsive, greedy, not a lot of forethought, opportunistic and random – Thorn is quiet on his investigation.
    • Leanna and Alexi investigates Assassination
      • Find a bottle of open wine that was poisoned (Leng’s Tears) with a paralytic – he was dismembered alive – empty healing potions
      • Smaller hits – less precise and more wild
      • Motive – despite “anger” of method, the process seems very planned and methodical
      • One glass by the bottle of wine – markings of who sold it – can be traced to who sold it – Storm Crow
      • Kabran was seeing the wife of Namdrim
    • Gilain and Kaiden is on Violence and Vandalism
      • Less than upstanding members of our community – underworld activity – Have to hammer at it or Alexi can make them an offer they cannot refuse
    • Annalise/Stasja is researching Ravenmoor diplomacy
      • Letters via messengers – biggest info is that (Mayor Andretti Krigler) – His grandmother passwed away before winter (Iola). Her Desninites came to Candlemere and settled. If there was any agreement, he was not made aware of it and Iola’s passing was sudden. Would like to maintain their secular disposition and are inclusive. They are neutral to friendly and a future roll might reveal a path forward. The village is simple.

Week 2 through Week 4

  • Kaiden – Jenna Varn +2 Rep, Jhod x 2 +4 Rep
  • Gilain and Alexi investigate

Return letter from Jenna Varn

  • Her father was very pleased with our army unit assistance over the winter
  • Centaurs seem to be probing the edges of the barony

Nisha now has Pervilash as a companion.

4714 May

Week 1 – Kingdom Week

Target for next month
Acquire Hex 1716 – Ravenmoor if possible
Acquire Hex 1319


Fix Shop/W
Build House/W

Added Ravenmoor – Self Contained till end of next winter

Kingdom Events

  • Banditry
  • Vandalism and Violence
  • Underworld Feud – Gilain setting up a sting
  • Hunting Horn – Dead Unicorn Found by Oewyn – Body mutilated – Horn missing – no other footprints.
    • Note from Syntira – Arbiter, A group of hunters now stalks to the forest. This Hunt will pose a threat to your domain as well as ours. I ask that you travel to the grove post haste and meet Mevenwy
    • Has bite mark wound and a piercing wound and it’s horn was chiseled off

Week 2

We are going to head to the Autumn Grove (1514) asap. 2.5 days to get there. We use a wagon and bring the covered body of the unicorn.

We are guided to Syntira who is seated upon her thrown. His name was Baeyolen (unicorn).

She has asked us here as an intermediary to the others (unicorns).

The mother Mevenwy is here.

We hear faint crashing sounds in the underbrush to the north west.
We have a few rounds to prepare for whatever is on it’s way. Bursting into the clearing is a Unicorn foaming at the mouth…several arrows in it’s flanks. Baying of wolves in the distance.


  • 6 x Wargs and Bukkans Wolf Riders – small humanoid with swarthy skin – aggresive fey – but not as vicious as some others
  • 2 x Fae Wolves – Night Black Wolf with eery green eyes

Mevenwy says, “Where is she?” to her mate. The Hunt came across us. A satyr in the party cast a spell that kept them from teleporting away. They took his daughter across their goat mount. He fled back back to here.

Mevenwy is looking to go back right now.

Syntira throws a pouch to Oewyn. It’s Pursuit Dust. 3 uses – each use lasts 5 hours when rubbed into eyes.

Session 50

4714 March (continued)

Week 3/Week 4 (continued)

We heal up some of the poisons and get ready to move on to the east after getting another bearing on the keystone.

Strong Winds (-2 on ranged attacks) and Rain (-4 perception and ranged attacks)

After about an hour, we spot a yellow light from the ground stretching into the sky. It’s like a column of lightning.

Markeesh notes to Leanna that there is a druid ring near here. Briar Henge – Made by servants of Gozreh. Leanna shared that information with us.

Gozreh – God of storms/sky and wave/surf – nature god. Fickle deity. Brian Henge is surrounded by a wall around the ring. It’s magically grown briar’s. It’s a maze around it. The cultivation prevents woodland stride. The henge is open to the sky.

Our next sighting indicates that the keystone is possible at the henge.

Another hour sees us to the henge. The hedge is 12 feet tall. The hedge will do 1d6 points of damage.

It’s shadowy in the hedge, but the center is probably brightly illuminated.

Resist Energy Communal (Electricity) – 9 minutes – (20 pts) on each person
Dark Vision Communal – 1 hour
Blessing of Courage on some party members

There is an entrance 5ft wide and 8ft high.

We start to explore the hedge.

Oewyn (Alexi, Leanna) finds an area (A) with a warped wooden table with some chairs around it. In the same area is a tapestry/banner (complicated lunar calendar).

Nisha, Kaiden, and Stasja go another route and find a second area (B) that is a living area. Hammocks. Large sturdy chest. small sturdy chest.


  • Group A – Twig Men (x3)
  • Group B – Twig Men (x3)
  • Group C – Twig Men (x2)

Sylvan – “I myself, do not want any trouble Arbiter, with your permission I will depart.” “Agreed, I am called Lamplighter” (male voice – small sized)

Oewyn identifies them as Twig Jacks (fae and constructs)

Nisha finds area C – the stone henge at the center. In one of the stone gates is a spider web of electricity. In the center of the electric web is the keystone.

Menhirs are 12 ft tall and 3 ft wide. The dolmens are 10 ft tall and 15 wide.

The keystone weights 800 lbs.

Electricity is hitting the 4 menhirs and then the 4 druids.

Mikhail Petrovich – Druid Leader of the Green Faith – Preparing for the war against the Queen. Their ritual has been making the peasants able to ‘defend’ themselves. They are turning them into beast men.

They talk of a war to come. But it is wrong to force this change without asking the peasants.

Detente ends as Oewyn makes it clear they cannot continue without asking and since they will continue then we are enemies.


  • Druid x 3
  • Druid Leader x 1 – Mikhail Petrovich

When we killed one of the druids, the tendril of electrical energy going to one of the stones dissipates and the large electrical strike to the top, dims some.

Mikhail Petrovich turns into an earth elemental and leaves. “He’ll find another way.” When he leaves, the electrical tether snaps back and the main spark decreases again.

The fight winds down. The Bull Druid survived and his companion. We tied them both up and break down the stone wall around the dolman where the keystone is.

Leanna and Gilain are able to wrestle it out. It’s a big 800 lb rock. When it comes out, the lightning coming down dies off.

And Alexi no longer looks like a boar.

We then examine the area. (Area D) has some tarps over parts of it to keep the rain off. -

Area C where the dolmans are and we recover the gear from the druids.
(3 of them)

Area B – trees and two chests

Session 49

4714 March (continued)

Week 3/Week 4 (continued)

Follow Up

  • Blaze would likely not reach out of the house of Falbin
  • Detect Evil.
  • Why are they destroying the crops?
  • Mivon????

20% of the fields are left from the flame.

Alexi interogates the conscious one while Stasja

  • These 4 were charged by Mivon with dealing with northern border issues.
  • Kinda like Texas Rangers
  • Issues involving Lycanthopy tends to bring bounty hunters (which are a problem) so they wanted to destroy the resources that bounty hunters would use to carry out their activities.

We are not within borders of Mivon, but in an area of interest to them.

The leader of the group is the dead one.

Things escalate and Oewyn duels the second in command and Kaiden heals the fallen Mivon before he dies.

Kaiden writes a letter for them to take explaining what happened after getting input form the party. He makes a duplicate of it.

They are dispatched to head back with the letter.

The others f the party work to bury Hemzel and his wolf companion.

Stasja talks with Falbin and fills him in on what happened with Hemzel and the fey Ziflander.

Falbin provides 14 doses of Wolfsbane

Most sightings of the beast men are east of here. The logging camp of ‘Axe Fall’ is to the east of us.

We head out to get to Axe Fall, we’ll get there about nightfall. On the way, Oewyn detects a static cloud bank to the east.

We get to Axe Fall and there is a light drizzle and the cloud bank is over it.

As we enter the town square, we note that appears it’s abandoned. No lights.

The church is a shrine of Pharasma. We find some scraps of cloth that were burst out of.

We camp for the night in a inn on the main level. During the first watch, Alexi hears a noise on the roof. Kaiden steps outside to look up and is attacked by beast men. They are partially changed.


  • 10 x Beast Men

They were beast men from the shoulders up (arms and heads) and knees down. They did not revert to human form upon death. They did not detect as Evil.

We gather their bodies in the Inn and Leanna casts secure shelter for us to camp the rest of the night.

The next morning, Alexi wakes and has boar beast man features. He wants Leanna to help him.

It seems Break Enchantment is needed. Today, Leanna is not able to break it. We’ll need to find the source to see if that can fix him and Leanna can try again.

We lay out the bodies of the beast men in a sealed house and leave a note that we said we did the best we could for them until a Cleric of Pharasma could say the proper rites.

We mount up and head in the direction the Lore stone leads us. Of note, the winds are picking up strength.

We come to a river crossing with a make shift log bridge. Across the way is a line strung between two trees with a haunch of meat hung from hit.

On the log bridge, Oewyn finds a trap and Alexi attempts to disarm it.

As Alexi gets back on land, hounds break out from the underbrush.


  • 3 x Hounds
  • 3 x Hunters

A female hunter called out in Elven, “Die Monster” They fought to the death. They were elves.

Oewyn is able to recover 2 Wolf Hounds.

We recover loot from the bodies. We find a signet ring on the Elven girl.

Session 48

4714 March (continued)

Week 3/Week 4 (continued)

As the fire is put out from the Ice Storm, a half-elf and giant cat approaches the house.

She seems distraught and collapses over Heimzel for a moment and then collects herself. We explain what happened from here. Her and Hemzel’s relations with the fey had been friendly.

The empty ornate box and journal catch her attention. She says she knows what they took. An faceted piece of crystal about the size of our fist. We think the keystone should be a carved piece of stone. They don’t seem to be the same thing.

Hemzel would use this crystal at night almost like a scrying device. Almost like a nightly ritual.

Stasja tries to decipher the the journal (which is in code).

  • The crystal is a lore stone. There is mention of a keystone. The Lore Stones are like a compass – attuned to a specific thing. Maybe it’s attuned to a keystone, but maybe not. It’s implied to it’s attuned to the Key Stone.
  • A few days ago, some fey asked him for the lore stone, but he declined. It ended without conflict.
  • The Lore Stone is over sensitive to light. If they are exposed to light within a druid circle, they can be reset.

Quietly, Nisha talks with Gyre (the atome) finding out what Ziflander had directed and why. She doesn’t know what happened to create the Lumber Jack Unseelie (tortured) thing. The plan was to meet at a nearby druid circle. Gyre is a Fey Warden type – thought she was doing her part to protect the fey from attack (Ziflander said Hemzel was going to attack the fey).

We’ll have Stasja hold onto his posessions and we’ll bring his body with us. We bring the body of the wolf too (it’s his animal companion). We believe Ziflander is headed to a Druid Circle to the north.

We press on into the evening and over night continuing to look for the Druid Circle. We’ll be fatigued.

With the advent of false dawn, we approach the druid circle. It’s on an island in a small lake.

Dawn is in about a minute. We’ll need to move quick.


  • 2 x Snakes
  • 1 x Crocodile
  • 1 x Quickling – Zifilander
  • 3 x Spriggans
  • 1 x Lycan Bear with Silver Fur

“Too too late, filthy intruders. In a few seconds, your lore stone will be wiped. Humans are always failures….”

With about 30 seconds to day break, Leanna finds 3 magic item. (Brooch, Cloak, and something in pouch) on Ziflander

Any angry bear stomps out of the water (larger than normal legs, and glowing eyes, and silver furred).

Silver was not bypassing it’s resistance to damage and it was regenerating even while unconscious. Hmm. Dahlia was able to do something last time to stop the regeneration. Gilain suggests seeing if it can regen drowning. And it didn’t. It died. After 4 minutes more, it turns into a naked man.

We identify the Lore Stone. (At-Will – pulse intensify in the direction of the attuned object).

Leanna uses the Lore Stone and gets a ping to the South East.

Stasja mentions a nearby Gnome name Falbin who was a friend of Hemzel. We’ll take Hemzel’s remains to the Falkbin.

Falbin has been cultivating wolfsbane.
Hemzel and Falbin were sharing info of the beast men and were looking to have Hemzel patrol the area.

We then camp for the day. While resting, many (but Nisha and Oewyn do not) have unsettling dreams about teeth and claws.

After resting we head for the Gnome’s. Oewyn spots an inordinate amount of smoke at the Gnome’s homestead. We hustle up.

Part of one of the buildings and part of the field is on fire. There are several human’s scattered around the homestead. Stasja does not spot Falbin (or any other gnomes)


  • 4 x humans – paired two hander blades and a bow each

“Get them in the name of Mivon” Wielding Aldori dueling swords.

One is killed. 1 surrenders and 2 are healed at stabilized in negatives. Oeywn spots a gnome prone in the fenced garden area. Leanna goes over and finds a pulse and heals all of his subdual damage..

Follow Up

  • Blaze would likely not reach out of the house
  • Detect Evil.
  • Why are they destroying the crops?
  • Mivon????
Session 47

4713 November (continued)

Week 2/Week 3 (continued)

Aftermath from the Pallid Plague

Made the Stability and Loyalty checks in both Olegdahl and Priomdahl so only 1 point of Unrest accrued.

Due to the fires in Priomdahl, we lost one wooden house.

Loot Split – 2768 gp (We’ll have another split in December of the same amount)

Allocated to Leanna
2 x Scroll of Lessor Restoration
1 x Pearl of Power (2)

We leveled. Welcome to level 9!

NOTE: Mark Hex 1521 (Urghar Tribal lands) as explored

Ideas for things to do over the winter:

  • Retrain
  • Okay – Maybe not travel in the winter
  • Find Druid Hemzel – Tidestone – 1721
  • Hex 1621, 1720, 1721 (Druid Hemzel) , 1622 (Lake Silverstep), 1722, 1522,
  • Hex 1823, 1822, 1821, 1820

Wrap up the the battle. We killed them all and looted.

We burn the bodies and things.

The plague diminishes over a few time.

Death Count is about 25 including the camp.

Dahlia met with one of the cultists during and was not swayed by them. Ended up in a conflict and she ended up killing the cultist. (The Circle)

Full disclosure with the council.

Publicly, we say it was the work of a Plague Cult.

Kabran apologies for the illegal activities of the Logging camp.

Week 4 – Aftermath week

Supervising the recovery of people.

Kaiden and Leanna help with healing those that they can.

Oewyn help with the harvest.

Alexi and Gilain and Nisha pend time in town with the people. Nisha promotes that she was instrumental in the anti-plague.

4713 December

Week 1 – Kingdom Week

Snow starts.

Research is done.

Loot Split – 2768 gp

Week 2

Kaiden – Retrain feat.
Nisha – Face to face with Annalise

Week 3

Kaiden – Relationship with Jenna Varn

Week 4

Kiaden – Relationship with Jenna Varnj – Total went from 17 to 21. Follow up with Toby on trait.

4714 January

Week 1 – Kingdom Week

  • Kaiden – Isandrea’s Basin – 12 pts (and 10 more from Gilain)

Carved from the heartwood of a Treant
Enchants Liquids put into it.

  • Any water placed into it becomes unholy
  • Liquids transformed carry disease

Week 2

  • Kaiden – Work on Jenna Varn

Week 3

  • Kadien – Work on Jenna Varn – 21 to 25 (Romantic)

Week 4

  • Kaiden – Work on Akiros (19 to 21)
  • Oewyn- Planning hunt with Jhod in the Spring – inviting Kaiden, Jenna Varn, Akiros, Ivana Orisana, Caleb Northwood (Envoy from Kyonin)

Ruling: +2 stat item is CL6, +4 is CL8, and +6 is CL10

4714 February

Week 1 – Kingdom Week

Research happens

Isandrea’s Boon -

  • It was the source of the Pallid Plague if used
  • Since the basin made partly out of Isandrea’s body, Thorn potentially could affect it.
  • Oewyn is able to destroy it. After it is in 5 pieces, we burn the pieces.

Plan is to finish Caster’s Tower in the long term build slot and then work on Castle.

Week 2

  • Kaiden – HP Training
  • Alexi – Researches Young Fey Queens -

Week 3

  • Kaiden – HP Training

h2 Week 4

  • Kaiden – HP Training

4714 March

Week 1 – Kingdom Week

  • Promoted The Old Beldame to be an assistant Magister



The Centaurs tried to force the Varn maneuvers to stop by raiding the Varn lands. That is where we had the casualties. The actions were successful for Varn though and established temporary dominance. Centaur incursions will be abated for an indeterminate amount of time.

Week 2- Target for Spring Hunt

Oewyn’s Invitees: Kaiden, Jenna Varn, Akiros, Ivana Orisana, Caleb Northwood (Envoy from Kyonin), and rest of party (Leanna, Alexi)

Nisha holds a ‘peasant’ hunt.

Gilain works on relationship with Evangeline.

At the end of the week, Jenna Varn returns home.

Week 3/Week 4 – Travel to Hex 1721 (Where Druid Hemzel is supposed to be)

Takes about 5 days to get there. There are rumors of beast men in the area.

We arrive and spend day 6 searching hex 1721. It will take 2 days as it’s hills.

A point of interest is found. We find spot smoke (chimney) leading us to a hut. We arrive close to sunset.

“Too late, too late for Hemzel. Gyre, get them” in a high pitched voice from behind the hut.

Combat ensues.


  • 1 x Quickling (departed quickly)
  • 2 x Rat Swarms (summoned)
  • 1 x Gyre (tiny, green skinned fey – Atome)
  • 1 x Dire Wolverine (summoned)
  • 1 x Axe Wielding man with grey skin and green glowing eyes (Unseelie)

“Ha ha, we killed, the leader, the one leading the attack on us” (para-phrased) speaker is traumatized

“Ziflander saw to that. (Killing Hemzel). He was going to lead an attack, so she attacked.”

Who was he organizing the attack with?

Inside, the hut is on fire.There is an evicesrated humanoid corpse that is on fire. There is a wolf corpse and next to it is the corpse of an Atome.

On the table, is an ornate box that stands empty and a stack of pages..

Axe Wielding man with grey skin and green glowing eyes appears out of no where and attacks Kaiden.

Leanna is able to put the fire out with an Ice Storm.

We’ll review aftermath next session.

Find sketch artist for Kaiden
Review Leadership roles –
Alexi – start recruiting 1 BP/week of recruitment until Alexi moves spycraft bonus to loyalty—-then 2 BP/week.

Session 46

4713 November (continued)

Week 2 (continued)

After the fracas in the street, we continue to help Evangaline.

Hours 1 and 2 (Kaiden: Diplomacy and Handle Animal)

We collect samples from the dead cultists and then Oewyn and Alexi take a wagon with the bodies to the graveyard. They burn the bodies while there.

The third hour we do not make progress on the cure.

The fourth hour, we are down Oewyn and Alexi are dealing with body disposal. (Kaiden: Linguistics)

We spend the fifth hour on the cure. (Kaiden: Survival)

We spend the sixth hour on the cure. (Kaiden: Perception)

It appears Evangaline has found a viable cure. We now need to gather the resources locally (Oweyn, Valkyrie and Leanna) go on that trip. Kaiden, Gilain, Alexi stay to protect Evangaline.

A combat ensues in each location.

Combat – Evanaline’s Alchemist Shop

  • 2 x Dire Apes – Sick and covered in sores and pustules
  • 1 x Rat/Cat

Combat – in the Streets

  • 3 x Wolves – Sick and covered in sores and pustules
  • 1 x Beggar

One of the wolves gets away, but the rest are killed in both fights.

Oewyn collects the bodies from the street and returns post haste with the supplies.

Evangeline is able to make 12 vials of anti-plague. She’s will continue to work on a long term solution.

After we stripped the bodies to anything worthwhile, we find an envelope addressed to Alexi on the body of the ‘Beggar’.

It’s an invitation to a party. Celebration or Gala. Drawn map in it. The location is the carnival ground from a few years ago. Right outside town. Signed with a symbol he doesn’t recognize.

Leanna recognizes the symbol of one of the Fae Queen in text references. Could refer to Isandrea as it’s not any of the other 4 known ones.

The gala is for midnight tonight and it’s 10pm now…it will take us an hour to get there.

We gear up (in our depleted state) and head out.

As we near the carnival location (where the Gala is), we hear the sounds of revelry.

Low melodic drowning throughout the area. Interrupted by random screams of pain and also by screams of pleasure.

Ahead is a clearing with three large trees. There is a long banquet table in an arc around the central tree. It appears the table and accessories are sculpted from bone. There are vases with bright orange fire blooms.

Carved out of the three itself is a fountain. Sculpture of a nude woman pouring water into a basin.


  • 10 x Cultists
  • 4 x Patrolmen stuffed with flowers
  • 1 x Lady

Alexi presents his invitation. The Lady says “On behalf of my lady, we can recruit more. Kill them all.” (severely paraphrased)

During the battle, the Dusk Queen’s champion showed up. Grandmother took his gear and banished it.

The Plague Queen showed from a tree (Treant ally). (Dryad with an animated tree). She was defeated.

Session 45

4713 November (continued)

Week 2 (continued)

What is our game plan? Get the loggers to stay while we seek our a cure in the hex or nearby hex by tracking the ‘cultists’

1 – Move the camp to a clean site
2 – Leanna treats each of the 6 loggers to help their disease while Oewyn does an initial scout
3 – We then head for the clearing to track the ‘cultists’ based on directions from the loggers

We get to an opening with a multitude of flower beds (Fire Blooms; common; decorative).

There are three robed figures. After a dialogue where the ‘druid’ does not want to answer the direct question “Do you serve the Young Queen Isandrea?” he turns into a diseased looking bear and combat ensues. The other turn into bears as well.


  • 3 x Diseased Druids
  • 1 x Animated Bear

They were human. We found some items on them. In the soil, there are diced up bodies and cloth bits. The loggers that died?

They each had a collar of stone on cord – exact match to Dahlia’s. Maybe these druids were co-opted by some force.

We find a campfire nearby. Oewyn search for tracks and finds some going to the south west. They are hooved.

Leanna takes blood samples from all three bodies and samples of the flowers.

The contaminated gear of the druids is stored in bags on Oweyn’s mount.

We then build a pyre with the bodies and the bear corpse and burn them.

We then follow the tracks to the south west. About an hour later, we come to a large grove clearing. There are two bodies (two woman) in the clearing and (one woman) near a tree. They appear to be dryads. Leanna believes they died to the plague.

We are then ambushed by some things.


  • 4 x Enemy’s – Horned Humanoids with Bows – Satyr’s

We are able to de-escalate the fight before anyone is killed and question the Satyrs. They are scared when the Young Queen Isandrea is mentioned.

They had thought the source of the death of the Dryads was the loggers and they exacted the attack on the loggers.

The Young Queen Isandrea is known as the Plague Queen.

The arbiter (Oewyn) says they owe a debt of for the erroneous attack on the loggers. How they expiate the debt is up to them.

They seem Queen Syntira may have more information.

We send a message with the Satyr to the Queen Syntira.

We then spend two days searching Hex 1117 (our current hex).

Each day we stop back with the loggers and care for them. But over that time, five of them are now catatonic. One is just prior to that stage.

At the end of the second day, Kaiden receives a sending from “Grandmother” (Cleric lieutenant of the Hag Queen):

In warning, the Queens champion is moving
the situation is unexpected and
I advice your return unless
you wish us to freely resolve.

Kaiden responded:
The Pallid Plague has resurfaced.
Seeking Isandrea to resolve.
Plese resolve Champion with
minimum impact.

The next morning, the party starts to see some early onset of the plague. We realize that the logging camp is missing some wagons. We see what directions the wagon tracks went.

Something was loaded or unloaded about an hour away and then the tracks continue. Oewyn circles the area looking for things of interest. There are several oversize bear tracks in the area and a scattering of flower petals.

We continue to follow the wagon tracks in an easterly direction.

On the outskirts of Olegdahl, we run into a patrol. Olegdahl has been affected by plague. They sent a message to Priomdahl.

They have started to quarantine those affected. We have them arrange for the loggers to be brought to those quarantined. We ask a second message to be sent with details about the cultists, wagon, fire bloom flowers, and info we have about the plague so far.

We enter Olegdahl to track the cultists to capture one and gain information about where Queen Isandria.

The ‘cultists’ are spotted and we move to intercept them in town.


  • 3 x Diseased Druids

We take one alive and interrogate him.

The Blight Druid and their patron is a Young Queen.

We get some information from him, but not where the other wagon was headed. We think it’s Priomdahl, but not sure.

Kaiden passes the sentence of death and kills him humanely. Oewyn notices a tatoo of the back on his neck. Leanna believes it is more outsider related than religion. The mark is Daemontic (not demonic). “Court of Pestilence” venerate/worship the Horseman of Pestilence

We restock up and head at a brisk pace to Priomdahl. (2 days away)

We get to the outside of Priomdahl and sent Nisha into the town. She seeks out Dahlia, then seeks out Kabran, then Jhod, and the Evangaline (the Alchemist).

Evangeline is hired to help produce a cure from the samples we took and Nisha’s blood.

Her initial diagnosis will take an hour. We have the guard pass the information that we are back in town and working on a cure while martial law is enacted.

She can make a check every hour of work.

We get through 2 hours and then 4 Cultists Alchemist (Bombers) attack the Alchemy shop.


  • 4 x Cultists Alchemist (Bombers)

We captured one alive (he’s sleeping). Alexi secures him.

We recover 12 x Alchemist Fire
4 x +1 Chain Shirt

Do they have the Daemon tattoo? Yes. Do they look sick? Yes

Seasion 44
Horror in Ughar village part 1

4713 October (continued)

The Wendigo Fever transformation can have some random effects
Chiefs son 1 “berserk” with big giant talons
chief son 2 oversized jaw and pack of 4 berserk dogs

Discovered that Kaiden Nishan and Leana are infected with the wendigo fever cured with remove disease in two days use cleared the fever

after action items
each party member gets cask of ice pepper 100gp each
this hex can be claimed by us if done in under a year, self sustaining and wants to not be changed

gear from the chief and sons
mw composite longbow str (+2),
mw battle axe 310gp,
2 mw great clubs 305gp
two cure light potions.

this village gives use feather token allowing us to go to closest village and check on them.

we head back to the capital for 1 week of down time but along the way we get ambushed
at the ford with that we got attacked by fish creatures.
this time attacked by … 3 spriggins “can enlarge to size large from small” and 1 elder worge
loot from spriggins
2285 silver
497 gold
19 quarts crystals 10gp each total 190 gp
5 bottles fine wine 10 gp each 50 gp
green velvet dress with fresh water pearls “noble outfit” worth
man red silk top coot “noble outfit”
suite half plate 600 gp

handy haversack

the party reaches a camp site and finishes the cold mountain side track

4713 November

Week 1 – Kingdom

giant owl delivers a package to Alexie ..
packages are
zacks knows collector that might pay full price"
breast plate elysian bronze +1 staunching “tandoor heraldry” (dr 2 vs magical beasts/monstrous hominoids)
**long sword +1 elysian bronze “tandoor heraldry”

small packages gem “mark of favor” 500gp all earth subtypes will be starting at neutral
color based on players favorite color

Utgar ship over package of ice peppers “worth 3 bp”

Jenna Varn from from VarnHold came to speak to Kaiden about getting loan for 9 bp 3 for 3 months pay back 1 per month in the summer

Alexi investigates Tessa Kelrand dating Kabran Bloodeye “current treasurer”: Tessa is living high life style

Kaiden learns some information on the pallid plague , incredibly viral, transmitted injury, inhaled or ingested, cure disease spell (3rd 5th lvl) needs like 20s on roll, normal tactics was to burn the village to the ground

Leana looking into the fey queens influences are single hexes Istra 1521, Syntira 1415, Dusk Queen was 1614, Hag is in the capital 1517

Done with Kingdom turn.

Week 2

Part decides to head out and see what happened to some wardens and the saw mill.
a Fox kit drops a scroll from Syntira that says my Sister Isandrea (Fey queen) has freed herself and could be a threat to both of us Arbitor

4 days to get to the hex with the lumbering

we find lumber camp that has light fog in the area and an unnatural silence in the woods. out of the silence is the terror screams and ripping canvas sound across the camp
we fight 2 zombie dire bears filled with flowers that explode in gore shower, the bears are wearing collars.

6 lumber jacks are panting and seem fatigued, camp came under attack by group of saitors the lumber jacks got a patrol and hunted the saitors down and found garden of flowers with a group of saitors and the zombie bears,

the survivors got back to camp and then became sick, fatigued and tired

the head of the lumber camp found grove of darkwood and was not going to report it and just give money to the lumbers

lumber jacks covered in blisters “Gilains” researched this as the palid plague so does Kaiden

Formen Zender Fulch is in the tent of the dead, with 7 other bodies

Nisha finds bag with coins (500gp) that is light but is not detectable with detect magic … its called Pathfinder Bag can carry 10 lbs caster lvl 9 cost 1000 gp
100 lbs of dark wood

Session 43

4713 October (continued)

Water fall continued.

stromkarl “Byardmager” is tied up and then heal it up to awake

Nisha notices that the dolmen is covered in pictographs that are a list of Proper names one being Glowyn , could be list of village names, and a recording of vows / religion Ughar

Talking to the Women “we assume correct is Priyia” find out even as a ghost she is a little batty. With good diplomacy and sense motive rolls she calms down enough to talk and find out her story figure out what to do. child is a daughter …
the son said he would take an offering to the dolm, later a hunter brought back the sons cloths bloody and ragged.
Priyia swore that she would head up to the dolm there laying out the daughter a raven came down to feast on the child .,.. fighting the raven Priyia fell off the icy edge of the water fall.

Priyia as a ghost posed the stromkarl but found out she can not leave the area. For now all she can do is maintain her bodies looks incase the goddess shows up at the water fall.

Priyia insanity mechanics ( sense motive / bluff / diplomacy ) - currently possessing Nisha

stromkarl “Byardmager” is untied and we talk trying to gather more information on where the fey lady goddess “Istria” and Byardmager is her lover. might be found so we can leave him in peace after the arbiter Owen aggress to non-violence , Byardmager gives Owen a ring to lower the water entrance to Istria’s home

Accent up the mountain Climb check / acrobatics check each hour going to take 8 hours.
4 hours climbing get us up to 5000 ft (fort saves each hour or be fatigued) survival helps with the fort saves

at hour 7 an avalanche happens some how no one dies or gets buried

hour 8 top of the mountain, Owen find narrow trail heading off 1/4 mile to a water spring, using the ring made of hair 1 use, that lowers the water down

100 feet drained water tunnel leads to hidden valley on the other side “Hidden Vale”
Waiting in the center of the vale is part women part earth element looking lady. As the posed Nisha (Priyia) … starts

Istrai is Ourrel “earth / mountain nymph” more Lawful then neutral, less given to impulsive behavior

Learned some information about the fey realms and titles Elder queen / young queen / princess, only land owners can take claim land, princess can only claim land for their queen

back down at the water fall “Byardmager”

225 gp
3 chrysoberyl gems 90gp each
1 large agua marine 550gp
wand of alarm 36 charges
vail of silver sheen
elixer of tumbling
iron rope “magic”

need to change the offerings should be changed to booze and candies/sweets

hunt for the windigo .. idea is to find a cave near the water fall 3 hours to find the cave

summoning the bloody beast torturing Owen with heal skill for 2 hours. A large dire Wolverine with stumps for legs appears right into the entrance
after Nisha firewalls its but the party hacks it dead and then builds a bonfire and turns it to ashes.
Return to Glowyn , to inform them of the parties great victories…

In the middle of the night in the village of Glowyn …. more screams not from Owen but a villager Elder Leal found the bodies. Looks like the scream came from an elders hut the Doom Sayer’s, Gamic points to the party members and points into the hut. Inside we see a blood bath with two bodies the Doom sayer and his wife,
heads have been hacked off, some type of edged weapon
hearts cut out and flesh has been gnawed human
bloody human hand prints of two different sizes larger ones seem to be clawed

items found in the hut
3 tribal arrows, per Ganic Lysis did not hunt.
Marchess looks at the hand prints and says there is two different sizes with the large ones being clawed , ks arcane Nisha : less two different people more of one person that can change their hands like sorcerer or wear wolfs..

Asking questions of the elders if there is anyone missing from the village

Heal checks to see if anyone in the village has been hurt recently, taking 10 to get 17 Leana finds the Chief is feverish and ill trip to the other villages was two fold he has contracted waisting palsy, that the daughter died of. but he has Wendigo Fear

other idea see if anyone matches the hand sizes match 7 hunters matched the hand size

info about Doom sayer Lysis, he was one of the few persons in the village that could cast magic, had very little enemies

Arrows are to general to be matched to any one person.

Talking to the Chief Gamic, this revelation is that he does not have wasting disease but the disease to turn into a bloody beast starts thinking about events and starts to change into humanoid bloody beast when he cries out there is two other screams in the village.

Session 42

4713 October (continued)

Week 2 (Continued)

On our way to Glowyn, we’ve come across a boot with a foot in it on the ground. Oewyn spots a trail in the snow up the slope.

The trail up is a crude set of steps. The party dismounts and some of them climb up to examine what’s up there. Seems like a shredded camp.


  • 2 x Moss Trolls

A few seconds later later we hear a horse neigh that cuts off. We follow and find a dead horse savaged by a beast, but no tracks in the snow. Very peculiar.

We continue to follow. The trail splits and we follow the one that possibly has a rider and find Tildon on the horse and we start to track the other horse. We find the other horses.

We then head back to the ambush site and search it.

The remains are Old Meg Mace. We dig a grave (it takes 2 hours). DC 20 and DC21 for the cold.

We then set back out. DC 22, 23, 24

We find a campsite for the night. Oewyn has a very bad dream (teeth and darkness) and wakes in a scream. He’s damaged (Wis and HP and fatigued). Kaiden heals the damage.

He’ll have to rest some more to recover spells and he wakes from a nightmare again with damage.

He’s not able to mem spells. We continue on and arrive at the village of Glowym. close to sun down. (Still in Hex 1521)

We come to Glowym and we attract attention. We have the arrow out with the feathers. There are 50-60 people here. They are feeling unfriendly towards us.

The 5 elders gather at one end. 4 of the 5 have an unfriendly feeling towards us. They populous and 4 elders are negative to the chief as well.

Chief Gannec Trom greets us.

If we request ‘Abasomia’, we can be considered a member of the tribe until the next moon.

A table is set up – test of the ice peppers. We have to all participate and one of us has to eat 5 without passing out in 1 minute.

One of the elders casts detect magic ahead of time.

1st – DC 12
2nd – DC 14
3rd – DC 16
4th – DC 18
5th – DC 20

Gilain and Kaiden succeed.

Gannoc addresses the crowd. “We are now accepted and can act as one of us under his direction.”

We’ll have a feast in an hour (time enough for some of our party recover).

Notable NPCs

  • Speaker Gannoc Trom
  • Doomsayer Lysis Redav, Male Elder
  • Elder Arin Scliswe, Female
  • Elder Leal Pharis, Male
  • Elder Woula Stepan, Female

Village of Glowyn has a purchase limit of 1000gp. Items available:

  • Potion of Aid
  • Potion of Lesser Restoration
  • Scroll of Cure Moderate
  • Scroll of Remove Fear

Village attitude has shifted to Indifferent.

In the time before dinner, we are able to mingle. Alexi gathers some rumours:

  • Area has a problem.
  • Not sure of the source, but they associated it with the Goddesses displeasure
  • Urghuar venerate the goddess of the mountain – Istria
  • Sacred Dolmen located near the top of the falls of Istria
  • Said to live in a palace of golden glass high up in the mountain
  • Several Elders think that several of the people killed were killed by the Breath of the Goddess – takes many shapes – walks on misty clouds and leaves no traces
  • Since it’s a spirit, it does not eat – just mangles it’s victims. The Bloody Beast.
  • The Doomsayer fills in that the legend of the Windwalker is close to the truth, but not quite. The breath of the goddess is not alive in itself. It transmutes the person into the Wiitikown.
  • It fears fire and taste blood and fear from afar and can hunt both the waking and the dreaming.
  • 95% certain this is what’s doing it, not understanding why the goddess has set it upon them. We were summoned to find out.
  • Pet theories on the reason behind the displeasure of the goddess:
    • tribe in the area has been twindling in faith and that’s why she is upset
    • winter sacrifices were blemished or not of sufficient quantity or quality – cakes, fetishes
    • far too many lowlanders have been allowed to encroach her lands
    • villager named Pria who lost her daughter to fever and was going to seek satisfaction from the goddess.

Our goal is to find out why the goddess is displeased and then fix it.

We’ll camp here tonight and then head out tomorrow.

Oewyn, Leanna, Kaiden sleep in tents outside the village so if Oewyn has nightmares he’ll not disturb the village.

Gilain, Nisha, Alexi sleep in the town.

That night Oewyn has another nightmare. A bite mark on his shoulder appeared too. Kaiden heals the damage.

We get through the rest of the night without event.

In the morning, we inquire how to get to the top of the falls of Istaria. They provide directions to the falls. We are given permission to use the elevated gate that leads to a trail to the falls.

We set out for the falls. It’s a well worn path. As we approach the dolmen at the top of the waterfall and Alexi spots a bundle of cloth on a stone in the midst of the river.

As we approach, wailing cries mingle with the water flow and a horrible despair fills us.

Some of us are overcome by the despair and attempt to leap off the cliff side.


  • Dolmen Haunt

There was a mountain man down below near the corpse of a woman and we engage in combat. Seems it might be a Waterfall Dryad (stromkarl).

We knock the stromkarl out and it seems the spirit of the woman corpse tries to possess some of us.

Nisha flies over to the dolmen and Leanna flies over. We’’ll need to find a way to work with the ghost to end the haunt. The woman has to confront the Goddess and forgive her.

While figuring out the plan, a wierd crow attacks Nisha.


  • 1 x Nevermore (Crow thing)

It regens and can go incorporeal. We defeat it and Gilain burns it to stop the regen.


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