Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 29

March 4713 (continued)

Week 2
4 days into the week took place in the last session


  • Deal with growing Shadow Lands
  • Giant
  • Flying Green Lizard
  • Shamblemound

Plan –
Hunt Giant in 1517 (Capital Hex)
Trace path towards Shadow Lands that hit each of the creature

Oewyn tracks down the giant trail and we come across him along a road by some over turned wagons.

He is singing about his sorrows. When we move up and engage him in conversation “His Green Lady is missing.” “She show’s up in his dreams.” “Gone now, and can’t find her.” We describe the Old Beldame. “What? No, she’s not a hag.” “Many nights ago” (was the last he saw her). What was the Green Lady talking to him about in his dreams? “She was going to find him a mate.”

Memory jog was the Stag Lord protested “The Green Lady had promised him…” something.

Alexi attempts to send the Giant to the south west. “You know the Green Lady? Give her to me or I will take her by force?” We end up in a fight.


  • 1 x Hill Giant “Monguk”

Found some loot and a crude map.

Leanna believes it is a map of the south west. – Markings are indecipherable. Comprehend Languages could help.

Next up – travel to 1516 then 1616, 1615, and 1614 (Shadow Lands).

  • 1516 – Marsupial cat tracks – but we avoid them
  • 1515 – Boars – we avoid them
  • 1616 – During third watch that night – encounters a lizard man. He was bringing a message from “Raashok” wanting to meet with us on the lake outside the Lizardman village.

1715 – Lizardmen Island

  • Oewyn detects unease – perhaps this hex is next to be assimilated by the Shadow Lands.
  • Raashok comes that night. If he stages a coup, it will not be without bloodshed and likely will harm their ability to hunt and bring them to the point of starvation.
    • Offers
      • Food Supplies (BP investment for a specific period of time)
      • Military Aid (Party aid in the coup – aid and then leave)
    • Agreement Offered
      • Alliance and the eventual goal of joining our growing kingdom
        • Too early to talk about Alliance yet, but would be willing to take steps in that direction. Peaceful relations. Not hunt our people and give them safe passage. Would provide military support with a lizardman unit for one (1) fight.
        • Night raid coup and the chief and spirit would need to be defeated

The next time we’ll help in the coup.

The Coup

  • XX x Lizardmen
  • 2 x Blood Caimans
  • 1 x Will-o-wisp
  • 2 x Harem
  • 1 x Chief Vesket
  • 1 x Troll

We are victorious! After defeating Chief Vesket and his followers we drained his troll follower of blood and installed our lizardman friend as the new chieftain.

Though ominously Chief Vesket did state that we had doomed “us” all after Eva connected with the final blow.

Cousin congratulated the new chief and presented him with the ancestral spear, however the willowisp had escaped, without it there is no proof that it wasn’t a spirit ancestor. Still our efforts were enough to secure the lizardman’s neutrality in the upcoming war.

During the battle, the Wisp escaped and fled.

Oweyn starts looting the chief – we trade the ‘Lizardman spear’ to Raashok for Chief Veket’s gear.

Raashok will not be hailed as the leader for now until the Wisp is proved dead.

Gathered Troll Blood. Will need to bring it back within a couple of weeks (before next kingdom turn)

We depart the next day and head out to Hex 1714.

NOTE: Mark surveyed on 1715

While traveling into the Shadow Lands, Owen noticed that the vegetation seemed unusual, more fleshy? I wasn’t sure as it was too disturbing to contemplate. I was quite glad for the dim light. Owen found some dragon(?) tracks that led to a valley filled with fog. We decided to head in. The fog was quite thick and we had difficulty seeing. We tied the pommels of our horses’ saddles together to keep anyone from getting lost from the others.

The fog was faintly acidic, not enough to harm us in the short term. We continued until we reached the edge of a body of water. The horses became very restless, so Owen cast resist acid on us and waterwalk on himself to explore the water. Turns out it wasn’t water but a huge pool of acid! He noticed that there was a large body of an owlbear half melted half eaten near the edge of the acid pool.

In the distance we heard a screeching roar. In response we encircled the horses. Eva tried to antagonize the monster. In response it breathed acid on us and the horses, we were protected while the poor beasts were not. I led our mounts away while Eva and Gwain continued the taunt the dragon. Owen summoned an air elemental to clear some of the fog and revealed a large reptilian creature. It charged just after I moved up to support Eva, leaving my valiant steed to guard the horses.

After defeating the Forest Drake we tracked it back to its nest. Inside was a humanoid body with some gear that wasn’t completely destroyed.

loot gained from lair Elven Chain Shirt, MW Dark wood Longbow, Cloak of elven kind “magic” functional but looks poor.

(1714 explored, moving on to 1713)

After exploring the area and finding nothing else of significance we pushed further into the Shadow Lands, heading West. We encountered a giant talking tree who shouted “The Dusk Queen to returned!” and asked if we were here to stop her or do her favors for rewards. Owen said we were trying to stop the spread of darkness. The Treant took offense to this answer and attacked.

While fighting, the acid spitting tree told Eva “Arbiter, I was told you were not here for violence. I will let you pass while dealing with these.” Eva replied that the Treant should stand down or suffer. That she was here to discuss matters with the Dusk Queen. The thing refused and so the battle continued. Eva finally smote it with a fire spell. After it fell over in a burning heap a pair of eyes appeared in the smoke. A voice challenged us to continue invading her realm.

So much for a peaceful solution, Eva seemed fine with it though.

Session 28

March 4713 (continued)

Week1 – Kingdom Turn

  • Party Split: 808 gp

Week 2

We raised an emergency military unit of militia (50) (Kesten) to come with us and we are also bringing the Forrest Hawks.

We head for Hex 1618 which will take us about a half day.

Dozen trolls scattered over the hex in 5 regions.

Militia (1 or 2)
Forrest Hawks

Combat Turn 1

  • Cow Pasture -
  • Farm House – Party – 3 Trolls – Secured
  • Grain Silo – Forrest Hawks – Have not cleared their sector
  • Barn -
  • Fields – Militia – More trolls, but swarmed them and won – did not become bloody

Combat Turn 2

  • Cow Pasture – Unit moved to the Fields and engaged the Militia
  • Farm House – Secured
  • Grain Silo – Forrest Hawks – No fatalities – meat grinder though -
  • Barn – Party – 4 x Trolls – 1 x LeaderTroll
  • Fields – Secured – Militia – Superior Draw – Several Troll fled away – Lost about 20 people

Leader Troll – “Thrundogg”


The troll moved in and gorging.

Information gathered from Thrundogg

  • The trolls left their territory because they were starving and looking for food.
  • Harkulka rants about us all the day – high on his list to deal with – they will not wait to winter – no longer than fall harvest
  • There are currently 4 army units. – 3 troll units (25 each) and 1 kobold units
  • If the lizard men acquisitions goes through, they will field them as a 5th unit
  • As part a supply spread out – the units are split across several regions.
  • Trolls have a slave population of lesser races – Harkulka is insistent they are not turned into a food supply unless they are dead.

After gathering information – we exile him.

We gather the dead and wounded and return to the town. (1 day total time spent)

  • Funeral held the next day – memorial services –
    Elyan reminds us of his request to found a settlement – 10 BP investment – bring up during next kingdom turn

That night we go hunting for the cabal (changeling children/dead new born). The cobbler has been dominated. We secure him and then we find a secret panel and a hatch below that. We descend down and then through a tunnel – Leanne notes there is a bloom (fae effect) on the tunnel – we traveled 200 ft and came out on a ridge outside somewhere. There is a path ahead of us that leads into a forest. Hanging from many tree branches are ‘dream catchers’. The forest is magical – the dream catchers are not.

There are alot of tracks coming and going – but seems singles passing back and forth (booted feet).

We come to a lit clearing – there is a bonfire in the middle of it. There is a hooded figure on the other.

As we enter the clearing – the hooded figure beckons and in a female and horse voice – “Come in, you were expected.” Turning to Leanne “We have been expecting you Princess and look forward to giving your kingdom as is your birthright.”

Needless to say a battle followed. From the trees six figures stepped out with ravens that grew the size of wolves. These attacked my cousin with a fierce vengeance, whoever these dark fey were they did not like their rightful ruler. The figures were some sort of spell casters, witches(?), perhaps would make sense as the illusionary projection of a hag appeared in the fire and said something inconsequential.

The fight did not go well at first. For some incomprehensible reason our witch decided to immolate herself in the fire. Fortunately (?), the enemy witch healed her burns. I was some befuddled by this I decided to assess the situation before moving to assist my cousin who was in danger of becoming crow food.

After we defeated the witches, grandma and the projected hag, stated that we were stronger than her followers whom were responsible for killing the children. I felt dissatisfied by this, however the magics the hag was using indicated immense power we were not ready to deal with. The Hag did agree to withdraw her support from the Trolls while we were at “Peace.” Ava was also given a magical gem that had the power to absorb negative energy once a week.

Session 27

February 4713 (continued)

1) Troll Army
2) Candlemere
3) Lizard Folk – Destroy or Insurrection
4) Green Lizard Thing
5) Changeling Children
6) Missing Newborns
7) Shambling Mound Outstanding – Hex 1715
8) Varnhold trade route
9) Deal with Giant near Priomdahl

Building Goals:
1) Caster’s Tower (Long term) 6 BP/5 Months
2) Military Academy (Long term) 6 BP/6 Months
3) Luxory Store (Long term) 7 BP/4 Months
4) Garrison (Long term) 5 BP/6 Months

With Tyg in tow, we head back to Priomdahl. On the way back to Priomdahl, Kaiden has a dream. “on the homestead – night sky shattered – tree roots capture Kaiden and start to suffocate him…he hears whispered female voice…but can’t make out the words…”

About noon we return to Priomdahl. We return Tyg to his home

Flora tracks Kaiden down with an issue to be resolved. Early this morning, a group of townsfolk worked themselves into a tizzy and headed out to ‘take care of the fae’ – heading west. Probably to burn the Grove to the ground. We swap mounts out for fresh ones and head out after them.

Chase Montage begins

  1. Boar Crossing – Reflex, Wild Empathy, Ride
  2. Whitewashed – Perception, Survival, Geography (Kaiden – survival)
  3. River Crossing – Swim, Survival, Engineering
  4. A Giant Problem – “Can’t see, bring the lady back” *Deal with the giant later
  5. Long Shadows – Kn: Plane, Survival, Geography
  6. Grasping Straws – Nature, Strength, Escape Artist
  7. Black Flames – Reflex, Spellcraft, Ride
  8. All Choked Up – Our Shadows Attack Us
  9. Howls in the Dark – 2 Wolf Demon Things Attack Us
  10. Darkest Night – Dun dun dun…. – Kn: Plane, Survival, Geography
  11. The Meeting – Campsite with townsfolk -

Grigori is the authority that spun them up.

After aggressive discussions ensue and the villagers start to back down – “This is for the unprovoked attack on my people.”

4 skeleton – osirian armor in origin

16 x MW Scimitar
4 x +1 Chain Mail

As the fight ends, the voice says “I will consider us even”.

We take the villagers back to town over the few days. We use trevois to carry the 12 dead villagers back.

March 4713

Week 1- Kingdom Turn

  • When we complete the Alchemist Shop- an alchemist arrives -
  • New NPC: Angeline – female human – quirky or eccentric – quest source – looking for two components – She unlocks improved saw mills if she is put on retainer (1 consumption a month) – required to stay on
  • New NPC: Sir Regel from Toldor – English Big Game Hunter – mountains to the east – home to magical beasts – rocs and hipogriffs – build a fantastic stable – would need patronage (consumption)
  • Some more dwarfs show up
  • Lily returns – set up messengers willing to pass missives to people in Brevoy
  • Event: Oewyn – southern reaches of the forest have become dark, gloomy and shadowy (16xx and 17xx rows)
  • Event: Leanna investigates – Hags
  • Event: Alexi investigates – Missing Children – Total of 35 on spymaster roll
    • Small mass grave in the grave year – dozen infants
    • A lot of after hours activity in our town – people lurking in alleys well after hours – events involve one person at a time
    • Organization or cult?
    • One potential location that he can investigate this month – trailed someone to a location
  • Event: Oewyn scouts Trolls – Troll Raid – we can go deal with them now
  • Event: Gillain investigates Grigori – (rabel rouser vs fae) – thinks he found his man – traveling merchant

Troll Raid in 1618

FIX MAP: 1618 – Add to Kingdom – Fishery – Roads

TBD: Party Split

Dusk Queen – Fae

Fix my armor – +1 Chain Mail

Session 26

February 4713

Week 1 – Kingdom Week

  • Hex 1117 – Logging camp issues – not producing – Oewayn investigates and it looks like a war zone – there has been a bloom event – no positive
  • Trade route from Muvon is blocked by Troll activity
  • Refugees from the South (Gault) – arrived battered – lost people to trolls along the way – we grant them refuge in Priomdahl
  • Mother tried to drown her baby – it’s been replaced by a changeling – Public trial – child turned over to Alexi for “Assassin Training” – Oewyn has a nanny that will look after her from day to day
  • Leanna investigates Changelings – they are usually the offspring of a Hag – in the town, 13 changelings have shown up – some families consider the signs as good luck.
  • Event: Kobold infiltration into the Troll Army – came back – close to success on the lizrad folk west of Candlemere – Troll camp in 1814 but control several hexes nearby

Game plan -

  • Go check in Tig Tigger Tuk and Pervilash
  • Deal with Lizard men (diplomacy or take out)
  • Candlemere – and Willow O’Wisps

Week 2 -

  • It should take us 3 days to get to Tig Tigger Tuk and Pervilash’s Nest Hex 1116
  • On day 2 – a messenger catches us – Farmer’s in Hex 1118 having fae issues – suggestion is that we go to the fae nest first in 1116 and then go to 1017 – perhaps the two fae are the source of the issue
  • Day 3 – we arrive at 1116 where the nest is. The forrest is lush (the winter fae effects have snapped) – We get to there the nested tree.
    • Tree is covered in claw marks up to the nest
    • We dismount and Oewyn moves closer to investigate. Toothpick sized arrows – covered with troll blood. He hears sniffling and sobs in the nest. Oewayn tries to sooth the invisible critter and Pervilash fades into view. Stinky egg troll took Tig and Pervilash has to drive the humans out of the area or Tig will be pulled apart. Pervilash thinks Tig was taken to the Frog Pond. Oewayn tells Pervilash to keep up his activity while we go deal with the troll.
    • Hmm. There is a hot spring near where the frog pond was. Sulferous smell. 12 hours later we are closing in and hear cacophonous noises ahead.


  • 1 x Troll (CR)
  • (CR Award with Farmers)

We save Tig after a near death. We tell Tig that Pervilash is worries sick and she heads out. We investigate the campsite and tent. The Troll’s armor is soldier like. The tent is propped up by a large spear. There was a crude sign indicating “Monster Kingdom” (in Giant)

We head back to the nest – camping along the way to check in with Tig and Pervilash. (1 day)

We head to the Farm hex 1017. We tell the farmers that it was the Troll as the cause of the troll. (1 day)

(CR Award with Farmers)

We head down to the Autumn Grove to report our results (5 day) (total of 10 days so far)

We advise Queen Syntara and she asks us to check on something that might impact us again. There is a creature living in the southern forest that might be a green dragon – probably a lesser cousin. Will we take care of it? Yes.

They avoid the Lizard folk. Lizard tribes are generally neutral-ish. Agressively teritorial. Ancestor worshipers.

We travel to Hex 1715 (2 Days) and start to explore it. Oewyn rolls a 30 on survival. He finds spore of quadrapel lizard things. We track them down. This leads us to a hill that goes into the a cave. 10 ft wide entrance. A way down, it gets steeper then nearly vertical. We jury-rig the rope and about 20 ft down there is an offshoot tunnel and then 20 ft to the bottom.


  • 9 x Shocker Lizards

We recover 3 shocker eggs that we need to keep warm.

We re-secure the rope and start into the passage that Oewyn hears rumbling hisses from.

We make our way in and find a nest with a two headed large shocker lizard.


  • 1 x Two Head Shocker Lizard

When Ava enters the room, Thorn buzzes a bit – it’s some sort of Fae?

We kill it after it nearly kills Alexi and Ava. It has a green stripe on it. We heal up and search around. Lizard Men bones in the Nest. We take the two heads – maybe leverage to open talks with the lizard men.

We head outside and recover ours horses and set up camp to recover.

The next morning we continue exploring the hex (and to find the Lizard Man).

During the exploration, we find tracks of a shambling mound (huge). We decide to track down the shambling mound and continuing looking for the lizard men.

We find ourselves on the shore of Candlemere. It looks like there is a settlement just down the shore. There is an island in the middle of the mouth and that is where settlement is. We head to the beach. iroach in the open.

We glow with holy light and hail the town in common “We come in peace”. After a bit, we are hailed back in Draconic. They have caught a child fair and square and will eat him. We attempt to negotiate.

They refused shocker lizard meat, so Gilain presented the tribal spear we found instead. They questioned the brave dwarf on where the spear was found and he replied truthfully that we had found it in the lair of the two headed shocker lizard. The lizardman leader wanted to examine the spear, but Gilain wanted to know if the child was alive. The response was “lower him a foot” and shrill screams were heard.

The leader declared the spear a fake and threw it back. Gilain questioned one of the guards who said that the spear looked like a weapon of a revered ancestor. He then agreed to meet us at an island to discuss the spear while out loud proclaiming to drive us off. We left the village and traveled to the island and waited for our lizardman contact to arrive.

The guard arrived and tested the spear by trying to break while we explained the circumstances of finding the spear. The lizard man was named Rashaak, a senior hunter. He explained that he does not trust our kind and that their was an ancestor spirt (that had owned the spear) was advising the chief. Thus the spear being in the cave was false.

The spirit did not show up every night, only when it had new to part to the people. Its likely this spirit was encouraging the lizard men to ally with the trolls. It shows up in the ancestor hut in the village. It was therorized that it was a wilowisp or some sort of hag magic.

We decided to rescue the child using invisibility and flight. Our uncanny witch would do the deed. When she did so, there was a wisp there feeding on the misery of the child. The witch grabbed the child and flew away. The wisp zapped the fair lady, but she weathered the electrical assault and escaped with the child.

Session 25


  • Decide on Pro-Fae, Anti-Fae, and Undecided

January 4713

Week 1 – Aftermath and Kingdom Term

Fox shows up the next day with a pouch. It has a herbal concoction that if administered by New Moon to reverse the tree curse. The Coopie Doll is the equivalent of a minor curse that can be removed over the coming month through Remove Curse.

Death Count – 70
Casualties – 140 (adjusted for tree curse)

Unrest +2

Mutters Konlan – Murderer running around – his body was found

  • Party Action – Kept it private – Sent letter back to the family with the body – "We believe he was guilty of “these” actions, but no proof. Was accused by a woman, he was found attacking. He could have been under the influence of dark magics, but not sure. He died during the horrors of the night."

The carnival location will become a site of superstition.

The next evening Oweyn is interupted in the middle of the night with a pounding on his door. He finds the dog faced girl with a letter. “The Carnival is done and she has no where else to go.”

Namdrin cannot go anywhere – most of the carnies were killed off during the “Night of Darkness”

We can extend our kingdom to the East up to the mountiains, west to the edge of the swamp.

Kingdom Term Activity

  • Svetlana steps down as Councilor and Oleg steps down as the assistant to the treasuer due to the coopie doll curse with their daughter.
  • Elevating Flora to Councilor


  • Kaidan – Fox messenger from Syntira – “My settling in at the grove has been completed. If there is anything you wish to discuss, the borders will be open to you and yours.”
  • Gilain – Becomes aware of undercurrent of anti-fae sentiment – passes the info to Alexi
  • Alexi – Investitgates and finds several people are anti-fae – including Svetlana and Oleg – Kesten and Kabran as well – Corax – lumberjack that had the issue with the nyxie – Loy is also anti-fae.

Shortly after a council sessions – visitor seeking an audience with Kaidan – Iola – Priestess of Desna. She has two petitions to be considered. They are not urgent, time sensitive – but are not time independant.

One. She has become aware of an island in Candlemere lake – she had received a dream that caused her to journey there. Her investigation found ruins and encountered Willow-O-Wisps. She withdrew and came back here and is seeking to gain assistance in dealing with it.

Two. Further, in her dream, she saw in her dream that the island had been cleared and that a settlement had been founded there. She would like us to possibly sponsor a settlement and join our kingdom. (20 BP)

Willow-O-Wisp – Magic immune except to Magic Missile and Maze – fliers – naturally invisible -

Week 2 – Downtime

  • Leanna – work with Svetlana and her baby
  • Oewayn – works with his dog headed girl
  • Alexi – works with Flora
  • Gilain – works with Akiros
  • Kaidan and Ava travel to the grove
    • They pass through the nixie’s pond area and check to make sure all is well
    • They arrive at the grove to see Syntara
      • Ava seeks knowledge of what an Arbitor is
        • An Elder (like a god for the fae) created the blade
        • No set of strictures – can improve her views on the Fae as long as they do not contest it

Syntara provides an overview of the history of the region – The Stolen Lands – Long ago – close to the First World – rules by Syntara’s Mother – The Old Queen – The Old Queen sought to become Eldest and was rebuffed and moved “off the board”. In the subsequent vaccuum, many daughters sought to fill the void and sought edges. Building alliances and such. There were eight (including Syntara). Eventually Syntara had to make an alliance as well – made pact with the Witch Queen of the North (Baba Yaga). From that pact, the power of winter was unlocked and the remaining contenders were driven back and imprisoned and unification was brought about. At that point, Syntara saw that the pact of winter was affecting her people and turning them into that which they were not. The pact thrives with her and gets stronger as she does – so she put herself to sleep. The Cold Rider is a physical representation of the pact. With his defeat, the pact was broken and she no longer has to go to sleep. But that also means that the other young queens can push back into this territory from their prisons. The sword ‘Thorn’ appeared when the Old Queen made her play to become an Elder. At that time, there were no humans.

Not adverse with a working relation between us.

She has a tasks that we could help her with. One of her former subject.

“Howl From the North” – He is behind the raids on our territories. Syntara casts some sort of spell – silent image to create map made of flowers – indicates by time we return – he’ll most likely be in Hex 1518 – just outside the town.

Some of her court have not arrived – can we check in on Pervilash and Tig Tigger Tuk and see where they are. (After dealing with Howl from the North).

Week 3 – Travel to 1518 and deal with Howl from the North

We gather the group together and head into the east (Hex 1518). Oewyn begins to track the wolves down. The next day we start to coral the wolves to herd some of the packs and start to winnow them out.

Oewyn recalls a small box canyon that we can herd them into and start a fight with a pack of 12.


  • 12 Wolves
  • 2 Warg & 1 Dire Wolf
  • 2 Warg & 1 Dire Wolf
  • 1 Winter Wolf – Howl from the North

Kaidan skins the Winter Wolf for it’s pelt.

We head back to town.

Week 4 – Work on Relations

  • Oweyn – Works with Dahlia
  • Gilain – Works with Flora
  • Kaidan – Works with Annalise – Has become indifferent to fae – Suggests any future outdoor festival/activity have defenses
  • Alexi – Travels to Grove – Works with Melianse -
  • Leanna – Travels to Grove – Works with Teresia -
  • Ava – Travels to Grove – Brings word to Syntara -
Session 24
December 4712 (continued) Week 4 – Winter Festival (continued) The Cold Rider

After dealing with the windmill of death, we raced to our next goal, stopping the sleigh rides of DEATH! (Children ride for free) As we were doing so, a fey fellow came out of nowhere and challenged us. Around his neck was a necklace of ice and he taunted that we could never catch him. He zip past us, insulted Gilain, and disappeared into the crowd. I mounted Socks and took off after the sleigh while the rest dealt with the taunting fey.

As the taunting fey ran through the crowd he began to attack innocents while the group had hoped it would come back. My ardent friends responded by their insults and tried to chase after him. He tossed a bead of force at my dog caretaker who became trapped in a bubble. I caught up to the sleigh and with a daring feat of bravery I leapt off my surefooted steed and landed on the sleigh. I began to fight the driver, a insane looking gnome with a beard of living ice tendrils and one eye swollen to monstrous size.

While we dueled the party chased the quickling into the pie eating contest tent. I need not go into the what exactly the contestants were eating, but it was quite disturbing. I was told that the contest leader was a big pig fey with a butter churn on his back filled with disgusting offal. Gilain shattered the churn with his wand while Eva killed the pig man. She almost succumbed to sleep venom on the quickling’s dagger who had stabbed her previously, but Lianna’s anti-toxin prevented this fate.

After nearly a half minute of viscous close combat I finally finished off the mad gnome while my noble steed slowed down the sleigh. It cursed me with its last breath and while I feel a deep brittle chill in my bones I am PERFECTLY FINE and I saved the children afterall. Meanwhile, my friends were still chasing the little fey fellow, its next stop was the ice maze. Valkyrie led the way and fell into a pit whose bottom was filled with ice cold water. After some effort they got Valkyrie out.

There was a sign.

“Beware the Ice Chain Jingling Devil”

Such a thing did show up wearing a collar with a chain attached. It breathed frost. Whatever it was was unknown as apparently it was a magical creature disguised in a paper mache costume. After dispatching they moved on till they reached the center. There was another mad ice gnome there. They fought it and it displayed more magical powers like creating walls of ice. Thanks to my timely arrival it died even more quickly than his brethren.

After healing, we followed the quickling to the ice carving area. Townspeople were frozen in blocks of ice, being chipped away by eager artists. There was a gaggle of ice gnomes present. All of them ran except for one who engaged us. After killing him, we chased the quickling onto the ice, forcing it to abandon the ice shard containing the soul of the Carnival leader’s wife. After Gilian grabbed the shard, the Carnival master stepped out of nowhere and demanded the crystal.

He was given the crystal. He shattered and it reformed into the unconscious body of a woman. He picked her up and walked off. He then returned after putting his wife in a tent. He gave Lianna a cure light wounds wand as a gesture of thanks. The Cold Rider then made his appearance on an undead stag. He attacked us with Ice Storm and the final battle began. The Caravan Leader assisted with haste and bardic performance.

Depsite the curse, I fought for the people and glory, slaying the foul thing with some help (Gilan using the shatter wand, my brave dog and his caretaker, Eva likely did something but I didn’t notice). Despite being impaled on its stag like horns I as I delivered the killing blows. Afterwards, the the veil that covered the twisted Carnival lifted, revealing the cold harsh reality of the horrors that occurred.

“I am far from the only one,” the Cold Rider said to me before its existence ended.

Loot: Type 1 bag of holding, Wand of Cure Light 45 charges, +1 Battle Axe, +2 STR Belt.

Session 23

December 4712 (continued)

Week 4 – Winter Festival (continued)

Where to next?

  • Fireworks Display (includes ice skating area)
  • Wonders of Engineering
  • Titan Wheel
  • Pie Eating
  • Ice Maze
  • Blind Peep Show
  • Wild Sleigh Ride
  • Ice Carving
  • Strong Ale Tent

Wonders of Engineering

  • We see one of the ‘workers’ pulling people out of line and putting them under tent.
  • When he circles around, we start combat. After a brisk fight, the lumberjack is defeated with a crit from Ava.
  • We approach the exit and see freakishly small critters and we start trying to take them out before more townspeople are slaughtered by the machines.
  • We defeat the 4 brownies and dismantle the 8 machines.

Strong Ale Tent

  • People are being turned into trees. Something invisible is shooting us with poisoned darts!
  • We fight off the invisible pixie and win the area. We break a bunch of barrels and then head on.

Blind Peep Show

  • Half orcs and dancers and two musicians hung with their eyes and mouths stuffed with daisies just outside.
  • Inside, a veiled naked spirit nymph is dancing – “blindingly beautiful”. Hmm and two brownies? Kaiden was struck blind before the nymph disappeared after vowing revenge.
  • The two brownies were killed.

Titan’s Wheel

  • We kill the three brownies inside. Gilain was almost torn apart.

On the way to the Wild Sleight Rides, we are what…we’ll have to see.

Session 22

December 4712 (continued)

Week 4 – Winter Festival

First part of the day

  • Going into this week, we level to 6th level.
    • The carnival opens at noon.
    • Evening Time Block is 9pm
  • Kaiden invites Oleg and Svetlana.
  • Ava and Alexi invites Annalise.
  • Leanna invites Akiros.
  • Murderer and Rapist – Mutters Condlan – Business Tycoon

Evening Time

  • Many of the party are tracking down Mutters and Annalisse found him.
  • Cry of fear cuts off in the Ice Maze. We head in and find many bodies, all killed with one heavy blow. Hoof prints in blood. At the center of the maze is a Minotaur.
    • Found 4 live victims and we get them out on the way in.
    • The Minotaur was killed quickly.
  • We head out of the maze and meet up with Gilain.
  • Small red fox trots out and has a rolled up note. “Hail Champions. A bleak and bitter frost has fallen across the forrest and I fear it has fallen upon some of my people. A bleak badness will be visited upon your people and if you would help me head this off. Meet this at the grove. Be not disturbed by my appearance. Signed Syntira.” (some paraphrased)
  • We deputize Akiros to deal with Carnies and find out what happened with the Minotaur.
  • We head for the grove. Point of light the grows into a beautiful nude female. Hard to make out her features. Brown eyes that draw attention in. Syntira, Nymph Queen. Made a bargain with a dark rider. Put herself to sleep to pause the bargain.
  • Snow melts – 7 vials of liquid -
  • Eye of Rapture – Purple Crystal
  • Namdrin (leader of the carnival) – has a bargain to return the soul of his wife that died at the hands of fae and the soul is encased in witch ice – and is likely on the dark rider 6 inches long – the witch ice is draining the soul to empower further things.
  • We’ll need to thwart several of the dark rider’s ploys with the various twisted entertainments then we’ll draw him out and can then try to negate the Eye of Rapture.
  • We make our way back to the carnival and what we see is altered.

Encounter with Griggs

  • The Fireworks are Leeches!

Where to next?

  • Wonders of Engineering
  • Titan Wheel
  • Pie Eating
  • Ice Maze
  • Blind Peep Show
  • Wild Sleigh Ride
  • Ice Carving
  • Strong Ale Tent

Wonder of Modern Engineering

  • On the way there, we saw that some fae are running some of the contests.
  • Socks meets us as we arrive there.
Session 21

During the last kingdom turn, Alexi was named Baronet of Olegdahl.

Now, the aftermath of the battle with the vampiric elf. Eva is cursed (-6 int). Alexi has been blood drained. We perform a bit of healing and then search the room.

We find stuff (recorded).

We gather the horses in doors on the bottom level of the central tower and set up a campfire in one door.

The darkness (extra darkness) seems to be a planar trait.

During the first watch, Alexi keeps seeing shadows moving in the darkness. During second watch, Gilain feels a hand on his shoulder and there he spots a pale woman in black and grey who steps back into the shadows and is gone. During third watch, Oweyn notices the darkness ‘effect’ start to fade during his second hour of watch. That was earlier than the last time we were in this location. Maybe the effect is weakening in some way.

The next morning Leanna identifies the elixir (elixir of love).

We spend half the day searching the rest of this Hex (1614).

The weather takes a turn for the worse (rain). Oewyn spots some writing in rain rivulets on a tree trunk and then fades, “The Harbinger Comes”.

We spend an hour or two building travois and start to transport the loot back to the Priomdahl.

We head west through Hex 1615 (not going through the grove). A few days later we make it back.

We took a total of about 2 weeks of travel and exploration – leaving 1 week of downtime activity.

November 4712

Kingdom turn completed – 1 week

Downtime – Week 1

  • Oweyn, Kaiden, Jhod, Elyn (and the Forrest Hawks) go on a hunt for meat
  • Gilain is staying in Priomdahl to guard it
  • Alexi, Ava, Leanna are going to Restov to research the Harbinger and sell the Elixir of Love.
  • During the second day – Torrential snowfall covers the region – 1 foot of snowfall in 6 hours
  • We cancel the hunt and deploy the Militia to help bring in the harvest (cost is 1 BP per week)
  • Alexi, Ava and Leanna are one day on the road when the snow comes. They decide to turn back and encounter wolf pack.
  • The citizens of the hex report wolf attacks. We’ll split the party – half (3) working with the Forrest Hawks to work on the wolf problem – half (4) working on the harvest with the deployed militia.
  • Harvest – 34 rolled – Saved all the granaries
  • Wolf Culling – 16 rolled – Center work on the farmlands – Source not found during the week – 13-14 citizens lost over 7 days – attacks trail off at the end of week

Downtime – Week 2

  • Deploy militia and party to sweep through and cull wolves.
  • Kaiden remains in town to coordinate
  • Oewyn, Gilain, Jhod, Kestan, Akiros lead 24 militia each into the hexes
    • Bet on which group comes back with most wolves tails get’s 3 gp per person (75 gp) from Gilain
  • Elyin and Forrest Hawks will check out the border hexes
  • Alexi, Ava and Leanna head to talk to the Old Beldame
    • Conversing about the Harbinger, the Oak Grove closing their borders to us,
    • Harbinger – in this scroll – Fae of Power – The Dusk Queen
    • They stop by Melianse’s pond and she is still not there.
    • Then head to Tiressia’s Grove and encounter Falchias at the edge.

Downtime – Week 3

  • Forrest Hawks had a sweep and came across a caravan from the River Kingdom that was attacked by kobolds and jumped in to help. The kobolds were routed and split up and one group when to a staging area in a cave in Hex 1717.
    • Nandarin Quin – half-elf – Leads the circus (carravan) – stoic – will probably end up wintering with us.
  • The plan is to hit the staging area with the party and use the Forrest Hawks to cut off the lines of retreat.
  • We’ll send a militia out to cull wolves (5 teams and collect 5 gp per wolf tail) 3 groups
  • We take out the kobolds force and when the are dropped to 25% they flee and the Forest Hawks think they got all the stragglers.
    • The kobolds had been raiding caravans – we recover 5 BP in supplies
    • Intel: Missive to leader of Kobolds (Fighter 2/3) – written in Giant – crude scrawl (in blood?) – increase your activities – cut them off from other contacts – spread them out until they are on their own – signed H
  • Old Beldame – info – Hags can control weather – Possibly the source?

December 4712

  • We have the option to level an edict – if the bounty is low enough – we could do a total of 1 BP

Kingdom Turn – Week 1

  • Circus puts forth Winter Festival – Split profits with us
  • Dahlia contacts Kaiden for a meeting – she could use the obelisk to combat the weather effects – it will require sacrifice (live stock)
  • Forest Hawks will keep scouting

Week 2 – Ritual

  • We visit the Old Beldame to consult on the ritual Dahlia proposed
  • We are looking to do it small scale (as a test) in Hex 1518
  • We evacuate the Hex
  • By weeks end, the ritual will be performed
    • Dahlia, Alexi, and Leana are in a tent with the obelisk ans the rest of the group is outside in case the hag (?) send something to disrupt the ritual. It doesn’t go as Dahlia thought and there is backlash. She is turned into something not human for a few seconds and then into a wolf for a few seconds.
    • Dahlia learned things – the obelisk has a keystone and we need it.
    • She recommends building a library from local books to aid in research.

Week 3 – Downtime week

  • Members spent time on downtime activities

Week 4 – Winter Festival

  • Going into this week, we level to 6th level.

REMINDER: Check on profession: kingdom skills to see if that boosts anything.

Session 20

September 4712 (Continued)

As the fight comes to completion, there is a commotion among the town guard.

A large sized Owl burst out from beyond the guard and lands near us and changes into a human woman in traveling guard. She is wet. She has a faint tint of green. She asks “Is he dead?” Her name is Dahlia of the Green Faith. The Green Faith is a non-deity religion – worship nature in general.

It seems that since Alexi was bit, he needs to take precautions for lycanthropy.

Dahlia asks if we recently came into contact with a carved stone. Like our obelisk.

Gear consists of:

  • Broken Hide Armor
  • Magical Potion – remove fear
  • +1 Great Axe
  • 4 Javelins
  • 11 gp

Pay Receipt – He was part of the work group that relocated the stone

Dahlia says the obelisk is not unlocked by magic, but ritual.

The next day Kaiden visits the family of the shepherd that died and Flora for the waitress.

The party then spends one week of downtime activity.

At the end of the week, Dahlia asks Ava to bring Kaidan to a meeting. Her investigation she believes she can disperse the energies into Flora or Fauna (we choose Flora).

October 4712

Kingdom turn spent.

We are heading back to the barrow (1519). It will take two days.

During the first night of travel, during watch 1, something happens. Alexi notices the colors become odd. He notices a cloaked stranger in the group and is hunched over. “It’s a fate worse than death if we fail against the undead menace in the barrow.” He was known as Wren Lakejumper. After a dialogue, he fades away and the colors return to normal. Was he some sort of Fae from the other side? Hmm. We don’t know.

Oewyn’s dog Valkyrie has a ivy collar with faint magic on it. Seems to be a living collar. It won’t last more than a month.

The next day, we mem our spells for the barrow as we plan to enter into it tonight.

After we defeat him, we re-inter him in the cairn. Eva claimed the sword, which fed on her blood to restore itself and change into an Adori long sword with Fae Bane enchantment. On the way out we encountered a cloaked figure similar to Ren. This was not Ren though. He told Eva “Congratulations on your success and burden. We will meet again…Arbiter.”

After stopping by Olagville on our way to our next destination, we went to the Dryads. Along the way we ran into snow area, but strangely our campsite bloomed as if it were spring. We ran into the Satyr, who greeted us with his weapon out. Strangely, he adressed us as if he were recivieving a diplomatic party. Perhaps the sword? He asked if we were here for Peace or for Punishment (???). Eva answered “Peace” and he allowed us to enter. He told Eva that the sword is called “Thorn” but could not say much more on the subject because it wasn’t something his Lady controlled. He did say that Eva was now in the service of one of the “Eldest”.

In exchange for a future favor, we were told the following. By bringing the blade back into the world Eva has been made Arbitier. She has the authority over the Fey, to judge them if they overstepped their bounds, by diplomacy or force. There is a fey neighbour to the South is on par to the Lady, the ruins are located in this territory.

The next day we arrived at the ruined Tower. We entered and went up the stairs. The trap had not been reset. We got to the top and arrived in a room that was filled with greenery and a floor covered in loam. There were large windows that were not shown on the outside. There was an elven woman there, alabaster skin, golden hair, emerald eyes. While she seemed pleased to see Alexi, she became unfriendly when she saw Eva. The woman began to swish and sway, dancing alluringly, captivating most of us. She then told Eva that her burden belonged back underground and cast entangle. And thus the battle began.

She used suggestion magic, grew claws and teeth to feed on the dwarf, who raged. We managed to trap her on the stairs and eventually killed the vampiric elf. When she died, she cursed Eva declaring, “Your arrogance turn your strength into a weakness.”


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