Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 41

4713 September (continued)

Week 1 – Kingdom Turn (continued)

Last session Lily tried to kill Alexi while under magical influences. This week, we need to see about chasing down Girgori (potentially an Orator Bard). We had gotten to the inn and he had left recently.


  • Chase Sequence
    • Chasing Shadows – Spymaster, K – Local, Sense Motive, Perception
    • Where there is smoke, there is fire – Ruler, Warden, Diplomacy, Initimidate, Heal, Handle Animal
    • Over the River, and through the woods – Marshall, Magister, Survival, Climb, Swim, Ride
    • Will this be the one that got away? – Kn- Geography, Sense Motive, K – Nobility, Spymaster

We are able to encircle Girgori before he boards a fishing vessel. He is taken into custodyand treated as a enemy spell caster (bound, gagged, blindfolded, stripped of possessions).


Alexi, Gilain, Leanna, and Nisha are in the interrogation room while Alexi does the interrogating.

Oewyn and Kaiden are outside during the interrogation.

Bound – gag removed – blindfold removed – stripped of posessions

Who is he working for?
Barking up the wrong tree. Not able to answer that. He was hired by an anonymous source and paid. Money was good. Provides description of person – dark haired human male – early 30’s – probably using a disguise spell. When and where did he met? Down in Mivon. About 18 months ago (about a year into the kingdom) – about that time Mivon trade envoy came to town.

What was he hired to do?
Hired to talk to people. Listen to their problems – let people vent. He didn’t suggest anything they wouldn’t inclined to do. Occasionally used his magical talents to encourage them in things they were inclined to do. Not want to go with violence.

What about inciting Lilly to kill Alexi?
He felt his life was in danger from us. Was not ordered to do that.

What about fire (during chase sequence)?
Did cause it to come about while trying to escape.

(He’s jumpy and a bit of a yellow belly)

Affected parties?
Kobolds and Gnomes in the riot

How long?
He was open to renew after 3 years.

(Gilain has Kaiden step into the room to check if he detects as Evil – he does not)

Any other provocateurs to his knowledge?
He was operating a lone he says.

How much was he paid?
100 gp a month (3600 gp)

Is there more stuff happening?
Racial Tensions
Fae Sentiments
Killer Undead

While Zach wasn’t in the room.
Nisha asked: Does he know the accent of the person he talked to
River Kingdoms oriented

He is scared of the person that hired him more than us tied up and bound in front of us.

Other groups?
Changeling Cult and killings

Mivon has been having troll issues and a lycanthropy problem.

Grigori’s Gear:
Potions (Cure light, cure moderate)
scroll of scare and sound burst
magic chain shirt +1
mw buckler
magic rapier +1
short bow

Sentence: Forfeiture, banishment, description

Mivon’s been affected by beast men.

Iola will be leaving at the end of the month to go found Candlemere.

Week 2

We head to Talon Quake’s lair to enter into a pact. We bring the Owl Bear cub to bring to us.

All of the party agree to enter the pact with Talon Quake. Simple ceremony, we put our blood on the single menhir outside the lair. Talon Quake does the same. (+1 inherent Constitution bonus)

Then we return.

Week 3

Party working on relationships and/or research.

Syntira shares that most of her siblings are in the process of waking up. Not awake yet. At least one is still sealed.

Week 4

Party working on relationships and/or research.

Leanna – 1721 – Druid Hemzel – Trail of the Tide Stone research

4713 October

Week 1 – Kingdom Turn

Contingent of Elves arrive at midnight one night. We set them up in an Inn.

The Elven Contingent is an Honor Guard (Elite) for Highness Caleb Northwood, 311th in line for the throne.

Parven is the name of the lead Elven Guard.

The next morning the party meets with him. He is the elf we rescued during the Troll War.

He has gifts to grant us for his rescue.

During a public presentation the next day, he gives the following:

  • 6 x Cloak of Elvenkind and Resistance +1

Gilain is dealing with a guy that got upset at being ousted from Inn last night. He is in Jail over night – seems a month ago he came here and gave a package to a guard for the Baron and was supposed to see the baron the next day.

He identified Guard Rufus. Was misplaced during an urgent event (Grigori’s chase) and forgotten about. Gilain tracks down the package. Wolverine Pelt wrapped around something – Red Arrow with 7 Eagle Feathers. It is from the Urghar tribes

His name is Trindon Mosley.

Symbol of great danger and great reward. Rarely granted to outsiders.

This is behalf of the Urghar Village of Gloam .

We will go to visit them in a few days.

We complete Kingdom turn research roles

Week 2

We head out to visit with the Urghar of the Gloam Village. We bring with us samplings of our trade goods. We’ll take about 4 days to get there.

Reminders: This Urghar tribe follows a Fae “god”.

We enter into Hex 1521.

We come to Ansit Ford.


  • 1 x Blue Serpentine Creature (Vunith)
  • 1 x Owl Bear

We track the Owl Bar to a cave. We recover some loot off a well chewed corpse. On our way out of the cave, we find something in the mud – large piece of bone – scroll tube.

We continue on wards. There are scratch patterns in tree trunks (bear territory).

Oewyn notes dark clouds to the east. Could be rain or snow.

Tildon thinks we could get to Gloam later tomorrow – barring any weather complications.

We look to end our travel day an hour early to find a good camping spot.

Overnight a severe storm hits that is icey and snowy. We press on in the severe storm.

About a foot of snow accumulates over the day. We travel through the snow for 6 hours. Then lumbering out the snow is a grizzly bear.


  • 1 x Grizzly Bear – We out range it and keep going

We continue on and Oewyn spots a boot with a foot in it on the ground. He spots a trail in the snow up the slope.

We’ll continue this event next session


Session 40

4713 August (continued)

Week 3 – Candlemere (continued)

We ascend the hill and are investigating the tower at the top of it. There is a foreboding sense that is very opresive.

There is something magical emanating on the whole hill top. There is a rubble pile in the center of the tower. Oewyn excavates a magic dagger (wickedly curved)

There is some writing in Aklo on one of the walls. We clear the wall and attempt to clear it. Parts have been worn away by the passage of time. Nisha gets terrified of something a word she reads and refuses to to say more. Wants us to leave.

Kaidan uses a potion and deciphers the word as “Yog-Shothoth”.


  • 1 x Will-O-Doom

We take detailed notes of what we see in the tower.

The Candlemere Tower is now a research topic.

The other area of Interest of the island is the Ruined Town where the Ghost is.

We head down the hill to get out of the AURA. We rest a few hours to get rid of the sickened condition. Leanna researches what we know about ghosts.

We start searching the ruins hoping to find out more about the ghost.

Building Search

  • Building 3 -
    • Oewyn finds some of a humanoid skeleton. Lays it out respectfully.
    • He recovers the rest of that body.
    • He doesn’t find anything more.
  • Building 1
    • Alexi finds the building was probably consumed by fire.
  • Building 2
    • Alexi finds a humanoid femur.
    • He finds some more of the body. Most of a skeleton.
    • He find the rest of that body.
  • Building 4
    • Nisha finds 15 gp
  • Building 5
    • Kaiden finds part of another body.
    • He finds more of the body.
    • He finds the rest of the body.

It’s sunset now (after hours of searching).

The Ghost shows up and moves to one of the structures.

He mentions “Margaret” and “Annie”. He’s trying to enter a place that he can’t (Building 3). He’s reacting like the building is on fire.

After a bit, he goes into his same ‘track’ as before.


  • 1 x Ghost

Oewyn searches where the ghost appeared and found remains.

Leanna descends in the well and finds water and rubble. She investigates but doesn’t find much.

Oewyn climbs down the well and searches.

We search the buildings we hadn’t not finished searching.

Oewyn finds small remains at the bottom of the well.

Alexi finds 2 more bodies in his building.

Kaidan finds 2 bodies in building 4.

Total of 9 bodies. We theorize about which 3 are the ‘family’ of the ghost.

Leanna uses ‘Diagnose Disease’ for the bodies and they did die of disease.

Gilain found a graveyard on the outskirts.

We bury the bodies and say last rites (using some holy water). Oewyn. The sun is rising. We head to the western shore (tired) and wait for Duncan the Fisherman to pick us up. We’ll sleep on the way back.

We return to down and sell our loot.

PARTY SPLIT: 720 gp 9sp

Some of us contribute to diamond dust fund.

Deepdelve can provide a supply that refreshes on a monthly basis.

We provide Iola information about Candlemere (all the facts).
She thinks she can neutralize the tower effect by setting up a hallow with a alter.

She inquires about the 10 BP to build a town at Candlemere. It should be soon.

Week 4

Alexi gives Evangeline the goop from the extra-planar will-o-wisp.

The party has free time and works on faction with people over the week.

Gilain works on Akiros and triggers a decision point with him and talks it over with Gilain.

Akiros pulls out a bow an arrow holy symbol from a pouch. He talks about where he came from. He used to be a Paladin of Erastil in Taldor. He fell in love with a girl who was in an abusive relationship with her husband that was a noble. Since it was mutual, he tried to get her to a place she would no longer be abused. The noble in question was able to recover the girl and the girl to dodge punishment claimed she was kidnapped. The noble took this to the Erastil Order. Akiros was brought up on charges by the order. The girl testified against him and Akiros was ruled against. Stripped of his title. He lost it, drew his weapon and killed the noble. During the time of confusion, he fled, evaded capture and became a refuge. He became more reckless and did not care of anything attitude since then.

He’s at a mental crossroad. Seeing folks like Kaidan and Oewyn do the things they do, remind him of the person he used to be. He’s deciding on what that means he should do going forward. Two-three general avenues – 1) seek absolution and atonement and find regain good standing within the faith. 2) consider that as the past and move forward on the path he is on now 3) technically wanted as a wanted criminal by the Temple of Erastil in Taldor and that he should leave. Gilain gets to decide. Gilain says to seek the atonement.

4713 September

Week 1 – Kingdom Turn


  • Nisha – Finds that some of our treasury is being siphoned into the thieves guild
  • Oewyn – Researched Tidestone – 5pts
  • Leanna – Tried to research Young Fae Queens
  • Gilain – Tidestone – 10 pts
  • Kaiden – Tidestone – 11 pts
  • Alexi – Lily tries to kill Alexi. He realized something is wrong and takes her down with subdual damage. She was implanted with suggestion. Girgori is possibly an Orator Bard. Girgori has fled. We will follow up on the chase with the entire group next session.
  • EDICT – Diplmacy with Varnhold – Success
Session 39

4713 August

Dusk Champion Queen’s gear – helm in bag with Neesha, rest in bags with Gilain

Week 1- Kingdom Turn


  • Oewyn – Dusk Queen Champion -
  • Neesha – Kabran – Crit -
  • Alexi – Lilly Entrapment
  • Gilain- Dusk Queen Champion – Fail
  • Leanna – Dusk Queen Champion – Fail
  • Kaiden – Dusk Queen Champion – Crit – 21 damage -
  • Dusk Queen Champion Knowledge
    • He is a grave knight – virtually indestructible – his armor is like a lych’s phylactory – disintegration – plane shift to positive energy plane -
    • 1 to 10 day from previous destruction


    • Kaiden raises Autumn Grove from 17 to 18
  • Events
    • Gilain vs the Dusk Queen Champion – 1 unrest – Next time, we’ll get Iola Krieger to shift it to the positive energy plane once we get the armor.

    Week 2- Varnhold Visit

    • Visiting delegation from neighboring Varn – 25 come to visit – Mounted, mostly Calvary for troops
      • Magar Varn – Mayor of Varnhold – 40-ish
      • Willis Gunderson – Ulfen by nationality – (Viking like) – Ranger
      • Caspar Morgarian – Priest of Erastil -
      • Jenna Varn – Daughter of Magar Varn – Wearing Calvary Gear – Of Age
      • Wine Cask for Kaiden’s birthday
      • Challenges they have had:
        • Centaurs – pushed them back but not fully defeated – very mobile
      • Other 20 are soldiers and commander for them
    • Varn Party Visit
      • Jenna – Oewyn and Gilain – Friendly and outgoing – spirit of wanderlust – had to prod and push her father to be part the field position with military force – animal person – Cavalier/Bard (Battle Herald Build) – 24 years old – Soldiers are not happy with some of the new tactics – to send a more forceful message with the centaurs – She has a medium to hight respect for the centaurs
      • Willis – Neesha – Unexpectedly is an intellectual – Indiana Jones – Ranger – Current fascination with Cyclops (We have ruined watch tower -1421) – shares that based on records that the cyclops had an empire – originated from land of Iobara (east of Varnhold – past mountains – monster controlled now)
      • Caspar – Alexi – Escorted around town for hours – pleased to see strong community spirit – Use Watchtower – Didn’t have the internal issues we had – mostly outside issues – higher stability or loyalty than us -
      • Magar Varn – Kaiden – Working to ‘herd’ some of the Centaurs to reservations – certain areas they are more resistant in – Can loan a unit to Varnhold – week to week – to help improve relations

    Kaiden turns 29 during this month

    Week 3 – Travel to Candlemere

    Paying Duncan the Fisherman 20 gp for the weeks of travel with us. He’ll be dropping us off on the west side and then coming back daily at noon to see if we are ready to be picked up.

    Terrain is considered hilly. Soil is rich.

    Area of undergrowth is odd – strange ridge of plants has grown over wall.

    We search the hex to find points of interest before moving to ruins. Regions are like scottish moors..

    Areas of interest – the tower. the hill, and ruined town with dock. This takes us most of the day. We check out the hill in the afternoon/evening.


    7 Places of Interest

    We enter through one on the lower level – stone chamber – slightly worked and slightly natural. Somewhat hidden, there is an excavated tunnel, but not finished

    At T fork, we head, right (away from water sounds). It comes to a chamber that is partially collapsed. Some sun tricking in from hole in ceiling. In the dirt pile below the hole, there are some bones. Gilain examines the remains – finds the head of rusted shovel.

    Go the other way that T fork, there is a partially collapsed room. Bit more moisture. Several spots are pretty constant trickles of moisture. Possible drain at one end. Gilain explores pool. 15 ft deep. stairs under the water on one side.

    The drainage area is 5 ft radius hole. The hole is probably 10 ft deep and heads south and east.

    As we back out to the front cavern, a wraith attacks us. After a zesty fight where it did numerous Con damage to several people, we defeat it.


    • 1 x Wraith

    We retreat a mile away to camp the night. During the first watch, we are attacked.


    • 1 x Willow O’Wisp

    On second watch, we are attacked.


    • 2 x Willow O’Wisp
    • 1 x Willow O’Wisp – retreated

    On third watch, we attacked

    • 4 x Willow O’Wisp – 1 retreated

    We make it through the night.

    7 Places of Interest (continued)

    Second entrance (southern) on the lower level. Bigger entrance than the last. Opens into a gallery. The far wall is rubble. There is a crack that has water running across it from one side to the other.

    Rubble wall – one part to one side might be a nest. Oewyn starts to back away and things happen.


    • 1 x Wasp Swarm

    Investigating hive was made in a body – we find 3 uncut gemstones.

    Alot of the other entrances lead into similar type areas – worked and natural stone – water is prevalent in all of them. The whole hill is riddled.

    That takes the rest of the day. We return to our campsite and see what happens over night.

  • View
    Session 38

    4713 June (continued)

    Week 2 – Hunt the Owlbear

    We have completed the search of the lair and the plan is to return next month for the pact and to bring the nourished young owl bear cub.

    We complete the search of the hex and start back to the capital.


    Week 3 – Back in the Capital

    The party returns to the capital and rather than address the crowd – says he needs to address it with the council first.

    • Ensorceled creature sent against us – we tracked it back to it lair, defeated it and broke the ensorcelement. It offered recompense for the deaths it caused while it was ensorceled. We are translating it as blood guild to the families of those that lost people.
    • A festival will be held to honor those that fell to the trolls and the owlbear attack

    Alexi may have spotted Grigori in the crowd.

    We deal with some unrest and schedule the festival one week out.

    Week 3 and 4 will be party down time with festival at end of week 3.

    Next month after the kingdom turn, we need to head to Restov to meet with the Lord Mayor. (It will take 1 week to get there and then 1 week back).


    Oewyn trains hitpoints for two weeks
    Leanna figures out how to remove hair from the Ring of Bestial Friendship.
    Gilain works on relations with Flora
    Alexi works on Lilly

    Week 4 – Downtime

    • Alexi, Leanna and Kaiden go to visit Syntira.
    • Topics
      • Talon Quake
        • Possibly other creatures with ties to the land – Narlmarches one is dead – Unicorn Corpse
        • Pact – we may have options due to Menhir in our grove – maybe talk with caretaker (Dahlia)
      • Fae Queen? – Tiger Clan?
        • Shaken a bit (Alexi notices)
      • Cyclops Empire
      • Palid Plague
        • One of her sister’s pioneered it and it was centuries old – virulant concoction – Patron she turned to was the Horsemen of Pestilence (demon lord) – her sister has been locked away
        • Would she share
      • Work on positive relations (Alexi) – maybe a Unicorn sighting
      • Troll Unit cut through the forrest and did not come out the other side – waylaid by the fae (mentioned by Tig and Pervalash)

    4713 July

    Week 1 – Kingdom Turn

    • Events
      • Bandits wipe out two trade caravans leaving Olegdahl
        • 1- Storm Crows
        • 1 – Morgrim Delvedeeps
      • Forrest Hawks Heading out to make new village – majority of gnome population leaves
      • Trade Route opened to Mivon – given to Littlefoot
    • Research
      • Gilain – Caravan Attacks – Deepdelve
        • Bodies were frozen and withered – Nothing stolen cargo wise – some destroyed
      • Oewyn – Caravan Attacks – Stormcrow
        • bodies cold and withered – one of the combatants were using natural weapons – no theft either
        • Area impacted was messy – found partial boot print – heavy armor
      • Nisha – Secret Research – Kabran leaving earlier than he had been from work – seeing lady friend -
      • Leanna – Researches spell
      • Alexi – Civic Unrest – Grigori has been seen with people who have then later seen as dissenters – no written documents – no secret meetings
      • Kaiden – Kingdom Relation – Improve Orlovsky to 15
      • Kaiden – Research Young Fey Queens (5 pts dmg)

    Turn in Shamblmound Sap to Evangeline (100 gp each (6))

    Week 2 – Travel to Restov

    Meeting the Lord Mayor

    Alexi and Kaiden go in to see the Lord Mayor, his aid and the #1 Aldori (other guy that was here from Surtova last time, is not here this time)


    • Troll Issue Resolved -
    • Bear Beast – Pacification

    Granted us a reward for the party out of his pocket and some supplies (10 BP).

    Monetary reward -with coffer. (2000 gp each)

    Week 3 and 4 – Travel back to Priomdahl

    Between Olegdahl and Priomdahl the caravan is attacked.

    Alexi dies while fighting the Dusk Queen’s Champion. We defeat him…again.

    Iola Kriegler is in town within days and will offer an alternative cost for the raise dead – make Candlemere the next target.

    We loot the corpse of the champion whose body breaks into dust ( we collect the dust though )

    Session 37

    4713 June (continued)

    Week 2 – Hunt the Owlbear

    Oewyn says it will take a few days to get there and we head to Hex 1819

    3 days to get there.

    Talon Craig – Several miles wide

    It’s about 11am. We tie off our mounts about a quarter mile back from the cave entrance and advance.

    As we approach, Alexi and Kaiden spot an odd rock (based on shape). Seems to be artificial. Single Menhir. Part of it has been cleaned off. (5 ft up from ground level 2 ft wide) It has some ruins chiseled into it. Kaiden can’t translate it but it is druidic. Seems the sense of it is a warning.

    We then move towards the cave. The entrance was originally covered.

    With darkvision cast upon the non-darkvision party members, we enter. There is a large cavern with mold in it.

    Oewyn spots a mushroom called a ‘Shrieker’ (light and motion within 10 ft cause it to react)

    We avoid it and follow the Gargantuan Owlbear sign to the south. Oewyn spots another shrieker.

    Alexi spots a creature sneaking up on us on our flank.


    • 1 x Underground Shambling Mound
    • 1 x Centipede Swarm

    Nisha recovers some Shambling Mound sap.

    We heal up and then continue south. There are broad, old steps cut in on the downward slope to another large cavern. There is liquid collected on the western wall and steps leading up to the east. The ceiling is 30 ft here. There is a narrow passage behind the pool of water.

    At the very back, Nisha (whose vision extends that far back) sees bones, rock, fur and feathers.

    There is a low rumble in the air – screech crossed with a growl.

    As we advance, the Owlbear charges towards us…growing in size.


    • 1 x Owlbear

    “I would parlay” – deep gutteral voice.

    “The Talon Quake”

    He had pacted with individuals over the eons he has been here. Not long ago, one of his previous pacts was activated against his will and driven into a rage.

    The pact was the one with /the Fae Queen/.

    His realm is the Kamelands.

    The ones we have run across are called ‘Young Queens’.

    He has spent the last several centuries hibernating.

    The Fae Queen is beyond his realm.

    He offers recompense for his attack on the town.

    24 planes – he is probably more of an outsider.

    Don’t settle in his hex.

    By allying with him – the dangers of the Kamelands would be lessened there.

    He would be willing to be come to the aid in a defensive capacity twice in his lifetime.

    It heads to his resting place and will enter a hibernation for about 30 days.

    We will return in 30 days to pact with him.

    He throws to us a body – very clawed up – tribal in nature. Gilain believes he’s Tiger Clan.

    Scap of paper – Rough sketch region map – 2 x’s of note. 1 is north of the lake. 1 is right here.

    We save the necklace pieces in case they can be used to identify the body later.

    We heal up and then head out.

    On the way out, we encounter 4 mushroom things with tentacles.


    • 4 x Mushroom Tentacle Things

    We get back to our horses (quarter mile away) and make camp. Overnight, Oewyn notices the ‘Hex’ is coming alive.

    The next morning, we stop by the Menhir and Nisha uses her glasses to read the runes. “The Talon Quake slumbers here, it is best left alone”

    We then head back inside. We head in to the east from the first main chamber.

    We find a wand in the muck of the room.

    We head to the NW passage which after several hundred feet there is a vine covered entrance.

    We head back and go south.

    Oewyn falls into a pit with green slime.

    room found room with webbing 6 spiders(CR1) killed off

    items found mw. war hammer vial silver sheen, mw. thiefs tools 121 gold

    Large room found with dead owl bear and 6 dead Tiger tribes men and 3 dead baby owl bears. There is sounds coming from behind the carcasses is starving baby owl bear (3000gp if sold) or can be given back to the earth spirit, party decides to nurse it back to health and take it back to earth spirit next month.

    up a 4×4feet web filled chimney find another room filled with spider web .. Leana and Oewyn go up first. Finding a room filled with more webs. battle starts after some squares are cleared. combat 4 spiders and 2 Etter caps.

    Items found Gem 100gp / gloves of swimming and climbing

    Session 36

    4713 May (continued)

    Week 2 (continued) – War!

    After defeating the 2 trolls and the rock troll, we continued north and find the remains of humanoid body and animal remains – food storage. We then go back and head east.

    The ceiling of the cavern arches 30 ft overhead. To the south is a wagon heaped with firs without any wheels. A single barrel in the SW corner and nearby there are hides stretched. On the northern wall is a make shift throne with a bear skin rug. There are three brutish dog things in front of the throne. Hargulka sits upon the throne.


    • 1 x Hargulka
    • 3 x Dog Things

    Valkyrie – 78 max hp – 23 damage – AC 25 – 14/9 1d6 +18

    After Hargulka is killed, he stands back up and says in a womanish voice – in Sylvan:

    “The promise will be fulfilled. It comes and can not be stopped.”

    Then he falls back over. Kaiden recognizes the voice and his face goes pale.

    The stretched out hide in the corner is a fairly detailed map. – Region Map – Our two settlements and the troll settlement. Arrows indicating raids or paths of attack. Other marks in green indicate the old Elven tower, the grove, and the pond.

    There is a merchant chest on the wagon. Alexi isn’t able to open the lock after a few tries – take time later.

    We head outside and our troops are mopping up. The town is on fire.

    We hear an echoing roar across the area. Our troops are shaken by the sound and become more subdued.

    Our troops did have casualties but came out on top.

    Army takes care of:

    • Diseased slaves
    • Rescued slaves
    • Mop up town and recover any loot
    • no more than 3 days, head back

    Party heads back to town quickest route

    Leanna checks the dead troll dogs for disease (blood fire fever).

    We spend the night (as it’s late in the day) and we’ll head out at first light after Leanna expends some healing magic on the diseased.

    She has success and the Elf slave wakes up.

    Elven Man – conversation is in Elvish – “Don’t come too close – I’m sick.” It
    Caleb Northwood- his family holds position Kyonen Court to the south. We return his spell book that we found. We give him some clothes.

    The Troll unit had 20-25 in the unit.

    Path back will be – Hex 1814 → 1714 → 1615 → 1515 → 1516 → 1517

    Week 3

    Five days later we arrive at the town with smoke and dust over the town. There are people milling around. They look shell shocked. There was a fire. The person we talk to says they were attacked by a ginormous monster – a bird – bear thing the size of the elephant – crashed through the southern wall and rampaged through the city.

    Town militia tried to stop it. It left several days ago.

    We head to the town hall to assess the situation with the rest of the council.

    The dead have been tended to.

    Flora – There were 80 casualties – over half of which were watch men. (Akiros survived)

    Looked like a massive owlbear. It came from the south and headed back in that direction.

    Annalise dispatches a messenger to Olegdahl to get word from them. Where is that troll unit?

    What is the damage to the town? Recorded on the tracker

    Building Plan

    • Month 1
      • repair wall (half price) reduce unrest by 2 – cost 1
      • repair watcher tower – reduces unrest by 1 – cost 3
      • repair house – reduced unrest by 1 – cost 1
    • Month 2
      • repair house – cost 1
      • repair inn – cost 3

    Send messenger to the grove

    Hear back from Olegdahl and they were not attacked

    There was a contingent from Varnhold that helped in the town’s defense.

    Week 4

    Army returns Week 4.

    Follow up on Grigori – the agitator

    4713 June

    Week 1 – Kingdom Turn

    • Events
      • Oewyn – (choices between – shambling mound, giant owlbear, and destroyed caravan) – owlbear – full success – He can blaze a trail to the creature (the right hex)
      • Nisha – Treasury investigation -
      • Alexi – Research Unrest – 1d8 + 5 = 13
      • Leanna – Research shadow spell
      • Gilain -
      • Kaiden – Hire some people to look after the orphans including the changelings
      • Kaiden – Hana Stormcrow – would like compensation (4 BP initial negotiation point) for destroyed caravan or…manage the Varnhold Trade Route – we offer them the trade route -
      • The other two trading houses lodge formal complaints the next day.
      • Kaiden – increased relations with Mivon by 1
      • Kaiden received a message from the Lord Mayor of Restov summoning Baron Kaiden

    NOTE: Dusty Rose Ion Stone – assigned to Oewyn (based on roll) – next in line is Alexi

    NOTE: PARTY SPLIT – 788gp 9 cp

    Week 2 – Hunt the Owlbear!

    Oewyn says it will take a few days to get there and we head to Hex 1819

    3 days to get there.

    Session 35

    4713 May (continued)

    Week 2 (continued) – War!

    Hex 1816 – Skirmish has been fought and we’ve leveled to 8.

    Archer – 100%
    Kobold – 100%
    Forest Hawks – 100%
    Infantry Unit – 80%

    Traveling to 1815 (2 day) – Forrest Hawks don’t see any fortifications – no signs of ambush.

    Traveling to 1814 (2 day) – There is a fortified town.

    Broad valley – There are mud, brick, buildings built up around a hill with a ruined stone structure.

    There a massive gaps into the defenses. – Old. Probably Dwarvish in nature.

    Strategic Turn

    • Recon terrain
      • There is a work crew that was not evacuated back into the fortification – chain gang – lumber gang. One of the Elven slaves is attacking our soldiers as Leanna arrives. The elf says in elven “Get back, it’s a trap. They are diseased. (Plagued).” Leanna is able to prevent it from spreading (Filth Fever). We isolate them and

    There is a Kobold and Troll unit in the town. There are tracks (probably Troll) headed north. The tracks are two days old.

    Based on that information, we decide we need to take out these units first before we head back.

    Potential Objectives

    • Recover remaining slaves -
    • Our Kobold commander is going to make sure the Kobold unit is anihilated.

    We’ll have the Forrest Hawks work with our Kobold unit on that objective. The Human

    The party will recover slaves so they are not used for food (and it’s the right thing to do).

    Recover Slave Gangs

    • 4 x Trolls
    • 4 x Chain Gangs (saved 14 of 20)

    We evac with the chain gang and this aids our fighting forces of are able to breach the fortifications.

    About 2 hours later we see our next opportunity. An unexpected tactical change – a fire starts. We see a detachment retreat into the fort (command flag).

    We head in and up the hill. Along the path, Oewyn spots some deadfalls above..

    Nisha casts Twilight Haze and we dash across the area. Nisha takes the brunt of the log fall as we cross.


    • 3 x Trolls
    • 1 x Deadfall

    As a detail, Thorn throbbed in his hands as he moved.

    Dwarvish ruins on the doors: The Palid Plague Is Here – Do No Enter if you value your life.

    (this was the plague type that hit Kaiden’s original village)

    There are two stairs leading out of the entry room. We head up the stairs to the south. It leads to a circular room that has a spiraling stair case that goes up a long way. The floor is covered in muck. Seems this is the latreen.

    We head to the other stairs going up to the west of the main entrance.

    A troll comes rushing at Oewyn and Valkyrie with a table in a bull rush action. It’s a more buff than normal Troll.


    • 1 x Buff Troll
    • 1 x Troll Hound

    This room has been defaced with crude graffiti. Table with a headless small figure. Seems to be the body of a halfling that was used to feed something (Troll Hound).

    Two exits – one north and one south. The northern passage leads to a kennel with two chained up Troll Hounds.


    • 2 x Troll Hounds

    Then Kennel is disturbing. Lots of body parts for the dogs to eat.

    Heading to the south leads to a store room stacked with things. We’ll want to explore this room in detail later.

    In the southern wall is a hole in the worked stone leading south. The tunnel curves west and then forks. (north and west). We head down the west fork.

    This opens into a large circular cavern with stalagmites. There is a circle made up of severed humanoid heads.

    Oewyn finds a magic gem and several thousand coins. Leanna attempts to identify the gem and fails on a quick look.

    While that is happening, Nisha and Kaidan wash away part of the circle.

    The group heads back and up the northern fork. As a new chamber comes into Oewyn’s site, he is greeted with the twangs of two ballista bolts. There is a barricade across part of the room.


    • 2 x Trolls
    • 1 x Rock Troll in Hide Armor

    We head down the corridor that continues onwards.

    Session 34

    4713 April (Continued)

    Week 2 to Week 3

    Hex 1221


    • 12 x Gargoyles

    After the brisk fight, we engineer a way into the caves half way down the water fall and behind it for the party (except Socks and Valkyrie).

    There is a cave with two tunnels leading off of it. There are three chambers filled with trade goods.

    We take the rest of the day to sort through the stuff. The items have a raven symbol on them.

    The symbol belongs to the Storm Crow Mercantile group.

    We might be able to track them down and return the stuff to them. Maybe a reward or improved relations?

    We collect the portable stuff and the next day we finish searching the area.

    Plan is to have Nisha become Kabran’s Treasurer assistant.

    We’ll be selling the Wyvern eggs.

    During Kingdom turn, we’ll send a group to recover the Storm Crow material from the Gargoyle Cave.

    Week 4

    We sell the two wyvern eggs to Sir Regeil.

    • PARTY SPLIT: 608 gp

    Oewayn, Leana, Nisha, Kaiden head to the grove to interact with some of the fae. Syntira

    Gilain works on faction with Flora

    Alexi works on faction with Lilly.

    Syntira visit

    Falchios greets the new arbiter Oewyn on the way. Purpose of his visit. As long as the fae are in harmony and not evil – they are okay.

    We then travel the rest of the way and meet with her.

    Invites us to see a rare site. A unicorn – to be named. Has a mate and she is expecting a foal soon.

    Topics covered with Syntir:

    • Entity known as Ren Lakejumper
    • Red Feather and the tribes of Urghar – any Fae ties that she’s aware of.

    Game plan for next months turn.

    Claim Hex 1320 (1 BP)
    Build Farm (4 BP) and Bridge there (Hills) (6BP)
    Claim Hex 1321 (1 BP)
    Build Roads (3 BP)

    Stone City Wall (2 BP) – District 2
    Stone Military Academy (Net 3 BP) – 3rd month

    4713 May

    Week 1- Kingdom Tools

    Archery Unit – ACR 5 – Company
    Infantry Unit – ACR 5 – Company

    Kobold Unit – ACR 3 – Platoon
    Forrest Hawk Unit – ACR 4 – Squad

    1 BP per 25 soldiers = 6 BP/week

    Lizardman Unit – Used for one engagement

    Week 2 – Going to war

    The party heads down ahead of the army (fielded by Kesten) to the Lizardmen home. They will aid us for the river crossing to Hex 1816.

    We prep to attack the hq of the army while our army is attacking.

    The command camp – we notice trees have been cut back


    • 3 x Trolls
    • 3 x Kobolds

    We evacuate outside the fortifications. Some trolls from the unit follow, and our army fights their army outside.


    • +1 Short Sword (small)
    • Amulet of Natural Armor +2

    In the aftermath of the fight we level.

    Session 33

    4713 March (continued)

    A state funeral/party was held for Ava.

    4713 April

    Kingdom Turn Completed – Week 1

    PARTY SPLIT on selling things: 1707 gp each

    Week 2

    Plan is to go to Candlemere and grab one Willow O’Wisp and present it to the Lizardmen.

    As Ava is down, Akiros has recommended we take a young magic user named Nisha. Kaiden hires her as a trial member for coming mission with a party split. We’ll see how she does.

    We are hiring a fishing boat – Duncan (5gp a day). We expect the boat trip to be a week round trip. Socks is not coming with us.

    We embark on our trip. It takes us about a day. As we approach, Alex spots the remnants of a stone dock. It’s evening time now. Alexi passes out buckets and we pretend to bail. We start to build a camp at the end of the dock. Kaiden notes the ruins were mostly likely burned.

    During first watch, Kaiden spots off to the west some movement – person shaped moving in the rubble about 200 ft away. Kaiden lets Leanna and Alexi know. We continue our watch.

    During second watch, the group hears sobbing, male from the west. Oewyn investigates – seems to be some sort of spirit or ghost. Was repeating “I’m sorry”, “I tried to save you”, sobbing, “I wanted to join you”. Oewyn comes back and reports to the group.

    During third watch, Valkyrie is not happy with the crying. At one point, Valkyrie’s hackles raise. Oewyn gives himself scent and smells – strong scent of soot and and an odd scent from the north.

    A light winks into the air above Alexi and he starts tossing and turning.

    Combat Ensues – Gilain thinks looks like one of the earlier Wisps, but it has a fear aura of some sort? Not normal.


    • 1 x BALL OF LIGHT?

    We defeat it and recover it’s body (invisible) and retreat to the boat and leave. As we sail out, we see about six lights wink on in Candlemere.

    We set sail for the Lizardmen camp to meet Rashaak. We arrive late afternoon and after initial negotiations, the Lizardmen allow us to land.

    We meet with Rashaak. We present the corpse after purifying food and water magic upon it. It is of the same kind, but we cannot guarantee that it is the same one.

    He tastes of it and he believes he can cement his tribe to side with us against the Trolls.

    We stay through the ceremonies. Some of the group participate in participating in taking a bite.

    They are open to being annexed barring details being ironed out. They will contribute one unit during a battle with the Trolls. They would be good as an amphibious unit at 1816. We stay with them through the night. We head back to Priomdahl.

    Outstanding Things To Do

    • Troll Army
    • Shambling Mound Outstanding – Hex 1715
    • Exploring path to Varnhold
    • Mutililated Trapper to the East – Hex 1520

    Likely things we could encounter – Giant Eagles, Manticore, Roc, Gargoyle, Wyvern, Griffon, Hippogriffs, Pegasyi

    We are thinking about tackling the Mutilated Trapper and then

    We leave on Day 5 of the second week and head through Hex 1518, 1519 to 1520.

    Hex 1518 – Some Boars
    Hex 1519 – More wildlife than last time – no longer haunted
    Hex 1520 – (Arriving Day 8) – Wildlife is quieter, perhaps a larger predator in the area.

    We camp that night and there are no normal wolf howls.

    The next day we continue hunting around for where the hunters were found. We find the location and start searching for predators. The small critter burrows and nests, but no other things in this hex. We spend an extra day searching around for the site.

    We head towards Hex 1421 (Day 10). Hex 1521 is an Urghar tribe hex (they are nomadic).

    We get there and start searching Hex 1421 (it will take 2 days to search)

    We find a site of note. Stone Arch revealed by collapse. The Arch has Cyclopian runes into it. We head in to check it out. 30 ft room that is circular. Collapses around the area. Was probably a second floor here.

    This was probably some type of watch tower of some sort. Hmm. There hasn’t been any recent history of Cycolpian activity in the River Kingdom.

    We continue searching the hex (1421). Towards dusk, we catch sight of a huge bird off to the east.

    We tracks from horses on occasion (unshod). Threading our way through the hills, we find a body and a horse torn to pieces. We investigate the scene. No tracks on the ground. The bodies seem to be all present, with no pieces missing. Savage attack.

    We find a broken and spear.

    Oewyn, Kaiden, and Leanna construct a stone bier to honor the fallen Urghar. It takes until evening/watch first watch to complete. Kaiden says a short prayers when they are done.

    The rest of the party is on watch and setting up a camp nearby.

    During first watch, Kaidan and Alexi spots 3 shapes out in the dark and calls out to them.

    Kaiden calls out to them loudly, “Friends, come out of the dark, so we can converse.”
    Alexi wakes and repeats it in Hallit. He then converses. The Ughar thought we might have killed their kin. We explain what we found and what we did with the body.

    In the dialogue that follows, Alexi translates. They did not like us making any accusations against the fae. There have been other attacks. At first against outsiders (that they didn’t care about) and more recently against tribesmen. Other scenes often didn’t leave tracks as well. Also, it seems some of the other scenes would have been difficult for flying creatures to get to.

    He has seen bodies in 4 different areas (now), miles apart.

    Kaiden introduces himself and asks his name. It is Red Feather.

    We Urghar need no help. And trespassers are killed in their land.

    He says, “Points SE, where the land rises, that is our terrain. (Hex 1521)”

    They will depart. We go back on watches.

    Kaidan has started dreaming of being in an ancient Cyclopian army – Roman-like, Spartan-like. Brutal, Punitive, Heavily Regimented.

    The next day we seek to finish searching the hex. During the day a group of mounted Urghar that shadow us for two hours and then head off.

    We then head for Hex 1321 (Day 12) and start searching it (Day 13).

    The wildlife is more normal. We find a boar corpse with 3 toes claw tracks (large) – reptilian tracks. Probably flying.

    We’ll need to hunt whatever it is to kill it in order to claim this territory.

    We start trying to track it down. Eventually, we find a ravine with a carcass. It’s den?


    • 2 x Wyverns

    We recover 2 Wyvern Eggs.

    explored 1222 and 1221 .. found water fall and cast fly on brian so he could check behind the waterfall for caves .. triggering 15 gargols to attack him … stopped after int was rolled water fall like 50feet and we are at the top .. its reason that the river in the two hexes is not used for water way because you have to go up or down the water fall its stright down drop


    • Mark HEX 1421 as searched
    • Mark HEX 1222 as searched
    Session 32

    The last thing I remember was a flash of green light and then blackness as my lifeblood drained from my wounds.

    What Ava and Gilian remembered being entangled in a mass of plants, like a giant head of lettuce. After getting themselves out they found themselves in a clearing surrounded by a bramble of thick thorns. The lighting was strange, everything had a green-blue echo (shadow?) giving an eerie appearance. There were other oversized lettuce patches which started to twitch as others, including myself, emerged healed from the plants.

    There was a hooded figure who was there who appears to be Ren Lakejumper. Gilian greeted him but he didn’t remember? He replied that time was fluid or some sort of esoteric wisdom (or foolishness). In any case, he said he was fulfilling a bargain he had made apparently his payment being saving our lives and giving us a wrapped bundle which contained potions, labeled with our names, including my dog’s. There were several for each of us. He directed us to drink the potions and break the seed in the middle of the clearing to “return”.

    I received a protection from Evil, 2 oils of magic weapon, and potion of fly. Curiously, the labels were written in my handwriting. The other’s potion labels were also in their own handwriting. My loyal dogkeeper, who was not in the least upset that I stabbed earlier, cast resist cold on all of us (20 Cold). We drank the potions, cast various magics in preparation for battle, and broke the seed.

    When the seed was broken it was like all the colors were snapped back into place as the clearing vanished and we appeared right outside of the door just as it was being pushed opened by cousin who mentioned “it was a good thing we had that cold resist up”. Hmmm, it was if our defeat didn’t happen and we were doing this for the first time, yet I still remembered the battle, these thoughts going through our minds as we entered the Ruined Tower to confront the Shadow Queen once more.

    The Queen, hovering invisible over the throne like before, challenged us once again as her undead knight stepped out from the shadows. The Shadow Queen dual cast once again, blasting us with a Cone of Cold and Ice Shards at Cousin, who withdrew to treat his wounds. Then that damn cat appeared again, engaging my loyal mastiff! Ava engaged the cat with blade and cold magic which it seemed resistant to. I fought the cat at first as well. Our fair witch, Leanna, cast glitterdust on the Queen, revealing her position. Gilian finished off the demon cat and shifted his position to start fighting the Black Knight.

    The Queen cast her protective spell like before, making her invulnerable to lesser magics. The Black Knight replied to Gilian’s challenge with a mighty strike of his glaive channelling foul energies into the blow, but did not fell the brave dwarf. I commanded Valkyrie to attack the Knight while should battle instructions to my allies. I was told later by Ava that the Queen tried to Dominate me (and not in the kinky way) me, casting a spell from a scroll, but it was ineffective due to the Protection from Evil.

    I was not so immune to the Black Knight’s glaive! Ouch! Neither was Eva to a Phantasmal Killer. While the Black Knight did go down to daggers, teeth, and claws. Fair Eva fell to the floor dead, Thorn rolling free of her limp fingers. With limited time before she became invisible again, Gillian charged the Queen, tearing with his draconic fury! I flew over to Thorn and picked up the blade which changed into a fighting dagger as it drank blood from my palm.

    I flew up to engage the Queen and stabbed her once with Thorn which was enough to kill the Bitch. As she died, she muttered “I see now you meddling bastard it wasn’t enough to get my mother you had to get me to!”

    Ring of Prtotection +1
    Ring of Feather Fall
    Handy Harversack
    Cloak of Resist +2
    Scroll organizer with invis purge, slow, slay living scrolls.
    Ring of Protection +1
    +1 Glaive(sold)
    +1 Desecrated Full Plate (sold)
    Scrolls of Mage Armor and Minor Globe of Invulnerability.

    Split: 600 GP

    We searched the area and found a secret compartment under the throne that contained a mastercraft book out of nightmare hide and silver inlay. There were also two scrolls. The book spoke and asked where its owner was. Gillian showed the dead body of the queen and it stated that one of us should possess it, preferably a spellcaster. It called itself the Book of Shadows. Meanwhile, Kaiden placed the shards into the Mirror which when the last piece was put in showed an image of a desert. This was no mere picture as daylight flooded the room. Through acts of will the images changed but before we could figure out much but tower started to crumble. Kaiden managed to change the image to the Capital and we went through the mirror as blocks of masonry came down around us.

    Afterwards, Kaiden turned in the Troll Blood to the Alchemist. As a reward we recieved potions in return. It was decided to give two cure light wounds and two protection from evil potions to everyone.

    Kingdom Turn:


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