Character Creation

Characters will be made in a 15 Point Buy, with no more then 1 Dump Stat (under 10 before racials)

Characters will begin play with 2 Traits of the player’s choice, as well as 1 of the Campaign Traits given by the DM after consultation/work on backstory.

Characters will begin with maximum starting gold for their class choice.

DM is open to 3PP product, but will be approved on a case by case basis.

AP Book 2 starts using the Kingdom Building rules, and thus all Characters should include a general preference for one of the Kingdom Roles from the list as well.

Characters should consider the Profession Skill used for their Kingdom Role as the game goes on, and any PC who wishes to be more competent at leading troops should consider a few ranks invested in Profession:Soldier. (Not having Soldier during those sections of the books doesn’t give a penalty, just doesn’t give any extra advantage)

Character Creation

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