Claim-Abandon Hexes

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Claim and Abandon Hexes: For your kingdom to grow, you must claim additional hexes. You can only claim a hex that is adjacent to at least 1 other hex in your kingdom. Before you can claim it, the hex must first be explored, then cleared of monsters and dangerous hazards Then, to claim the hex, spend 1 BP; this establishes the hex as part of your kingdom and increases your kingdom’s Size by 1. The Improvement Edicts table tells you the maximum number of hexes you can claim per turn.

Improvement Edicts

Kingdom Size New Settlements(1) New Buildings(2) Terrain Improvements Hex Claims
01—10 NS 1 NB 1 TI 2 HC 1
11—25 NS 1 NB 2 TI 3 HC 2
26—50 NS 1 NB 5 TI 5 HC 3
51—100 NS 2 NB 10 TI 7 HC 4
101—200 NS 3 NB 20 TI 9 HC 8
201+ NS 4 NB No limit TI 12 HC 12

(1) Instead of creating a new settlement, your kingdom may create a new army unit (see Mass Combat), expand or equip an existing army unit, or bring an existing army unit back to full strength.

(2) Upgrading a building (for example, from a Shrine to a Temple) or destroying a building counts toward this limit. The first House, Mansion, Noble Villa, or Tenement your kingdom builds each turn does not count against this number.

Claim-Abandon Hexes

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