Kaiden Blackwolf

age 28


  • Ilsa (Wife – Deceased)
  • Petyr (Son – Deceased)
  • Inga (Daughter – Deceased)
  • Olaf – Father in law; Blacksmith
  • Sophia (Aunt; Alexi Litewska’s mother – Deceased)
  • Katya (Mother – Deceased)
  • Father – Unknown

Personality Quirks:

  • Leader – When danger arises, others look to him and he rises to the occasion.
  • Caretaker – Takes care of his ‘flock’ – human and animal alike
  • Wounded heart – Full of sorrow and has been living in the past, dwelling on the loss of his family – perhaps a new love will heal him.
  • Trustworthy – His word means what he says it does. But he does not see a conflict of waiting in hide for his prey or in baiting a trap.
  • Philanthropic – Will devote efforts to improve the community as a whole and ensuring the poor have the tools to improve their lot
  • Children – Children have a near and dear place in his heart
  • Bouts of Melancholia – Every so often (days or weeks), he falls into a depression and becomes morose, brooding and seeks solitude

Kaiden Blackwolf

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