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Descriptors: An at a glance summary of common details that are distinctive to this NPC. Can cover a mix of physical aspects, mannerisms, and personality.

Likes: Traits and Actions that can give a bonus on interactions.

Dislikes: Traits and Actions that can give a penalty on interactions.

Romancable: Weather the NPC would be open to such with another PC or NPC

Unlocks: Conditions for NPC to be interactable. ‘Available’ means they are already unlocked.

Leader Recruitable: If NPC can be used for a Kingdom Role, and a relationship score listed as a numeric threshold before they would be persuadable to do so.

Role Affinity: What Kingdom Roles if any the NPC can fill. a plus after the role adds a bonus to the seat equivalent to 3 skill ranks per plus.

Boons: Benefit of reaching a relationship score threshold with this NPC. they are loosely equivalent to a Trait in power, and are their own category for stacking. (Boon) They are gained at Relation Score 20 and 30.

Quests: NPC’s can have personal quests they are willing to share or offer to those they trust deeply enough. Some are unavailable until triggered by Events, others are available as soon as Relation Score is reached. Typically a 25.

Relation Score: Ranges from 1 to 30, and indicates how close and trusted an NPC views a given character. Increasing Score requires a week of interaction and a successful skill check at a DC equal to current score.

Relationship Q n A Help

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