Ricks Notes

Letter to Mivon

Army Size Ult Battle – pg 12
Equipment Ult Battle – pg 20

Alexi wants a Cavalry Unit.

100 Heavy Armor, Heavy Mounts, Shields = (8 + (4 for barding) + 10 + 1 = 23 BP
50 – .75x
20 – x .5
10 – x .25
5 – x.1

Consumption for units with mounts is doubled
Garrisoned (100) = 1 BP (men) + 1 BP (horse)
Fielded (100) = 8 BP / week

Pursue Trade with Kyonin through Caleb Northwood

#d7d50d – Yellow for unsearched

Barony Name Ideas:

  • Valdas Tir (Verdant Land)

City Name Ideas

  • Priomdahl (Prime or First Hold)
  • Tandahl – Fire Hold
  • Tirdahl – Earth Hold
  • Dwirdahl – Water Hold
  • Aeridahl – Air Hold
  • Fannudahl – Smithing Hold
  • Aelfdahl – Elf Hold
  • Afondahl – River Hold
  • Cadwirdahl – Strong Hold
  • or Cadarnale – Strong Hold



You basically build roads, farms and a mine or two. Unless something really terrible happened to Oleg’s trading post or you chose not to claim the castle, you basically need to build a road from there to your castle and then you need to build farms to feed everyone and then you need to build mines or sawmills to start growing the economy.

You’re limited to claiming a hex / month and you don’t really have the resources for much more than that anyways. So if you do the math, 12 months is basically just enough for covering the territory between Oleg’s and the Castle.



**helpful comment: these two links/strats/suggestions use a different rule system and thus won’t actually help much.

Banner Canvas Size – 2759 × 2759
Row 19xx – leave blank
Eastern Side – the hex restov is in, and the hex SE of it are teh border rows for numbering
Western Size – 1000 is Numeria. 1100 is SW of the compass.


Ricks Notes

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