Stolen Lands

South of Rostland, the hills rise and forests bloom into a land that has long remained wild, despite numerous attempts by colonists from both north and south to claim and civilize it. Taldor made the most ambitious attempt to settle this realm, but even that great nation failed to tame the wilderness that lies in a green swath between Brevoy and the River Kingdoms proper. This region is known as the Stolen Lands, as the wilds are viewed as territory unfairly claimed (and lost) by the other. It has lain fallow for decades since the previous attempt at colonization, and some whisper that the time is ripe for another attempt.

Central: The Greenbelt
The Narlmarches
The Tuskwater and Tributaries
Northern Moors

Eastern: Nomen Heights
Lake Silverstep

Western: The Slough
Lake Hooktongue
Hooktongue Slough
Tors of Levenies

Far Western: Glenebon Uplands
Mount Branthlend
Thousand Voices

Stolen Lands

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