The Rumormill

Rumors can be true or false, foreshadowing or red herrings. Regardless there is usually some kernel of truth behind it if you can get to the heart of the matter. Olegs Trading post is a hub that many locals drift to eventually and as such Oleg and Svetlana hear all kinds of things.

> A hag known as the Swamp Witch lives in a marsh on the northwest shore of the Tuskwater. She consorts with demons and steals children, boiling them for stew in her magic cauldron.

> Some gnome explorers came by a few weeks ago, claiming that they were here to map the entire Greenbelt; they were last seen heading up the Skunk River.

> Kobolds have been harassing travelers, caravans, loggers, and hunting parties that have ventured beyond the kingdom’s near borders on multiple occasions this year.

> A trade caravan arriving from the south reported it has been attacked by a band of trolls and that they lost several wagons of goods to them.

> Some of the bandits wear silver amulets that resemble a stag’s skull—these bandits belong to a debased cult dedicated to some kind of hideous animal demon.

> Breeg Orlivanch, a foul-mannered trapper, has been missing for some time—they say he gave up trapping and joined the bandits!

> There used to be a bridge crossing the Shrike River to the southeast, but bandits ruined it. They say the old bridge keeper Davik Nettles haunts the place now.

> A group of evil monks and priests of a lesser-known goddess of hatred, extortion, and spite once dwelt on the northern shore of the Tuskwater to the south. I bet there are still cultists out there, and that they’re behind the sudden rise in banditry!

>The primary trade route from the River Kingdoms to Brevoy is the East Sellen River, a major waterway that runs through a swampy region to the west called the Hooktongue Slough. The trade route’s been closed for several months, though, due to an increased amount of violence from the boggard tribes that dwell there—hopefully the frog folk keep to the swamp and don’t turn their bulging eyes east toward the Narlmarches!

> The bandits are getting braver and more organized, and there’s whispers that they have a new leader—a man who dresses in animal’s bones and calls himself the Stag Lord.

> Some people report that a unicorn lives in the Narlmarches, but sightings of the magnificent creature have fallen off in recent months. Perhaps the unicorn was driven out by the bandits?

The Rumormill

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