Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 15

Desnus 4712 (May) (continued)

Two Weeks of Exploration

  • Travel to Hex 1618 – .5 day
  • Search Hex 1618 – .5 day – That night we encountered Crackjaw (giant turtle) and defeated him (detailed in Session 14)
  • Travel back to 1517 (Capital) – .5 days
  • Back in the Capitol, the fisherman Arvin seeks us out – he gives us a ring from the stomach of a pike
  • Spend the rest of the day in town (.5 days)
  • Local couple – the Tannerson’s track down Oewyn – their son has gone (Tig – about 10) – lost near the river to the west – gone missing to the west.
  • The next morning we head across the bridge of the Skunk River and start searching for the boy using tracking. Oewyn finds a simple sewn doll of a bear. Based on the direction we found the doll, we believe the child was traveling south.
  • We spend a day traveling south (1 day) – we find some bits of clothing torn on some thorns. This takes us into Hex 1617.
  • We make camp that night. during third watch – there is a deep moan that carries over the night air. It echoes for about 8 to 10 seconds. Oewyn thinks it does not sound like a natural creature. Sounds like towards the coast.
  • The next day, Oewyn and Kaiden find foot prints – normal sized human an child sized. Not moving fast. About 24 hours old. We continue heading where we think we need to go.
  • We come to a marsh and make our way into it. In the middle of the marsh, there is a hillock. 80 ft wide. At the top is a waist high fence, then bog grass and then a house. The fence itself has a bunch of fetishes. There is a crow cawing from the top of the hut. There is a scarecrow propped up – possibly a garden in there. Oewayn went catatonic and when Alexi started to swing behind the scarecrow – hostilities ensued.
  • We then knock on the door and then Ava opens the door. Simple one room house. Bubbling cauldron. Reed pile. There is a child – sleeping/unconcious in the reed pile.
  • Those that don’t denigrate her call her the Old Beldame.
  • The cost to fix the construct is 8k.
  • While we wait for the child to wake (2 hours), some of us try to clean up the mess in the garden.
  • The child wakes up. He does recognizes Kaiden and Gilain and that mollifies the Old Beladme. It’s late afternoon and we head out with the promise of payment.
  • It takes us (1 day) to travel back to the capital and return Tig to the Tannerson.
  • A total of 5 days of 14 has gone by.
  • Travel from the Capitol to Hex 1617 (1 day) – We get there in the evening. We bring the Old Beldame our restitution (8k). We do get a rep bump. She let’s us camp (not in the garden) within the walls. Leanna asks about the un-natural cold in the forest. This region has particularly thin walls (between the planes) and this was one of the residents of the first world crossed over from. Their influence has always been strong her. The forest itself is alive. The more time you spend in it, the more it changes you.
  • She needs us to harvest some plants – possibly kill some things. Some mushroom – black rattlecaps. She uses them to brew teas. There is a location to the south of the Tuskwater. There are likely mobile plant things. (Hex 1717)

Hex 1617 Exploration

  • (1 day) We search Hex 1617 – We find boars.
  • Camping that night – during second watch – a half dozen birds agitate and fly through the camp.
  • (1 day) We travel to Hex 1616 and then camp.
  • Camping that night, there are no encounters.

Hex 1616 Exploration

  • (1 day) Begin hex exploration of 1616. While searching the hex, Oewyn comes across a skeleton – human. The bones looked gnawed. We do a quick buddy – spiral search. Oewyn (and buddy) find another skeleton – chewed. Kaiden and Leanna also find a similar skeleton. We continue to find more skeletons. They seem to be in an ‘arc’. We head towards where we would find the center of the arc.
    *Another hour or two, we find ourselves at a huge oak tree and under the canopy is a ‘clearing’. This tree looks to be naturally hollow at the bottom. Most of us dismount and we search for tracks. Oweyn find booted, medium sized footprints and animal tracks (medium sized cats).
  • We start about 50 ft from the tree. As Oweyn approaches, a shape moves out from the hollow in the tree (cat) and we hear a growl. Oweyn attempts wild empathy. A loud voice calls out, “What the hell you guys trying do to my cat?” Gilain tries to make nice.
  • He share news of a Lizard Tribe to the south and a grouchy Witch woman to the East. Fae to the north.
  • We agree to camp here. He contributes some jerky to the stew. Oewyn convinces him that his graciously allowing us to camp here is enough.
  • We camp overnight with watches. During 2nd watch, something happens. Out of the darkness, the cat attacks Ava.


  • 1 x Hermit
  • 1 x Cat
    4 hexes explored
    bokken quest completed

Total xp award was 134 xp shy of making level 5. DM in his wondrous generosity awarded etra to make threshold. Ding level 5 for the party. Enjoy.



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