Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 26

February 4713

Week 1 – Kingdom Week

  • Hex 1117 – Logging camp issues – not producing – Oewayn investigates and it looks like a war zone – there has been a bloom event – no positive
  • Trade route from Muvon is blocked by Troll activity
  • Refugees from the South (Gault) – arrived battered – lost people to trolls along the way – we grant them refuge in Priomdahl
  • Mother tried to drown her baby – it’s been replaced by a changeling – Public trial – child turned over to Alexi for “Assassin Training” – Oewyn has a nanny that will look after her from day to day
  • Leanna investigates Changelings – they are usually the offspring of a Hag – in the town, 13 changelings have shown up – some families consider the signs as good luck.
  • Event: Kobold infiltration into the Troll Army – came back – close to success on the lizrad folk west of Candlemere – Troll camp in 1814 but control several hexes nearby

Game plan -

  • Go check in Tig Tigger Tuk and Pervilash
  • Deal with Lizard men (diplomacy or take out)
  • Candlemere – and Willow O’Wisps

Week 2 -

  • It should take us 3 days to get to Tig Tigger Tuk and Pervilash’s Nest Hex 1116
  • On day 2 – a messenger catches us – Farmer’s in Hex 1118 having fae issues – suggestion is that we go to the fae nest first in 1116 and then go to 1017 – perhaps the two fae are the source of the issue
  • Day 3 – we arrive at 1116 where the nest is. The forrest is lush (the winter fae effects have snapped) – We get to there the nested tree.
    • Tree is covered in claw marks up to the nest
    • We dismount and Oewyn moves closer to investigate. Toothpick sized arrows – covered with troll blood. He hears sniffling and sobs in the nest. Oewayn tries to sooth the invisible critter and Pervilash fades into view. Stinky egg troll took Tig and Pervilash has to drive the humans out of the area or Tig will be pulled apart. Pervilash thinks Tig was taken to the Frog Pond. Oewayn tells Pervilash to keep up his activity while we go deal with the troll.
    • Hmm. There is a hot spring near where the frog pond was. Sulferous smell. 12 hours later we are closing in and hear cacophonous noises ahead.


  • 1 x Troll (CR)
  • (CR Award with Farmers)

We save Tig after a near death. We tell Tig that Pervilash is worries sick and she heads out. We investigate the campsite and tent. The Troll’s armor is soldier like. The tent is propped up by a large spear. There was a crude sign indicating “Monster Kingdom” (in Giant)

We head back to the nest – camping along the way to check in with Tig and Pervilash. (1 day)

We head to the Farm hex 1017. We tell the farmers that it was the Troll as the cause of the troll. (1 day)

(CR Award with Farmers)

We head down to the Autumn Grove to report our results (5 day) (total of 10 days so far)

We advise Queen Syntara and she asks us to check on something that might impact us again. There is a creature living in the southern forest that might be a green dragon – probably a lesser cousin. Will we take care of it? Yes.

They avoid the Lizard folk. Lizard tribes are generally neutral-ish. Agressively teritorial. Ancestor worshipers.

We travel to Hex 1715 (2 Days) and start to explore it. Oewyn rolls a 30 on survival. He finds spore of quadrapel lizard things. We track them down. This leads us to a hill that goes into the a cave. 10 ft wide entrance. A way down, it gets steeper then nearly vertical. We jury-rig the rope and about 20 ft down there is an offshoot tunnel and then 20 ft to the bottom.


  • 9 x Shocker Lizards

We recover 3 shocker eggs that we need to keep warm.

We re-secure the rope and start into the passage that Oewyn hears rumbling hisses from.

We make our way in and find a nest with a two headed large shocker lizard.


  • 1 x Two Head Shocker Lizard

When Ava enters the room, Thorn buzzes a bit – it’s some sort of Fae?

We kill it after it nearly kills Alexi and Ava. It has a green stripe on it. We heal up and search around. Lizard Men bones in the Nest. We take the two heads – maybe leverage to open talks with the lizard men.

We head outside and recover ours horses and set up camp to recover.

The next morning we continue exploring the hex (and to find the Lizard Man).

During the exploration, we find tracks of a shambling mound (huge). We decide to track down the shambling mound and continuing looking for the lizard men.

We find ourselves on the shore of Candlemere. It looks like there is a settlement just down the shore. There is an island in the middle of the mouth and that is where settlement is. We head to the beach. iroach in the open.

We glow with holy light and hail the town in common “We come in peace”. After a bit, we are hailed back in Draconic. They have caught a child fair and square and will eat him. We attempt to negotiate.

They refused shocker lizard meat, so Gilain presented the tribal spear we found instead. They questioned the brave dwarf on where the spear was found and he replied truthfully that we had found it in the lair of the two headed shocker lizard. The lizardman leader wanted to examine the spear, but Gilain wanted to know if the child was alive. The response was “lower him a foot” and shrill screams were heard.

The leader declared the spear a fake and threw it back. Gilain questioned one of the guards who said that the spear looked like a weapon of a revered ancestor. He then agreed to meet us at an island to discuss the spear while out loud proclaiming to drive us off. We left the village and traveled to the island and waited for our lizardman contact to arrive.

The guard arrived and tested the spear by trying to break while we explained the circumstances of finding the spear. The lizard man was named Rashaak, a senior hunter. He explained that he does not trust our kind and that their was an ancestor spirt (that had owned the spear) was advising the chief. Thus the spear being in the cave was false.

The spirit did not show up every night, only when it had new to part to the people. Its likely this spirit was encouraging the lizard men to ally with the trolls. It shows up in the ancestor hut in the village. It was therorized that it was a wilowisp or some sort of hag magic.

We decided to rescue the child using invisibility and flight. Our uncanny witch would do the deed. When she did so, there was a wisp there feeding on the misery of the child. The witch grabbed the child and flew away. The wisp zapped the fair lady, but she weathered the electrical assault and escaped with the child.



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