Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 31

March 4713 (continued)

Week 2 to Week 3

The next morning – we head to the right fork and come to a bog. Leanna makes us some smog masks (That takes about 15 minutes). The fog doesn’t appear to be acidic and the bog appears to be teaming with life. Then we trek into the swamp. About 20 minutes in, we find a hillock with standing stones on top of it with an alter. A glint of light (perhaps the mirror fragment) is on top of of the alter. There is a palpable sense of evil.

As we moved up, something stirrs – an invisible giant snake.


  • 1 x Naga

After the fight, the group searches the area while Leanna analyzes the alter. It has major ties to necromancy.

We then trek out of the swamp. We then continue onwards counter clock wise and come to an area with a tree. A few skeletons are hanging from the tree with their hands bound behind their backs.


  • 1 x Specter
  • 2 x Wraith

After a rough battle, a number of the party are level drained and constitution drained. Leanna casts a Lesser Restoration on Oewyn, but apparently without effect.

We search and find a magic ring.

We need to rest up before tackling the Dusk Queen. Heading back to the Behir lair – we are ambushed along the way.


  • 1 x Dire Wolf

Mirror Shards
Searing light – empowered 3/day
Maximize a searing light 1/day
SR bonuses against creatures that are light sensitive or vulnerable

That night a visage of the Dusk Queen disturbs our second watch. Few words are spared and then wolves attack outside the lair.


  • 5 x Dire Wolves

All of our mounts, except for Socks are dead.

The next morning, the lesser restoration takes affect on Oweyn and his negative levels are gone. Leanna makes her saves against the negative levels. (makes 1, fails the other)

We travel into the last area of the region which leads to a dark tower.

We enter the tower to and encounter the Dusk Queen.


  • 1 x Dusk Queen
  • 1 x Black Warrior
  • 1 x Scaled Cat

(ren lakejumper?)
Dusk Queen 26
Scaled Cat 25.6
Kaiden (3) 22.3
Ava (
2) 20.2
Leana (0) 20
Oewyn (
3) 18.3
Gilain (1) 16.1
Valkyrie (
3) 15.3
Black Warrior 13.52
Alexi (5) 13.51
Socks (
2) 12.2
Bottom of the Round 0



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