Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 33

4713 March (continued)

A state funeral/party was held for Ava.

4713 April

Kingdom Turn Completed – Week 1

PARTY SPLIT on selling things: 1707 gp each

Week 2

Plan is to go to Candlemere and grab one Willow O’Wisp and present it to the Lizardmen.

As Ava is down, Akiros has recommended we take a young magic user named Nisha. Kaiden hires her as a trial member for coming mission with a party split. We’ll see how she does.

We are hiring a fishing boat – Duncan (5gp a day). We expect the boat trip to be a week round trip. Socks is not coming with us.

We embark on our trip. It takes us about a day. As we approach, Alex spots the remnants of a stone dock. It’s evening time now. Alexi passes out buckets and we pretend to bail. We start to build a camp at the end of the dock. Kaiden notes the ruins were mostly likely burned.

During first watch, Kaiden spots off to the west some movement – person shaped moving in the rubble about 200 ft away. Kaiden lets Leanna and Alexi know. We continue our watch.

During second watch, the group hears sobbing, male from the west. Oewyn investigates – seems to be some sort of spirit or ghost. Was repeating “I’m sorry”, “I tried to save you”, sobbing, “I wanted to join you”. Oewyn comes back and reports to the group.

During third watch, Valkyrie is not happy with the crying. At one point, Valkyrie’s hackles raise. Oewyn gives himself scent and smells – strong scent of soot and and an odd scent from the north.

A light winks into the air above Alexi and he starts tossing and turning.

Combat Ensues – Gilain thinks looks like one of the earlier Wisps, but it has a fear aura of some sort? Not normal.


  • 1 x BALL OF LIGHT?

We defeat it and recover it’s body (invisible) and retreat to the boat and leave. As we sail out, we see about six lights wink on in Candlemere.

We set sail for the Lizardmen camp to meet Rashaak. We arrive late afternoon and after initial negotiations, the Lizardmen allow us to land.

We meet with Rashaak. We present the corpse after purifying food and water magic upon it. It is of the same kind, but we cannot guarantee that it is the same one.

He tastes of it and he believes he can cement his tribe to side with us against the Trolls.

We stay through the ceremonies. Some of the group participate in participating in taking a bite.

They are open to being annexed barring details being ironed out. They will contribute one unit during a battle with the Trolls. They would be good as an amphibious unit at 1816. We stay with them through the night. We head back to Priomdahl.

Outstanding Things To Do

  • Troll Army
  • Shambling Mound Outstanding – Hex 1715
  • Exploring path to Varnhold
  • Mutililated Trapper to the East – Hex 1520

Likely things we could encounter – Giant Eagles, Manticore, Roc, Gargoyle, Wyvern, Griffon, Hippogriffs, Pegasyi

We are thinking about tackling the Mutilated Trapper and then

We leave on Day 5 of the second week and head through Hex 1518, 1519 to 1520.

Hex 1518 – Some Boars
Hex 1519 – More wildlife than last time – no longer haunted
Hex 1520 – (Arriving Day 8) – Wildlife is quieter, perhaps a larger predator in the area.

We camp that night and there are no normal wolf howls.

The next day we continue hunting around for where the hunters were found. We find the location and start searching for predators. The small critter burrows and nests, but no other things in this hex. We spend an extra day searching around for the site.

We head towards Hex 1421 (Day 10). Hex 1521 is an Urghar tribe hex (they are nomadic).

We get there and start searching Hex 1421 (it will take 2 days to search)

We find a site of note. Stone Arch revealed by collapse. The Arch has Cyclopian runes into it. We head in to check it out. 30 ft room that is circular. Collapses around the area. Was probably a second floor here.

This was probably some type of watch tower of some sort. Hmm. There hasn’t been any recent history of Cycolpian activity in the River Kingdom.

We continue searching the hex (1421). Towards dusk, we catch sight of a huge bird off to the east.

We tracks from horses on occasion (unshod). Threading our way through the hills, we find a body and a horse torn to pieces. We investigate the scene. No tracks on the ground. The bodies seem to be all present, with no pieces missing. Savage attack.

We find a broken and spear.

Oewyn, Kaiden, and Leanna construct a stone bier to honor the fallen Urghar. It takes until evening/watch first watch to complete. Kaiden says a short prayers when they are done.

The rest of the party is on watch and setting up a camp nearby.

During first watch, Kaidan and Alexi spots 3 shapes out in the dark and calls out to them.

Kaiden calls out to them loudly, “Friends, come out of the dark, so we can converse.”
Alexi wakes and repeats it in Hallit. He then converses. The Ughar thought we might have killed their kin. We explain what we found and what we did with the body.

In the dialogue that follows, Alexi translates. They did not like us making any accusations against the fae. There have been other attacks. At first against outsiders (that they didn’t care about) and more recently against tribesmen. Other scenes often didn’t leave tracks as well. Also, it seems some of the other scenes would have been difficult for flying creatures to get to.

He has seen bodies in 4 different areas (now), miles apart.

Kaiden introduces himself and asks his name. It is Red Feather.

We Urghar need no help. And trespassers are killed in their land.

He says, “Points SE, where the land rises, that is our terrain. (Hex 1521)”

They will depart. We go back on watches.

Kaidan has started dreaming of being in an ancient Cyclopian army – Roman-like, Spartan-like. Brutal, Punitive, Heavily Regimented.

The next day we seek to finish searching the hex. During the day a group of mounted Urghar that shadow us for two hours and then head off.

We then head for Hex 1321 (Day 12) and start searching it (Day 13).

The wildlife is more normal. We find a boar corpse with 3 toes claw tracks (large) – reptilian tracks. Probably flying.

We’ll need to hunt whatever it is to kill it in order to claim this territory.

We start trying to track it down. Eventually, we find a ravine with a carcass. It’s den?


  • 2 x Wyverns

We recover 2 Wyvern Eggs.

explored 1222 and 1221 .. found water fall and cast fly on brian so he could check behind the waterfall for caves .. triggering 15 gargols to attack him … stopped after int was rolled water fall like 50feet and we are at the top .. its reason that the river in the two hexes is not used for water way because you have to go up or down the water fall its stright down drop


  • Mark HEX 1421 as searched
  • Mark HEX 1222 as searched



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