Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 34

4713 April (Continued)

Week 2 to Week 3

Hex 1221


  • 12 x Gargoyles

After the brisk fight, we engineer a way into the caves half way down the water fall and behind it for the party (except Socks and Valkyrie).

There is a cave with two tunnels leading off of it. There are three chambers filled with trade goods.

We take the rest of the day to sort through the stuff. The items have a raven symbol on them.

The symbol belongs to the Storm Crow Mercantile group.

We might be able to track them down and return the stuff to them. Maybe a reward or improved relations?

We collect the portable stuff and the next day we finish searching the area.

Plan is to have Nisha become Kabran’s Treasurer assistant.

We’ll be selling the Wyvern eggs.

During Kingdom turn, we’ll send a group to recover the Storm Crow material from the Gargoyle Cave.

Week 4

We sell the two wyvern eggs to Sir Regeil.

  • PARTY SPLIT: 608 gp

Oewayn, Leana, Nisha, Kaiden head to the grove to interact with some of the fae. Syntira

Gilain works on faction with Flora

Alexi works on faction with Lilly.

Syntira visit

Falchios greets the new arbiter Oewyn on the way. Purpose of his visit. As long as the fae are in harmony and not evil – they are okay.

We then travel the rest of the way and meet with her.

Invites us to see a rare site. A unicorn – to be named. Has a mate and she is expecting a foal soon.

Topics covered with Syntir:

  • Entity known as Ren Lakejumper
  • Red Feather and the tribes of Urghar – any Fae ties that she’s aware of.

Game plan for next months turn.

Claim Hex 1320 (1 BP)
Build Farm (4 BP) and Bridge there (Hills) (6BP)
Claim Hex 1321 (1 BP)
Build Roads (3 BP)

Stone City Wall (2 BP) – District 2
Stone Military Academy (Net 3 BP) – 3rd month

4713 May

Week 1- Kingdom Tools

Archery Unit – ACR 5 – Company
Infantry Unit – ACR 5 – Company

Kobold Unit – ACR 3 – Platoon
Forrest Hawk Unit – ACR 4 – Squad

1 BP per 25 soldiers = 6 BP/week

Lizardman Unit – Used for one engagement

Week 2 – Going to war

The party heads down ahead of the army (fielded by Kesten) to the Lizardmen home. They will aid us for the river crossing to Hex 1816.

We prep to attack the hq of the army while our army is attacking.

The command camp – we notice trees have been cut back


  • 3 x Trolls
  • 3 x Kobolds

We evacuate outside the fortifications. Some trolls from the unit follow, and our army fights their army outside.


  • +1 Short Sword (small)
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +2

In the aftermath of the fight we level.



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