Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 35

4713 May (continued)

Week 2 (continued) – War!

Hex 1816 – Skirmish has been fought and we’ve leveled to 8.

Archer – 100%
Kobold – 100%
Forest Hawks – 100%
Infantry Unit – 80%

Traveling to 1815 (2 day) – Forrest Hawks don’t see any fortifications – no signs of ambush.

Traveling to 1814 (2 day) – There is a fortified town.

Broad valley – There are mud, brick, buildings built up around a hill with a ruined stone structure.

There a massive gaps into the defenses. – Old. Probably Dwarvish in nature.

Strategic Turn

  • Recon terrain
    • There is a work crew that was not evacuated back into the fortification – chain gang – lumber gang. One of the Elven slaves is attacking our soldiers as Leanna arrives. The elf says in elven “Get back, it’s a trap. They are diseased. (Plagued).” Leanna is able to prevent it from spreading (Filth Fever). We isolate them and

There is a Kobold and Troll unit in the town. There are tracks (probably Troll) headed north. The tracks are two days old.

Based on that information, we decide we need to take out these units first before we head back.

Potential Objectives

  • Recover remaining slaves -
  • Our Kobold commander is going to make sure the Kobold unit is anihilated.

We’ll have the Forrest Hawks work with our Kobold unit on that objective. The Human

The party will recover slaves so they are not used for food (and it’s the right thing to do).

Recover Slave Gangs

  • 4 x Trolls
  • 4 x Chain Gangs (saved 14 of 20)

We evac with the chain gang and this aids our fighting forces of are able to breach the fortifications.

About 2 hours later we see our next opportunity. An unexpected tactical change – a fire starts. We see a detachment retreat into the fort (command flag).

We head in and up the hill. Along the path, Oewyn spots some deadfalls above..

Nisha casts Twilight Haze and we dash across the area. Nisha takes the brunt of the log fall as we cross.


  • 3 x Trolls
  • 1 x Deadfall

As a detail, Thorn throbbed in his hands as he moved.

Dwarvish ruins on the doors: The Palid Plague Is Here – Do No Enter if you value your life.

(this was the plague type that hit Kaiden’s original village)

There are two stairs leading out of the entry room. We head up the stairs to the south. It leads to a circular room that has a spiraling stair case that goes up a long way. The floor is covered in muck. Seems this is the latreen.

We head to the other stairs going up to the west of the main entrance.

A troll comes rushing at Oewyn and Valkyrie with a table in a bull rush action. It’s a more buff than normal Troll.


  • 1 x Buff Troll
  • 1 x Troll Hound

This room has been defaced with crude graffiti. Table with a headless small figure. Seems to be the body of a halfling that was used to feed something (Troll Hound).

Two exits – one north and one south. The northern passage leads to a kennel with two chained up Troll Hounds.


  • 2 x Troll Hounds

Then Kennel is disturbing. Lots of body parts for the dogs to eat.

Heading to the south leads to a store room stacked with things. We’ll want to explore this room in detail later.

In the southern wall is a hole in the worked stone leading south. The tunnel curves west and then forks. (north and west). We head down the west fork.

This opens into a large circular cavern with stalagmites. There is a circle made up of severed humanoid heads.

Oewyn finds a magic gem and several thousand coins. Leanna attempts to identify the gem and fails on a quick look.

While that is happening, Nisha and Kaidan wash away part of the circle.

The group heads back and up the northern fork. As a new chamber comes into Oewyn’s site, he is greeted with the twangs of two ballista bolts. There is a barricade across part of the room.


  • 2 x Trolls
  • 1 x Rock Troll in Hide Armor

We head down the corridor that continues onwards.



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