Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 36

4713 May (continued)

Week 2 (continued) – War!

After defeating the 2 trolls and the rock troll, we continued north and find the remains of humanoid body and animal remains – food storage. We then go back and head east.

The ceiling of the cavern arches 30 ft overhead. To the south is a wagon heaped with firs without any wheels. A single barrel in the SW corner and nearby there are hides stretched. On the northern wall is a make shift throne with a bear skin rug. There are three brutish dog things in front of the throne. Hargulka sits upon the throne.


  • 1 x Hargulka
  • 3 x Dog Things

Valkyrie – 78 max hp – 23 damage – AC 25 – 14/9 1d6 +18

After Hargulka is killed, he stands back up and says in a womanish voice – in Sylvan:

“The promise will be fulfilled. It comes and can not be stopped.”

Then he falls back over. Kaiden recognizes the voice and his face goes pale.

The stretched out hide in the corner is a fairly detailed map. – Region Map – Our two settlements and the troll settlement. Arrows indicating raids or paths of attack. Other marks in green indicate the old Elven tower, the grove, and the pond.

There is a merchant chest on the wagon. Alexi isn’t able to open the lock after a few tries – take time later.

We head outside and our troops are mopping up. The town is on fire.

We hear an echoing roar across the area. Our troops are shaken by the sound and become more subdued.

Our troops did have casualties but came out on top.

Army takes care of:

  • Diseased slaves
  • Rescued slaves
  • Mop up town and recover any loot
  • no more than 3 days, head back

Party heads back to town quickest route

Leanna checks the dead troll dogs for disease (blood fire fever).

We spend the night (as it’s late in the day) and we’ll head out at first light after Leanna expends some healing magic on the diseased.

She has success and the Elf slave wakes up.

Elven Man – conversation is in Elvish – “Don’t come too close – I’m sick.” It
Caleb Northwood- his family holds position Kyonen Court to the south. We return his spell book that we found. We give him some clothes.

The Troll unit had 20-25 in the unit.

Path back will be – Hex 1814 → 1714 → 1615 → 1515 → 1516 → 1517

Week 3

Five days later we arrive at the town with smoke and dust over the town. There are people milling around. They look shell shocked. There was a fire. The person we talk to says they were attacked by a ginormous monster – a bird – bear thing the size of the elephant – crashed through the southern wall and rampaged through the city.

Town militia tried to stop it. It left several days ago.

We head to the town hall to assess the situation with the rest of the council.

The dead have been tended to.

Flora – There were 80 casualties – over half of which were watch men. (Akiros survived)

Looked like a massive owlbear. It came from the south and headed back in that direction.

Annalise dispatches a messenger to Olegdahl to get word from them. Where is that troll unit?

What is the damage to the town? Recorded on the tracker

Building Plan

  • Month 1
    • repair wall (half price) reduce unrest by 2 – cost 1
    • repair watcher tower – reduces unrest by 1 – cost 3
    • repair house – reduced unrest by 1 – cost 1
  • Month 2
    • repair house – cost 1
    • repair inn – cost 3

Send messenger to the grove

Hear back from Olegdahl and they were not attacked

There was a contingent from Varnhold that helped in the town’s defense.

Week 4

Army returns Week 4.

Follow up on Grigori – the agitator

4713 June

Week 1 – Kingdom Turn

  • Events
    • Oewyn – (choices between – shambling mound, giant owlbear, and destroyed caravan) – owlbear – full success – He can blaze a trail to the creature (the right hex)
    • Nisha – Treasury investigation -
    • Alexi – Research Unrest – 1d8 + 5 = 13
    • Leanna – Research shadow spell
    • Gilain -
    • Kaiden – Hire some people to look after the orphans including the changelings
    • Kaiden – Hana Stormcrow – would like compensation (4 BP initial negotiation point) for destroyed caravan or…manage the Varnhold Trade Route – we offer them the trade route -
    • The other two trading houses lodge formal complaints the next day.
    • Kaiden – increased relations with Mivon by 1
    • Kaiden received a message from the Lord Mayor of Restov summoning Baron Kaiden

NOTE: Dusty Rose Ion Stone – assigned to Oewyn (based on roll) – next in line is Alexi

NOTE: PARTY SPLIT – 788gp 9 cp

Week 2 – Hunt the Owlbear!

Oewyn says it will take a few days to get there and we head to Hex 1819

3 days to get there.



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