Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 37

4713 June (continued)

Week 2 – Hunt the Owlbear

Oewyn says it will take a few days to get there and we head to Hex 1819

3 days to get there.

Talon Craig – Several miles wide

It’s about 11am. We tie off our mounts about a quarter mile back from the cave entrance and advance.

As we approach, Alexi and Kaiden spot an odd rock (based on shape). Seems to be artificial. Single Menhir. Part of it has been cleaned off. (5 ft up from ground level 2 ft wide) It has some ruins chiseled into it. Kaiden can’t translate it but it is druidic. Seems the sense of it is a warning.

We then move towards the cave. The entrance was originally covered.

With darkvision cast upon the non-darkvision party members, we enter. There is a large cavern with mold in it.

Oewyn spots a mushroom called a ‘Shrieker’ (light and motion within 10 ft cause it to react)

We avoid it and follow the Gargantuan Owlbear sign to the south. Oewyn spots another shrieker.

Alexi spots a creature sneaking up on us on our flank.


  • 1 x Underground Shambling Mound
  • 1 x Centipede Swarm

Nisha recovers some Shambling Mound sap.

We heal up and then continue south. There are broad, old steps cut in on the downward slope to another large cavern. There is liquid collected on the western wall and steps leading up to the east. The ceiling is 30 ft here. There is a narrow passage behind the pool of water.

At the very back, Nisha (whose vision extends that far back) sees bones, rock, fur and feathers.

There is a low rumble in the air – screech crossed with a growl.

As we advance, the Owlbear charges towards us…growing in size.


  • 1 x Owlbear

“I would parlay” – deep gutteral voice.

“The Talon Quake”

He had pacted with individuals over the eons he has been here. Not long ago, one of his previous pacts was activated against his will and driven into a rage.

The pact was the one with /the Fae Queen/.

His realm is the Kamelands.

The ones we have run across are called ‘Young Queens’.

He has spent the last several centuries hibernating.

The Fae Queen is beyond his realm.

He offers recompense for his attack on the town.

24 planes – he is probably more of an outsider.

Don’t settle in his hex.

By allying with him – the dangers of the Kamelands would be lessened there.

He would be willing to be come to the aid in a defensive capacity twice in his lifetime.

It heads to his resting place and will enter a hibernation for about 30 days.

We will return in 30 days to pact with him.

He throws to us a body – very clawed up – tribal in nature. Gilain believes he’s Tiger Clan.

Scap of paper – Rough sketch region map – 2 x’s of note. 1 is north of the lake. 1 is right here.

We save the necklace pieces in case they can be used to identify the body later.

We heal up and then head out.

On the way out, we encounter 4 mushroom things with tentacles.


  • 4 x Mushroom Tentacle Things

We get back to our horses (quarter mile away) and make camp. Overnight, Oewyn notices the ‘Hex’ is coming alive.

The next morning, we stop by the Menhir and Nisha uses her glasses to read the runes. “The Talon Quake slumbers here, it is best left alone”

We then head back inside. We head in to the east from the first main chamber.

We find a wand in the muck of the room.

We head to the NW passage which after several hundred feet there is a vine covered entrance.

We head back and go south.

Oewyn falls into a pit with green slime.

room found room with webbing 6 spiders(CR1) killed off

items found mw. war hammer vial silver sheen, mw. thiefs tools 121 gold

Large room found with dead owl bear and 6 dead Tiger tribes men and 3 dead baby owl bears. There is sounds coming from behind the carcasses is starving baby owl bear (3000gp if sold) or can be given back to the earth spirit, party decides to nurse it back to health and take it back to earth spirit next month.

up a 4×4feet web filled chimney find another room filled with spider web .. Leana and Oewyn go up first. Finding a room filled with more webs. battle starts after some squares are cleared. combat 4 spiders and 2 Etter caps.

Items found Gem 100gp / gloves of swimming and climbing



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