Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 42

4713 October (continued)

Week 2 (Continued)

On our way to Glowyn, we’ve come across a boot with a foot in it on the ground. Oewyn spots a trail in the snow up the slope.

The trail up is a crude set of steps. The party dismounts and some of them climb up to examine what’s up there. Seems like a shredded camp.


  • 2 x Moss Trolls

A few seconds later later we hear a horse neigh that cuts off. We follow and find a dead horse savaged by a beast, but no tracks in the snow. Very peculiar.

We continue to follow. The trail splits and we follow the one that possibly has a rider and find Tildon on the horse and we start to track the other horse. We find the other horses.

We then head back to the ambush site and search it.

The remains are Old Meg Mace. We dig a grave (it takes 2 hours). DC 20 and DC21 for the cold.

We then set back out. DC 22, 23, 24

We find a campsite for the night. Oewyn has a very bad dream (teeth and darkness) and wakes in a scream. He’s damaged (Wis and HP and fatigued). Kaiden heals the damage.

He’ll have to rest some more to recover spells and he wakes from a nightmare again with damage.

He’s not able to mem spells. We continue on and arrive at the village of Glowym. close to sun down. (Still in Hex 1521)

We come to Glowym and we attract attention. We have the arrow out with the feathers. There are 50-60 people here. They are feeling unfriendly towards us.

The 5 elders gather at one end. 4 of the 5 have an unfriendly feeling towards us. They populous and 4 elders are negative to the chief as well.

Chief Gannec Trom greets us.

If we request ‘Abasomia’, we can be considered a member of the tribe until the next moon.

A table is set up – test of the ice peppers. We have to all participate and one of us has to eat 5 without passing out in 1 minute.

One of the elders casts detect magic ahead of time.

1st – DC 12
2nd – DC 14
3rd – DC 16
4th – DC 18
5th – DC 20

Gilain and Kaiden succeed.

Gannoc addresses the crowd. “We are now accepted and can act as one of us under his direction.”

We’ll have a feast in an hour (time enough for some of our party recover).

Notable NPCs

  • Speaker Gannoc Trom
  • Doomsayer Lysis Redav, Male Elder
  • Elder Arin Scliswe, Female
  • Elder Leal Pharis, Male
  • Elder Woula Stepan, Female

Village of Glowyn has a purchase limit of 1000gp. Items available:

  • Potion of Aid
  • Potion of Lesser Restoration
  • Scroll of Cure Moderate
  • Scroll of Remove Fear

Village attitude has shifted to Indifferent.

In the time before dinner, we are able to mingle. Alexi gathers some rumours:

  • Area has a problem.
  • Not sure of the source, but they associated it with the Goddesses displeasure
  • Urghuar venerate the goddess of the mountain – Istria
  • Sacred Dolmen located near the top of the falls of Istria
  • Said to live in a palace of golden glass high up in the mountain
  • Several Elders think that several of the people killed were killed by the Breath of the Goddess – takes many shapes – walks on misty clouds and leaves no traces
  • Since it’s a spirit, it does not eat – just mangles it’s victims. The Bloody Beast.
  • The Doomsayer fills in that the legend of the Windwalker is close to the truth, but not quite. The breath of the goddess is not alive in itself. It transmutes the person into the Wiitikown.
  • It fears fire and taste blood and fear from afar and can hunt both the waking and the dreaming.
  • 95% certain this is what’s doing it, not understanding why the goddess has set it upon them. We were summoned to find out.
  • Pet theories on the reason behind the displeasure of the goddess:
    • tribe in the area has been twindling in faith and that’s why she is upset
    • winter sacrifices were blemished or not of sufficient quantity or quality – cakes, fetishes
    • far too many lowlanders have been allowed to encroach her lands
    • villager named Pria who lost her daughter to fever and was going to seek satisfaction from the goddess.

Our goal is to find out why the goddess is displeased and then fix it.

We’ll camp here tonight and then head out tomorrow.

Oewyn, Leanna, Kaiden sleep in tents outside the village so if Oewyn has nightmares he’ll not disturb the village.

Gilain, Nisha, Alexi sleep in the town.

That night Oewyn has another nightmare. A bite mark on his shoulder appeared too. Kaiden heals the damage.

We get through the rest of the night without event.

In the morning, we inquire how to get to the top of the falls of Istaria. They provide directions to the falls. We are given permission to use the elevated gate that leads to a trail to the falls.

We set out for the falls. It’s a well worn path. As we approach the dolmen at the top of the waterfall and Alexi spots a bundle of cloth on a stone in the midst of the river.

As we approach, wailing cries mingle with the water flow and a horrible despair fills us.

Some of us are overcome by the despair and attempt to leap off the cliff side.


  • Dolmen Haunt

There was a mountain man down below near the corpse of a woman and we engage in combat. Seems it might be a Waterfall Dryad (stromkarl).

We knock the stromkarl out and it seems the spirit of the woman corpse tries to possess some of us.

Nisha flies over to the dolmen and Leanna flies over. We’’ll need to find a way to work with the ghost to end the haunt. The woman has to confront the Goddess and forgive her.

While figuring out the plan, a wierd crow attacks Nisha.


  • 1 x Nevermore (Crow thing)

It regens and can go incorporeal. We defeat it and Gilain burns it to stop the regen.



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