Fleurety Mageborn

Half Elven Wizard


Descriptors: Scholarly, Curious, Reserved, Austere
Likes: Elves, Kyonin, Magic, Teaching, Research, Knowledge, Intellectual Games
Dislikes: Mysteries, Secrets, Destroying Knowledge, Combat, Personal Prying
Romancable: No

Leader Recruitable: Yes
Role Affinity: Magister, Rating 7

Boon1: Knowledge Arcana
Quest: TBD
Boon2: Gifted Adept

Referred to the lands of the kingdom by Caleb Northwood at Nisha’s request, Fleurety is a tall and thin Half Elf. His long golden hair has a streak of grey, which shows his age more then his face does. Cultured and reserved, Fluerty is well educated and knowledgable in many aspects of magic. He has wasted no time since his arrival and stuck his nose into the magical dealings in every settlement: To help and advise, of course.

A competent instructor, Nisha had sent for him to act as an instructor in magic, and he spends time doing just that. When not teaching, he can be seen pouring through shops and stalls for hidden gems of lore, and browsing the contents of libraries.

He doesn’t speak of his personal relations to Kyonin, aside from speaking highly of the kingdom with wistful overtones and of Caleb.


Fleurety Mageborn

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