Phrenia Drifttail


Descriptors: Driven, Vengeful, Curt, Thorough, Aloof
Likes: Killing Undead, Battle, Revenge, Training
Repressed Likes: Outdoors, Sightseeing, Hunting, Racing, Family
Dislikes: Necromancy, Despoiling, Wastefulness, Hedonism, Betrayal, Loneliness
Romancable: Yes (30)

Leader Recruitable: Quest Unlocked
Role Affinity: Marshal, Enforcer, Rating 5

Boon1: Knowledge Religion
Quest: TBD
Boon2: Gain Favored Enemy: Undead +1

Phrenia is one of the last of the Nomen centaurs remaining in the region. The loss of so many of her tribesmates to the actions of V have left this young woman with a deep smouldering resentment. Unable to act against V himself, she has become a Corpsehunter, seeking out and combating undead of any form wherever she hears word of their presence. Her focus on this task is strong and borders on obsession.

She comes across as grim, tacturn and moody, but perhaps more of how she used to be is still under there if someone is patient and interested enough to get past this offputting outer shell.

Her Boons are slanted to Undead, knowing more about them and killing them faster.


Phrenia Drifttail

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