Satinder Morne

Calistrean Proprietess


Descriptors: Pretty, Charming, Confident, Cautious
Likes: Coupling, Business Dealings, Luxury, Art, Music, Culture, Calistria, Revenge
Dislikes: Law, Pushy People, Personal Loss, Rudeness, Personal Threats, Personal Agression
Romancable: Yes(20)

Unlocks: Shrine, Gambling Den, Bordello in Drellev
Leader Recruitable: Yes
Role Affinity: Councilor, Enforcer, Spymaster, Rating 5

Boon1: Acrobatics
Quest: TBD
Boon2: Secret Keeper

A beautiful Half-Elven woman dressed better than most anyone else in town, Satinder Morne exudes a sense of confidence, bravado, and charm in all she does. She rarely lets her temper show, always smiling and waiting until she has the upper hand on an enemy before releasing her anger and savoring the sweetness of Calistria’s revenge.

Satinder is both alluring and charming when she wishes to be, many a man or woman has been swayed by her over the years. Like many other Calistrians, Satinder is a bit self indulgent, likes her amenities, is a bit of a hedonist, and is Polyamorous. All of these are quickly set aside when something serious catches her attention, and her ability to make hard choices under stress borders on cold-blooded. She is a dangerous person to wrong, because she holds grudges for a long time, and is well capable of evening her scores.

She was the propietess of The Velvet Corner in Drellev, a Bordello and Gambling establishment with a hidden Shrine to Calistria in a basement room. Alas, it was burned to the ground by the late Baron Drellev after the players used it for shelter in their own quest for revenge against the local ruler.


Satinder Morne

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