Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 38

4713 June (continued)

Week 2 – Hunt the Owlbear

We have completed the search of the lair and the plan is to return next month for the pact and to bring the nourished young owl bear cub.

We complete the search of the hex and start back to the capital.


Week 3 – Back in the Capital

The party returns to the capital and rather than address the crowd – says he needs to address it with the council first.

  • Ensorceled creature sent against us – we tracked it back to it lair, defeated it and broke the ensorcelement. It offered recompense for the deaths it caused while it was ensorceled. We are translating it as blood guild to the families of those that lost people.
  • A festival will be held to honor those that fell to the trolls and the owlbear attack

Alexi may have spotted Grigori in the crowd.

We deal with some unrest and schedule the festival one week out.

Week 3 and 4 will be party down time with festival at end of week 3.

Next month after the kingdom turn, we need to head to Restov to meet with the Lord Mayor. (It will take 1 week to get there and then 1 week back).


Oewyn trains hitpoints for two weeks
Leanna figures out how to remove hair from the Ring of Bestial Friendship.
Gilain works on relations with Flora
Alexi works on Lilly

Week 4 – Downtime

  • Alexi, Leanna and Kaiden go to visit Syntira.
  • Topics
    • Talon Quake
      • Possibly other creatures with ties to the land – Narlmarches one is dead – Unicorn Corpse
      • Pact – we may have options due to Menhir in our grove – maybe talk with caretaker (Dahlia)
    • Fae Queen? – Tiger Clan?
      • Shaken a bit (Alexi notices)
    • Cyclops Empire
    • Palid Plague
      • One of her sister’s pioneered it and it was centuries old – virulant concoction – Patron she turned to was the Horsemen of Pestilence (demon lord) – her sister has been locked away
      • Would she share
    • Work on positive relations (Alexi) – maybe a Unicorn sighting
    • Troll Unit cut through the forrest and did not come out the other side – waylaid by the fae (mentioned by Tig and Pervalash)

4713 July

Week 1 – Kingdom Turn

  • Events
    • Bandits wipe out two trade caravans leaving Olegdahl
      • 1- Storm Crows
      • 1 – Morgrim Delvedeeps
    • Forrest Hawks Heading out to make new village – majority of gnome population leaves
    • Trade Route opened to Mivon – given to Littlefoot
  • Research
    • Gilain – Caravan Attacks – Deepdelve
      • Bodies were frozen and withered – Nothing stolen cargo wise – some destroyed
    • Oewyn – Caravan Attacks – Stormcrow
      • bodies cold and withered – one of the combatants were using natural weapons – no theft either
      • Area impacted was messy – found partial boot print – heavy armor
    • Nisha – Secret Research – Kabran leaving earlier than he had been from work – seeing lady friend -
    • Leanna – Researches spell
    • Alexi – Civic Unrest – Grigori has been seen with people who have then later seen as dissenters – no written documents – no secret meetings
    • Kaiden – Kingdom Relation – Improve Orlovsky to 15
    • Kaiden – Research Young Fey Queens (5 pts dmg)

Turn in Shamblmound Sap to Evangeline (100 gp each (6))

Week 2 – Travel to Restov

Meeting the Lord Mayor

Alexi and Kaiden go in to see the Lord Mayor, his aid and the #1 Aldori (other guy that was here from Surtova last time, is not here this time)


  • Troll Issue Resolved -
  • Bear Beast – Pacification

Granted us a reward for the party out of his pocket and some supplies (10 BP).

Monetary reward -with coffer. (2000 gp each)

Week 3 and 4 – Travel back to Priomdahl

Between Olegdahl and Priomdahl the caravan is attacked.

Alexi dies while fighting the Dusk Queen’s Champion. We defeat him…again.

Iola Kriegler is in town within days and will offer an alternative cost for the raise dead – make Candlemere the next target.

We loot the corpse of the champion whose body breaks into dust ( we collect the dust though )



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