Ruling a Fairy Tale Kingdom

Session 39

4713 August

Dusk Champion Queen’s gear – helm in bag with Neesha, rest in bags with Gilain

Week 1- Kingdom Turn


  • Oewyn – Dusk Queen Champion -
  • Neesha – Kabran – Crit -
  • Alexi – Lilly Entrapment
  • Gilain- Dusk Queen Champion – Fail
  • Leanna – Dusk Queen Champion – Fail
  • Kaiden – Dusk Queen Champion – Crit – 21 damage -
  • Dusk Queen Champion Knowledge
    • He is a grave knight – virtually indestructible – his armor is like a lych’s phylactory – disintegration – plane shift to positive energy plane -
    • 1 to 10 day from previous destruction


    • Kaiden raises Autumn Grove from 17 to 18
  • Events
    • Gilain vs the Dusk Queen Champion – 1 unrest – Next time, we’ll get Iola Krieger to shift it to the positive energy plane once we get the armor.

    Week 2- Varnhold Visit

    • Visiting delegation from neighboring Varn – 25 come to visit – Mounted, mostly Calvary for troops
      • Magar Varn – Mayor of Varnhold – 40-ish
      • Willis Gunderson – Ulfen by nationality – (Viking like) – Ranger
      • Caspar Morgarian – Priest of Erastil -
      • Jenna Varn – Daughter of Magar Varn – Wearing Calvary Gear – Of Age
      • Wine Cask for Kaiden’s birthday
      • Challenges they have had:
        • Centaurs – pushed them back but not fully defeated – very mobile
      • Other 20 are soldiers and commander for them
    • Varn Party Visit
      • Jenna – Oewyn and Gilain – Friendly and outgoing – spirit of wanderlust – had to prod and push her father to be part the field position with military force – animal person – Cavalier/Bard (Battle Herald Build) – 24 years old – Soldiers are not happy with some of the new tactics – to send a more forceful message with the centaurs – She has a medium to hight respect for the centaurs
      • Willis – Neesha – Unexpectedly is an intellectual – Indiana Jones – Ranger – Current fascination with Cyclops (We have ruined watch tower -1421) – shares that based on records that the cyclops had an empire – originated from land of Iobara (east of Varnhold – past mountains – monster controlled now)
      • Caspar – Alexi – Escorted around town for hours – pleased to see strong community spirit – Use Watchtower – Didn’t have the internal issues we had – mostly outside issues – higher stability or loyalty than us -
      • Magar Varn – Kaiden – Working to ‘herd’ some of the Centaurs to reservations – certain areas they are more resistant in – Can loan a unit to Varnhold – week to week – to help improve relations

    Kaiden turns 29 during this month

    Week 3 – Travel to Candlemere

    Paying Duncan the Fisherman 20 gp for the weeks of travel with us. He’ll be dropping us off on the west side and then coming back daily at noon to see if we are ready to be picked up.

    Terrain is considered hilly. Soil is rich.

    Area of undergrowth is odd – strange ridge of plants has grown over wall.

    We search the hex to find points of interest before moving to ruins. Regions are like scottish moors..

    Areas of interest – the tower. the hill, and ruined town with dock. This takes us most of the day. We check out the hill in the afternoon/evening.


    7 Places of Interest

    We enter through one on the lower level – stone chamber – slightly worked and slightly natural. Somewhat hidden, there is an excavated tunnel, but not finished

    At T fork, we head, right (away from water sounds). It comes to a chamber that is partially collapsed. Some sun tricking in from hole in ceiling. In the dirt pile below the hole, there are some bones. Gilain examines the remains – finds the head of rusted shovel.

    Go the other way that T fork, there is a partially collapsed room. Bit more moisture. Several spots are pretty constant trickles of moisture. Possible drain at one end. Gilain explores pool. 15 ft deep. stairs under the water on one side.

    The drainage area is 5 ft radius hole. The hole is probably 10 ft deep and heads south and east.

    As we back out to the front cavern, a wraith attacks us. After a zesty fight where it did numerous Con damage to several people, we defeat it.


    • 1 x Wraith

    We retreat a mile away to camp the night. During the first watch, we are attacked.


    • 1 x Willow O’Wisp

    On second watch, we are attacked.


    • 2 x Willow O’Wisp
    • 1 x Willow O’Wisp – retreated

    On third watch, we attacked

    • 4 x Willow O’Wisp – 1 retreated

    We make it through the night.

    7 Places of Interest (continued)

    Second entrance (southern) on the lower level. Bigger entrance than the last. Opens into a gallery. The far wall is rubble. There is a crack that has water running across it from one side to the other.

    Rubble wall – one part to one side might be a nest. Oewyn starts to back away and things happen.


    • 1 x Wasp Swarm

    Investigating hive was made in a body – we find 3 uncut gemstones.

    Alot of the other entrances lead into similar type areas – worked and natural stone – water is prevalent in all of them. The whole hill is riddled.

    That takes the rest of the day. We return to our campsite and see what happens over night.

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