Drellev Populace

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Lord Terrion Numesti: My Lady, the Priests of the Temple have already done much to assist the people even though it has only been reopened for a short time. You have my heartfelt thanks. However, please forgive me for another request. Even now, a year after our liberation from the previous Lord, we are finding remains of the populace as we clear the remaining debris. A proper GRAVEYARD would let us inter them with the respect they deserve, instead of burning the bodies as we have been having to do.

Satinder Morne: Well Duke, I can see progress is made, though i wonder at your choice of priorities. Perhaps this speaks more to your personal interests or preferences, hmm? Regardless, both the SHRINE and the GAMBLING HALL are still in ruins. I shall watch what unfolds intently.

Kisandra Numesti: /salute. My Lady, the heavy task of clearing has made great strides due to your support. Enough so, in fact, that it may be best to turn to repairing what still can be. At this time The STABLES are recoverable, and would allow for faster and longer range messengers and scouts as well as replentishing the workhorses in the city.

Tamary Numesti: Lady Stasja, it warms my heart to see so many of the people with solid roofs over their heads once again. We should not let up, however, and do away with that last TENEMENT!

Drellev Populace

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